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preeti • 6 years ago

agar ap hmare koi help kar dege to hm teeno apni life ko ji skege ni to vo hm logo ko mar dge or koi kuch ni kega hm teeno ko insf cheye sir mere maa ka bura hal hai hmre help kijye sir plz plz agr ap hmare help kr skte hai to plz mujhse bat kare mre mail id h preetithakur412@gmail.com.mra no. h 8447929843 nd plz contc me

preeti • 6 years ago

sir,m preeti apnei famly ke liye insaf chati mre fmly m mai mra bhai or mre maa h mre papa g ko 22 sal ho gye khatm hue tab se mere dono tau g or baba ne hme kuch ni dya jab ham chote the to mre maa ne shcool me teach kar hme pdaya par ab jab hamra pdai k khrcha ni chal rha jab hmne apni zamin un logo se magi to un logo ne mna kar dya hmne un par cash dal diya to un logo ne mre bhai ko bich raste se utha liya or mre bhai ko goli mra di mra bhai bhut muskil se un logo se bach kar bhag aya do goli gli hai mre bhai ko mra bhai zindgi or mot se lad rha h hmne goli ka case dal to koi hmari bat ni sun rha un logo ne sab ko kharid liya h vo bhut pasie bale hai or hmare pas to pasie hi ni hai h koi hmare sath ni h sir ap sbko insaf dilate hai sir plz plz plz hmare help kijye kya pasie wale logo ke samne garib log ni ji skte ase to sb sbko mar kar pasie s cash dva dege hm teeno ko apki help ki bhut jrurt h ap sbki help krte h hmre bhi kijye sir plz plz plz help me koi hmre sath ni hai...

Aarti • 7 years ago


This is Aarti here. My case is very complex. Friends please help me out to get out of this.

I was married 9 months back to a guy .They are one of the business families Our marriage was done very early in a short period of 1.5 months, after he had seen me in a marriage at my sisters place. Though being North Indians they did not demand any dowry out from my family. After my marriage I realized that my Husband was not mine, he was all day roaming about behind my sister in law Keeping an eye on him, came to know that he had an affair with her. I kept mum for 7 months since my paternal s are weak in terms of money and they are very strong. But when things grew to an height, just faught with the entire family and came to my mom's place. He even claimed at certain time that my sister in laws kid was his. I wanna have a divorce with him, but they are not turning up. During this period of 7 months, i was tortured a lot and kept like a slave. He did not even spend money on me and never took me for a honeymoon. They are very high in terms of money so I am threatened by them for my family's security. I want to go for mutual divorce for which they are not turning up instead of many calls through NGO. I wanna put a case on them but am very much threatened due to my family's security. They are even claiming and threatening me that If I go for a case they are able to buy judges in court. Can u help me and suggest me some organizations who can really help and get me out of this dirt.

chunmun • 7 years ago

BOYS and their families are suffering in india because of False dowry cases and involvement of politicians and corruption leads to enter false dowry cases. Not only girls family are cheated in this worst time . law is only for girls not for boys after marriage even girl has performed marriage without divorce nd boy came to know after marriage then even boys has to suffer because DOWRY CASE is in hands of girl...and indian courts take lot of time to take decision .

My cousin was living in australia.His parent's by giving add in newspaper searched a match and he was married to a girl who was also living in australia. Marriage was performed by both in the court in simple way . At that time girl has not told she is already married. She was on student visa but my cousin was living there on working visa . they lived there for 6 months and after that he came back to india so dat he can apply for spouse visa. In the mean time girl's parents who are living in india started saying they want to do party in india but boy's parents say no need we are going to do reception party then no need to spend anything from ur side. but they say no we want to do its our wish. they have not given any dowry very simple marriage was performed from boy side only 20 members and on reception which was performed by boy's side same number of members came from girl side. But after 10 days of marriage party boy's family received a letter from australian embassy that your visa is rejected because the girl is already married and she is not having any legal divorced . After that boy's family was shocked and when they tried to talk to them they simply say its our personal matter and start threatning them by saying that law is with us keep quite otherwise we will spoil your future. After that boy applied in court for this cheating. In the mean time the girl ran back to australia. they have not told to boy about this. when court has sent papers to girl family to answer this then after this DOWRY CASE was entered in the absence of girl.She was living in australia without any tension but boy and his family was suffering.

men are suffering more than girls because law is only for girls. please discussion should also be made on this topic what should boy do???? today girls are more bad.

Kavitha Sandeep • 7 years ago


My cousin was married to a person who works /lives in Australia. The marriage was performed in February and everyone was happy with the wedding at that time. The husband stayed in India for 10-15 days after the wedding and flew to Australia, with the plan of taking his wife after they get a Visa. Since three months he had been telling the girl that he doesn't like her, she was with her in-laws since the wedding and they wouldn't give her proper food and ill treat her.

Now, all of a sudden he told her he will not take her to Australia and the whole marriage is over for him. My cousin is a qualified DEntist and is practising at one clinic.

How in the world can a person marry a girl stay with her for 15 days and suddenly announce that the marriage is over, without even coming back to India.

THis is one big issue with those living abroad for work. His parents are not ready to talk and they say they spent a lot for their son's australia education and she cannot go there that easily. This is the typical money minded mentality where they want to take more money from the girl's parents. Irony is that they even took money for her ticket during the wedding itself. He is not ready to talk , does not disclose his numbers etc.

