API Documentation


  • createImages

    Used to save custom reactions that an admin creates

  • deleteImages

    Used to delete custom reactions of a forum

  • disableForThread

    Used to disable thread reactions for a thread. Can also be used to enabled thread reactions.
    This is mostly used as a per-thread override of the forum configuration.

  • enableForForum

    Used to enabled thread reactions for a forum. Can also be used to disable thread reactions.

  • getDefaultImages

    Returns the metadata of the default reactions. This way they can display
    for forums that don't use reactions.

  • loadReactions

    Used to load the configured reactions for a thread. Also returns which reactions, if any,
    are selected by the user, as well as the eligibility of the thread for thread-reactions.

  • loadTemplateAndImages

    Used to load any configured reactions for the forum,
    and all active images belong to that forum.
    Also returns whether thread reactions are enabled for the forum.

  • saveTemplate

    Used to save a new configuration for thread reactions for a forum. Also enables threads
    reactions for the forum.

  • vote

    Used to vote on a reaction.