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benedict c fernandes • 6 years ago

2012 to my surprise in May the water level in our well came up as if it is
rainy days. But quickly it is realised that drainage water has seeped into our
wells. Mind you we were using only well water upto that time. Immediately I
organised 34 houses and filed a case in the Consumer Court against Mangalore
City Corporation. The case went for 12 months and during January, 2014 the
Court ruled in our favour. It awarded Rs.5000 to each household and additional
Rs.50 per day until the water in our wells become potable. The MCC appealed in
higher court but in vain. Now it has admitted its fault and given in writing
that they will revamp the entire system by March, 2015. Until that time they
have to shell out Rs.51000 per month as compensation. Again the Court has ordered
that this money should be recovered from the salary of the erring officers.

request all Mangaloreans to test their well water before using and even if they
are not using also they should keep it safe for their children. Do not neglect
this precious gift of God. Tomarrow they may be a drought and we may have to
depend on well water. If your well water is not potable then file case against
the Corporation. I can guide on this issue. Let us make India clean.

Jai hind


rishabh saxena • 6 years ago

AkshayJal ™ is at the forefront of a growing movement that acknowledges that markets and charity cannot separately solve the world’s most pressing problems.

We believe that the solution is social enterprise, a concept that blends the best of business with the best of philanthropy. AkshayJal ™ combines the efficiency of markets with the social benefits of charitable investments to create sustainable solutions to unsafe drinking water and poverty.

Our presence in water and water treatment industry from last two decades has enabled us in understanding the market nerve. At AkshayJal TM , we understand and give importance to the ‘emotions’, ‘Time’ and ‘Cost’ you have puts in, on your esteemed project, and are inclined in providing our esteemed clients with world class services in a professional and organized way.

Anjali • 7 years ago

hello, i am doing a project in my college about water crisis in India and wanted to know which part or city or state of India is facing the most problems?? Please reply as soon as possible!! by the way thank you for making the whole India aware of how serious this water crisis is!!!

Navin kumar • 8 years ago

Dear Amir, thanks for this kind of awareness programme, it will really help us to save our future, we expectation is much more than this.

Sandy • 8 years ago

Method of reserving rain water should be made more available on radio, TV and newspaper.
Conserving water in daily use should be promoted.
Organizations polluting water should be exposed to public
Average person needs to be more informed about keeping water clean eg dirty oil from mechanic shops should be disposed off in proper manner, public should not pollute rivers, dry cleaners, industries are major polluters as well.

In the western countries washing car with soap in your driveway, disposing car oil, disposing outdated medicines and paints is prohibited and proper places are designated for such disposal. Paints and oils are collected at fire halls and outdated medicines are given to pharamcys for disposal.
Water meters are installed to  deter overuse of water where water is not necessarily rationed per household yet (thank God) but are charged for by volume used

Rohan Shroff • 8 years ago

I have tried very hard to make my mother understand, how important water is. She says, she know but doesn't realize. Taps are open all the time when she is cooking or when she is doing some work in the bathroom. While brushing her teeth, tap is open till she is done. How do I change this habit of hers? Please help because I can't see this everyday.

Sandy • 8 years ago

 Show her this show online

Yasmin • 8 years ago

OMG! It is really a very bad habit and should avoid asap. I prefer mug instead of tap while brushing coz I knw, using tap wastes more water. I do all possible things I can do n not only me my whole family do so and it has become our habit.

