API Documentation


Gives access to posts (comments).

  • approve

    Approves the requested post(s).

  • create

    Creates a new post.

    - Public access is only supported when creating comments from authenticated users.
    - If you are authenticating a user, you cannot pass any of the author_ parameters.
    - If you specify ``state``, ``ip_address`, or ``date`` you must be a moderator.
    - If you specify ``state`` it will skip any pre-approval validation.

    Anonymous comments are allowed under two conditions:

    1. You're using legacy auth, and your secret key
    2. You're using your public key, you've come from a verified referrer, you're unauthenticated,
    and the forum you're attempting to create the post on is listed in the applications trusted forums.

    To create an anonymous comment, simply pass author_email and author_name, and optionally
    the author_url parameter.

  • details

    Returns information about a post.

  • getContext

    Returns the hierarchal tree of a post (all parents).
    asc - oldest first
    desc - newest first
    popular - highest upvote rating over time.

  • list

    Returns a list of posts ordered by the date created.

  • listModerationHistory

    Returns moderation history for a given post.

  • listPopular

    Returns a list of posts ordered by the number of likes recently.

  • listReporters
  • remove

    Deletes the requested post(s).

  • report

    Reports a post (flagging).

  • restore

    Undeletes the requested post(s).

  • spam

    Marks the requested post(s) as spam.

  • update

    Updates information on a post. Star ratings update
    can also be passed on post update

  • vote

    Register a vote on a post.