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Paul Yoder • 9 years ago

Under this administration, free speech and observing the law are obviously not priorities. I appreciate the Master Sergeant's service and his understanding of liberty.

Iamwethepeople • 9 years ago

So agreeing with and honoring an existing law puts you in legal peril now. These crooks need to be tried for treason.

walkingtall • 9 years ago

Glad to see the Master Sergeant stuck to his guns no matter what anyone said. What's absolutely pathetic is that for a country such as ours that preaches about free speech and freedom in general, this administration only embraces those constitutional rights when people agree with their philosophical positions......everyone else can fry. This president and his entire administration has got to go!

ahcma • 9 years ago

Since when has it become illegal to serve something (that is not illegal) to people. A letter of reprimand??? Really??? This is one reason my husband retired a while ago. The PC police have taken over.

aposematic • 9 years ago

There are no limits on the corruption of a rogue Government. This exposure in the Military of idiotic Progressives punishing those that don't think like them should be over the top alarming to all Americans. The Gov. Progressive corruption runs far, wide and deep. The IRS scandal is unfortunately the tip of a very dangerous iceberg we are dead on approaching at full speed.

Nunaya Dambizness • 9 years ago

Absolutely. I work at a military facility (which shall remain nameless), and the intimidation to adopt the correct, PC thinking is appalling. On our computers which have access to the Internet, you can access sites like MSNBC, etc. all you like, but just try to access Townhall.com, etc. - Nope! I used to be barred from accessing World Net Daily (although I'm able to access most of its content again), but I used to be able to stream Mark Levin's show until they blocked access to it. Same with the TVs in public viewings areas (DFAC et al.) - almost all MSNBC, all the time; very few CNN shows, and even fewer Fox News shows. Don't try to tell me this is NOT by design...

DakConserve • 9 years ago

Seriously, if he had whipped out a Koran, he would have been okay! (/s)

Guest • 9 years ago

Dept. of Food Police.

dts3204 • 9 years ago

Scratches head and wonders what happened to my Army.......

Guest • 9 years ago

The commie ass liberals have infiltrated its' upper ranks, that's what's happened to it.

nanazona • 9 years ago

PC promotions.

gremlin1974 • 9 years ago

We haven't had a good war in a while that actually was big enough to put command officers in the field, so now the upper ranks of the military is swelled with liberal idealist that have never actually had to fight.

Yep. It saddens me to no end to say that all NCOs and below now work for the bad guys. That is hard to deal with.

ray • 9 years ago

Stop crying about a corpse. The United States doesn't exist anymore. You are a wage slave so shut up and pay your masters.

Mike Jenkins • 9 years ago

Stand strong Sergeant. You are a true American and you have 1st Amendment Rights being in the military DOES NOT NULLIFY! Being married to a woman and not engaging in homosexual activity in no way degrades the military. Wake up America - cry out ENOUGH!!!

ModdKenwood • 9 years ago

when do we go to "physical war" with the left?

syvyn11 • 9 years ago

A liberal will fire the first shot. A conservative will fire the last shot.

We didn't start this, but we will sure as Hell finish it.

Iamwethepeople • 9 years ago

We will give them no quarter, no place of respite, no angle of retreat.

We are the sons of liberty, we are the sword of justice, we stand for our freedoms, we fight for our future, we are America!

frank54 • 9 years ago

this cannot go on much longer,.......our government is totally out of control,......we are being told we are the enemy of the government,.....Obama and his thugs are the real enemy.......this is what you get when you elect a communist government.......Good-Bye America...If you people cannot see what is going on in this country than you are deaf, dumb, and F*****G blind

They will do a false flag and tell the world that we started it.

Wahrheitsfreund • 9 years ago

Pretty much this.

Remember Spain back in the 30s?
The left spent nearly the entire decade provoking their enemies/the Spanish people as a whole and got stomped for their trouble.

1stworlder • 9 years ago

We wont have to, when George Zimmerman walks the left will be hurt in the nation wide chimpout that will follow, since they will not be expecting it. It will make the crack addict Rodney King riots look like a day at Disney

Murun Buchstansangur • 9 years ago

He's guilty, idiot, he's not going to walk. He PLEAD guilty.