She is your mom n u know her better how to tackle such situation, by doing wht action ur mom would be convinced, n yar u knw its difficult but not impossible so plz dont quite.Whenever ur mom work in bathroom in opened tap, immediately go to the bathroom n do open it only if it is needed otherwise close it or just fill a bucket for her, dnt say anything to her just say that "If u cant adapt this habit then its fine, I'll do it for u but cannot see water wasted in front of me as I know the importance of water"Just repeat doing it for few days for ur mom, it could take a week. She is ur mom, if u would do something like this for her she'll definitely stop doing her earlier habit and would adapt the habit of not wasting water not for the sake of water but for the sake of you! :) 

Gangulyindraneel • 8 years ago

I like this episode

aqibmomin89 • 8 years ago

Wonderful effort by Satyamev Jayate Team.

aqibmomin89 • 8 years ago

आमिरजी हमारे गौव में पाच तालाब  थे और वह  नष्ट  किया है किसी को चिन्ता  नही है.......
sad ......

nandkishore jha • 8 years ago

unforgatable and for our human future on the earth do the best in our life thank to Amir ji how devoted such a valuable time and money  in this whole episode of Satymevjayte.

G.M. Fahim Mugdho • 8 years ago

Well done Aamir and his "Satyamev jayate" team. It can also help us aware of what we are and what we have to be. I am from Bangladesh and honestly this program helped me a lot.

Shaheen Siddiquie • 8 years ago


Andy51281 • 8 years ago

it is a great effort to safe our India ,we should make all effort to contribute what we can ,even a small step by every Indian can change the whole picture.   

Vikash Sharan • 8 years ago

Wonderful effort by Satyamev Jayate Team.

Shweta • 8 years ago

Not a big fan of urs but yes I appreciate very well your efforts towards this rather than diverting yourself in any unwanted media attractions. Do let us know how the youth of today can be a part of this Movement?

rajutitus • 8 years ago

वाटर हार्वेस्टिंग और गंदे पानी का निस्तार
अपने कुदरती खेत में रहते हैं जहाँ हम पेडों के साथ अनाज,सब्जी फल आदि
उगाते हैं कुदरती खेती में जुताई ,रसायनों का इस्तमाल नहीं होता है और पूरी
जमीन साल भर हरियाली से ढंकी रहती है. घर के पास खुला उथला सीमेंट रिंग से
बना कुआ है. जिस में साल भर कुदरती जल उपलब्ध रहता है. इसकी हारवेस्टिंग
हरयाली से ढंकी जमीन से संपन्न होती है बरसात का  पानी जमीन के द्वारा
हार्वेस्ट  हो जाता है.

जिस के कारण हर साल पानी का स्तर बढ़ रहा है. कुदरती खेती करने से पूर्व ये
कुआ सूख जाता था. हमें ये कुआ साल भर पानी देता है जिस का हम घर में और
बगीचे में हलकी सिचाई के लिए इस्तमाल करते हैं. हमने पशु भी पाले हैं जिनसे
निकलने वाला गोबर गोमूत्र तथा हमारे घर  से निकालने वाला सभी वेस्ट वाटर ,
मल् मूत्र आदि को हम घर के पास बने बायो गेस प्लांट में डाल देते हैं. जिस
से हमें खाना पकाने की गेस  और जैविक खाद मिल जाती है जिसे हम  बगीचे में
डाल देते हैं. इस प्रकार हमारे घर से कोई भी वेस्ट वाटर ,मल् मूत्र,गोबर
आदि बर्बाद नहीं होता है नाही वह पर्यावरण  को दूषित करता है.

Aristopher • 8 years ago

                      I watch all your program,it is but i was feel very bad to  hear  your program is come to end.for your precious job(SATHYAMEVJAYATE) many people change their life .sir please return to  your precious service for our INDIA.please......

Sunilpatilkulkarni • 8 years ago

Dear Sir,

we have watched this episode and we understood the importance of water and its management. This video or complete programme we would like show in all the areas and we wanted to create awareness on water management for the surrounding areas. So that the effort and pain that your team has taken should be bring the desired results and every Indian should put his effort to save water for our next generation which belongs to them. So we request your team to provide videos or any other materials so that we can conduct programmes with NGOs or GramPanchayati to bring the revolution in saving water for them. If any such advice for us please send us. my email id is: sunilpatilkulkarni@gmail.com

Santosh kangane • 8 years ago

Due to Heavy rain from last week at Delhi has created flowed situation in Delhi. But at the same time the advantage is off course the water requirement for capital as well as most of the savage has cleaned out for free. I think that’s is ++ point.  
Now its good time for Delhi Peoples and Government to woke up  and take this issue on board to maintain a good health of Yamuna and get Healthy life for themselves.

