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JD • 7 years ago

Wait Wait wait ...So this guy converted from Christianity and received violent threats, and been labeled a “race traitor” online Change the religions around and then read the comments on this article obviously because Islam is a evil and hatefull religon not because e Idiots will be idiots.

2. Country that use torture

North Korea ,Iran, Saudi Arabia, China ,Argentina , Bahrain , Nigeria
, Vietnam , Saudi Arabia , Soviet Union

We just have joined that club very nice

CriticalDragon1177 • 7 years ago

Um, I agree with what you wrote, except I think you made one mistake, it doesn't exactly sound like he was Christian. Did you miss this sentence in the article we're commenting on?

"As a teenager, Holdbrooks had searched for truths in several different
religions. He came to Guantanamo convinced that all monotheistic
religions were evil."

Christianity is Monotheistic as well as Islam, so it doesn't sound like he was a Christian before he came to Guantanamo Bay. In fact it doesn't say what faith he belonged to, assuming he believed in any religion prior to converting to Islam.

Tanveer Khan • 7 years ago

Wow. How islamophobes must hate this guy. Keep going strong broski.

CriticalDragon1177 • 7 years ago

I would imagine. Has anyone out of morbid curiosity gone over to one of the "counter Jihad" sites to see how enraged they are? I'd imagine they're accusing him of treason at least and some of the people over at sites like Jihad Watch or Atlas Shrugged are most certainly calling for his head.

Tanveer Khan • 7 years ago

I used to be fascinated by them. But then I think they started affecting my health (really) and i have not gone on one ever since i ventured onto JihadWatch to get that quote for Sir David.

Still, I shine • 7 years ago

I'm a lot older and more case-hardened than you, and I'm not a Muslim, but I won't go on those sites. I used to be young, and I thought the world would get better. The actual event makes me sick

Tanveer Khan • 7 years ago

The world will get better soon.....probably.

Still, I shine • 7 years ago

Young people like you make me genuinely hopeful that it will.

Tanveer Khan • 7 years ago


mindy1 • 7 years ago

I am glad he is speaking his heart, that is what will change the world for the better, one should not stay silent while seeing things that are wrong.

Razaink_aka_BigBoss • 7 years ago

Here is a good story :

Ethnic Profiling in Europe


Sam Seed • 7 years ago

Guantanamo = Hell on earth, without justice.