The Method to Madness: How Do You Watch Anime?

Dearest denizens of AFTP, I have a question that will rock the very foundations of this channel: How do you get your anime fix? Streaming sites (legitimate, I hope)? Netflix? Crunchyroll? Funimation? Wait for the localized Blu-Rays? Downloading? If streaming (Netfli…

True Detective S2. E3 "Maybe Tomorrow" Post-Episode Discussion

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Cuddly: Throwback Thursday [Pet Edition]: The Third Wave

Hey everyone! Welcome back to this week's "Throwback Thursday: Pet Edition." This is where we try to break the internet with way-back-when pictures of our furry (or not so furry) pets. Wild animal…
Pet Pics
db db 41 minutes ago

This had me laughing out loud. Typical cats.

Pet Pics
SuZeQueue SuZeQueue 14 hours ago

My cat is my stationmaster: she pets me with her tail when I'm overwhelmed by life's bumps and bruises; she prances around the house like a pony (which always makes me laugh); she sits on the side of the bathtub (splashing me with her paw) when I need company; she pushes my laptop off my lap when she thinks I've been on Huffington Post too long.

I hope she lives long past 100, in people years.

Pet Pics
Deborah Armagost Deborah Armagost 9 minutes ago

I had 5 cats in January of last year. Little Boy who was 17 and I'd raised as a kitten, Mac who had belonged to my daughter who moved to Kansas City and left him with me (he was 10), Jewels who had belonged to my youngest daughters best friends grandma who had passed away and needed a home. We had her for 13 years and she was 7 when she got here, And Psycho and Rhino who were 8 and were abandoned by a neighbor 4 years ago. Well, in March of 2014 Mac had a tumor in his brain and had to be put to sleep, June 3rd Little Boy got out and never came back and I was devastated, totally. So on July 4th last year I got a rescue kitty named him the Jaffe, and Jewels passed away July 3rd this year quietly and with dignity. So I had a BAD year losing my precious kitty's. I have the 3 still and I cherish them everyday! Below are Mac, Rhino (moving right and then down), Psycho on the far side of the bed, Little Boy who was my treasured baby, and The Jaffe, my newest baby. For some reason it won't let me post a picture of Jewels. I've been trying for 15 min. Anyway, these are and were my babies. I love them all!!