Aman • 8 years ago

preserve every drop else one day we will be become our own killers

rajutitus • 8 years ago

 पानी रे पानी

पानी आसमान से नहीं वरन धरती से आता है धरती में पानी जाना चाहिए. धरती का
पानी वास्प बन कर बादल बन बरसता है. इस लिए इसे रोकने की वजय धरती में जाने
देना चाहिए. धरती में पानी मिटटी के माध्यम से जाता है किन्तु महानगरों
में मिट्टी को सीमेंट आदि से ढक दिया जाता है. असल में मिट्टी अकेली नहीं
रहती है उस के साथ कीड़े मकोड़े,जीव जंतु पेड़ पौधे रहते हैं. बरसात के पानी
सही तरीके से शोषण करते हैं. छत के पानी को इकठा करना एक सतही काम हो सकता
है किन्तु पानी की समस्या का हल नहीं है. आज क़ल शहरों में विज्ञापन देख
कर पीने के पानी को साफ करने की अनेक मशीने लोग घरों में लगा रहे हैं
किन्तु ये पानी कभी भी कुदरती पानी का मुकाबला नहीं कर सकता है. गेर कुदरती
तरीके से साफ़ किया जल नुकसान दायक रहता है. इसी प्रकार बोतल बंद पानी है
जिस में हवा नहीं जाती जिस के कारण उस में O2 की कमी हो जाती है.

Keybgandhi • 8 years ago

Hello RO users: 3 times the water we convert into drinkable water through a RO system gets wasted....Lets do our little bit to utilise that water for other domestic utilities......

Hello Shower users: One might be using atleast 50 buckets of water while bathing under a shower.....to our luxury now we have shower panels....Lets do our little bit by using bucket & tumbler instead of showers.....

Ani_aicha • 8 years ago

Here is a link to a report on Coca-Cola's activities in Kerala http://www.frontlineonnet.c...

Ani_aicha • 8 years ago

With what moral right does Amir Khan talk about water when he endorsed Coca-Cola after the court told Coca-Cola to pay compensation to the villagers of Plachimada in Kerala after it poisoned their water. Now, Coca-Cola sponsors a show on the importance of water for survival... Should we say jhoot bole kauva kaate?

Arcm • 8 years ago

 well at that time,it might be possible that he was not aware from  all those things.

jpg • 8 years ago

water is a precious resource we should preserve it

mandeep • 8 years ago

we can't read/ understand English very well. we want to adopt Rainwater harvesting in our house.But we didnot  find the methods of rainlWater Harvesting. These methods are in written form or in video ...
 Please tell how Nadeem  has done ???????????????????????? we will do the same.

Roopa Lutzenberger • 8 years ago

It is true that this problem is alarming. When I visited North India few years ago and when my Mom took a dip in Ganges, I refused to step in as I knew how polluted it was. Loads of my traveller friends had really bad stomach bugs after doing that and it is now a well known fact that a dip in Ganges can cause a lot of health problems. We had to carry mineral water bottles everywhere even though we were by pure water resources as we had bad experiences with food cleaned in this water. All of us who were in this trip fell ill later after eating at a place in Rajasthan that was highly recommended, but then bad to spend the last days of the trip in pain, agony and going around Doctors. Couple of my friends from Switzerland fell so ill that they had to be in sickness leave for 2 weeks after. I had the worst, the infection I got then lead me to an immune disorder that came out of nowhere and now 3 years later, I am still seeing specialists because of that. Despite taking very good measures, the polluted water reached our food and drinks. This has put me off travelling in India again and I stick to home when I go to India. Is this fair? People should be taught how clean water should be and how clean they have to keep the food and to cook thoroughly. This is also a main factor what people think when they visit India, that they may come back with "Delhi Belly" and that puts off some really good tourist trade. This problem should be addressed. Respecting food, water and earth should come naturally if not at least be taught. Also maintaining sewerage is also something we should learn and have proper chemical waste, asbestos and sewerage disposal. Laws should be made and followed. Hefty fines and cancellation of licenses may deter people from doing illegal dumping. Why can't we have rain water harvesting made a law and build carbon efficient new buildings? It is possible to do so and one must think of this. Solar panels, insulation, rainwater harvesting etc, are few methods which can make this possible.

