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too tired • 5 years ago

Has nothing to do with 15 dollar minimum wage, china is replacing people with robots too.
Ridiculous title and premise. Stop pushing this nonsense.

Dave • 5 years ago

Well f*ck you Wendy you can eat your own damn square patties and try getting fat off that instead cause I'll be eating elsewhere.

LudVanB • 5 years ago

Bye bye Wendy's!

Croco Dile • 5 years ago

Ludwig van Beethoven ?

Craig Watts • 5 years ago

I find it hillarious that people actually expected to make a living, support a family, and buy a home working a job that was created as a low-level entry position into the work force, and one that teenagers typically filled. Most of the jobs lost in this country over the last 40 years were lost to machinery and automation; auto manufacturing, telephone operators, typists, material processing, farming, and just about every manufacturing process still in operation. Those who didn't see it coming got passed on by, as well they should have. Those who did see it coming acquired new skills to remain viable assets in the workforce.
For those of you still counting on low skilled labor positions to carry you through life... good luck, because the jobs are becoming fewer and fewer, automation will continue to replace low skilled needs, and the continued influx of low skilled workers into this country will only make the competition for the few jobs that remain that much tougher.

Guest • 5 years ago
Craig Watts • 5 years ago

Well, they could just go out of business... and lay everyone off. I take it you are one of those people?

Archie1954 • 5 years ago

Perhaps it's a learning process but recently I entered a McDonald's to order a breakfast sandwich and saw the kiosks surrounded by patrons. I just turned around and walked out. If Wendy's does this also, then I will be eating much healthier because I won't use their fast food outlets either.

Craig Watts • 5 years ago

You will continue with the same habits. And you will get used to the new automation, just as you got used to your cellphone without the operator.

Abe • 5 years ago

Maybe machine will eat at Wendy's and these other shit hole fast food joints? I haven't for almost 20 years now.

Guest • 5 years ago
Croco Dile • 5 years ago

What is the point of depopulation ?

You may explain it ?

Guest • 5 years ago
Craig Watts • 5 years ago

I take it you are a fiction writer.

LINCOLN • 5 years ago

If there is no out rage, from the leftist, then, this Robot thinks like them, and how this robot will fit into Tax and the IRS. It would be wonderful to replace all news anchors, by Robots?

Craig Watts • 5 years ago

Simple... the robots will pay no taxes, thereby reducing the federal receipts. If Wendy's then cuts costs due to their lower costs the tax receipts will continue to fall.