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Sam Valley • 7 years ago

The lowdown on what really happened here:

"The clusterfuck comes into play here when a non-resident, Tatiana Rhodes
(further referred to as “Princess Dindu Nuffins”) and her mother
decided to organize and promote an event w/DJ and pool party at the park
area of Craig Ranch Subdivision, in McKinney, TX. Neither Princess
Dindu Nuffins and mother Dindu Nuffins obtained permission, nor paid to
rent the facility for their party that was promoted on Twitter which
obviously would solicit participation from the free-shit army…Princess
Dindu Nuffins claims a promotion business and apparently this event was
her baby and it provided her another avenue to promote another event
that would sell tickets in advance of said event. What better way to
keep overhead on the cheap by taking over a privately controlled
neighborhood park without residents nor neighborhood security being
aware of until the free shit army arrived in car-loads to take over,
climbing fences and generally bullying their way into the scene in total
defiance of residents questioning what was happening in their own

evilwhitemalempire • 7 years ago

Looks like a severe case of shortman syndrome.

Deadhead • 7 years ago

This was a community pool paid for and maintained by a private community. These hood rats were TRESPASSING and were not part of this community.

mike_f • 7 years ago

they were guests of an owner, hence there by invitation. police have NO business enforcing homeowner association rules other than trespassing which one single owner has no authority to claim for. you should learn some basic civil law before you spout off

Deadhead • 7 years ago

Mike I am very familiar with cilvl law, and it's very obvious you are not. The police were called on a trespassing violation, read the whole story before YOU spout off.

mike_f • 7 years ago

deadhead, i am corrected. accept my apology with the limiting element that i STILL want cops to be cooler than some crazy teens. the cop shown was OUT OF CONTROL.

Mitzi Gaynor • 7 years ago

Checkout the Conservative Treehouse for the truth.

Mitzi Gaynor • 7 years ago

The Craig Ranch subdivision has a neighborhood park and a gated pool and clubhouse for residents. The pool and clubhouse is gated and a scan card is needed to gain access. The subdivision has a Homeowners Association (HOA) which regulates and controls the activities in/around the HOA swimming pool and clubhouse and has strict rules for use thereof. Neither Tatiana Rhodes nor her mother sought permission to use the pool or clubhouse area as part of the event. However, Tatiana hired a DJ and promoted the event to include a pool party, without paying for it to the HOA. The poolparties are limited to 20 people.

Mitzi Gaynor • 7 years ago

In addition to friends of Tatiana Rhodes, more than 100 additional people, mostly teens, showed up as a result of the advertising promoted by Tatiana on social media. They were dropped off by the car-load as the afternoon party began.

Apparently Tatiana and her mother Lashana were unable to control the growing crowd – who came to their event at the park looking for and expecting a “pool party”.

That’s when things got out of control as the 100+ teens (and young adults) turned into a mob of partygoers and began jumping the fence to the gated pool area. Residents within the neighborhood found themselves confronting a mob of teens growing ever increasingly hostile and agitated.

A local resident shares this version of events:

Dave • 7 years ago

Exactly! People need to get all the facts about this before posting ignorant comments bashing cops for doing their job.

John W. Costanzo • 7 years ago

If you will notice it was the smallest cop who was running around screaming profanities, pulling his gun on unarmed teenagers, and smashing a crying, 80lb female child into the ground like as if she had just robbed a store. In fact some of the other officers seemed to try to stop this small cop for a moment right when he pulled his gun out. These other cops spent alot of time trying to calm the raging small cop and the kids involved down while also trying to clean up the situation as the small cop was creating havoc all over that neighborhood. Another observation--none of the teens held, smashed or cuffed were white. Look up the definition of "Napoleonic Complex". Also look up "American Empire". The knowledge learned will help you to partially understand what transpired in this video

Michael Keith • 7 years ago

Youtube video.. "Look what happens when you call the cops" by Rob Hustle. Explains the militarization of the police. If I was a relative of any of the victims shown in that video I would not blame them if they prepared and systematically slaughtered the offending officers.

Huge-Packers-Fan • 7 years ago

California, Texas, and Florida are the 3 largest populated States in the USA. California has about 35M residents and 135,981 prison inmates. Texas has about 24M residents and 168,280 prison inmates. Florida has about 19M residents and 103,028 prison inmates. The Dept. of Justice in Washington in 2013 has compiled statistics that reflect that 37% of all prisoners nationwide are Black, 32% White,22% Hispanic, 9% other. Nearly 60% of all Black inmates throughout America are there for violent crimes, drugs, armed robberies et al. Perhaps you have witnessed now in the Northeast Corridor of America that the number of arrests in minority communities is falling and the number of murders in those areas are concomitantly rising. Conclusion: Cops are tired of trying to uphold the law in violent crime areas, risking their lives and possible serious injury, and being admonished, suspended, or fired for their interpretations of the degree of physical force required to maintain law and order there. Look at NY, Baltimore, Ferguson, Boston etc to see the pattern unfolding before our very eyes. This episode in McKinney Texas is indeed shameful, however the film reveals to me that one white woman in what appears to be a mostly white neighborhood complained to the police about the loud and disruptive behavior being exhibited by "Black Teens" at their community Pool. The Police descend upon the scene in a Gestapo style fashion, invoking crowd dispersion, only to be met by black males and females who do not obey their commands, and the females are very confrontational to the police officers there. Numerous citations can be issued by Police Officers per their authority to do so, to any citizen who refuses to obey their commands. Any White or Black or Hispanic citizen [Male or Female] who disrupts, interferes, or invokes physical violence to offset police control of that situation is subject to arrest and jail time as well. We are looking at the metamorphosis and degradation of societal law and order in many areas of this country and have been now for the past few decades. Cops are going to tolerate less and less abuse and invoke more and more physical violence upon those they deem to deserve this kind of treatment. Crowd control starts with authorative commands, migrates to aggressive police behavior and sometimes culminates in hostile reactions invoked upon those who defy or challenge their authority. Look at the recent spate of arrests in New York City over demonstrations for Michael Gray case there. You could not pay me enough to be a Police Officer in any of the major metropolitan cities in this country. I suspect that this situation of classifying and segregating behavioral habits by police officers nationwide is only going to rise into more violence meeting violence in the Black and Hispanic communities.

