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Chris Tuttle • 6 years ago

Love to see an article about families living in small urban homes! There's a trade-off of space and privacy but there are so many opportunities within walking distance for city children. Thanks for an article showing a family making it work.

Edith Spencer • 6 years ago

Families have live- and still live- in small homes like this allover the world. Even older SFDs are about 800-1200 sq ft. What is awesome, though, is that these parents can raise their children in the middle of a very dynamic city like Vancouver.

CuriousGuest • 6 years ago

It's interesting how much detail seems left out of this. Do his two kids live entirely with him and never stay with their mother? His blog says he got divorced two years ago, not widowed. Do his girlfriends' kids never see their other parent?

While still impressive by many standards, it seems much more do-able to live with 5 kids in an 1000 sf apartment if 1) not all the kids are there all the time and 2) most of the kids have another home in which to keep stuff like large toys and clothes.

Adrian Crook • 6 years ago

My kids are with their mom 50% of the time. Week on/off.

The "this only works because the kids aren't there all the time" line is probably number 3 on people's Why This Won't Work For Me list. ;)

The kids have bikes, winter clothes and all sorts of bulky things at my place. There's nothing that gets stored at their mom's house, or that we rely on their mom's house providing.

Edith Spencer • 6 years ago

I was thinking this in the back of my mind. It's okay when the kids also have equally curated amounts of stuff at the other parents place!

Minimalist Community • 6 years ago


Jan Ramsey Brick • 6 years ago

I'd love to live in this condo with my family of four! Thanks for a great post!