Please let me know anyway we can get him to India to talk and settle things or if not punish / warn him against the injustice happening to a girl.

Please let me know any kind of action that can be taken us these cowards who escape only because they are out of India.

Anjum • 7 years ago

Respected all,

I respect all your solutions & suggestions, but i want to give some more information as follows:

As in The Glorious Quran it is Mentioned that:
You shall give the women their due dowries, equitably. If they willingly forfeit anything, then you may accept it; it is rightfully yours.[4:4](4.Surah An Nisa: 4)
Islam is a way of life .It teaches us everything,even how to do marriage.
I would like to inform you that, In Islam Dowry is not from girls side but from man's side,In Islam dowry(Meher in Arabic) is to be paid by husband to his wife,it is a pre-requisite for a marriage- ,should be equitable,
the husband and wife can mutually make any adjustment to the dowry, And Dowry from Man is Compulsory. Man is not allowed to touch his wife without giving her Dowry i.e. Maher.
For more information you may visit: http://www.irf.net/
You may visit these links: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Islam - the only Solution for Humanity.


Jatin • 8 years ago

Talking about only women and thier problems and not even highlighting the issues with man is gender biasness and not fair at all.

rajneelsingh12 • 8 years ago

amir khan ji, aapne kiu apni biwi chordi. kiya aap ko bhi dahez ka mamla tha. 

Amit Shaikh • 8 years ago

My name is Amit Shaikh from MP. I have viewed the episode 3rd about the cross-culture marriage. Since I was looking for such type of organization (discussed as in punjab). Could I know the contact numbers and address for the same.

Amit Shaikh]
E-mail: sr.shaikh210486@gmail.com
Cell: +91-9770396336
Dewas (MP)

Amit Kumar • 8 years ago

Satyamev Jayte team!!! please reply the answers to them those who in need..Keep working.. don't stop.. we will get there.....

Shiwangi Singh • 8 years ago

Hii friends..Need your suggestions here. My dad is searching an eligible bachelor for my elder sister who is bful, well educated and ambitious. Everywhere we find people having lust for gold,cash,home accessories and not to forget a luxury 4wheeler asking for it with PRIDE....point of worry is that people give preference to these things inspite of the gal who should be most important for them,unwillingly even my dad is ready to accept this for his daughter's future. Now a big question is that, being a middle class gal wheather I should support this for the sake of my sister's marriage or to OPPOSE this frankly??If I get a chance to interact with the groom side,should I raise this issue to them and oppose DOWRY in any form? What would be the possible outcomes??  I am in dillema..... "KYA AADHI AABADI APNE HAQ K LIYE KHUL K AAWAZ BHI NAHI UTHA SAKTI....???"
Shiwangi Singh

Jatin • 8 years ago

This is untrue dear Shivangi.

Dowry asking and also giving is a crime as per 3/4  Dowry prohibition act, 1961 of India. So don't blame only those who, so called, "ask for Dowry".

Please don't start pre-judge the people and specially males. You also may have brothers and fathers. Are they from some other planet. Are they not typical indian citizens. So calling everybody bad but you is itself not correct and ethical.

You have every right to choose not to marry or to marry without giving Dowry.

But girls don't have any right to falsely implicate boy and his family and harass them using unfair, gender Biased laws and corrupt police in the name of Dowry, Domestic violence, Maintenence, Alimony etc etc..

Nobody looks at the suicide figure by males which is just double of that of females. Nothing is being done except by trapping them and their families more and more by new laws and amendments..


Karneshsaraff • 8 years ago

Ya Y Not, u shud &u can do tht... if u think sumthing going wrong then u shud definettly do tht, as u mst hv head d slogen, tht
" Har Jurm Dastak Deta Hai, Dahyan Se Suneyega Jaane bach Sakkti hai " all u need is to b vry careful & alert tp whatevr u r duing & think twice b4 u duing anthing,tht wht whtevr u duing is gud or not. thz it.. thn u can move a head to do wht u wnt to.think using ur brain not heart.I belive u got my poing In wrds.....:-)

Jatin • 8 years ago

Aamir Khan ji.
Representative and care taker of all women of India.

Please look at the below link and also think if it is good to show and talk about only one side of coin..

Males are main sufferers of the indian society.

False 498a/DV/Rape cases will force indian men and their innocent families to kill themselves. Men have started to not even think of marrying a girl to avoid destruction of family and their lives.

However these cases make wives richer and merrier.

Hope you will realize and make people aware of the real bad situation of 'unhappily married Men'....

Aarti • 8 years ago

Dear Shiwangi.. this is heartbreaking! I am also a girl and at a marriageable age. If I were you here is what I would do: I would talk to the boy and see if he is supportive of all this dowry business or no. If he is, then I would never let my sister get married to him. Because once you allow him to demand from you father he will do that life long. Believe me - there are men like that who just want to live on dowry money and inlaws pleasure for the rest of their lives. Also if the family is so demanding I would just reject it out-right. They are not worth your time and your parents feelings or emotions. People who want to get married to you for your money and power are probably not the people you want to live the rest of your life with. WE as girls should live with partners who respect us and accept us the way we are - because we accept men they way they are! 
I hope your family will realize that your sister is a beautiful human being and she should be married to a beautiful human being too and not a gold digger who just wants her so that he can get other things like car, gold etc with her in marriage! I hope you can take care of things before its too late! love and hugs, Aarti. email me on aarora24@gmail.com if you want to chat more! 

rajneelsingh12 • 8 years ago

parents are less low but the is lower then them when he askes for dowry, lucky this is not happening in our  country.this shows that the boy is not capable of supporting his wife.................. n also some gals are even smart ...agar baap ke ghar se dahez aata hai toh kehte hai ke yeh mere baap ne diya hai.

