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l33tuber • 6 years ago

I don't know... It does seem like a trap.

Nothing • 6 years ago

Definetly doesn't feel like a full blown comeback. It lacks spirit :/

Last i heard the real owners were arrested...

The Light of Faust • 6 years ago

yes he was...

Joshua Shawn Fricke • 6 years ago

There was a post I read here months ago saying he was released. Something about the trail stalemating.

EmLeingod • 6 years ago

I like your icon.

Nothing • 6 years ago


skilli • 6 years ago

what to do ?
Should i login?

antifud • 6 years ago

wait *minimum* of 2 months. then see what happens.

Dread • 6 years ago

Paranoia, O' mighty paranoia.

antifud • 6 years ago

what basis do we have to trust this site?

I see no evidence or proof of anything, yet.

sexy • 6 years ago

kiss my dad

jeff • 6 years ago

you guys are forgetting that these people already had our usernames and passwords. why be cautious logging in?

Freedom is a right. • 6 years ago

DUH! wake up jeff your brain is frozen the servers got STOLEN yes STOLEN by a crowd that claim to be policing laws yet they allow Dis... to lock away movies to keep prices inflated which is a violation of most countries trading laws, yet they can do if freely and are allowed to do that. And as the servers were taken the whole data base has been compromised yes usernames passwords, forum posts, comments.

So only a fool would not be cautious logging in.

antifud is right what basis do we have to trust this site? I'd say none as open forum is not available regardless of statements the Community used the forum's and now they have been for the use of a term CENSORED, Removed from use. And you obviously had no dealings with other members as part of that community.

There is also another site using similar logo to the old Demonoid but different color, and it is up and down, the claims for that site are the same use old log on details and passwords.

Now even a twit has to wonder why two sites using the same data base are coming back online at the same time after so long.

Sounds like and looks like evidence gathering by the criminal media companies.

Fetus • 6 years ago

They most likely do not have our passwords as the site probably uses MD5 to encrypt passwords server side. However they would have all other information like usernames, email addresses, etc.

LC • 6 years ago

my old password and login worked.

dave • 6 years ago

i trid to log in but was not able to since then ive had to change passwords. im not saying that its their fault but you know it sure seems fishy.

pundit • 6 years ago

The authorities who confiscated the database can obviously give it to the USAmericans and they'll print extra dollars for getting that.

gsdaf • 6 years ago

Its not paranoia if its really happening.

d2SeemsOK • 6 years ago

I downloaded stuff already, as an old demonoid member. No notifications from my ISP or anything. That being said, I only download old games I have back home.

zuchinno • 6 years ago


StingRay • 6 years ago

Use the "Forgot password" link immediately. You'll get a link in your email that will assign you a new password, and you won't have to enter any passwords you may currently be using elsewhere. At the very least, you can then change you contact information so they don't have it any longer, if you're on the side of paranoia.

hikaricore • 6 years ago

I mean, they will still have your contact info. I highly doubt they deleted the db import right after setting up the site. You're right on point about the reset password thing though. I wonder how many morons actually signed in using previous passwords that are the same or similar to the ones they use on other sites..

EspeK • 6 years ago

Nobody signed in this web, you can't do that, they just logged in with their old information.

what • 6 years ago

What I woneder is how many morons actually have the same password for their torrents account as for any other account.

Jack Black • 6 years ago

Yeah I think a lot of PPL. We trusted Demonoid, but it's kind of weird that its back with our old info..

assbutt • 6 years ago

I have completely different info for my torrents than real life accts. It's crazy to have everything the same.

FredtheGreat • 6 years ago

I have completely different information for every site i log in to. name, email, password, username, etc. all different, except for facebook and social media designed to get in touch with "real" people.

Tessy • 6 years ago

I think these concerns are too funny. You have an IP address which is tied to your home street address and you billing address. Everything you send or receive from that IP is recorded. The entire internet was virtualized over 10 years ago. Nothing you say or do on-line is private (to the federal government). So if they wanted bust a million Americans tomarrow they just would - peroid.

