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George Kafantaris • 5 years ago

It should be obvious by now that the way Trump and company plan to help Russia is by focusing instead on China and stirring conflicts in Asia. We should be alarmed by this, and so should China that thinks Russia is its friend.

Pete Wilson • 5 years ago

You need to see the bigger picture. The US economy grows through value creation, whether that means creating a new gadget, a new pharmaceutical formula, a new management system, etc.; whereas China is a country that lives off of the US value creation, whether that means copying US intellectual properties or using reverse engineering. What this means is that if the two economies do not deal with each other, the US can continue to create value (create jobs), but China loses its source of growth, the American technologies and innovations – the same technologies and innovations that have been making China a great economy and country in the past 20 years, since 1995. How did China get to where it is today in terms of economy, technologies, and therefore military might? Answer: Almost exclusively because of US intellectual properties.

Pete Wilson • 5 years ago

Americans, do you want to deal with China now, a China that is rising as a bully, or do you want to wait until this bully turns into a bigger dragon and burn you down. You are scared of China's rising and you know it, and your fear is because China will not play fair (doesn't know how to play fair). The issue is not Taiwan, wake up. The issue is: Do you want to deal with China now or do you want to wait? Eventually, Trump or some future President is going to have to deal with it. You need to teach them a lesson and do it now, before it’s too late.

gpiper • 5 years ago

There is a true point to the one China policy, but Beijing typically has is backwards-wrong, or habitually presents it that way. Taiwan is not a rebel province against the mainland. Instead, the Communist Party is in rebellion against the Kuomingtang Nationalist Party, and the only legitimate government of China is the one on the island of Formosa. There really is only one China, and it's called Taiwan. Or not.

In other words, everything else but One China bulls--t is possible to negotiate and even compromise on Trump's demands ("more money, more jobs for America"). Well, good luck China! As a global cash dispenser :)

JimBobJoe • 5 years ago

Taiwan is not part of China.