Banksy's Murals Turn Up In Gaza Strip

Banksy's Murals Turn Up In Gaza Strip

FCC Votes Yes on Net Neutrality

FCC Votes Yes on Net Neutrality

A Response To Ms. Thorisson

Food Fight: Bloggers Edition

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Stephanie Doublait Stephanie Doublait a day ago
I follow both of your blogs, but I follow them very differently. I love and make your recipes all the time. My 'best recipe' folder is full of links to your blog and when I need a fail-pro…
adamhayat adamhayat 42 minutes ago

This is great.

influitive_dev influitive_dev an hour ago

Keep it up Adam! be different!

CowsomeLoneboy CowsomeLoneboy 4 hours ago

"Then add the fact that I’m married to an Icelandic man and it seems to
me that a 1000 years later the old Viking philosophy of 'if they chop
off one of my legs I’ll stand on the other' is still very much alive in
Iceland – I’ve never met a nation less prone to complaining. That sort
of thinking has rubbed off on me."--Mimi Thorrison, on the website Manger, from her take on the Piglet review

I read all of her blog piece concerning this matter and if "that sort of [Icelandic] thinking" rubbed off on her, I'm thinking it mainly rubbed off in the core of one armpit and escapes only when she raises that one arm all the way toward the sky. Really, does one need 7 paragraphs to expound on why one is not complaining? Take, for example, the first few words of the opening line of the penultimate paragraph (#6): "To cut it short...," which long paragraph is amusingly followed by a PS paragraph. When Mr. Roberts questioned Ms. Thorrison's self-awareness, I doubt even he imagined that she would provide such documentary evidence in spades of the absence of that.

Which is all sort of a shame, really, because I've read some of her recipes and thought that they represent a good effort to transplant to a probable target audience of American cooks some fresh ideas about French cuisine. They don't seem unduly difficult or intimidating for the average cook. I've also heard her speak and it seems her intention to open a new way of looking at French cooking to cooks from other cultures is sincere and heartfelt.

Nonetheless, Mr. Robert's review seemed balanced and fresh, hardly the sophomoric effort that Ms. Thorrison whined about. Perhaps she would be well advised to run her work past her husband, Oddur, before sending it to the publisher, since his warning that her book was unlikely to beat out its competitor shows that he, at least, has some of the awareness that she seems to lack.

				‘Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels’ Is Bullshit

‘Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels’ Is BS

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stefpants stefpants a day ago
Siva Sun Siva Sun an hour ago

some people like to be skinny, some dont...
theres no point in life if you live in such a strong cage

Alphonse Ragusa Alphonse Ragusa an hour ago


Why the HELL would you ever want to deprive yourself of cheesecake, fried chicken, beer or fudge?

You want what feels amazing? Pastrami in my mouth. A cold beer at a baseball game in July.

On a side note - the media is evil for glorifying malnourished women as beautiful. Thats NONSENSE. A real man wants a woman with some meat on her bones.

You only live once - as long as you feel OK and believe you can live a reasonable number of years than go fucking eat! I'm going out with some buddies tonight to a family-style Italian joint - and we aint eating fucking kale!

Carney3 Carney3 4 hours ago

The risk of eating disorders and emotional damage from excessive pursuit of weight loss is real. But it is by far outweighed (pun not intended) by massive (oops again) damage from obesity and overweight. Obesity and overweight are disasters on an individual level, and their rapid growth and proliferation in society are a disaster on a social and national level.

Pushback trying to make people accept fatness and normalize obesity is counter productive and harmful. In fact a major problem is when too many people see fatness all around them and ratchet up their perception about what weight level is "natural", normal and acceptable rather than glaringly unhealthy and in urgent need of being addressed.

Feel-good happy talk, misleadingly egalitarian "everyone is beautiful" rhetoric, etc, encourages people to go back to sleep, ignore their health problems, and settle into a satisfied rut when precisely the OPPOSITE is needed: the motivation to undertake and continue the difficult, uphill task of increasing activity levels and decreasing caloric intake necessary for weight loss.