3 things you love (&hate) about your current wheels

The most interesting machines are those actually owned by people. Share a picture of your wheels and tell us a little bit about why you love it (and what bugs you most about it). Let's get to know each other a bit, shall we?

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Neil Neil 3 days ago
My daily is a 2002 Lexus IS200 Sport Aero. Bought it as I needed to take my Vw Corrado G60 off the road to fit Air Ride Suspension. I love the looks, the quality and the value for…
Al Scarbrough Al Scarbrough an hour ago

My current set of wheels is a 2000 Dodge Durango SLT with a big, meaty V-8 under the hood and seating for 8. I LOVE my wheels and my reasons are as follows: Massive amounts of power from a standstill or when I need to get past the Priuses that are in my way. It roars when you put the pedal to the metal because it has glass-packs and makes that nice throaty rumble as it idles. The back two seat rows can be laid down to make for cavernous cargo space. I can shift into 4-wheel drive and go anywhere I like pretty much. Last winter on the excessive snow and ice I had no trouble and was able to get out and about even when it was nasty and bitterly cold. It has a primo sound system and the full function console that tells me everything on the fly so that I can see that I am getting decent gas mileage for such a large vehicle and everything else a driver needs to know. The ride and handling is excellent and it is a huge pleasure to drive. This Durango has been extremely reliable and has been in the shop only for maintenance and brakes. It sits up high so that I can see what the heck all of the lanes are stopped for and then I can shift into 4-wheel drive and drive across the median between the access road and the highway to get past all of the jam-up once that is determined. Dodge made an excellent vehicle when they made the 2000 Durango. It has over 260,000 miles on it and I will probably drive it another 260,000 miles. It sure seems like it will go that distance yet and more.

Feeble Feeble an hour ago

LOVE : Looks
Sound system

Hate : NONE

Floriske Floriske 23 minutes ago

My car is fast, easy to handle not to big and looks nice. Not good for the environment, too much road tax and ja, unfortunately a car.......... instead of a bike or my own legs.. ;)

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Ask Your Neighbor: Ladies! What on Earth is in Your Purse?

The men in my life usually view my purse as a place of great mystery; sometimes with unfounded fear or trepidation. (Am I really that scary?) I've had men refuse to go into my purse when they were looking for something and had my complete cooperation.

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JoAnn McClellan JoAnn McClellan 3 days ago
Shameful, but I clean my purse out once a week and always seem to find things that just don't belong in it. One thing I'll say it's pretty awful that I've went out a few times and r…
Chifuyu Orimura Chifuyu Orimura 9 hours ago

Honestly, the staple items I have in there, are my keys, wallet and cellphone. Except for when my cellphone is inside my pant pocket. Besides that, I definitely carry tissues, band-aids, extra hair elastics, perhaps my schedule book, and gum, and a hand mirror. Besides that... I might put my USB inside there, but there isn't much else, besides toiletries, "when I need it".

Love2save Love2save 14 hours ago

I love the replies to this question! I've had tampons that the one time I needed as a back up broke out of its wrapper and was worthless plus a small bottle of Advil for cramps. Bath and body travel size perfume, travel size deodorant, lip gloss and gum.

Sk3ptile Sk3ptile 9 hours ago

I keep a venom extractor in my purse. It is a handy little devise that can be used one anything from wasps stings to rattlesnake bites. I have children and like to go hiking so it just make sense to keep one on me at all times. Actually I decided to keep it in there the day I went hiking with my then fiance who walking about in his shorts nearly stepped on a cottonmouth. I shouted "don't move!" when I saw the snake coiled up in the path and he takes one more step then starts shuffling backwards. (Yes I know, I wanted to slap the crap out of him too!) Luckily the snake panicked and fled but I realized the obvious; that owning a venom extractor is useless if it is the car a mile away.

Current Status: Doppelgänger....do you have one?

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bringmeredwine bringmeredwine 3 days ago
Yay Melissa! I've often been told that I look like Sigourney Weaver, but with longer hair. I also have a "twin" walking this earth. When I was going to university in Toronto, people…
Emin Emin 10 hours ago

Ok doppelganger you ask. I have a real strange story to tell. This is no joke. Put another way. May my pleasure stick shrivel up and fall of if it isnt true.
For my sins I have been a professional dowser for more than two decades. I have a house in Cyprus and I am well known for my skills to find the best ace to dig for water. A few years back I was asked if I could look for and find a missing man. He went up a mou tain for a walk six months before and vanished. This is a long story so I will cut to the essentials. So I carried out what is called a map or distant dowse and marked a cross on a map of the area. Next day a party went looking for the body, he was not found. How could this be possible I wondered especially as it was at the side of the road. The map was dated 1947 though crucially the road was widened at the time of the disappearance, this I was not aware of at tbe time. So I went up this mountain to look for him myself. It was very frustrating as what ever I tried it all came to a part of the road about two meters from the edge. I went back the ne t day and tried a different method tvhen dod that again the following day. I should have known better, because a dowser should dowse the work put it down and thats it. As its know it take something out of you to keep scrubbing at it. Having satisfied myself the man mus be under the road I went back home and put all of this behind me. This was 5pm and my wice remarked how tired I looked so volunteered to take two workmen we had working for us back to their own village. That took one hour. As a new kitchen was to be fitted three days time we had two day to enjoy what was left of our break
I did a little plumbing in readiness for that kitchen and distinctly remember feeling, well how can I put it. A religious feeling maybe, supremely relaxed, certainaly a feeling I have never encou tered before. The phone wS ringing as my wife walked into the house at six pm. It was my daughter asking if we both were alright. All was well and that we thought wS that, little knowing that this last dowsing session had, I suspect now caused a strange phenomena that I can not explain.
On arriving back in my office where my son had been for the last two week looming after the business. I noted hewas a little hesitant and clearly had something to tell me.
He eventually tells a strange story. Apparently he came back from a late lunch at 3:30 went through the procedure of punching in the burglar alarm code unlocking the doors to then enter the main office where I usually sit.
I'll quote his words " wow dad how did you get in with the alarm on and wheres mother, besids why are you back so early. You just looked at me slowly nodded your head in recognition and smiled." I was apperantly sitting in my usual. Chair. Three thirty was five thirty in Cyprus. The following year the mans wife came to London to see me along with her sister. They told me they had been to a well known clairvoyant who without knowing tbe facts of the case, said he is near the edve of a road. Tbey aske If I would try again.. Whilst I was convinced he was under the road, that notion seemed unreal untill a jogger who know of the case told me machines were working widening the road at the time of the man going missing. Still the same spot came up following my work.
Again two thousand miles away my father saw me walking across the lawn to where he was sitting, reading his newspaper in the shade of a tree, he rose up to embrace me as I hadnt seen him for a while and you guessed I vanished.
I can say I have absolutely no recollection of either case other than the report from my son and father. Certai ly weird but thats a doppelganger for you teased into the open I guess by those dowsing excercises.

NoDuh! NoDuh! 8 hours ago

I've been told that I look like Batman, but without the ears.

StepUrDickUpDotCom StepUrDickUpDotCom 5 hours ago

None of them look alike. But they are all gorgeous.