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Sayeeda • 6 years ago

Please have one episode on Vitligo patient.

riioioo • 6 years ago

I feel that all the issues and problems must take less than 24 hrs to resolve and to punish the criminals it must take less than an hour bcoz when crimes take place its not done as per any law than why to punish we have to follow the law..

Pulak mehra • 6 years ago

Amir ji u r the besttt one...
I am,with u...
We will change our india..
Save child girls...n.stop crime about girl..
N so more thing ..we will do .
Like save tree.n polethin.

manoj kumar • 6 years ago

Amir sir Satyamevjayate ko BHARAT ke savi public nhi dekh pate hain kyon ki <1> BHARAT ki 60% public VILLAGE me rhte hain <2>electricity problum <4>savi ke pass TV nhi hai agr hai vi to kebal nhi hai <3>purchasing power low hia isliye aap se request hai ki SATYAMEVJAYATE ko RADIO per vi Parsarit kiya jaye

supriya kale • 6 years ago

awesome show.......now i feel i'm a part of this country

gopiraaj • 7 years ago

V O T E is OUR RIGHT - Valid Option To Empower-RIGHT!

Valid Option To Eradicate Corruption.

Suhail Rehman • 7 years ago

This is my heart felt request to Everyone.when ever u Travel by car or by Public Transport, please make sure that u don't make any hindrence fr Ambulances , which ferrying Patients to Tertiary care Hospitals .I my slf many times makes a road feasible fr that particular vehicle which carrring patient's. Our little efforts can make difference by saving someone's life.
Suhail Rehman Bhatt

om prakash yadav • 7 years ago

Police officers are proudly. 75% officer's are not gentle (small police men ko gulam mantle h) l am police man .live in alwar Rajasthan.

Mohammed Jabbar • 7 years ago

I, M A Jabbar, in USA could not stop tears in my eyes while watching your first show satyamev Jayate.
f did record it to watch again. Wish you all the best of luck AMIR BHAI.
I suggest it would be more practical and helpful to victims if they could have police, hospital and court work together to help victims in shortest time possible. at

suman gupta • 7 years ago

Hey Amir sir you are fantastic .
Koye toh h Jo politics jhod kuch accha kar raga h.
2 march ka Jo topic tha uspe mera kahana h
ki ek din WO ayega jab.
agar rapist ko kehi bhi nayay nehi melaga toh
ek din jis ladki k sath rap hua WO court Jane
K bajaye khudkhusi karne k bajaye WO sidhe
USS rakjhas ko khud mar dalegi

arpita • 7 years ago

sir i wrote a poem about nirbhaya incident the poem is about what she think when all this happens with her .i written it in 11th standered now iam in 12th i wan to share it that time but not possible but now i want the poem come in front of other but not in my name i doeses,t want that any body know that who written it sir if it may possible

rameshwat savani • 7 years ago

Special fast track courts should be developed for rape cases in every corner of india so that quick judgement can be given and justuce can be granted

nagi652002 • 7 years ago
nagi652002 • 7 years ago
Pratibha Singh • 7 years ago

Mr. Amir, I want to meet you to explain my project for handicapped free education in my organisation . so that if
you're interested in that he can consider forwork gaid line for the best way to them
. I hope
you or your secretary will give appointment to explain further on this Email.Id- singhpratibha2387@gmail.com

penil • 7 years ago

Amir sir I want to thank a lot for all those episodes. Please do some more.
Rabinarayan (y)

Aishwarya Dey • 7 years ago

BY killing a girl child you are killing the future of India itself!!!

poonu • 7 years ago

awsome view

SaDDiX • 7 years ago

The show/episode is a biased one. Aamir is behaving like a true mohajir! Clap will be heard when both the hands are in action!

Gaurav Soni • 7 years ago

All the problems that were shown and discussed in the episodes of Satyamev Jayate boil down to a
single problem: Laws are not being strictly enforced in this country.

Now who enforces the laws? The answer is the police and the judiciary. Indian Judicial System has
its problems but it is a lot better than the police department.

If the control of the police by the political executive is conditioned and kept within its legitimate bounds than many problems will be solved automatically. The current system is causing a lot of suffering and hardship to the general public as well as police officers and their family. I daresay that if we had a humane, efficient and well-equipped police force then the hardships which our brothers and sisters are facing in Kashmir, North-East and the Naxalite affected regions of India would have been non-existent. Recent communal riots in UP have again highlighted the need for police reforms.

It is not that that this is a new discovery. The Honourable Supreme Court of India has already issued seven directives in this regard in the Prakash Singh case but the Governments (Central and State) of India are not acting because of obvious reasons. If the public is made more aware regarding the gravity of this matter than this will surely create pressure on the Govt. to act.

serpil • 7 years ago

HELLO ım serpil ,I would like to congratulate unnoticed that you take social issues. Too dear a human supervisor sensitive. Pamukkale University in Turkey to extend my best regards miles away from you. I hope you come to my college conferenc

Guest • 7 years ago

I would like to congratulate unnoticed that you take social issues. too dear a human supervisor sensitive. Pamukkale University in Turkey to extend my best regards miles away from you. I hope you come to my college conference.


