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dassa0069 • 5 years ago


Centurion53 • 6 years ago

The currency of any nation that still believes in communism will never become the dominant global currency....and China's authoritarian government will be deposed within the next 10 years. It's economic growth is already significantly slowing and if unemployment begins to rise....then all bets are off.

louis robert • 6 years ago

Forget it, there is no way tirades like yours will ever save the Empire, now bankrupt and on an ever accelerating decline.

Said Empire will end up owning wars only, wars all over the world that it cannot even "win", after decades fighting That could very well be, in view of the latest news, a total nuclear war... which will most likely not last that long anyway.

Guest • 6 years ago

China is in the same place as it was in 1900, the second largest economy on the planet.... But this time is different huh... 😝

Roland W • 5 years ago

second largest? get your facts straight, it is THE largest economy

doranp • 6 years ago

always ahead of my time--never on time-the only time in my life i ever had a 401k to invest as i chose, i put all my money in gold, yuan, and renminbi--20 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---had to end up spending my 401k when it took forever to find another job. TWENTY YEARS EARLY AND 20 GRAND SHORT instead of a day late and a dollar short!!!----i figured back then what the future was-just did not know how long it would take for the future to arrive. If the dragon families are good and smart--now would be the time to yank the leash on their communists in government...no sense trading one set of psychopaths in charge for another...come on you old dragons--show us your wisdom...come on auntie and uncle!!!!!

Neal Gafter • 6 years ago

You say "China is literally advertising its currency overseas"

What sea is literally between Bangkok and Beijing?

mike smith • 6 years ago

Most likely meaning "Overseas" from an American perspective. You certainly won't see that billboard in Texas.

Biz Duck • 6 years ago

No one will ever trust Communist China, they execute their citizens, torture their citizens, censor their citizens.

DirtDiver • 6 years ago

Could you have said 20 years ago that the democrat party would Boo the name of God and raise up Islam. I am not even religous but that seems pretty significant.

Yuki-chan >3< • 6 years ago

If you ever looked back history, then you won't be saying that, just because nowadays mainstreams take communist as an unacceptable social system. In the past, you could see those that interpret communism as the adequate system to establish within a country, like Russia and China, they were capable to handle communism with proper actions not like those who sought ruling over self-interest or ambitious course of action, like Hitler or Mussolini. As a result, China managed to escalate quickly and end up as a world power, the same result goes to Russia. Go search google for world powers today, and you'll see that China and Russia are the only countries that had a history behind communism, which did hit the right road to aim for world potential power. Communism for many people's eyes is just like "dog chained by its owner", trust me I have been to China, and the only thing what you suffer is from internet loss, and really I clung to those chains really hard, but people aren't as bad as I perceived from "judging the book by its cover", if you meet the right people there you can have the greatest time of your life, and a VPN is a must before entering the Great Firewall of China. Day by day, the people are westernizing themselves slowly, you could attend lots of activities that is compromised of western culture and people also themselves are westernizing too. Communism isn't bad if it's driven to the extremities, setting North Korea as a great example. Communism is the same as terrorism in the way its defined, different point of views, different conclusions, as long as I have my opinion respected, yours will be definitely.

Btw, my race is chinese, but not nationality :)

ahuyvam • 6 years ago

don't get me started on US guberment

Centurion53 • 6 years ago

Deranged Obama Zombie??

Hondo Stone • 6 years ago

A very good point ahuyvam!

Dindoo Muffins™ • 6 years ago

Gosh, that sounds like the US government also! NDAA, persecuting and jailing whistleblowers, intimidating the mainstream media into becoming cheerleaders, secret chem/bio/radiation experiments on uninformed, non-consenting children and adults, etc. etc...

What country doesn't do all of that?

Guest • 6 years ago
Guest • 6 years ago
gdod25 • 6 years ago

The purpose of a gold standard. Fiat money allows spending of wealth that doesn't exist.

George Marshall • 6 years ago

Global currency, perhaps? Reserve Currency, never. A one party, repressive dictatorship can never manage a reserve currency. Would YOU trust your money with 9 dictators in the politburo? Because when you purchase a reserve currency, you are acknowledging that those who manage that currency have our trust to manage it. This is why the Euro would never become a reserve currency, non one would trust a collection of socialist governments (including Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc) with thier money. Look at what Greece has done? Do you want the leaders of Greece managing your money? Certainly not. The US has managed to maintain the reserve currency status because, given all other options, they are still the most trust worthy with money (although, they are making it harder and harder to keep that status, especially as more liberals erode the business basis of the American economy and turn us into a socialist country).

undeRGRound • 6 years ago

Just a huge game of "Good Cop, Bad Cop"
...and we all pay the price!

Guest • 6 years ago

Yeah, the "9 dictators in the politburo" as opposed to the Federal Reserve...it's the same thing George.

Oh it "the liberals" again! Turn off the Glenn Beck and think.

Yes, everything wrong with the world is liberal, pinko, and George Soros-funded while "conservatives" are innocent victims! Get real George Marshall.

