Ask Your Neighbor: Do You Believe In Ghosts? If you do believe in ghosts, what do you think they are and have you ever had a "ghostly" experience? However, if you don't, do you think the people who sa…

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Dom Dominick Dom Dominick 2 days ago
yeah! but i haven't seen any of them yet and yes, i really want to see them!
TPForbes TPForbes 2 hours ago

Yep by all means

ImBelladona ImBelladona an hour ago

Absolutely...Ghost are all around us. some people are more open to seeing and feeling their presence. I don't know why they exist, I just know they do. Many years ago, I had a Ghost that lived in my home, his name was Joe and he was actually a relative of my husband. Joe had died during the Civil War and he had been a horse thief prior to the war. After a long drawn out process, I found where he was buried and discovered that he came into my home with an old Winchester that my husband had inherited. He did the usual things, the door slamming and would often sound as though our cat was caught in the cabinet except that it was only Joe...trying to get attention. When we ignored him he would hide things from my glasses would be under the bed, or car keys hidden in odd places. He would throw laundry all over the house and was in general a pain in the butt. My cat would sometime go crazy when he was around, he was definitely there. I never felt afraid of him and finally told him that he would need to leave and after a few request he actually did leave. There's so much more that I could write and there's been other experiences with ghost, but so far they've not caused any real problems.

Dan Dan an hour ago

As soon as someone can prove to me scientifically that ghosts exist, I will not believe in them and I'll believe that people that see them are, at best exercising wishful thinking, and at worst, insane.

Keep in mind, a couple thousand years ago, people believed that Thor's hammer caused lightning and thunder, and that Charon ferried the souls of the dead across the River Styx, etc. Mankind has outgrown those superstitions, eventually, they'll outgrow the superstition of ghosts as well.

Current Status: Most embarrassing situation?

What is the most embarrassing situation you've been in? Mine was umm umm umm, Oh yeah! When I was on a hike just me and my neighbor and he had to pee and he peed in the river but i closed my eyes.

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Orky2009 Orky2009 8 days ago
I like playing drum. Once, in a very important concert me and my friends decided to play Death but in the second minute of the song I realised that I was playing Slipknot. I don't…
KilluaFreecs KilluaFreecs a day ago

Getting hit by a girl, over a piece of paper....
A mate was throwing a paper plane over to this girls table in my class (i didnt know he was doing it at the time though) she scrunched it up and threw it at me i thought huh? Ehh maybe she miss launched it so I simply tossed the paper gently onto her table saying something like is this yours? She didn't hear me so I just sat back at my table then all of a sudden I hear "WHO THE F*CK THREW THIS AT ME!" I was like huuuh? Why is she so mad and I didn't throw it at on my table were just laughing She then said "IM NOT F*CKING LAUGHING IM SERIOUS WHOEVER THREW THIS IM GOING TO KNOCK THEM THE F*CKOUT" me being me said "I did it" then thats when it happened she starts punching me like a crazy person. The whole class just stopped and stared I obviously couldnt hit her back and maaaate she was a tomboy so that didn't really help either the awkward silence after she was done was soooooo embarrassing. I got up, picked up the paper threw it in the bin my teacher standing there just asked "are you ok?" I replied "yea its my fault" Weird thing is she ended up crying and getting an injury, I am quite unfortunate so yea.... And idek why the hell I said it was my fault such an idiot...

AssassinAlersta AssassinAlersta a day ago

I was at a friends house and was showing him how to dive, but I ended up doing a flat out belly flop; it hurt lol

Joe Doggs Joe Doggs a day ago

My most embarrasment situation was when I had to admit President Obama was the president of the US, that was my most embarrasing moment.

Baltimore Riots Mom Toya Graham -- Oprah Gave Me Thumbs Up For Smackdown On My Son

Baltimore Riots Mom Toya Graham -- Oprah Gave Me Thumbs Up For Smackdown On My Son

Oprah Gave Me Thumbs Up It's one thing for the media to call you mother of the year -- but the so-called "Baltimore Riots mom" got an even better stamp of approval ... from Oprah Winfrey . We just…

Current Status: Interested to Hear About a Dream You Had

They say we dream when we sleep, whether we remember them or not. I almost never remember my dreams. And I'm jealous of people that dream every night and remember them. Sometimes it's helpf…

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dwarf dwarf 7 days ago
I dreamed that I meant my favorite actor and we had a nice long conversation about purple hippos in Irish Gaelic. I don't think he speaks Irish, though, and I have no idea why you w…
ExcellentPrinting ExcellentPrinting 13 hours ago

I almost always remember all my dreams, often wake up in the middle of one and try get back into it again....
although these days not having as many as I used to when I was traveling, I seem to dream a lot more when not at home... wonder why? imagination running roit?

cogscompass cogscompass 18 hours ago

Oh gross! I have to say that when I do remember my dreams there are often people I've thought of or talked to that day in them.

brian brian 16 hours ago

When I was in my single digits and my brother was in Vietnam and days after he went back after leave I would get very sick and have dreams where someone is yealling in my face, it's dark and I couldn't hear them yelling at me but I could see their lips moving this dream would happen every time I would get very sick . after I being married for a couple of years my wife would get mad and start yelling at me in the middle of the night , the only thing I could see was her lips moving and I couldn't hear her cause she was yelling soo loud , then I had a flash back to those dreams , I think back then I traveled into the future to see what my life was going to like .to this day I still try to figure it out

People Don't Know What's Healthy

People Don't Know What's Healthy

Ben & Jerry's has been phasing genetically modified ingredients out of its products, and last year the company "ceremonially renamed" one of its ice cream flavors to "Food Fight Fudge Brownie" as a sh…