Is Perfect Eyeliner Possible?

Is Perfect Eyeliner Possible?

The disremembered

Where does identity go once memory goes?

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C. McClellan C. McClellan 2 days ago
My mind and how I'm able to use it *is* my identity. If I start losing that, I'll find a way out. Without the use of my mind, I would have no life worth living.
TexasSteve TexasSteve 19 hours ago

My wife has been making me the best beef soup for over 30 years. Weirdly there's now two ingredients she can't remember the names of but she knows to add them every time. Th…

YeahRight YeahRight 9 hours ago

What an awful group of diseases... I imagine it to be like backward evolution, from an emotionally mature human to a purely reactive lizard, the long climb of childhood into the light reversed, going back to where we came from, but without the protection of a nurturing mother. In the end, with all control over fear lost, we can only rely on the mercy of our environment to not arouse the most deep seated emotions in us. Let it be quick.

Way2GoSassy Way2GoSassy 21 hours ago

My FIL was diagnosed with dementia just 3 years before he died. We was very active the 20 years or so after he retired but after surgery to remove a cancer from his bladder he had to slow down considerably and so did his mind. His wife and other two sons could not and would not care for him and wanted to put him in a nursing home. My husband and I knew we wouldn't have him long if this happened so we moved him in with us. Even before he died he still had lucid moments when he would tell us how much he loved us and how sad he was that the rest of his family had given up on him. Even on his worst days he would get so much pleasure by simply tossing playing cards at me, after picking them all up he would look at me and wink and ask if he could do it again. Yes, it was child like but it did make him happy. Regardless of the regression he was experiencing his basic personality never changed, he was sweet and fun loving all the way to the end.

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