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dr.ashviniprakash • 8 years ago

GIVE RESERVATION ON FINANCIAL BASIS AND NOT ON CASTE BASIS:sir with due respect to all caste id like to make a point to your notice.. caste discrimination should b e removed in the same way caste reservation to..  being born to high caste is not ones fault ,, when we earn 80% marks, students of low caste and those who wish to remove caste discrimination is earning only 60% and getting admissions in colleges and entrance list..they are now utilizing their caste and is gaining benefits of it.. it should also be removed..give deduction on financial basis and not caste basis..

Gakkapa • 8 years ago

Dear Ashvin

How to determine financial status of a person? Through Income Tax Returns filed? Through Affidavits? My foot. ITRs are concoctions. Affidavits sell dozens a dime. We are a  nation of crooks and dishonest. Any which way you go, the benefits will be cornered by the unscrupulous. First, we need  a dose of honesty and self introspection to change our mind set. Till that day come ( I fervently hope against hope), there is no escape. We will continue to shed crocodile tears about the down trodden and how to bring them up in the mainstream, but never lend a helping hand for the uplifting of the wretched who are condemned to live the life of misery and indignity by accident of birth. 

Deepu_raz • 8 years ago

 very true.this is the thing in past 60 years,our goverment was unable to implement.so according to simple statisticsthat more than 95% backward people are in downgraded position.so they imposed reservation policy based on caste system.if government can do planning for reservation for needy people only and not to those who can misuse the  system by bribing the currupt govt employee and producing certificate of low income..then once again the needy people people will be helpless.so we must think of this problem first then ask for reservation based on economic status.this policy should be made that once your family have benefitted by reservation then then offspring of that person should be avoided of reservation.

Chakri • 8 years ago
Killol Bhatt • 8 years ago

Dear Amir, I loved this episode a lot, No doubts that it is a shame on India's independence and dignity that still this system of scavenging is prevailing. I am personally against this castism. The one thing that is contributing to it in today's circumstances is our quota system too. In the current generation when a student scores 90%+ marks in board exams and losses the seat of medical or engineering college to a student from some special cast who might have scored less than 50%, what do you think that he would think about this cast discrimination. Don't you think that removal of this quota system will help to remove the negative impact of spreading it.  

Rekha Lalwani • 8 years ago

Amir I'm big fan of you, i liked all ur Satyamave Jayate Episodes but i didnt like the last episode 'UNTOUCHABILITY'. what you shown in last episode that is not real, you should also discuss about the Reservation and you should try to "STOP RESERVATION". Many Brilliant Student having much more talent than other students cant get admissions in colleges just because of RESERVATION. This is a curse to general category. Now condition is this SC/ST caste People are on respectable posts in various Departments and there is no way to general category to achieve a good job or take admission in good colleges or universities. Reservation should be on financial condition basis not on caste basis, you should also discuss on this topic.

Rekha Lalwani

Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

Till the time one single person who believe in castism is alive, reservation will be alive. Reservation is
given to take them up so that they will be able to stand with us. Some have came up and many have 
to come up. Castism is the base of reservation not vice versa. If reservation will be removed no any 
reservation person is going to get the respect of brahmin. what is there mistake, why they are tagged 
with this low caste. They need to be financially and socially more strong. That's why reservation is given
to them. Why everyone is jealous of their facilities. If you will get their facilities are you ready to accept
the tag of low caste on you. No sister it is not possible. You should have seen the face of boy who was
skipping his lunch because of discrimination. It is very bad to behave like this. Educated people are
maintaining castism at the place of eating food also. What is this nonsense. I was shocked to see this.
As Dharmadhikari Sir said people who believe in castism have to die fast. till such human beings are 
alive who believe in castism, Reservation has the reason to be in the system. How could we expect from
the mind to score in our equality.where our mind is full with passion and their mind is thinking why they
are called low caste, what is their mistake. With such mindset noone can score good marks. Because 
getting birth in any family is not in baby's hand.So, if punishment of insult anybody is receiving then he
cannot perform best like us. We need to study more.So, we are getting angry. If we get ill treatment
due to our birth and if anybody will treat us as we are low. Then we cannot concentrate in appropriate
way.Our half mind will search answers for why we are called as low caste people. 
I wish people who believe in castism should get next birth in such dirty places which Aamir has shown on tv.

Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

My Name is Dalit,Its not the matter of Reddy's or any other higher  caste or lower caste.
Aamir khan is also high caste man. Believing and maintaining caste differnces
is just a disease in human mind which is not getting cured from last 65 yrs 
and people are saying reservation is the reason for its existence which is
incorrect. All are human beings, no one is high and low. goodness should
win in everycase and that is only good for coming generation when we will
be no more.Fighting has no outcome as all are one only.First respect and
acceptance is important of every individual after that we can ask for removal
of reservation from the system.

My Name is Dalit • 8 years ago

Reddys in Andhra come under forward cast na? so Y U R hitting khuladi on ur own leg dear?

Sam • 8 years ago

i am with u mam..."Stop Reservation Gain Dignity"...

Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

You mean as reservation will be removed from the system. Brahmins and reservation people
will be treated with same respect ? Then why discrimination was present before reservation 
came into existence. 

jay • 8 years ago

Dear I think topic was UNTOUCHABILITY forget reservation my question for you guy is" Have you ever dare to eat  your lunch or dinner with your cleaner.sweeper,or your maid (imagine they clean themself) ? I am in DUBAI I am a doctor I should not tell that I am RAJPUT but may be ottherwise  you will take my comment otherway. You know when I was in India no lower job perso like above dare to sit with me when I was eating or doing something but I was normal . netural for me that time and I never notice it but when I came here You want belive but I am eating with them because we have common room for our food in our hospital no discrimmination what ever you are! and I am sure your are from city so spend some vacation in your nearby village and see the situation. Really I am feeling happy here and when ever I am visiting india and our maid is sitting in floor I am feeling very auckward even my wife is feeling same so may be your point is right for reservation but I think you are changing topic!

Ashish • 8 years ago

The so called "Upper Caste" has long back extended their hand for the Equality & Dignity. Now its time for the so called BCs to stand up for themselves and say NO 2 RESERVATIONS. Otherwise they would end up using these crutches for another 600 years and still be called BACKWARD CLASS.

Greatindiancitizen • 8 years ago

please stop identiy by caste, it only by nationality....As Indian.

Greatindiancitizen • 8 years ago

Before demanding to STOP reservation system, we should demand to stop Untochablity from the society in practical.

Sucheta Mishra • 8 years ago

LALWANI JI. I think NATIONAL LEVEL EXAMS must be held. But still I say that Lower castes must be given free education and good respect from society. They have been torchered for years so we all must help upliftment

Sucheta Mishra • 8 years ago

THIS IS REPLY TO JAY! Yes I have eaten and shared my meals with lower caste people. My room mate was a what people call BHANGI and we ate our dinner in same plate because we were good friends.


TRUE SPEAKING I M STUDENT I D'NT KNEW ABOUT CASTES AND SO ON UNTILL I WAS IN 10Th ,BECAUSE WE WERE TOLD ABOUT  INDIAN CONSTITUTION BIENG SAME FOR ALL.....THEN IN 12TH WHY WE WERE ASKED ABOUT OUR CASTE??????????? TILL 10TH I HAD A LOT OF FRIENDS....AFTER 12TH MANY LESS BECAUSE MOST OF MY FRIENDS INSPITE OF GETTING LESS MARKS THAN ME(EVEN THEY REACHER THAN ME) ARE SELECTED FOR MBBS AND M NOT...!!!!!!!!!! IS MY FAULT IS THAT I BELONG TO A BRAHMIN FAMILY WHO IS NOT RICH..CANT AFFORD INSTITUES LIKE AAKASH AND ALLEN  AND EVEN PRIVATE MEDICAL INSTITUTES....can only afford governmental institution...in every institution there is 50% on the basis of caste....even in colleges on 10+2 level.my di cant apply for computer research centre because every seat is reserved.she is an engineer wanted to do research in field f computer.FOR "AMIR KHAN":SINCE U R RICH....U DONT UNDERSTAND AND U CAN NEVER . IN MY VILLAGE MANY GUYS LEFT STUDY BECAUSE THEY EVEN CANT AFFORD GOVT COLLEGES PROVIDING 10+2 because for them there is no priority...and for other caste(not descriminating rich or poor) there is everything...


Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

How many rich SC/ST people you saw in your 12th standard. If they are not
using reservation will they be called as Brahmin. No, even though they become engineer
or doctor first they will be called as SC/ST and then doctor engineer. You said
you are brahmin, then ask to any Brahmin of any temple is it possible for him
to give respect of higher caste SC/ST person if he is financially stable. Brahmins 
only parted SC/ST people from our high caste, So ask him to take them back.Some
people of SC/ST has got the respect and dignity by their money and position.
They don't use reservation. And Brahmins have got full 100% reservation till 3000
yrs.Then also why Brahmin is poor. Fees is high now not before. And no one has
stopped or humiliated brahmin from going school. Then why brahmin is poor. 
Brahmins need to reconstruct all the caste by financial position. So, brahmins who 
are poor after enjoying 3000 yrs of 100% reservation will come in lowest category
to avail reservation. And financially stable SC/ST will come in higher caste. i hope
you will not have any problem with this. Because you also don't believe in castism.

Ashish • 8 years ago

These people (who call themselves Backwards) would never understand your point of view. They just think that being from the Upper Caste we are against Caste Reservations. As U have rightly pointed out, Reservations should be based on talent and financial condition. Give FREE admissions/tutions/books etc. to a really deserving talented student from any Caste. No one would have any issues. But offering admissions at 50% marks is an insult to the entire Education System. Likewise, giving discount in fees to the students from strong financial backgrounds is also a cruel joke on the face of the talented poor ones.

I sincerely wish, our people were really rational and sensible enough to foresee the vices of the contemporary Caste system by way of RESERVATIONS.

Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

Aamir is against the ill treatment. Why that 10yr old kid is skipping his lunch.What you will do
if you are at his place. What is the reason for making him to sit separate. Why different dress
code for reservation people. Why they cannot take water by themselves. This is the issue.
If you have to wear different dress code and if you will get ill treatment like putting lassi from 
up distance. How you will feel. And how much you will study with such mind set. This Aamir
is trying to show and you are talking about reservation. Reservation is given so that each and
every reservation person will come and stand with us in equality. Anyhow we got full 100% 
reservation from last 3000 yrs. Thats why we are rich and our looks are also rich. Now they
got just for 65yrs and you are showing anger. Be calm and look at the in humanism.They are
facing more troubles and you are  

Does our social system has accepted financially stable backward families to be the part of
our society or family. No, even if girl and boy is good in all aspects our society doesn't 
accept intercaste marriages with backward people. Even though they are standing in equality
with us. reason behind this is discrimination.And Aamir is against discrimination.If we get special 
respect for getting birth in high caste then we feel like we are blessed.That time we never think
that when these backward people will get that feel.If they will get favour in fees then we are
angry.It means we shud get everythg.