Add to that the fact that the courts in the USA have (mostly) been a joke for the past 10 years at least and you begin to realize you're actually living in a dictatorship and they'll do whatever the heck they wanna do and YOU have no recourse (unless you're rich - be then why would you be on a torrent site?) to the law.

So use or don't use TBP, DU, Brokenstones, and others as you like. Just know there is no such thing as internet security/anonymity these days. If you're on-line everything you do is recoded.


Skyline • 6 years ago


Jake • 6 years ago

No problem about loggin. The info I had is the same this site has. Try generating an invitation code and giving it to someone.

pundit • 6 years ago

after logging in do as per the new terms and conditions:

"All torrents are for private non-commercial educational viewing purposes only. Except as explicitly permitted, DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR COPY TORRENTS FROM THIS WEBSITE!"

Jake • 6 years ago

I realized the site was legit when I logged in and saw all my old comments still shining up . Glad that the green monster to make it back . :)

Holyfuck • 6 years ago

Except that the database has been compromised a couple of times.

Anonymous • 6 years ago

I mentioned this in the previous article. I'm seeing torrents that i recognize from before but with different uploader accounts attacked to them. It's kind of weird.

I'd give specifics but this site uses Disqus and Disqus doesn't like links.

namefagging Issues ? • 6 years ago

elaborate.... proof or it didn't happen.

Stick links on pastebin
Screenshots will suffice.

Flying • 6 years ago

Disqus likes links, it's just that TF decided to moderate spam, you know, everyday a spammer came here to post its links and other spammers used to post offtopic videos and links to their sites.

GmaLL • 6 years ago

It's no longer green.

Clownius • 6 years ago

Interesting im still not sure what to make of it

icec0ld • 6 years ago

Great news if it's "real". Will wait for further news and interest before I end up going back however.

john doe • 6 years ago

If true, the intention is noble...

but I think I'd rather wait for the real one to come back.

Crig • 6 years ago

I'm def not login in for now. Will wait for more infos.

Violated0 • 6 years ago

I would believe they are doing the right things but even honourable intentions can become unstuck. Trust should develop slowly.

It is pleasing to see their desire to stay law compatible even if these days that basis seems eroded by pro-copyright propaganda leading to market abuse and the need for admin anonymity.

Dumping their site on to US hosting was a glorious mistake like sitting in the mouth of a tiger. It is good to see that problem is now corrected but they need to be very careful not to make such blunders if they wish to stay up.

Good that they are not using their own tracker but that does mean transporting torrents to the public network. They of course most need people to get back to seeding to keep their special torrents alive.

I am most happy to hear Demonoid database confirmation.

1hhh1 • 6 years ago

Going to be hard to reseed when the only tracker on almost all their torrents was the Demonoid one,there was about 500,000 active torrents when it went down,how to add public trackers to all of those.

namefagging Issues ? • 6 years ago

Depends if the "private flag" was set on the torrents.
Not sure.

If not you could just make a script to run through, and add trackers. You could do it in a few minutes easily.

If the private flag is set....IDK enough about it specifically to know how easy it would be remove the flag, if it's encrypted or not... IDK

Kaos • 6 years ago

Removing the private flag is ridiculously easy. It would, however, change the torrent's info hash and require adding the new torrent (without the private flag) to your client.

GioB • 6 years ago

Logged in with my old account - intact! Got a MySQL error trying to run a search, however...

Screechy • 6 years ago

Seems like it, I too was able to log in with my old account...

Candalos • 6 years ago

Huh, so its NOT a scam? Was this a case of crying wolf?

bb9 • 6 years ago

I think you are right. d2 was up last night for a while and everything looked really good. i saw that there were around 570k torrents in the "both" filter, though only around 75k torrents in the "seeded" filter. i guess the work of getting the rest seeded and working is up to us - that is, if the site comes back online...fingers crossed.

ScrewEwe2 • 6 years ago

The users are the only ones that can resurrect the torrents, and it's gonna be a lot of work.