Amit Kumar • 8 years ago

Hi Shivangi,

I think you should raise a voice against this . If this time you will keep shut your mouth or your parents then in future too the groom's family may demand...remember don't sell anyone in beggars hand..well you can consult any mahila mukti kendra etc for this.. but better i would suggest not to go with such parents who opens there mouth like this...I too working to remove dowry system from india and i need all Indians supports for this.. will be coming soon in October end..Even i would like Satyamev Jayte team to support me if they can ...else i will go along....

Jatin • 8 years ago

Dear Amit,

Good to know that you are working to remove Dowry system.

Suggest you to at least be aware of "False Dowry Case" done by Indian wives and "Conviction rate".

Pray you don't get caught into one very soon..

In case you are trapped, contact men's rights foundation.. See you there...

Asma • 8 years ago

"MISUSING THIE LAW --other side of dowry abuse faced by the groom"

M 25 yr old female, n Today my familyY IS FACING PROBLEM FOR MY MARRIAGE,
not because people r demanding dowry BUT beacuse MY BROTHERS INLAWS MISUSED THAT LAW n spoiled my families image!
just beacuse law favours women, they tuk advantage of it to destry our lifes:(
so please sir, cover the other side of dowry aswel (i.e, many bride families r misusing d law against d groom n family) n my family is suffering A LOT frm it:(
my bhabi family is mently harssin my parents n brothr... thy did evrythin to spoil our family image n confidence... 

we belong to upper middle class family, all siblings r well educated.. i hv myslf completed MBA.. n we r strictly against giving or demanding dowry 

but in our case my bhabi's father sold all her gold ornaments which my mum gave on her wedding-24 TOLA GOLD... plus he took money frm my bro many times within monthts of their marriag... his brother inlaw also took money (total more than 1 lakh)... 
In short, they were usin my brother as an ATM card n thier fam was financialy kinda dependent on my brothr nly, bt he dint realise it..
when v learned d facts v were shocked bt still v gave her 2nd chance cz of their new born daughter, bt still her dad dint stop influcin her n she left our home... n thy started threating us..

nw they wana use bhaiya's 3 yr old daughtr as an ATM card... n thy demanding for 20laks for her upbringing.. n ven my fam refused they did every thing to break my families confidence... many game plans to trap us, dowry case, domestic violence ...,etc

n indirectly I M SUFFERING .. 
i dont want other innocent families to face the same. plz do somthing sir. plzzz. :(


Karneshsaraff • 8 years ago

Hi!  mai Karnesh kal hi us ladkik bare me aap ko likha tha, aaj fir meri uski phone par baat hui.. wo bahut takif me hai.. mai use bahut samjhya . wo kehe rahi thi ki wo dushri shaadi nahi karna cahati hai..... bahut dabao dal rahe hai paeriwar k log par uske par  shaadi k liye... par wo nahi karna chahati hai..mai kya karu Amirji mai yaha Kolkata me apne kaam ko leke vyasth hu.. muhje kuch samje me nahi ara hai mai kya karu... jab se mujhe uske bare me pata chala hai.. mujhe jab se pata chala hai uske ye halat ho gaye hai mujhe bahut duka 
hua hai aur aklif harahi hai.. aap pz kuch uske liye kare.. ye meri aap se dil se intaja aur gujarish hai ki aap uski madad kare....

