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Creates many ActionHistory rows, for use in backfilling.
actionHistoryItems is a json encoded list. Each item in the list
should be a dictionary with keys:
- identifier - an identifier that represents the original row, so
that we can return whether each row succeeded/failed.
- action - an int representing ActionHistory.Type
- forum - id of a forum
- user - (optional) user that performed the action
- thread - (optional) thread id that the action was performed on
- post - (optional) post id that the action was performed on
- targetUser - (optional) id of the user that is related to the action
that was performed (post author etc)
- ipAddress - (optional) ip address of the user that performed the action
- dateAdded - (optional) date that the action was performed
- extra_data - (optional) Contains extra information: target, data_expires, shadow_ban
This data is used mainly for Blacklist and Whitelist Actions.
- rule (optional) (idk if necessary as it is not in the actionHistory stuff)




public key, secret key

Supported request methods


Supported formats

json, jsonp

Requires authentication


Rate limited

inherits global rate limit



  • actionHistoryItems