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Ask Your Neighbor: When was the last time you cried?

When was the last time you cried? What was the reason you cried? Was it happy tears or tears of sadness? ((Happy weekend everyone :-) ))

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Weneklek Weneklek 6 days ago
i cried a little because despite it being a 3 day weekend, i realized that I still have to do laundry.
Richard Cleland Richard Cleland 4 hours ago

I cry because people are so stupid.

Vanessa K Mcalister Vanessa K Mcalister 2 hours ago

The last time I cried was two days ago. I cried because the past 8 years have been the saddest and most stressful 8 years of my life. My wonderful sweet bother in law died 8 years ago this upcoming July after suffering unbelievably for six months in a hospital. Then my sister went insane after he died, she could not handle losing the love of her life, her crap son lived with her and decided to put her into a mental hospital then decided a nursing home was best ( she is not old,), I begged him to bring her here as that 5 years ago my mother hit her head twice, the second was the worst one and she changed from that day forward so I have been caring for her all these 5 years. But I begged my nephew to bring my sis here and we could take turns caring for her and Grandma ( knowing full well I would had done the bulk of caregiving, he would just be here if my sis and Mom needed help at the same time). So he lost her home, took all her possessions away and she now cannot even walk ( she is diabetic, had a wound on her foot, it took a year to heal and they never had her walking all that year). I cannot go see my sis, no way do I trust anyone to watch my mother like I do nor do I think she could handle me suddenly being gone, so I cried, cried for my bro in law who I still miss ( I get why my sister went crazy after he died, he was just a wonderful, sweet, funny and very intelligent man), I cried for my sister and I cried for my mother, this mother who appeared after the head hit is nothing like that wonderful Mom I used to have. But I cry over these sad things quite often, I have to do it here, because there have been time I cried in front of friends, even strangers and I did not want to it just happened, If I cry at home, get a good cry out I am good for a while and I believe crying is very cathartic and cleansing, but I hate when the sadness washes over and overwhelms me and the tears just start pouring when I do not want them to. that kind of crying sucks!

gonzomatic gonzomatic 14 hours ago

when i saw me weiner in the mirror. they grow up so fast :'(