Karneshsaraff • 8 years ago

Hi! I am Karnesh Saraff from Kolkata West Bengal.. Today I spoke  to my well  wesher frnd Ontha phone and no abut her tragis story of life.I jst felt ssssssssoooooooooooooooo bad abut her tht mai cja kar  k bhi mai uski madd kar nahi shakta,.. wo ladki kabhi mujhe se itna pyar karti thi. infat wo mujhe se aaj bhi  bahut pyar karti hai... aur uski shaadi bhi ho chuki hai.. sab se bad news is tht uska husband had expird ho chuka hai few months back.. usne mujhe apni puri aap biti sunai.. aur sun k mujhe bahut dukh hua aur bura bhi laga, aur sab se aur kharab baat ye hai ki uska husban use bahut marta pit tha use.. aur kabhi kabhi to use necked kar k pith tha tha.. uke char bache hai.. do ladki aur do ladke.. uski life bahut kharab ho gayi hai.in othe wrds vry misurrable.. wu bilkul akeli hai.. Delhi me reheti bahut garib hai.. aas passs k log bahut madad kart hai.. uki maa hai na pita hai.. aur na ssas hai na sasur hai... wo bilkul akeli reheti hai... par wo bahut samajdar bhai hai aur himmat waali hai.tabhi to aaj zinda hai itna kuch hojane k bawjud. kisi sse nahi darti hai... kisi se bhi dat k mukabla kar shakti hai... but only thing is tht ki wo bahut nadan hai bawajud iske ki wo 29saal ki ho gai hai aur uske char bache bhi hai.. ek dum pehele jaisi hai.. ek dum bacho jaise baaat karti hai... wo aaj bhi sapno ki duniya me rehe ti hai aur filmo k jaisi baat karti hai.. wo keheti hai ki jaise filmo hota hai waise hi tum mujhe milne aoge aur use gale lagaoge.. mai use kya jawab do.. mai bus uski baae sun k rone laga aue wo bhi ro ne llagi... aur fis mujhe kehene lagi kopz tum mat ro.. use taklif hoti hai.. uske dil kochot hoti hai.. wo keti hai ki wo mere liye kuch bhi kar shakti hai.. jaan bhide shakti hai. aur ya hai merishaadi ki baat bhu ho rahi hai.. mere andar uske liye to kya kisi bhi ladki k liye pray waal koi bhi feling nahi hai .  bus use samjta raha par wo nadan kya samjhe.. bahut bholi hai ek du nadan sidhe sadi bache ki thrha mujhe se baat kar rahi thi.. wo apne saab baat yaad dile rahi thi jab hau dono melle the to kya hua tht kya kate the kya khelte the kya kha the aue pi the the.. aur kah kaha ghumne jat the.. ya baaat aaj se 14yrs peha le ki hai... hai tab mere andar uske liye feelings the.. par bad me conatct na rahe pane k karan sab kuch tut gaya. mai apne life jine laga aur wo apni.. hai wo muje se hae waqt contact bana chahti hai par uasi dd nahi kar wana cahati thi... pata nahi kyo?? mai bhi pehele contact karna chaha tha . par kisi karan warsh nahi ho pa raha tha... bad me to mai apne me hi bizi hogya.. apr aaj jo hhua mujae ye jan kar behad taklif  aur duk bhu hua.. aur apne aap se shikwp bhi hua aur gila bhi hai.. amine use mafi mangi.. ja bhi hua uske sath.. sayad mai hi wska jimedar hau.. par wo ye bhi mane ko taiyaar nai ki uske liye mai jimedaar hu..us ne kaha jo hogay wo to kismat ki baat hai.. jo ho gay wo use ek bhayank sapna jane bhula degi.. ab use mai chahye... wo keheti hai ki Khuda ne use mere liye jinda chora hai aur mujjh se shaadi karna cahahti hai.. mai kya karu..??? use kuch bol bhi nahi shakta hu,,.. mera pass koi bhi uske baat ka jawab nahi hai.. mai bus yehi use kahe ta raha ki agar tum Khuda par viswas karti hai to sab kuch bhul k sab kuch us Nek Khuda par chor de.. ja hoga acha hi haga.. aur apne kaam me mann laga apne bacho ko palna hai uski chinta kar.. aur mai na ye bhi kaha ki agar use kabhi  bhi mari kahi bhi  kuch bhi madd ki jarurat pare to be jijak mujhe se bole bina kise sharam k .. mujhe se jitna hoga main teri mada karunga.. mai cahuga ki mai uski madd karu.. uski.. mai Khuda se Upar waale se ye prathna karunga ye duwa ki uese khus rakhe aur sab samy hasti rahe khelti rahe... aur ushi muskurati rahe.. use kabhi bhi aage life mai koi bhi taklif na ho....mai ye soche soche apne bistar se utha aur socha ki Amirji se Satymev Jaye se ye share karu.. ki aap uski pukar sune aur uski mada kare.. mai Dil se aapko mari Gujarish hai ki plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Amirji aap jo bhi kaam te so suri ki hai logo ka dukh batna aur unki taklif dur karna.. aur mai satyamev jaiye se suru se jura raha hu... har episod dekhta aur vote bhi karta tha..mai Satyamev Jaiye ke website par bhi vote karta tha aur apne comment bhi karta tha.. mujhe hi nahi mera pure paiwar ko ye shoe behad pasand ata tha.. aur pure des ko to pasnnd hi hai aur ath bhi thi.. aur ata bhi rahe gaa....So it my esteemed requst to u Amirji Aue ye u kahu ki Amir bhai Jaan Ki aap pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz us nadan ladki ki mada kare pzzzzzzzzzzzzz Meri Aap se ye dil de Gujarish hai  Ya u kahu ki Intaja hai ki.. ki aap uski madad kare.. kaise bhi kar ke.. aap jo cahe mai karunga aap sath. mote chote bera pas koi sabdh nahi hai iske alaawl uski mada kare , uski char chote bacha hai wo nadan akeli jaan Delhi mai rehi hai.. aur wo mujhe bat rahi thu ki wo kuch dino bad apne dd k pass chale jayegi Ghawhati (ASSAM) whi rahegi. par mai nahi chata ki wo wah rahe. uska jija bahut faltu hai ek dum faltu.. waise to wo mera causin bhai hai par kya karu..aise bahut acha hai.. Roz daru pita hai.. ek dum roz bina kisi absent k... kaam karta hai paise bhi kama tha hai. par aap samajtehi ho aur jane bhu ki daru ki lat kab kise hewan bana de.. use ghar se nikal de ya use bhu by chance gali galoch kare.. ya kuch bhi kare. to wo akeli jaan kaha jayegi.. ska is duiya mai ko nahi hai.... na koi gahar hai na bhar kch bhi nai hai.. bs din raat mera hi gun gan karti reheti hai..aur mai bh kya karshakta hu..siwaye ski madad k... wo to mai karnga jitna mjhe ban pane ga.. I wl do help her in any way i can.. so pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Amir Bhi Jaan pz yehi meri aap se dil se gujarish hai intaja hai hai ki aap ske liye kuch kare madad kare.... Aur mujhe ye yakin hai ki aap uski madad karoge... Duniya me aise kai ladikiya ladke honge... jo is situation se jujre honge ye jujar rahe honge... Mujhe nahi malum par mai aap ko ye peheli aisi baat bat raha hu, shayad aap k nazar me asia koi aaya ho ya na aya ho . par mai aap ko ye bat raha hu. uus ladki ki kahani apni muhu jabani.. uska CELL Nmbr hai
(+91 7503272809) Uska naam Hai PINKI... aur mere Cell numbr hai ( +91 9836134362)..
                                            so pz Amirji Mai fir aap se ye KHUDA k liye aap uski Mada kare jitni jaldi ho sake uski mada kare ya karwaye.. Mjhe uski behad Chinta ho rahi hai.. kiyo ki wo akeli jaan char bache.. kaise jindagi bitayegi... bahut mshkil hai Amir ji Ab to mujhr aap par hi viswas hai ki aap uski jarur  mada karoge.. 