Aruneshdas26 • 8 years ago

Dear Ashish, Kaushikikrishna, Lalwani Ji,

I would like to contradict here.
Lalwani ji is saying Reservation is snatching there right to go to avail better education and jobs. Answer one thing do you think we have enough jobs/school/colleges to accomodate all the deserving population in the country. Even if reservation is removed you will still not get watever you are expecting beacuse of LACK OF RESOURES and POLICIES OF GOVERNMENT.
Now one more thing as Mr. KAUSHIKIKRISHNA was talking about, there is also a discimination of rich and poor. Rich can buy there MBBS/Engineering seats by paying hefty money. But no andolan, dharna or social group has been formed against that. In medical profession donation is very very common.  And believe me when people become from this route a patient has to more scared then if an SC/ST is becoming one.
Ashish Bhai, If discimination is on the basis of caste then why not reservation on the basis of caste. We should remove using all our surnames and bring equality in the society. But being from higher caste is a matter of pscychological advantage and vice-versa.

Caste Discrimination is not about richness or being poor, its about humuliation, killing self respect and self confidence (MOST IMPORTANT FOR A HUMAN BEING TO BE HUMAN). As even Mr. STALIN said in the show that dont want money from shit picking business. An IAS is discriminated even after becoming an IAS.
A poor people can work hard and become rich but a humiliated person will wont even attempt due to the fear of humiliation. Its not easy to fight it when everyone powerful around you is causing that humiliation.
Please understand the problem is deep and not on the superficial level.
One more thing. Caste is not only the individual identity but the identity of the group. In this caste structure, so called Upper caste were kept on the top levels of hiearchy. hence the situation now is that in upoper caste people are occupying every top position (Barring Few) in all domains including Business, Media, Teaching, Politics, Dotors and what not. Kindly observe the surnames of the poeple on the high posts and you will understand what i am saying. It doesnt mean that low caste people are not smart enough to reach there but there were not enough opportunities available to them or made available by the higher caste (bacause the power was in there hands)

There is lot to say but this stage is not enough to debate i guess.
Shoot for any clarifications.Cheers!


Kshitij • 8 years ago

Can you give right  for Poojari in your hindu temple to Shudras ....or toher than brahmin   can you give right to do  Havan pooja in your house to Shudras....  Can you accept husband for your sister or daughter belongs from SC ST ....   You r the people that are really backwards.... by upper caste because yr thinking is lower and dirty. 

Sucheta Mishra • 8 years ago

I govt should take National Level Test for giving scholarships.. It will be better. I have seen in PET that sc/st/obc of zero marks got good colleges and even zero marks gained by general got college. Now think of the future of INDIA. zero marks gaining engg. who will employ them?

Sadanand • 8 years ago

Jai ho Rekhaji, jai ho! Good thought. Aamir to apna political platfarm bana raha hai, chhodiye. 
Bhulgayi, Aamir ne film LAGAAN me bhi KACHRA ko reservation provide kiya tha!

ASHOK CHAUHAN • 8 years ago

Rekha ji, 
You are talking of brilliant
students of self-proclaimed  ‘upper
castes’ The brilliant and meritorious doctors of
so called upper caste are killing people like animals.Recently a new born baby was declared dead by one of these meritorious doctors even though the child was living. In another case another meritorious doctor amputated the left leg when it was the right leg that had to be
amputated’ what to talk about proper  medical knowledge  many of them do not have the basic knowledge of surgery and medicine. 

The doctors who were called in to operate both for Mr Vajpayee and Mr Mahajan are from SC, ST
and so please stop this malicious and mischevious propaganda that SC & ST are not
meritorious…. forget yourself
being compared to OBC. 
Please stop living in your
fool’s paradise any longer.

pradeep Balmik • 8 years ago

 mam i am not agree with your comment why you are saying to STOP RESERVATION.
seats are divided category wise if there will be a Brilliant Student he/she crack everywhere.

Sucheta Mishra • 8 years ago

Oh dear you said the topic of episode was untouchability so it was not of Reservation. We should only request AAMIR JI for also highlighting this topic for a better solution

Tarang Tanna • 8 years ago

Aamir Sir Ye Aarakhasan Kis Liye Rakha gaya hai ?????????

Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

Well Tarang, Do u really don't know why reservation brought into system.
Till I did my graduation I was thinking reservation is running to snatch our seats  
for reservation people. But slowly I understood how difficult is to take decisions
for a highly populated big country and for the progress of humanism as well.
It is clearly visible that castism runs in India and we are blessed with the respect
of belonging to higher caste and reservation people will be seen as lower caste
people only even though they are financially stable or not. Its not like if any 
women is getting humiliated even though she is not studying is becasue of 
reservation. It is because of castism. It  came inside us that we are high caste
and they are lower caste.Education is not just to earn money but it should also
make us good human being.Education should bring difference in our attitude.
If any high caste uneducated women is saying chamar caste is bad. Then one 
educated high caste women should say that person can be good or bad not any caste.
But, it is not happening. We are taking education only to earn money. our thinking 
is just like any uneducated person. Before 3000 yrs all human beings were same.
And after that we have aparted weak people in lower caste and strong people
in higher caste. These weak lower caste people are humiliated badly. And we 
made it as our culture also.That we are high caste and they are lower caste and
we have to keep them separate for maintaining this caste system.If you are born
in lower caste then you will be insulted for getting birth from your parents because
you have bad blood. You will not have any right to enter the temple and no right
to pray god. Your life is only to work like animal with human body and no senses.
You have to live the life of nastik. Even if your shadow will come on our body 
then i will become unholy and you will be showered with insult. Even if u walk also
you need to put zadu at your back. So, that as you will walk your foot prints 
will not be visible.And you should not wear footwear when you will come to
our area. This was the culture of India till 3000 yrs before independence and even 
now also running in some part of our India. After Independence many have tried to remove
castism but it was not working out. So, reservation brought into system to bring
lower caste people up. You might have saw Aamir's episode. Normal peon 
shows attitude to highly qualified lower caste person. Because he feels that he
did a great job by getting birth in upper caste even though he is peon. This is
the culture many people try to maintain. Now it is stopped in good cities. Reservation
has brought to make this people financially strong. So, that they will be added
back to our general caste as general people to our culture and society from where
they were aparted 3000 yrs back. But even though some people came up and
became financially stable and till they  are called as lower caste only. It is not
the matter of education.Society don't want to erase the differences between the
castes. After being financially good they are called as lower caste only. So, they
are using the facility of lower caste i.e. reservation. If financially stable backward 
community people will be considered as higher caste then they will use the 
facility of higher caste i.e. to compete in open. This way slowly people will
be reduced from lower caste and reservation will be reduced in similar way to
get it off. But Society want to maintain the castism and don't want to accept
backward people as higher caste. So,Reservation is not working as expected. Only 
at the matter of education people say we don't believe in castism. Except education
everywhere people want to maintain castism. We need to shift all people in
one general category to come out of this circle of reservation. No lower and higher 
caste people and no reservation. 

Sanjeeb Mishra 4u • 8 years ago


Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

Sanjeeb Mishra, will you be ready to do such dirty work if you will get reservation for yourself in exchange 
till as many generations you want ? Not even reservation, free food, expensive clothes and all the free 
facilities only you need to do such dirty work as your profession, Will you be ready ?

It is surprising how you are connecting reservation to such in humanism....You didn't saw innocent boy 
skipping his lunch because of discrimination....and you are educated person 

Anan patgaonkar • 8 years ago

Require 100%  Caste Base Reservation system for Every Work  in  INDIA .

Dear Mishraji.....  Reservation to Bahot Salose hai....  Bharat aazad honese pahilese hai...  Kya Mandir ka poojari koi aur hota hai....  Sirf Brahmin hi hota hai... kyo... Pooja Havan ka kaam sirf brahmin hi karega kyo....  baki log anpadha hai kya... Aap log padhkar unche post par vashile ke sath jate hai... kyoki aap ke hi community ke log vaha hote hai...  ya phir jo fail hote hai voh log mandirome  purane pothiyoke sath hamare diye gaye bhik par jite hai... logo ko ullu banakar ..  darakar paisa aithate hai... pahele aap logo ka aarakshan khatam karo phir  dusari baat karo....