C Cole • 6 years ago

Yeah no doubt. I'm so sick of these mindless talk-radio/Fox "news" zombies that refuse to get their news from unbiased sources. I think it's safe to make a blanket statement and say that they are all essentially just a bunch of racist, misogynist, xenophobic hicks. Throwbacks. These conservative Christians are JUST AS BAD as fundamentalist Islamists.
Oh it's the "liberals" that are bankrupting or country, NOT neocon scammers that deregulate Wall Street so that it's okay to sell bunk commodities like credit default swaps and sub-prime-mortgage-backed securities ( based on deregulated NINA loans) to 401k funds all over the world, thereby bankrupting millions of people and destabilizing or economy... an economy that was already over-extended thanks to unnecessary TRILLION DOLLAR wars whose sole purpose is to pour wealth into the same oil companies and military-industrial complexes that use SuperPACs to bypass democracy and fund the neocons who do their bidding.

Dindoo Muffins™ • 6 years ago

Boom. Governors of the Federal Reserve. You beat me to it.

Hound_Dog • 6 years ago

Liberals erode business basis? Conservatives help out corporate business more so than liberals. Although both parties erode the business basis by tax loopholes for major corporations, no opportunity for employment, and not having tarifs on imports. Right and Left wing are for one thing: Social problems (like gay rights) not monetary problems (like taxation or corporate social responsibility). Your blame on one party is typical. Blame the other man that had nothing to do with it. Mad at a handout? Offer a better alternative! Ppl need to eat. They can’t raise kids on minimum wage... No good wages, no unions, corporations are “global” and don’t offer the US citizens who purchase the products jobs. The social problems take your mind off of the real problems-monetary problems, cause you are a sheep. Then they have you blaming each other instead of directing your attention to the source, while they have their hand in the cookie jar and you struggle. There is no government, it is only corporations that rule.

TheOutlawJoseVela • 6 years ago

The world already has a currency.

Kolin Evans • 6 years ago

which is?

nappiral • 6 years ago


Hound_Dog • 6 years ago

nope, gold-bitcoin is not tangible. it is also faux “mined” and may appear finite, but there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies. it is just a hyped of flavor of the week, until it is inflated too high, then it will be replaced by take your pick of alternatives..

undeRGRound • 6 years ago

So little is your understanding of crypto-currencies...
It is very likely that as FIAT Erodes, moves into Precious Metals AND cryptos will increase exponentially. Bitcoin is CHEAP right now! But it does have the hallmarks of the DJIA and the other stock indices.

obi • 6 years ago

obi from Ghana, i think Bank of China promoting the rmb to be the world currency is in the right dirrection. but more have to be done first. China is now producing almost every thing for the world. every country or business man have to convert his currency to the US dollar thento the Chinese rmb before they can trade in or with china. government reserves is in the US dollar yet most countries (especially developing countries) now trade with more and freequently with china as compare to US.
if the rmb become the world currency, most countries and coporates entities will not have to change their currency into dollar then rmb.
this will also easy the presure on the us dollar.

Dave • 6 years ago

Load of tosh, same way of thinking was given to me when the UK did not adopt the Euro, who is going to change in to euro then british pound, nothing changed at all. It is about who is running the show not what tools they have and China is not running the show, we are stuck with the same shower of shit that will lie and manipulate so they can stay in their lofty positions looking down on us and feeding us crumbs.

Greg Burton • 6 years ago

The United States is being deliberately destroyed: economically, militarily, environmentally, politically.

russputin • 6 years ago

The world does not need another single reserve currency, rather a gold standard for sovereign currencies, based on true national wealth.

hvaiallverden • 6 years ago

Food aka Chalories, will and have always been The King.
No one beside nor above.
Safe gard your self, when thing becomes obvious, then move.
Make shure you have, or is a part of a comunety where people are capable to cooperate and diversify.
And if you have a farm, make shure that YOU are capable to do everything in it, and past That to your children.
If you arent greed, no matter how welthy you are, you will runn fast out of money, if hyperinflation kicks in, dont be naive to think this millions is an help, they arent if you cant back it up with other issues as Food.

Keap it simple at first., expirience it and then expand when ready, and dont forgett this, you can grow anything, anywhere, the only problem is imagination.
Grow vertically, or hiristontaly.
Any space can be utelised for growth.

Chikens and Rabbits, and you have all the meat youl ever need.
And they are sefl proppeling.
Learn birds as Ducks/Gooses/Hens to pick the weed in the garden, go forth and simply show it to the birds what to eat, and they will do it, and belive me, people have very litle idea of how clever animals infact are.
Teach them to do the jobb of tending.

As sayed, only imagination is the limit, and basicly everything can be eaten, prepared right and nothing is a problem.

And for the welthy, the problem is the same, but to safe gard your fortune, is problematic, if the bailins getts tuff anouf, they will come for your Gold and Metals.
Since it is a competative problem for the petro dollar, whom is based on something as solid as a brass fart.
Soon to be a sonic blast.
In the end, you may physically hide it.
And its now, when the shitt hitts the fan you will learn the hard thrut, who is a freind or not.
If you trust your wife, and she trustes you, with your lifes you can consider your self lucky, this goes to both parts.
Incl Gays to be, hehe, politicaly correct.

Its now you will need eatch others, and your family and freinds, more than ever.


WillamCard • 6 years ago

Hyper-inflation is baked into the dollar cake..... Do not miss this blog if you want the REAL gold story...... Google this...... fofoa blogspot.

WillamCard • 6 years ago

And check this out.... Jimi Hendrix FAKED his death and became Morgan Freeman.... Google this for your proof.... Wellaware1.

therooster57 • 6 years ago

I wonder if the currency is going to valuated by weight in real-time where weight is the unit of account ? Having a FIXED peg would be going backwards.