Keshav • 7 years ago

Mr. Amir, I want to meet you to explain my project so that if
you're interested in that he can consider for his part of production as a
theme(My Project: How to change our current Political System). I hope
you or your secretary will give appointment to explain further on this
project. My email ID : shivashankar_kt@hotmail.com
My Address: Bangalore, Karnataka.

chethan kumar • 7 years ago

Dear Amir ji,

My self Chethan and I have a new issue with so many people
of our state, & even of other states people are also facing the same
problem. It was a private company as
called Swayam Krushi india private limited, which was started in 2008 @
Devanahalli, Bengaluru. There were about
8 Directors started this company which was into the business of buying lands in
different places of our state. There was
well growth until October 2012, all of a sudden the company was wound-up. During this 4 years from starting of the
company public have made deposits of daily, monthly, quarterly & yearly deposits
of around or more than 80 crores. As per Direcotr Mr. Veerendra Babu, due to
financial crises in the company they wound up the company & around 3-4 suicides
are also happened in our state. Around
900 Cases are there on the company. But whenever
public asks for their money, they are giving some bribe to main persons &
they are closing the matter with them.
The thing is they can drag this issue in the court for years together. But money will not comes back to public. In this case will you help us.

By anticipating your help in this regard,

Chethan Kumar


Preetha • 7 years ago

The show is fantastic...It is very touchy and true...It is indeed a question to be asked...What are we doing for the country and for the people of our country? Instead of being negative, he is being constructive.. Appreciate Aamir & his team.

Choksi • 8 years ago

Please do an episode on Indian History and the great heroes. Young
people and kids are unbelievably and dangerously lacking knowledge in this area. Often time I find them
fighting and swearing deciding over who is a better hero between
Gandhiji and Bhagatsingh. These things are dividing us when we need the
unity and peace the most. It is the future that matters the most. We should forget our past differences and look towards making a better more united India than Ever before. As India is becoming more populated, keeping the peace should be the top most priority which will in-turn allow for development in every other sector.
A firm believer in unity in diversity.  

Rishabh • 7 years ago

That so true
but ya one must be aware of the hidden history too

Lakshay • 8 years ago

We should take pride in the unity in diversity of India.
I am proud that, I am staying in a secular country, where all the religions, regions, languages etc are having equal right over their country.

Let us build India, by giving respect to all the communities, bringing all the disadvantaged minorities (like Muslims, Christians etc) to mainstream by providing the education & employment, integrating all the disadvantaged regions like north-east, Kashmir to the mainstream.

Mera bharat mahaan!!! Jai Hind.


Lalitya • 8 years ago

This program has pan-India appeal and impact.
And the topics covered were really need of the hour, to cleanse our current polluted system.

Thank you Amir jee for for this great show.

Requesting you to bring this show again with new relevant topics.


meher • 8 years ago

salam aamir ji ,,,may yeh kehna chah ti hon kay is program ki aakhri kist nahin honi chahiyay..kiuon kay abhi bhi bohut saray aysay masael hain jis per baat karna bohut zarori hai...may guzarish karon gi kay is ko jari rakhay aur dosray moddon per baat karin..1..jawan larki ki borhay aadmi say shadi..2..bhikriuon ki zindagi aur on ka peshah ..3..ashlel movies ka bachchon per asar aur os kay natejay may samaj may janam laynay wali buraiyan..4..enter net ka beja istimal aur isi taranh kay bohut say modday hain ....meri ray may aap janta say is bare may malom karen kay woh kis tarnh kay maslon ka hal chah ti hai ....good luck ...

Vaibhav Waingankar • 8 years ago

The kind of awareness 'Aamir and his team' has spread through the show is so essential for "we, the insensitive Indians,"
coz we have everything but humanity ..."

Babitarajan • 8 years ago

I would like to salute Aamir Khan for creating this fantastic reality TV show.  Many topics discussed in the episodes were aware to commoners, but not in depth.  I feel that Law and order should be free from political influence. Police department should be a separate  so that ministers should cause hindrance in their work.

chetan chauhan • 8 years ago

one day when i entered into my room, i just thought of a very different idea. the idea was about "NETA". What exactly is the Qualification to become  'A NETA'. Dont you think ,brilliant minds of our generation are sitting in indias best engineering and medical institutes. Dont you think that these have better ability to think two steps ahead of NETAs of current time. I think that there should be an examination to be a NETA . Yeah !! at every level whether it is at district level or town or city or state or even country. Only top notches should be allowed to hold the position to take decisions that really matter. And the minimum criteria to sit for such examination is passed out from indias top colleges like IITs, NITs, IIITs, BITs ,DTU,PEC, AIIMS and all other best medical and best engineering colleges. Because seriously these people are trained to face any problem or to take the best decision at every worse condition and not everyone want to work as engineer or doctor.this can be seen in IAS results.Today IAS is the target of many best notches not NETA. People who are preparing for IAS ,if there is such exam to be a NETA, then they will prepare for that exam because why to do work under corrupted NETAs. Be a smart and non corrupted NETA yourself. Putting such exam the best priority is possible.