Sucheta Mishra • 8 years ago

Apka kehne ka matlb kya hai? RESERVATION denge to ap UNTOUCHABILITY karenge..? aisa.. NOW THIS IS TOO RUDE. UNTOUCHABLE kya hota hai.. ? ye bataiye. CONCRETE NOUN pata hai? every man, building, material can be touched. ABSTRACT NOUN :- Love , happiness , sorrow cannot be touched.. AND few things cannot be touched like:- GODS, ANGELS, FAIRIES, MERMAIDS.... to ap kehte hain lower caste ke log ANGELS hain? how sweet of you.. :D think sweet like this and reservations ka matter laake kisi ke sentiments hurt mat kriye.. :D all are equal

shs • 8 years ago

 Mr. Sanjeeb, could you please elaborate what does your comment mean?

Aakash Chopra • 8 years ago


Sucheta Mishra • 8 years ago

MISHRA JI...... ye typical pandito wali baat mat kro aap aisa lag raha hai ap 19th century ke me jee rahe ho.... kuch to HUMAN BEING bn ke socho

Kamaljeet Singh • 8 years ago

Sucheta Mishra  leave abt sanjeeb....sucheta....we cant change people like this....the way he has writen that na...thats really bad yr....even after watching show if one can have that perspective shame on this....

Vinayrangari21 • 8 years ago

abe oye mr sab reservation tum hi loge toh baki kya karenge

Sucheta Mishra • 8 years ago

See ye ladai krne ka time nhi hai.. :D we must remove untouchability first

PB • 8 years ago

 utterly stupid comment. untouchability was there before reservation. so one has nothing to do with the other.

vijay • 8 years ago

what u mean

Rahul Srivastava • 8 years ago

when i joined my B.Tech college NIT Durgapur, then our senior used to slap after asking about questions related to caste. If someone says that he is from this cast then they used to slap him. they have taught us if anyone will ask you are from which caste then say "STUDENT CASTE". from then i never differentiate people caste-wise.                   

Rahu Srivastava
Bhushan Steel Ltd.
Dhenkanal, Odisha

Aakash Chopra • 8 years ago


Kiran Chaudhary • 8 years ago

caste has nothing to do with surname... y cant i have a surname and still i don't belong to any caste... y cant castes exists but still they are all equal.. the major issue here is we consider some people untouchable, we don't give them the equal rights to be around us as we give to some other caste people.. we must not consider people untouchable no matter what caste, religion, colour, they are from.. we need to get rid of untouchability from our minds and people must never feel inferior/ashamed or superior while talking about their caste, etc..

Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

Such learning should be given to each and every Indian to make a caste free India.....Good Senior, good learning and that's
why you are also good Rahul...I never thought such thing can happen ...what a idea !!!!