                                                                          Thanking You,
                                                                                      Yours Faithfully 
                                                                                                              Karnesh Saraff..


Sonali Singh • 8 years ago

Aapki kahani maine padhi......vo ladki aapse itna pyar karti hai ar apki baato se lagta hai k aap aj bhi uske liye bahut chintit hai. zindagi me prablems to hote hi hai per insaan chahe to apne sujh-bujh ar dhairya se usse suljha sakt hai..jiski kami aap me hai .Masiha kahin se bulaya nahi jata, vo insaan k andar hi hota hai. aap koshish kariye ar ek thos kadam uthaeye,apko achha lagega.....meri shubhkamnayein apke sath hai.

Karneshsaraff • 8 years ago

Hi! I need help.... Pz suggest me what to do & how to do ?.. If U ppl th wnt to talk think And Talk to me ,then I had mensioned my cell numbr then pz call me & suddest me what to do...??????????? I Need help... tht wht I no... So pz try getting in touch with me.... M vry tensioned of the mattr.. so pz getting connected to me....
                                                Thanking You,
                                                         Your's Truelly.
                                                                   Karnesh Kumar Saraff

Karneshsaraff • 8 years ago

Thanks For Your Valuable Reply..

Hi! Sonaliji,Aap baat to sahi bol rahe ho,par mai kaise ye nirnay lelu,mujhe apne parents ki parmission k bagair ye kaise kar shakta hu,agar wo na kar diye to,mai isme kuch bhi nahi kar shakta,aur wo kehti hai ki wo mere bagai nahi ji shakti hai... aur mai parents ko nahi chor shakta hu.... mujhe madad ki jarurat hai,pz kya meri help karengi.?? Mai Ghar ka bada beta hu,aur koi bhi arents kya ye cahenge ki apne bete ki shaadi kisi woidow se ho..? Mai Razi hu shaadi karne k liye,mujhe koi issue nahi hai isme,par aap hi kuch batiye mai kay karu aur kaise karu.?? aur shaadi ek aisa bandhan hai jaise bahut soch samaj k liya jaye to acha hota hai,coz bad me kisi parker ka koi bhi pachatwo kisi ko bhi na ho,aur mai ye dicision koi bhi bhawana me behe kar nahi le shakta hu.coz wo aise hi bahut kathin paris stithi se guzar rahi hai.. abi wo Guwahati me apne didi k ghar pe rehe rahi hai,aur ek stor me kaam bhi karti hai,use salaya 4k hai.kuch to kamati hai,par ise uska kuch bhi nhai ho shakta hai.aur  ab to uski mu boli didi ka ghar bhi chorna hoga,aur use apne liye alag room lena hoga,jiska rentRs.1k hai.. to aap hi sochiye uska kharcha kaise chalega.aur rahi meri baat mari sorce of income achi bhi nahi hai to kharab bhi nhai hai,aur mei apne parents se kuch bhi paise nhai leta hu aur na deta hu... aur kabhi achi kami hone se ghar me rashan ka saman la deta hu.. (Not All thr tym )so fir agar shaadi karlu use to kahi aur problm na ho jaye mai yehi soch raha hu.. mine use sab kuch khul k bol diya hai,wo to keheti hai,ki wo mere sath kaise bhi rehene to taiyaar hai... suk me duk me wo mere sath hai..par  mei ye soch raha hu ki, aisa karke kya suk diya maine use,"sirf ek pati hone ka sukh" ye to use koi  bhi mei shakta tha.par wo kisi aur se shaadi karegi bhi nahi,ye hi problm hai Sonaliji.. mere pass sirf apne kaam ka expriance hai,aur kuch bhi nai,mai Nukari kar nhai shkta hu,coz sour se me bussiness hi kiya hai.abhi kuch ek saal se businss bhi down chal raha hai.aur bhi kuch dushre kaam me dimad lagane ki kosis kar raha hu,par abhi tak kuch positiv nahi nikal paya hu.hai agar kam start hota hai to 100% positive result hai.. d only problm is finance.mere pass finance nahi hai.aur apne kuch khas dosto se baat ki hai,un logo ne to positive reply di hai,wo bhi mere sath ye kam karna chate hai,aur invest karne ko taiyaar hai..bus abhi jo kaam baki hai ki hum sab milke sath baith k meeting karna hi baki hai,jst uska tym nahi mil raha hai..let see kab hota hai.. aur ek main frnd hai jo is kaam ka main head hai use to contach hi nhai ho pa raha hai,wo hoga tabhi kaam age bhar  sahkta hai,nahi to aur bhi tym lag shakta hai,ya nahi bhi ho shakta hai....maine to sab upar waale pe chor diya hai...Jo hoga acha hi hoga....aur jo hara hai acha hi ho raha hai..                      Miss Sonaliji pz aap hi agar kuch hlp kar sahkte ho to pz kare,m not asking for finacial hlp..I jst wnt a moral support ya mil ke ya phone pe baat karke.... mujhe se ya us ladki se....mere numbr hai.(+91 9836134362 ) aur uska numbr hai ( +91 7399867393 ).... ya muje Mere Face Book Id pe bhi add kar shakete ho... mere Id Is in d name of Karnesh Saraff. usme 91 frnds hai list me aur if u dont find u cna check wit a frnd name Aaditya Sikchi & Neha Sikchi.aur mere Id me mera pictures hai sab Jaipur K Hawa Mehel ka hai, to aap easily serch kar sakoge..           So try getting into touch wit me.
                                  Thanking You,
                                                Your's Truely
                                                    Karnesh Kumar Saraff.

