API Documentation

users/listFollowingChannels Beta

This method is currently under development and subject to change.

Returns a list of channels a user is following.




public key, secret key

Supported request methods


Supported formats

json, jsonp

Requires authentication


Rate limited

inherits global rate limit



  • cursor

    Defaults to null

  • excludeModerated

    Defaults to false

    Whether to exclude Channels that the user moderates fromthe results

  • since_id

    Defaults to null

  • order

    Defaults to "asc"

    Choices: asc, desc

  • includeFollowedPrimaryForums

    Defaults to false

    Whether to include Channels where the user follows the primary forum

  • attach allows multiple

    Defaults to []

    Choices: followsForum, forumCanDisableAds, forumForumCategory, counters, forumDaysAlive, forumFeatures, forumIntegration, forumNewPolicy, forumPermissions, channel_categories

  • limit

    Defaults to 25

    Maximum value of 100

  • user

    Defaults to null

    Looks up a user by ID
    You may look up a user by username using the 'username' query type.

  • excludeOwned

    Defaults to false

    Whether to exclude Channels that the user owns from the results