Nam Na sodha • 8 years ago

Bharat aur  Nepal do
no desh ke Sanskriti ke adhar   Himalaya se bahane wali  pabitra nadiyo rahe hai. Kathmandu  najdik aur upayukta udaharan hoga Bharat ke
bade sahar me rahane wale basi yo ko ki jindagi kitna badtar ho sakta hai agar
naili aur pani ke sahi aur uchit intajam na karne se. Jindagi nark hai
Kathmandu me pani ki killat ki karan. Kathmandu ka neta chhatari odte hai jab
delhi mei baris hote hai.  Jara soche
Delhi ka pani ka 350Km lambi pipe line   agar 4-5 jagaha kat gayeto hal kya hoga Delhi
ki jindagi? Vulna nahi chahiye vukamp ke jhatke pichhali baras ki Delhi aur
utter varat ke bade sahar mein rahane wali basi ko.  Kahi ulte na hojaye Kathmandu me baris aur
delhi me chhatari.

Ganga ko pabitra aur saf karna hai to suruat delhi se karna
hai tab upper vi saf hoga aur niche vi .

 3 karod abadi wali
Nepal ki himayalaye aur  parbatse se
nikalkar Bharat mei bahene wali nadiya ke aspas 20karod se jyada logo ka jiwan dhar

 Bakt kam ho chuke hai
bate karne ka, ab deri karna karodo admiyo ko badatar taklif dene ka kam hoga,
do no desh ki sarkar ki ek yojana ek mansube banana ka bakt a gaya hai kaise
Mahan Nadi ke aspas bikasit huye sanskriti, jiwan saili aur Himal parbat ko
bachaye aur bartaman aur bavisye mei vi khushali kayam rakh sake, pani nahito
jiwan nahi,

Kam bahut hai karne ka lekin pahela asan aur kam lagat wali
Barsat ke pani bator kar proyog me lane ka kam karne chahiye har makan main
rahane wale log ko aur sath sath me samuhik tawar mei sarvajanik sthan mein
jamin ke niche pani ka  recharging ke kam
karna chahiye .

 Jarurat hai bas soch
badalneki Nadi jiwan hai kuda karkat phekne ki damping site nahi,

Jisne  vi es “Water  Episode 12: Every Drop Counts”  tv karyekram dekhkar akh bandkar rahana
chahate hai uska Vagwan hi malik 

Nam Na Sodha

Sudeep Bansal • 8 years ago

Dear Team,

This could be the worst Idea, But can be useful.
RO are used everywhere in House, office etc. All the major Cities have 90% of Usage. Other Cites have 60% Usage.
Cause: Every 10 Liters of water - 6 Liters Purified , 4 liters Waste.

If we can Provide the awareness about the Saving this water then alot can be saved. One can use this water to Irrigate, Washing Utensils, In Loo, Wash Vehicles, Washing Cloths and many other things.

Remember My dear friends Every Drop Counts.

