API Documentation

threads/update Beta

This method is currently under development and subject to change.

Updates information on a thread.




public key, secret key

Supported request methods


Supported formats

json, jsonp

Requires authentication


Rate limited

inherits global rate limit



  • thread

    You must be the author of the post or a moderator on the applicable forum.


  • category

    Defaults to null

    Looks up a category by ID

  • old_identifier

    Defaults to null

    Only valid if 'identifier' is provided. See 'identifier' for more information.
    Maximum length of 300

  • forum

    Defaults to null

    Looks up a forum by ID (aka short name)

  • title

    Defaults to null

    Maximum length of 200

  • url

    Defaults to null

    URL (defined by RFC 3986)
    Maximum length of 500

  • author

    Defaults to null

    You must be a moderator on the applicable forum to change a thread author.
    You may look up a user by username using the 'username' query type.

  • validateAllPosts

    Defaults to null

  • message

    Defaults to null

  • identifier

    Defaults to null

    To update a specific identifier, provide 'old_identifier'. If no identifier exists, a new one is created.
    Maximum length of 300

  • slug

    Defaults to null

    Alpha-numeric slug
    Maximum length of 200

Example Responses

Expand json

POST thread=1&title=Hello+World

    "title":"Hello World",
    "message":"\"If you've painted before you know that we don't make mistakes -- we have happy accidents.\"",