Guest • 9 years ago


syvyn11 • 9 years ago

I bet Obama will declare this Master Sargent a enemy of the state.

jerseygirl1 • 9 years ago

I'm sure he will also be audited by the IRS. Welcome to Obama's Amerika Commrade.

When he becomes a vet, he WILL be declared an enemy -- by homeland security! We're all on their lists! They know that we want the U.S. to remain the U.S., while they are transforming it into the North American Union.
We have been abandoned.
Their plans do not include our inclusion . . .

lukuj • 9 years ago

He will probably be audited by the IRS soon.

Lewis Brookins • 9 years ago


Raejean • 9 years ago

Reprimanded for serving Chik-fil-A or for excercising 1st Amendment right to espouse traditional marriage values?

frank54 • 9 years ago

This Time Next Month Traditional Marriage Will No Longer Be Around ,.....And Be Seen As Bigoted And Hateful If Even Mentioned

Guest • 9 years ago

Sergeant, I would rather salute you than any chicken crap officer.

syvyn11 • 9 years ago

I would salute him than the Commander in Chief.

Marcus127 • 9 years ago

Letter of Reprimand.....THEN investigate the matter?

With Dempsey and Odinero in command.....why should we expect anything different!

Remember when Casey lamented the Army's Diversity Program might suffer as a result of the Fort Hood Massacre by a Muslim Zealot rather than condemning the Shooter and Islamic Fundamentalism?

The Obama Generals have no Balls....none!

jeffunde • 9 years ago

And don't forget that the Fort Hood Muslim Massacre is consider "workplace violence" and not a terrorist act, so those who were wounded do not receive any special benefits from the government.

greywulf1064 • 9 years ago

This is why I am glad I retired in 2006. I know I couldn't deal with the Army of today.

syvyn11 • 9 years ago

Remember, Obama and his ilk thinks the military is nothing more than a meals on wheels program.

USMC • 9 years ago

By next year, pork will be forbidden.

mircan68 • 9 years ago

And then meat altogether.

Shariamerica Islam, Sharia Law is in America


Short 12 min. video on the different ways our gov. and military now view Christianity and Sharia law.

Kage • 9 years ago

This is ridiculous. I'd like to see the letter of reprimand and see if it was issued for promoting DOMA or Chick-Fil-A. There is a fine line when serving in the military and expressing political views. I personally see nothing wrong with his support for DOMA as he was showing his support for a law.

My military unit recently held a Family Day event and it was catered by Chick-Fil-A. Is there anything wrong with that?

TexasPlowboy • 9 years ago

It depends on how far up Barry's ass your Commanding General is.

Our military has been infiltrated with unprincipled lickspittles, reminiscent of the SS. Their allegiance is to the administration, not the Constitution.

Glad I left when I did, but I'm saddened to see that the officer corps that I once held in high esteem has degenerated into a bunch of scum bags.

TexasPlowboy • 9 years ago

Copy that

Michael Warren • 9 years ago

This won't last, get a US Congressman involved and it will be taken off his record, however the chance of him moving up anymore than a Master Sergeant is in peril. I got the feeling he isn't going to stop talking, he'll win the battle on this but lose the war

1stworlder • 9 years ago

There are not that many positions higher than master sgt for enlisted. There is only 3 possible promotions and they require people to retire or die for him to move up.

RCQ_92130 • 9 years ago

Just horrific.
We speak about the failures of the "progressives" mostly in theoretical terms - the destruction of America; the loss of freedom; the reign of tyranny. We forget there are real, living human beings whose lives are being trampled in this march to collectivism.

capisce • 9 years ago

Thought police not enough - have to bring in the food police as well.
What country am I in?

frank54 • 9 years ago

All Police Are All Under The Control Of The Obama Thugs,......We Are All Screwed,.....Just Remember That All These Brats Put This Piece Of Scum Back Into Office Again.........Its Out Of Control.......Religious Freedom Is Gone

Patriot • 9 years ago

Unfortunately the Army has been becoming an extension of social engineering for years with many officers using the Army as a stepping stone to government employment and bureaucracy. Why do you think Major Mooslum at Fort Hood was able to get away with what he did for all those years. This is just another sad example of the social engineering taking place in the military.