Svr • 8 years ago

Pls address the issues of unqual treatment of employees welfare across all industries, like, 5 working days in software but 6 working days in bank and others.. Why this kind of differentiation? All are same human beings and all have the same kind of physical energy limitations to deliver the work.. If software employee without any customers interaction can get tired by 5 days in a week then how can bank wmplyee deliver for 6 days with large numbers of customer issues? This is height of harassment for work..Pls do bring this to light and almost 70% population who are working for 6 working days are given justice in working hours....

esha_kargutkar • 8 years ago

jus guide me how do i implant the system in my colony!!!

sandip patel • 8 years ago

verry good

Shalinijalan • 8 years ago

in my balconny i use to save water in my bucket nd in othr things 

Shalinijalan281 • 8 years ago

people was dirt the all rivers, this is good to see m proud if people start doing clean near ganga nd all when we go some hill station we we found river if we see that how people is doing so bad wat we think so we should do our best to improve our india 

Sandeepthatikonda • 8 years ago

if i have an umbrella i will also do this u will do this

Mahendra_77 • 8 years ago

1. If we want to use stored rain water for entire year, how do we take care of cleanness of water? Water stored for such a long period may create new illnesses due to mosquitoes/bacterias or fungus developed in teh water tank over a year.

Nandini Srivastava • 8 years ago

Delhi and NCR is facing acute water shortage in the wake of delayed monsoons. We need to enforce Rain Water harvesting in every society with the help of the govt authorities, who need to take this up on a war footing! I wish that they have watched your Awareness campaign , and would enact some laws or pass an ordinance to implement these laws within a  stipulated time frame, as you have shown the example of the TN govt, failing which, Delhi and its surroundings will soon dry up. How can we shake them out of this apathy?

Vikramkhanna297 • 8 years ago

nice show about water ............. jab yamuna  main baad ati ha tab haryana govt chahe toh surajkund or badkal lake ko bhar sakti ha  kyunki oska ration yamuna say 10 km ha par haryana govt aise kuch nahi karti ha jiss say surajkund or badkal lake ka tourism b khatam ho rha ha yeh hamari ek virasat ha jo aise he barbad ho rahi ha jiska kuch samay baad kewal naam hi rha jayeaga

vikram khanna

sher bahadur • 8 years ago

NICE show Aamir, Satyamev Jayate my best episode is your first day show Female Foeticide - Episode 1


Kumar • 8 years ago

Can you please also bring your philanthropy partner's parent companies into the spotlight. I am very sure that they pollute our water sources - everybody knows what lowlifes those Ambanis are.

Deephallan • 8 years ago

Dear Aamir ji. Thanks for SMJ. i jst want to tell that in punjab some distt. like bathinda, Ferozepur have very poor quality of ground water. Uranium also found in the ground water of these areas. cancer and other harmful diseases are maximum in these areas as compare to remaining punjab.
Mandeep singh
Email: deephallan@gmail.com

Mogr Ahd • 8 years ago


Dhawal • 8 years ago

I am from Ahmedabad. Our colony already has rainwater harvesting system
in place. We don't get water from the municipality, so maybe the
builder kept that in mind. This is the first time in 12 episodes, that
for the Aamir Asks question I already have a yes. Rainwater harversting
should be made compulsory by every municipal corporation.

gaurav vikas mulay • 8 years ago

Thanku aamir. i saw this eposide & i really want to that u should know this problem also that in Ahmednagar Dist. maharashtra here is a river name is Cena is now totally convert into like chember. In next season if u will pick up again same problem then pl. show this river in ur show.

Heena goyal • 8 years ago

i m so grateful 2 u as u came up with this pblm .being on my part i try 2 save every drop of water n ask my frnds 2 do the same.
rain water harvesting is vry good idea 2 tackel dis pblm but we r not so much bothered  2 do dis. so i would lyk u 2 make request to state govt to make it compulsary for every1 to harvest rain water for der own betterment....

Kumar • 8 years ago

Great programme Aamir. However, rain water harvesting alone is not a solution to this problem - it is not going to stop our rivers from being destroyed completely. We have to scale back our so called progress. Losses on our business have to be forced and endured, and these have to be replaced with more environmentally friendly businesses. This can be achieved, if we can motivate the most abused people in our country (the military) let go of it's loyalty to the government as opposed to the vast majority of our country's people.

Nityam Mishra • 8 years ago

I want to initiate the process of rain water harvesting in My area ...of my city Patna.

What is the process to proceed..?