Current Status: What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?

What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?
Imran Imran a day ago
Mine is : When I was eleven, I was in the park like half a mile from my house and I was flying a Winnie the Pooh kite. I was the only kid around with a kite at the time, and I…
Chiel Wieringa Chiel Wieringa 11 minutes ago

It's not really one thing and not the events are not that insane bye itself. But overall it's pretty weird in my opinion.

Stuff that happens to me a couple of times a year:

I'm having this problem I do not want to talk about with anyone and discuss it with myself in my head. The next day someone (usually someone I know, even young kids!) gives me the answer to my problem in a 'random' conversation which wasn't even about the topic. That person could not have known I had that problem since I did not discuss them with anyone. Weird how the universe works sometimes.

Also: I like to write 'poems' (really amateur/brain fart level). Usually when I finished with the poem the topic it was about (usually pretty specific) occurs in a place I visit a lot. But the weirdest thing is, that the object referring to the topic is always kinda out of place. Like a book in a gym type of out of place. (not over obvious but conspicuous enough to be noticed)

Thinking about someone that someone calls. Hoping to live somewhere and bye chance I get to live there without making effort. Hoping to experience something and that experience happens without me initiating it. Hoping to go somewhere and the next day a friends offers me to go there without having talked about it.

Sometimes makes me kinda paranoid, but I guess it's just that time to get used to it. :-)

isabela isabela 35 minutes ago

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Pramod Pramod 24 minutes ago

Hello Everybody

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What makes a commute bad is the other drivers

I was feeling unhappy driving home, caught in a big, tense traffic jam, and I thought - would I be unhappy if I were just moving along really slowly all by myself? No. What is making me tense and unhappy is the interaction with all these other tense and unhappy people.

Ask Your Neighbor: To tip, or not to tip. That is the question!

Who do you tip? Why? How much? What do you base your decision on?
NotThe1stNoel NotThe1stNoel 2 days ago
I tip waitstaff because here where I live, waiters and waitresses make $2.13 an hour before tips. I waited tables for a year, so I see where some of these people are coming…
ola_prz ola_prz 9 hours ago

Oczywiście, że dawać, napiwki to podstawa. Każdy kelner liczy na jakiś dodatkowy grosz... czy funt :), dlaczego? ponieważ tak sobie dorabia, ile? tyle na ile zostałeś obsłużony i zasługuje kelner. Dawać, nie oszczędzać

India India 4 hours ago

would you tip someone, who puts a foot to prevent you from closing the door and asks you "Where's the tip man?" - a colleague had ordered pizza home delivery, her kids were acting up, so she had the cash ready for the delivery guy - when he came with the pizza, she gave the cash, took the pizza and wanted to close the door while she went back to get the tip - I understand that she could have kept it ready, but she was shocked when he blocked the door and demanded her to give the tip. she actually felt relieved that he left after she paid him the tip. but - do you think that was a "gratuity tip for service?"

thekidfclewinskeee thekidfclewinskeee 7 hours ago

I'm a very great server. I'm top 3% at the restaurant in which I work at. I enjoy what I do. I'm delightful with My guests; annoying or not, My job is My job. I believe that people go to restaurants for an experience. Regardless of how hungry or in the mood for bullshit they are or they aren't. People go to restaurants to be served great food accompanied with outstanding service otherwise they would just eat at home or go someplace else. Taking all of THAT into consideration, I'm a happy camper when I'm tip'd $8.00 or more on tabs $30.00 & higher. Why? Because I'm already being paid My hourly. Anything made after that, is just based on My hustle.

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