Rishabh • 7 years ago

Doctor should be health minister, farmer should be agriculture minister ,planeer should be urban minister and so on

there should be qualification

Rishabh • 7 years ago

i agree some of minister are doing great being illiterate but still they can educate themself as there is no age limit to knowledge

Vishal Sardhara • 8 years ago

every episodes shows the reality of the society from which i was really unaware, thanks a lot whole satyamev jayate team,,,, it ll help me to serve society better when i ll become doctor as i am medical student,,,,, these episodes really makes me inspired to become IAS officer so that i could serve society more efficiently.....

Rabinarayan • 8 years ago

 Dear Amir I want to thank a lot for all those episodes. Please do some more.

Ashish Agrawal • 8 years ago

I have watched the episodes of Satyamev jayate recently and after watching the first show I downloaded all the shows together and watched them.All the  issues were a necessity and they were needed to be brought in light of hte common people.I really HATS OFF!! all the people who are working for the development of India as well as the needy one.Also I congralulate Amir sir .He is doing a great job.
But there are some issues which are left uot and still people don't know about them such as the extent of corruption,the condition of higher studies education in India etc are some of the topics.
Therefore I am eagrly waiting for the season 2 of satyamev jayate.
Also I have made some resulutions after watching the show and I promise to forward my hand for all those who are in need whether by helping hand or financially upto the limit I can sustain.

Thank you!!

Rashmi • 8 years ago

Hi there,
I am a Singaporean Indian girl who has never appreciated watching nearly 90% of all Indian shows but when I heard of your reality show via my sis, I decided to give it a kick and am really impressed to finally watch a documentary based presentation that actually works towards solving problems rather than wallowing in self pity.In fact, just crammed 5 episodes in a day!I do not live in India so naturally cannot associate with many of the problems discussed however, they have been very informative and do help me understand the Indian culture/style/upbringing/development and Indian ways of thinking rather clearly.On the other hand, the cultural based topics have been very helpful in understanding the heavy Indian mentality that is still carried abroad and passed down through generations...all in all, just wanted to pen this down to congratulate your effort in making and contributing towards a difference. Hope you will continue with this show ;-)Cheers,Rashmi

Nitin kumar • 8 years ago

Hiii Rashmi...
This is Nitin and me too impressed by this documentry show as m an old fan of my amir..
And as he has shown the real face of the societal curse.I personally decided to change my self,as i m a part of the society and change starts frm the very first step of personal change.Its not matter mam that u r living in India or Singapore.just be honest towards the society and urself.And look the change...devenetly it will make a glad feeling.

Kumar • 8 years ago

Hello Aamir, I was waiting for right stage to put this on.  Peoples will listen to u & u can present to them perfectly. Peoples are afraid or in fear, because they don't no the truth so many things like Who they really are, what is the purpose of them on earth, from where money generated, is money required or not etc...
If every peoples know thing from inner self then all problems will solve automatically.

om • 8 years ago

"THE efforts to rebuild india has been started from amir khan "  support it follow it

Napaki • 8 years ago

2965 pakis have browsed this page.

Santhosh kumar bhoyer • 8 years ago

Hai this is santhosh bhoyer from Hyd, Main pahele aamir jee ko shukriyada karna chahatha hun ise program banake desh ki janatha ko jagruthi milane ke liye, lekin is desh mein our bhi ithne problems or issues hai ki sathyamev jayathe program kamse kam 5 saal thak chaltha rahega, hamein isse bachna hoga or isliye desh ki har insan ko desh ki sukh shanthi or swachatha ke liye apni min responsibilities ko achhi tharah se nibhana chahiye. thank you. 

Kanz • 8 years ago

Please put the issues on goverment jobs specially military,police etc.they are so low pay,and corructions in that field.thanks.Good Going.May You always keep doing good work.Ameen.

Baghel Sanily • 8 years ago

mera naam sanily chouhan hai . mein chhattisgarh ki rahne wali hun. aapke program mein jo generic medicines ke bare mein bataya gaya tha. geniric medicines ki shop abhi sirf rajasthan mein hai. mein chahti hun ki generic medicines ki shop chhattisgarh mein bhi hona chahiye. taki medicines hume sahin price mein aur har category ke logon ko available ho. yahan medical shop wale generic medicines nahin dena chahte hain. kyunki unko loss hoga. isliye hum chahte hain ki aisa ek strong kanoon bane jo doctors ko bhi generic medicines likhna must ho.

Chinu4911 • 8 years ago

Waiting for your second season..there are a lot of issues which are unaddressed as of now....nd i would like that you pick those issues too....... J&K problem, our corrupt politics  and Farmer suicide....

Rishabh • 7 years ago

what did you learn from the first season that waiting for 2nd

Kamal chandra Barman • 8 years ago


Pkg_108 • 8 years ago

Very good programme