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Creates a new post.

- Public access is only supported when creating comments from authenticated users.
- If you are authenticating a user, you cannot pass any of the author_ parameters.
- If you specify ``state``, ``ip_address`, or ``date`` you must be a moderator.
- If you specify ``state`` it will skip any pre-approval validation.

Anonymous comments are allowed under two conditions:

1. You're using legacy auth, and your secret key
2. You're using your public key, you've come from a verified referrer, you're unauthenticated,
and the forum you're attempting to create the post on is listed in the applications trusted forums.

To create an anonymous comment, simply pass author_email and author_name, and optionally
the author_url parameter.




public key, secret key

Supported request methods


Supported formats

json, jsonp

Requires authentication


Rate limited

inherits global rate limit



  • message


  • rating

    Defaults to null

    Minimum value of 1
    Maximum value of 5

  • parent

    Defaults to null

    Looks up a post by ID

  • thread

    Defaults to null

    Looks up a thread by ID

  • author_email

    Defaults to null

    Email address (defined by RFC 5322)

  • author_name

    Defaults to null

  • state

    Defaults to null

    Choices: unapproved, approved, spam, killed

  • author_url

    Defaults to null

    URL (defined by RFC 3986)

  • date

    Defaults to null

    Unix timestamp (or ISO datetime standard)

  • ip_address

    Defaults to null

    IP address (defined by RFC 5322)

Example Responses

Expand json

POST message=Hello+There&thread=1

    "raw_message":"Hello There",
    "message":"Hello There",