Karneshsaraff • 8 years ago

hi Sonaliji

Nancygard06 • 8 years ago

Hi Aamir,
I watched this episode today. I am totally against dowry and I have rejected two in proposals in the past which involved dowry business. Believe me it give inner peace and sense of achievement-good feeling that I have stood for my self and my family..overall satisfaction!!

I come from a middle class family of mom,dad, a brother and 3 sisters (including myself). My parents gave us ecellent education and my mother taught us to always stick to our self respect, honor , freedom, identity and injustice. We 3 sisters have got married with our own money and today we all are very happy with our married life. My parents are also happy and are not bounded by any debt.

It's really sad to see that this is still continuing. Every girls must take a stand for herself and fight for it intelligently like Rani did.

Mohini • 8 years ago

me aaj second time apni complain kar rahi hu,pls muzhe jaldi se jaldi hindi me SMS kare,and me apne jeevan me apne aap se lad rahi hu,shadi 10 years pehle hui thi,jo two month ke baad hi dowry and husband drug adit tha,is karan se divorce ho gayaa uske baad se mere jeevan me problems hi problems hi,na job me dil lagata hi,na kahi oor ,again shadi karna chahti hu,per pariwar wale shadi nahi karwana chahte,and apne jeevan me aayee problems ke karan dipression me rehti hu,pls.help me,and kal bhi mene do baar apko comments me likh kar bheja tha,and apna mobile no bhi bheja tha,par aab tak koi jawab SMS ke dwara nahi aayaa,pls help me..
                                                                  thanks and aabhar(Mohini)

Tanuka • 8 years ago

Hello Aamir & Entire Team of Satyamev Jayate.... I am 26 years old and got married in Nov 2011. My husband is highly educated (IIT + IIM), qualified professional. But his cheap mentality unfolded from Feb 2012 when he started mentally torturing me along with his parents by passing abusive language and insulting comments on gold jewellery and other gift materials provided by my parents on our marriage ceremony. In April 2012 they tactfully expelled me out of house and demanded more gold jewellery and also to convert non hallmark ones to hallmark. Against this I showed protest as a result of which now my husband wants divorce from me. I tried to hold marriage counselling and did best to save my marriage. I dont have a video urlso not able to upload video.Can your team give me some suggetion????

Babu Devnarayan • 8 years ago

Tanuka, Why u went for a highly successful iit + iim kind of guy...naturally such ambitious people will always be hungry for money no matter how much they earn. If you want to have a happy life, marry a moderate person, and become a part/reason of his success. Main reason of dowry problem is that naive gals are tooooo desperate for fat pocket guys thinking that they can enjoy his wealth. And those guys strive to become highly qualified just to enhance their dowry value....try to understand this loop.

Sushma • 8 years ago

Dear All,
I think the dowry problem starts from the very fact that a boy n girl are not considered equal. y should a girls father bare all the wedding expenses? just coz he has to get his daughter married off? y is getting ones daughter married succha big issue in India.........Times have changed, girls can earn and live on their own and happily. I think teh youth of this country should rise and understand that spending loads of money for a days event is stupid! instead one can keep that money for ones future.

