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ms fahrenheit 🐧 • 2 years ago

Damon Young suggests seeing Get Out. I'm on it.
He suggests seeing it in a 'black theater' and then another and reporting back. I will be going to the theater he went to, (which is, btw, a stones throw from that ex Atriot all love to hate, Gomez).

Anyhow, I cannot wait!

ErinPDX • 2 years ago

Democratic party members just voted down Pelosi proposal to get rid of corporate lobby money. Digging the grave for my party of 40 years, fucking IDIOTS.

TheOtherWA • 2 years ago

Found a live stream of the meeting.

Missed that vote on corp money. Damn it.

MsInformed • 2 years ago

Vote was to technically postpone not to kill dead, if my source was correct.

JFC - bring it up to next thread

cahuenga • 2 years ago

Don't get me started.

Hazelnut79 • 2 years ago
MsInformed • 2 years ago


http://www.techtimes.com/ar... *
* very busy site. poop ups all over

The states which felt the effect of rising drug overdose most in 2015 were New Hampshire, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

All of which are noted for their booming economies.

slarti_bartfast • 2 years ago

Mercantilism has little to do with modern Capitalism, certainly not springing from the same philosophical roots. It was more an expression of the collective state, whether in the form of city states of Italy or of early imperialist nations like England, Spain and Portugal of the 15th century. Modern capitalism originated in 18th century England and spread across western Europe. It is fueled by individual greed and self interest and state actions, imperialists like the U.S., are simply the collective expression of that greed, human beings feeding on the sweat and toil of other human beings, weaker than ourselves. We lay waste to entire cultures in the pursuit of baubles.

Do you really believe this? The concept of social classes and complex social hierarchies goes clear back to the evolution of the primate order some 50 million years ago. Baboons exploit and oppress each other, just like humans do! You can perhaps argue that creating an abstract medium of exchange allows the many of the beneficiaries of these ancient, instinctive behaviors to have a greater moral distance from their oppression, and that this can make oppression worse, but the idea that greed and villainy all originated with capitalism is absurd on the face of it.

Bag of ICEholes.

Deacon Blues • 2 years ago

Warner Brothers cartoons were way better than MGM.

Tex Avery's stuff for MGM is pretty good, actually.

Are they better viewed on a PC or an Apple?

Begun the cartoon wars have.

Jeffg166 • 2 years ago

It will be interesting to see how ferderal overeach blow back is rationalized by the right wing.

rm - Z List • 2 years ago

"Fake news stories"

rm - Z List • 2 years ago

Previous post: I get the narcissists can be charming but I don't get how they often seem to find each other charming.
They admire Rump simply because he further enables their own narcissism.

Unlike you, I've never pretended to be a writer.

Really? So I only dreamed all the stupid shit you've written over at your blog? Not to mention all the checks I've cashed for writing stuff professionally?

banana knight • 2 years ago


QuentinCompson, Negatory • 2 years ago

". . . Democracy was meaningless when so many people were frozen psychologically.

So Bob [Moses] listened. When people asked him what to do, he asked what they thought. At mass meetings, he usually sat in back. In group discussions, he mostly spoke last. He slept on floors, wore sharecroppers’ overalls, shared the risks, took the blows, went to jail, dug in deeply. Gradually the ice melted, the rock of hope was revealed. People were empowered for the first time.

Radicals of that era advocated a strategy they called “political realignment,” which meant the fashioning of a liberal Democratic Party by breaking the connection with the party’s racist Dixiecrat wing. The notion had seeped into Bob’s thinking too, with the difference that he really meant to make it happen. Not through the endlessness of gradualism, but by boiling the iceberg. Not because it was some ideological dream, but because black people needed leverage against the structure of fear."


Uncle Blodge • 2 years ago

Imperial grand wizard bannon says the tRump is the best public speaker since Bryan. He's not even as good a public speaker as limpballs

rm - Z List • 2 years ago

Rump is helpless in the clutches of this Svengali. Bannon is evil, but smart. Trump is a mental deficient. He is manipulating Rump with an ease even he probably cannot believe.

Skeptic Without A Grav • 2 years ago

Svengali? I'm thinking more along the ines of Rasputin.

rm - Z List • 2 years ago

Friendly amendment accepted.

MsInformed • 2 years ago

Maybe a hybrid.

Gromit, peckish • 2 years ago

Hitler was way better

slarti_bartfast • 2 years ago

Hitler chewed the scenery like nobody else. Trump looks like a zombie by comparison.

MsInformed • 2 years ago

Hitler wrote his own book.

slarti_bartfast • 2 years ago

I've never had the stomach to take it on, but from what I've read secondhand he would have done better not to.

MsInformed • 2 years ago

Bad ideas gonna make a bad book, but he was capable of writing a book. Trump is not. At all.

Uncle Blodge • 2 years ago

I envisioned casting Hitler in a remake of Star Trek as captain kirk. On some level it works

Hitler was adorable. The first time I watched TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, it was all I could do not to jump out of my seat and Sieg Heil the screen. I'm only half-kidding about this.

MsInformed • 2 years ago

And Bannon writes and talks in incoherent buzzword blather.
So he's not a good judge.

Bannon, of course, was actually there for the Cross of Gold speech.


If burning every last copy of every single word written by and about de
Sade were possible and if by doing that all or even a good measure of
the sexual abuse of people and animals in the word would be abolished,
I'd strike the match to set it on fire and I would think it was probably
the most worthy act I'd ever committed

And if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon.

In other words, it's not gonna happen, so stop preening about your bravery.

dmark • 2 years ago

And if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon.

Depends on the number of wheels. For example if she only had two, she'd be a bicycle.

Uncle Blodge • 2 years ago

6 wheels and she'd be one of them things the banana splits drove

Skeptic Without A Grav • 2 years ago

Or maybe a sulky. Better yet, a chariot!

dmark • 2 years ago

Hand truck

Picky, picky, picky.

Freki, I told you so • 2 years ago

I figure he's just itching to start burning books.

I have long suspected so.

Skeptic Without A Grav • 2 years ago
dmark • 2 years ago

And if she had balls, she'd be your grandfather.!

Freki, I told you so • 2 years ago

if ifs and buts were wine and nuts, every day would be Xmas

rm - Z List • 2 years ago

and if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

If every one on Earth played the violin at the same time, the world would be like Mantovanni.

MsInformed • 2 years ago

Harmonic divergence

kjsbrooklyn • 2 years ago

The DNC will not lead us out of the wilderness

Guest • 2 years ago

I have come to believe the answer is to get women of color and POC in general to take over existing institutions - political, economic, social.

I trust them to lead us in a way that benefits people, not corporations and not the superrich.