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Archie1954 • 7 years ago

The US government is comprised of gross hypocrites. It, not Iran, is the biggest supporter of terrorism in the World today. Just google it if you don't believe me. The US has had a hand, either directly or indirectly in destroying five different nations in the Middle East and Africa over the last 15 years. How many individuals have been killed? A conservative guess is well over one million. America is a deadly cancer on humanity and its virulence is growing while its empire is disintegrating. The Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times" is coming true for all of us!

Business Protection • 7 years ago

At least two of these are pure nonsense - the travel ban, and Iran dumping the dollar. Neither have anything to do with us "starting a war." Pick your subject better, do better research, and learn what it is you speak of; and in the meantime stop annoying the public with your fear-mongering.

John Woodhead • 7 years ago

Order out of chaos....chaos and confusion

eddysaxx • 7 years ago

There's nothing quite like the smell of 'fear porn' 1st thing in the morning o the front page of Activist Pose (lol)

stephenverchinski • 7 years ago

Post pix of the dead and blown apart on our social media from all of our military war zones weekly. That will get the attention of the general public.

whatwaysup • 7 years ago

Darius. 1. Israel. No mention ? Saudi Arabia should be on the list/yes. Qatar/yes. Turkey/yes. But what of Israel/YINON/PNAC and 911 ? Israel would be on the List too, in fair contest. In a 'Just universe.' Israeli involvement with mercenary entities in Syria, both materiel supply and medical attention for wounded terrorists at very least, identifies their part in illegal 'regime change.' But the 911 false flag? established by Christopher Bollyn and many others as Casus Belli, as an Israeli/US black operation along with S.A., obviously - precludes any open movement to/from USA as per 'travel ban' but,....oops. Of course.. I forgot ! The 911 atrocity was achieved inside the superstate at every level.. from the 'neocon' enablers, media control..legislative protections, to the authorship of the commission/building assessment reports; so I guess that screws the argument.
To present Israeli agenda as central to this ongoing nightmare has to accept the US State enabling processes that keep the entire program running along nicely, just underground, as 'fakenews'.

eddysaxx • 7 years ago

'Nothing like the smell of fresh fear porn in the morning on Activist Pose' (lol)

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Dr James B Thring • 7 years ago

This is a fair scenario, given what we know of covert conspiracies like that between Israel ('A New Strategy for Securing the Realm'), its lobbyists (Kissinger, Soros, Perle, Wolfowitz etc - the old US Neo-cons ('Rebuilding America's Defences') and Trump's persuaders (Gershman, Goldman Sachs, the Generals etc). There is a missing link; Why? The answer is Zionist expansion plans as set out by Weizmann and more recently by Oded Yinon, succinctly referred to by whatwaysup. The war described will be centred on destroying any leader or nation that threatens these plans. The human consequences are seen in Palestine; the wonton destruction of hospitals, schools, clinics, infrastructure; the persistent hypocritical propaganda against the people as 'terrorists'; the persistent oppression of the people by military jack-boots at checkpoints; the gradual annihilation of the people by denial of their land, their freedom to move, obtain aid, rebuild or to resist and ultimately by mass bombardment. This cannot be allowed to continue in the name of Humanity or Judaism. We also need scenarios of peace; how wonderful the Middle East was as a cultural fountain, especially Persia and Mesopotamia. How richer the world would be if it was allowed to flourish again. How the insidious insert of aggressive and arrogant aliens could be reversed by, for example, offering them incentives to move to the Jewish Autonomous Region near Vladivostok given them by Stalin in 1928. It's like Switzerland; see it on Wikipedia.

eddysaxx • 7 years ago

"There's nothing quite like the smell of 'Fear Porn' /'False News' on the front pages of 'Activist Pose' 1st thing in the morning"
-Apocalypto Now

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Trent Thomas • 7 years ago

kansas city shuffle