Sourabh Patil • 8 years ago

Hi Amir Sir,
I am Sourabh Patil. I would like to share my experience about caste system.
I am against untouchability and harassment of the 'Dalit Samaj'. But i would
like to enlighten you about the system about the RESERVATION.
Before I tell you about this, I'd like to introduce myself.
I am Sourabh Sanjeev Patil from Jaysingpur, Dist. Kolhapur, State: Maharashtra.
I'm 18 years old and now I've completed 12th in Science. I come from OPEN
I wanted to take admission in College Of Engineering, Pune(COEP). But due to
acute shortage of 4 marks, I cannot claim the seat over there. I'd scored
180/200 in CET and the merit for OPEN category closed at 184. But the student
scoring 130 from ST category claimed the seat over there. Is it that if we are
from OPEN category, we need to study more and if one hails from OBC/SC/ST/SBC
etc., category needs to study less? Why is this RESERVATION system prevailing
in India? The system of untouchability is almost abolished in India. Then why
are the people from backward class still enjoying the RESERVATION system? I
asked this same question to one of my friend who hails from one of the backward
class. His answer shocked me! He said that the Brahmins in earlier days did a
lot of sins so their further generations are suffering this problem! Now sir,
do you believe that the punishment of one person's mistake cannot be given to
any other person? Then why should we suffer from RESERVATION system?
I do believe that the rights of the backward class people must be safeguarded.
This doesn't mean that they must be given excess rights. After results, I and my
friends were discussing about our further admissions. Some of my friends even
after scoring low marks were happy telling that they will easily get admission
in their expected institute on account of their caste. Then did we make any
mistake by taking birth in a high class family? Do you believe that a person’s
sins start right from the time he/she is in his/her mother’s tummy? If yes we
really did mistake by taking birth as a human. Isn’t true? The real merit of a
student depends on his/her study, isn’t it? Or is it his caste that decides how
much he needs to study? If so then what is the difference left between modern
India and ancient India? Earlier where one’s study/work used to depend on his
forefathers and religion? Do you believe we are moving in a modern world by
reserving seats for backward class people? If the government wants to help the
backward class people then it should help ECONOMICALLY backward class people
who really strive to live. But this help doesn’t mean that they must get some
reservations. They must be helped economically. They too can move ahead and can
claim the seat of their merit.

Have you ever seen reservation system in US/UK/other
developed nations? That’s the reason why they are moving ahead. They care merit
and not caste/family background of the person. Finally they care hard work
which is the key to success. Why must we tell our Indians that their seats and
placements depend on their caste and not on their hard work? Are we in the
position that we need to go ahead and take our country to top? Or just we are
trying to build up caste system in the reverse way that we saw in ancient

We must make our citizens aware that we must develop our
nation and not develop caste system. If India needs development then the system
of RESERVATION must be abolished. This is the bitter truth that the people
enjoying RESERVATION must accept and develop our country.

Do you agree it? Must share this fact to LokSabha or
President of India. Please make aware of this fact on your show.




Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

And Sourabh, you are talking about US/UK. In UK, when Shilpa Shetty faced racism. Their whole 
country opposed Jade Goody and they gave full support to Shilpa Shetty. You don't compare Indians
with US/UK people. If they don't have reservation then they have very good humanity. Here people
keep mum when lower caste face any problem. They don't keep mum when anybody face racism.

All the channels shown this news :
Ref:Satara: In a shocking incident, a Dalit widow was assaulted and reportedly paraded naked at Mulgaon village of Patan tehsil in Satara district, western Maharashtra, two days ago, after her son eloped with a girl from a high-caste family. Patan police on Wednesday arrested Kisan Dattatray Desai (45), Hambirrao Bapurao Desai (39), Shantabai Kisan Desai (35), Vimal Vishwas Desai (32) and Sunita Hambirrao Desai (35) in the case under Indian Penal Code sections 143, 149 (unlawful assembly), 354 (assault with intention to outrage woman's modesty) and 324 (causing grievous hurt). "We are investigating further," Sub-Divisional police officer Fattulal Naikawadi said. On Monday, Rekha Chavan (42), a Dalit woman, was allegedly paraded naked and later assaulted as her 22-year-old son eloped with a girl from the Desai family.  

Same way all the channels should show news that this Desai Family has got full oppose from all Marati 
Brahmin Community. They got full boycott from marati brahmin community. 

Sourabh, what you will do if you are at that Boy's position whose widow mom has got such in humanic 
treatment from any family. Indians do drama that they don't believe in castism because everyone keep
mum when such inhumanic incidents happen. How lower caste people will feel that we have accepted
 them as human beings now.

And what you wrote :
This is the bitter truth that the peopleenjoying RESERVATION must accept and develop our country. 

What about the development of removing castism from India for the development of humanity in India.

