True Detective S2. E3 "Maybe Tomorrow" Post-Episode Discussion

IT PROBABLY STARTED IN SPOILERS; EVERYTHING DOES. A week's worth of impatient waiting has paid off, and the reports of Ray's demise were fortuna…
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la.donna.pietra la.donna.pietra 6 hours ago
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Noemi Noemi 4 hours ago

I agree with other comments about the opening scene, it reminded me of Twin Peaks.
I honestly have no idea of what is going on! I mean, to me, it seems that what happened to Caspere is only a way to take revenge on Frank. At the end of the day, if I paid attention well, many times people refer to who and what Frank used to be. Anyway, I know he's a criminal, but I enjoyed seeing him kicking ass (and pulling teeth, I kind of put a hand close to the screen when I saw the guy giving him the pliers).
My theory is that somebody got to Caspere knowing that he had a thing (let's describe it this way) for women and kinky habits, but it's all about Frank and something he did many years before.
Of course I'm looking forward to see episode 4.

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Gary Love Gary Love 3 hours ago

Really good episode.Honestly have no idea where this is all headed. For the sake of nit picking, a few things did bother me;
-Anybody ever injure their ribs before? That shit hurts baby. It hurts to breath when you have a fratured rib(s), you're actually afraid to sneeze, never mind running around, bending, and twisting like Ray seemed to have no problem doing all episode.
-The Mayor has a cardboard cutout of his Russian wife in a bikini in his home office. What does he need that for when he has the real life strung out in the flesh version?
-The bar that Frank meets Ray at got a B from the health department. Really Frank? That's the best you can treat your friends to, a B?
-"Suck your own dick!" (Response redacted)

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(づ◕‿‿◕)づ Hylissang   ⋋ AFTP ⋌ (づ◕‿‿◕)づ Hylissang ⋋ AFTP ⋌ 2 hours ago

Maybe just maybe there's another tommorow I'm just sayin, you know sometimes or 'maybe' RAY SDASIDJFAKING HAJDHSJDDEAD

Current Status: What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?

What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?
Imran Imran 5 days ago
Mine is : When I was eleven, I was in the park like half a mile from my house and I was flying a Winnie the Pooh kite. I was the only kid around with a kite at the time, and I…
Pregnar Kraps Pregnar Kraps 2 hours ago

I was swimming in a lake as a teen and pretending to play lifeguard. I'd swim as quickly as I could to the nearest person in the water a few dozen yards away to emulate what I would do if they were drowning, to see how quickly I could come to their assistance.

And the last person I tried that with was a young lad who WAS going under and showing signs of distress. So I got behind him held him up above me so his head was above the waves while I walked on the bottom of the lake the several yards to where both of our heads were above water.

His older brother saw me bringing him in hoisted above me. The big brother quickly thanked me and helped his sibling on to the shore and safety.

That was it.

But that was quite enough coincidence for me.

I think God put me there to save him that day.

C hill C hill 3 hours ago

We were in DC at a huge Penn. Ave hotel and ran into a family my husband had gone to school with.

Muslim and Pakistani girl Muslim and Pakistani girl 8 minutes ago

Mine is : I was new in year seven and we were playing rounders! I was acting heroic and running as fast as I could. It was a sunny day but somehow I slipped and went flying on the grass. It was embarrasing! Does not sound like it but it is what u r new in school and the country. Everybody laughed at me and I joined in so I don't feel left out!