Parmesh Kumar • 8 years ago

I am loving a girl in my life and she also loves me lot. she had promised me that we will marry each other and share our happiness to each other whole life she told me this at least 4 months before. She also told me when i will become at legal age at least 24 then she will marry me and i became so much happy that finally i can also trust someone. one day she refused me to not to marry me. I asked her why you are saying this  Please tell ? She Told that my family won't allow me to marry me because you don't belong to her cast She is Gujrati and I am from North U.P. She told me if we will marry each other then her family will Kill me and her also. Please any one tell me because loving someone keeps blaming the cast or religion? now she also refusing me saying that she is having a Brain Tumor that i will not marry any one because if she marry any one she will ruined  that person's life because she can Die of that Brain Tumor. I Know she is telling me lie because she don't want to put in the trouble that their parents will kill me. I need the help please can any one is there to help me keep understanding their family that i can keep her Happy whole life. i am struggling from so many days waiting for that day when she will understand me. Please Help I Love Her More Then my Life. I Don't Need Anything From Her i Just Want Her.

10jubikasharma • 8 years ago

you can take help from court..........
they can protect u from her parents.........

Rani_ira • 8 years ago

try getting your parents to propose to her parents.... if they are willing to do that.... marriage needs the support of the older generation, at least from one side....
maybe the brain tumor thing is just to test you and see if you would still marry her anyway....idk why she would say that...

neha • 8 years ago

sir aapke itna samjhane k baad bhe loog dahej mangane se peche ni hat re h.

sufferer • 8 years ago

dowry and marriage as a show-off is the reality in india because of which so many girls suffer.. and like mine, their life get ruined.. thanks for bringing this up.. but to make a change in our society, people who are dowry-seekers.. and can even kill the girl for not getting enough dowry.. or not been able to fulfill their lust for money..  such people need to be made realised of their wrong-doings.
My husband who works in ST Ericsson Greater Noida..  has done the same with me, and I have been able to save my life with great difficulty.. he and his family tortured me day and night.. but there is no punishment to such inhumane people in our  society.. as the entire system is corrupt.. and seek only money.. and the worst sufferer is the innocent girl and her family.. and it requires her entire lifetime sometimes if she wants to fight for justice.. as the courts here give dates.. and more dates.. and there is only survival of the fittest.. the one who has more money or power.. sad but true! i hv no trust left on the system of our country.. nor on marriages here.

your show if can do something to change this in any way.. i will wait.. and will start afresh to fight for my rights and to get justice..

Smishra2008 • 8 years ago

Sir, I hve not above to watch some episodes due to some other urgent work.  I want to show those to my family.  Can I download the entire episode in my computer.  Please help.

mukesh narula • 8 years ago

Aamir....y u  thinks there is only women who suffers after marriage  ?? ........pls Aamir sometimes think of men also so jo Bechara apni izzat hi bachata reh jata hai.....kabhie biwi se kabhi Ma se ......bachon se .......for me its women who insist or probe men to do some kind of violence .....

Rani_ira • 8 years ago

Aamir mentioned at the end of the episode that the man needs to stand up to his mother/family for things he thinks are wrong.... A man who can't stand up to his own family for his wife doesnt deserve anyone's sympathy. I wouldn't exactly call the man "suffering," just because he can't be a man :P

Sonal • 8 years ago

Hi Aamir
Aapke is topic ne mere dil ko chhua hai kyoki inme se ek kahani meri bhi hai par isse bhi dangerous nd hum kuch kar nahi pa rahe koi solution samjah hi nahi aaa raha hai if u suggest me solution of my problem i will very thankful of u. agar aap koi solution de sakte hai ya kisis bhi tarah se meri help kar sakte hai then plz mail me on my id

Rajsinghchauhan • 8 years ago

Sonal I am Raj singh chauhan sonal apki kiya problam hai sayad mai apki kuchh help karpau mai new delhi mai rahta hu .mai or mere teem ke sabhi yuva ladke or ladkiya ek saath es 1 missan par kaam kar rahe hai ki jo doctor ke naam par garib logo ke khoon pasine ki kamae ko bimari ke ilaj ke naam par kha jate hai or bo bimari ka ilaj nahi bas manoranjan karte hai hum logo ki bimari kesi bhi ho censer,sugar,peralais,tiumar or bahut sari bimario ko bhagavan ji ki kirpa se thik ho rahe hai . or kishan bhaiyo ke liye cemical rahit deshi tarh se kheti karne mai help karte hai jiske bajah se humare desh ke logo ko cemical rahit sabjiya or fal  mile or bimariya bhi dhire dhire khatam ho jayengi  or humari ane vali janresan ko ek helthi india dene ka humara ye sapna pura ho . AGAR AAP MUJHSE CONTECT KARNA CHAHO TO MERI EMAIL ID HAI  rajsinghchauhan@ymail.com thanks sonal

Savithri_gopalan • 8 years ago

Even verbal abuse and emotional blackmail are to be
Condemned. There is no connection between education and
Good behaviour. It depends upon the bringing up of
a man from childhood. Indian husbands feel guilty and
ashamed to show their love, care towards his wife in
Public especially in front of his people.
But this mentality is changing.

Savithri_gopalan • 8 years ago

Hello Amir:
I am from Hyderabad. I do watch all your episodes. I am very
Impressed.Besides movies you do service to humanity, bringing
Out the flaws and awareness. Keep it up. I pray to god
To give you long life to keep up and continue the good work

Amiya Prabha Sarkar • 8 years ago

Dear Aamir ji sabse pehele apko thanks to take a step like the show. lekin is desh ki logo ki mon mein abhi vi 100 saal purana khayal baitha hain imaroot ke tarha. . samaj ke 100 problem o mein ledki log face korte hain 99% ..haar ek family mein jitna bhi problem hote hain sabse jaada bhugatna parte hain ek ledki ko..yea sirf hote hai hamari puarni bichar ke liye ..kya aap is problem ke upar kuch bolenge????

