I’m Making: Clean Eating Recipes

For a while I was on a roll with this whole "clean eating" thing, but then I got bored/lazy/almost couldn't pay rent and I gave up. Now that things are back on track, I'm trying to revert back to a clean…
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Jina Jina 7 minutes ago

I haven't tried clean eating yet, but I'm sure that anything that has to do with just boiling/steaming/blending veggies and/or fruits would be really quick and easy to do. I'…

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Joshua Vergara Joshua Vergara 22 minutes ago

Great post! A good amount of nuts, eggs and meat can go down my diet before I stretch those muscles up. Sometimes I get a minimum amount of sugar from bananas after a stretch just to spike up those insulin and keep me away from my hunger pangs. I like the idea of this clean eating habit but I'm not quite sure how motivated I can be, maybe I just need to be more creative in making recipes?

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Shiala Shiala 3 hours ago

I actually do prefer clean eating because it's simple. A few key ingredients with very little prep required. I wish I could make it my total lifestyle, but now that I'm finally making the money for it, I'm living with roommates that have filled the refrigerator and freezer to the brim (in fact, it's really just one roommate and her boyfriend.... but that's a whole new rant.)

When I AM able to cook, my staples are:

- Brown rice, quinoa, black or red beans (pintos are okay, and they're cheap. I just like the bolder, meatier flavors and textures of red/black beans.)

- Whatever vegetables and fruits happen to be in season (red bell peppers seem to be BOOMING this year, which is fantastic - they're my favorite, and they're normally about 2 bucks each. This year, they've been going for 45 cents.) Some veggies I prefer barely steamed (broccoli, snap peas, carrots), some I'll lightly saute in a pan with just a few drops of oil (peppers, zucchini, asparagus, onions.) Tomatoes and such are generally eaten raw.

-My serrano peppers that I've got growing in my room (I honestly keep growing more than I can use... not a bad problem, per se. I just wish I knew people that would take them off my hands, but most of my peers don't care for them.)

-Spices and herbs (my favorite is garlic, hands down.) This is probably the biggest key to anything I do. I get the ones without fillers or additives... just straight-up spices/herbs. It adds flavor without adding sodium, sugars, or a ton of fat/oil.

-Speaking of oil, I use a hint of olive oil. Like, JUST enough to keep food from sticking.

Honestly, if I'm cooking for myself, I don't really eat much meat. I might get a nice piece of salmon. This is mainly because I work at a BBQ restaurant.... I am CONSTANTLY around meat. I'm loyal to the owner, so I'll prepare it for him. But I'm frankly sick of it. I only eat it now because of the aforementioned space issue.