If they are facing trouble then we will keep mum and if we are facing trouble due to reservation then
reservation people have to understand that higher caste people are getting trouble due to reservation.

Financially stable SC/ST people will boycott reservation if high caste people boycott such cheap 
nonsense people from their society who believe in castism. But, such things never happen and people
ask removal of caste based reservation because castism is no more present.

Bhagyalakshmi Reddy • 8 years ago

How many people don't believe in caste system from your place. As my memory goes this is the incident
took place on Thursday, January 12, 2012,  And this Satara place is at some 2-3 hours distance from your place. Does your 
marati speaking society boycott such cheap human beings from your society. This is also not fair. And in US,UK people get very 
strict punishment with such acts. But, in India people are left after receiving money. I heard that in your Marati  Area water pipelines 
are separate for lower caste people. In US black people faced racism and they look very different than white people. But on which 
basis this SC caste is made.Because all people look same in India.Only our south indian people look black in India. And you people
behave good with OBC people. Why ? I know every one will not remove clothes of SC people but definitely castism is very high
in your Marati Kolhapur Satara Area. This Desai is also Marati brahmin I think right ?  Even after 65 yrs of independence it is difficult
to expect at least humanity from human beings. After knowing all this even if some people don't want to use reservation will feel
why not to use. Do you boycott all the respect you receive on the basis of caste. Have you made your place as heaven for SC caste
people before asking removal of reservation. And this case is closed by police and politicians by saying that it was family issue
and it didn't happened. I don't understand one thing when girl is leaving her home by her wish why you people do not perform such 
punishments with your own girl. If anybody has kidnapped her then also it shouldn't happen. But why you marati people do like this.
I think people take education to earn money only.Rest uneducated and educated people both believe in castism/in humanism. We need to be 
extremely good with such people after that only they will leave the reservation by their own wish. And such incidents make people
feel that castism is not over, it is just drama that we don't believe in caste system. Your marati brahmin community should also show 
high oppose and rally against such in humanism in your area. But no one bothers right. When other person suffers this much badly 
your society don't boycott such cheap family. Actually such people deserve untouchability. And its not like lion and elephant has eloped. 
Human beings only eloped na. Then why people do such nonsense.

Satara: In a shocking incident, a Dalit widow was assaulted and reportedly paraded naked at Mulgaon village of Patan tehsil in Satara district, western Maharashtra, two days ago, after her son eloped with a girl from a high-caste family. Patan police on Wednesday arrested Kisan Dattatray Desai (45), Hambirrao Bapurao Desai (39), Shantabai Kisan Desai (35), Vimal Vishwas Desai (32) and Sunita Hambirrao Desai (35) in the case under Indian Penal Code sections 143, 149 (unlawful assembly), 354 (assault with intention to outrage woman's modesty) and 324 (causing grievous hurt). 
"We are investigating further," Sub-Divisional police officer Fattulal Naikawadi said. On Monday, Rekha Chavan (42), a Dalit woman, was allegedly paraded naked and later assaulted as her 22-year-old son eloped with a girl from the Desai family. 

Vinod_sarthak21 • 8 years ago

hello mr. sourabh patil your voice is the voice of all forward class people those they enjoying allfacility for a long2 time 15% people of india having85%resources of the country.it is very2 shameful  to talk about reservations.the aim of  reservation is to give representationof the backward class because they are backward in all field like education, power&money  for more than two thousands years .after geting independence to establish eqality liberty fraternity &justice for all the native of India.if you people are want to abolish the reservation you must abolish the  cast system of India you forward class people must surender all the lands&industries to the govt. of India make everyone on the same level then there will be no need of reservation for any person.THE CAST SYSTEM in India is reservation made by Hindu law in MANUSMRITI Brahmin had100%reservation of EDUCATION&RELEGEON Kshatriya had 100%reservation of power RULER &Vaisya had reservation of money sources&85% SHDRA HAD NO right they all are servant forever.