Harsh • 8 years ago

Aamir am in kenya and I am really amazed by the changes you have enabled that have a doubling effect and brought sense into people as well as uplifted those who were knocked down to earth based on your shows and the motivating effect that people have once they have watched your show.May god bless you!!!! Hope the corruption in india is belittled based on your shows,these should be also aired in other countries so as to enable the donor conuntries who are funding various projects to ensure there is accountability for the various projects that they have funded.

Guest • 8 years ago

Hi Aamir,
I must appreciate all the effort and work by you and your team of bringing the issues of the indian society. 
Awareness is the most important key of resolving any society problem especially the country like india where many people are either illetrate or have no or less resources of education but by saying that I have a little different opinion particularly  I am reffering to the case of a girl of Punjab seen in the show where the groom took money to come to australia.
I have been living in Australia for long now and myself seen so many cases where people from punjab are so desparate to come abroad that they can go to any extend.   A man of 50 yrs of age with two grown up kids can leave his wife any time and go to punjab to marry a girl of half of his age.  Not only she and her family will happily marry her with him (only because he has come from abroad) but will give dowry as well.  What else you want.  But if he only flies away with dowry and leave the girl behind then it becomes the case of human cry.
I myself is a victim of this punjab desparation problem.   I was happily married when my husband's relatives gave him an idea of marrying a girl from punjab who were ready to give big money.   He left me and our unborn baby to get married again where he is been offered big money to solve his all financial issues.  To my surprise girl and her family was aware that he is married and have an unborn child. 
Now what do you call this dowry problem?   Sorry but dont have sympathy for these cases.

Huzefa • 8 years ago

Dear Amir sir,

You are doing great work ! The dowry system should be eliminated because one gets married as they love each-other but if the groom's side is attached to money and getting the girl home for that reason then its not marriage, they are doing it for greed and their benefit. It would be better if they not get married and the bride's parents should also oppose such relationships.

Eid- Mubarak sir !

pooja • 8 years ago

Hello, i m a girl living in mumbai, i got married in nov 2011, mine case was just like ms komal from delhi, only the difference was that my husband took me to virar instead of america.

Jhelam Sen • 8 years ago

Taking dowry is like selling the groom. The more qualified the groom is the more money demanded. Ii is th girl's parents who have to bear the expenses, so logically the groom is now the girls property.
But Alas, there is no place for logic in this society.  marriage is a very pious relationship, to ask for or offer money in return of this beautiful bonding is very unfortunate. In my opinion girls need to be more firm on their decision to marry without dowry. If slowly all the girls and their family members decide this, then the men will be left with no other option.
Girls are not behind boys in any field be it in earning money, fame or handling homes. So why in the world should they b afraid of their so called life partners who torture them.
As a girl I pledge to marry without giving a penny to my would be husband and urge all girls to take this pledge very seriously.

Komal • 8 years ago

Nanhe nanhe se pao, ban jayenge laxmi k pag,
oh maya teri dulari me tere aankho ki rani me,
na samaj kamzor hu, main to tera hi roop hu,
q tu itni pareshaan hai, teri gudiya main,
ban jaungi dulhaniya main jana hai sajan ghar mujhse,
aisha ver ho mera jo nibhaye sang ho mera,
jand paisho se na ho gath bandhan mera,
hai voh yahi kahi hai bus tu ker thoda bharosha,
per na bandh dena mujshe kisi paisho ki kat putli sang,
mana KOMAL hu main lakin kamzor nhi hu main maa..
oh meri maa..

Lata pandey • 8 years ago

1. sabse phele to main ye khena chahti hu ki ladki ke parents ko dahej ke liye paise jodne ki jagah uski padai likhai ke liye jode, use self confident banaye.

2.ladki ko bhi khud ye sochna chahiye ki main self confident banu or apne parents ki help karu isse ek to female feocide nahi hoga or dahej pratha hategi,agar ladki self confident hogi to rani ji ki taraf wo dab kar nahi rahegi awaj uthaegi dahej ke khilaf.

3. Jo ladke wale dahej mangte hai,wo ek apahich se bad kar hote hai, kyuki apahich to fir bhi agar koi part uska thik ho to uska use karta hai par dahej ke lalchi log sab kuch hote hue bhi dusro ke aage hath failate hai unse bad kar apahich koi ni hai.

4. Ladke ke parents jo mang rakhte hai ladke ke janam se lekar naukri tak uski khushi ke bare main sochte hai or jab shadi hoti hai to uske bad dahej lekar uska ghar basane ki jagah uska ghar ujad dete hai, kitni bar yeh hota ki ladka apne parents ke lalach ke aage use bhi chukna padta hai.

5. Isliye sabhi ladke walo se nivedan hai ki ve dahej na lekar ek padi likhi or sanskari ladki laye kyuki aj ap mang rahe hai kal apki beti bhi hai.

6. Or ladki walo ke liye ek baat,jaha pheli mang aayi wahi rishta tod do,kyuki lalchi ka pet kabhi nahi bharta.