Dave • 7 years ago

Very well said and I agree with everything you said PackersHugeFan.

Huge-Packers-Fan • 7 years ago

Dave: The report as rendered by Mitzi Gaynor above makes abundantly clear why there were manych police officers on the scene and why the police were so militant as the teens were told to vacate the pool area, disperse and go home. A majority of these teens hung around to see what unfolded next. The 15 yr old Black female challenged the officers, thenwas told to get on the ground, resisted, and was subdued. The same police officer who subdued her saw a black male charging him and instinctively drew his weapon to protect himself. This kid ran and was later subdued by two officers who returned him in cuffs to face possible arraignment with the 15 yr old female. I suspect the black male was tackled, pummeled, prior to his return, because the video shows him gasping for breath as he lay on the ground. I can clearly see from Ms Gaynor's on site report that it is no small wonder that neighbors of Tatiana and her mother Lashana became highly alarmed due to their being unable to control the growing crowd, and thus did the right thing by calling the police. It is reasonable to assume that if there were only about 3-5 black teens descending on the pool party, this could have been handled in a considerably more civil manner. 100+ teens is a mob when uninvited and unauthorized guests starting jumping over fences to "join the party". PHF.

Dave • 7 years ago

Yeah I've done more research on this situation and found the same information you just posted. It's amazing how the media has blown this out of proportion AGAINST the cop when he was just doing his job.

Takara Nia • 7 years ago

I appreciate that being a police officer is a very difficult job. I do not understand this. More evidence that supporting the empire is not going to allow all people to be treating with the respect they deserve.

Veritasss • 7 years ago

Wow, this got me hot under the collar--quite triggered, actually.

What Wes Texas said is to true. "...those who begin with shouting profanities — as if they believe this kind of behavior will result in some kind of control over the situation — are woefully unprepared for the job they are expected to do."

Do departments know how much DAMAGE they do to their own welfare and to public acceptance when they let yahoos like this engage with the public?

I used to teach high-risk youth, and this is NOT the way to handle a crowd, though I recognize the philosophy -- "scare 'em, make an example of 'em, don't show you're scared, show 'em right away who's boss" Yeah, right. When I see that behavior -- and I've been on the receiving end of it -- I know I'm dealing with an inept, unprepared buffoon. This guy deserves ZERO respect. Same for those emasculated adults standing around doing nothing.

The kids? -- why didn't they do more to help that poor girl???!!! One rightly called it abuse. And those young men sitting there -- really? Punished because they disobeyed an out-of-control cop? Maybe they just didn't want to be abused!

Sooooo......when did abuse by uniform suddenly become Okay? (still seething)

GAD1066 • 7 years ago

Those adults who stood around and allowed the Gestapo like official to abuse the Girl are just as guilty. Shame on them and Shame on the worthless cop.

Nelter • 7 years ago

as much as i'd love to see that cop executed on the street, he had plenty of backup and it could easily have become cops gunning down innocents.. even if they had just tried to wrestle him off her, he would have ended up firing his gun n then all hell'd break loose. so how can u hold them as guilty

Ken Chimp • 7 years ago

The desired end result by the elite is that we view police as 'the enemy', and that police reciprocate in kind. It's all part of "Divide & Conquer".

Alan Cecil • 7 years ago

Dude, this is TEXAS. What do you expect of Texican cops? Civility?

Lupita Hernandez • 7 years ago

This is why it's good to have either two passports or a Visa that allows you to live somewhere other than the US; it's only going to get worse in the US, as this site continues to warn.

WesTexan • 7 years ago

I've had occasion to interact with cops for several years because of the business I was in. There are also four cops in my family, a patrolman, a detective, a U.S. Marshal and a Military Policeman. We've talked a lot about the level of professionalism or lack thereof shown in many of these videos. We agree that those who begin with shouting profanities — as if they believe this kind of behavior will result in some kind of control over the situation — are woefully unprepared for the job they are expected to do. It can also be a tell that indicates a certain level of fear on their part and smacks of desperation. As soon as a cop starts screaming "f— this" and "f— that" and "f— you," it's rather clear that they've already lost control — and it further inflames the situation and infuriates the bystanders.

What usually follows the profanity — or follows with more profanity — is use of excessive force. Again, the cop is afraid he will lose control or has already lost control. Pulling a gun on a bunch of kids in swim trunks and bikinis in a usually peaceful neighborhood means he doesn't have a clue as to what he should do next. Maybe more profanity will help — do you think?

We all agree that this cop needs to find a new career.

I've seen a well-trained, professional LEO in almost the same situation as this never raise his voice, never curse at anyone and certainly never pull a weapon — who had, within 2 or 3 minutes, the entire crowd of people standing around him having a conversation — a dialog — asking questions and getting cooperation that got the desired results to everyone's satisfaction. He demonstrated that he cared about the people to whom he was talking and that he was willing to let them tell him what had happened from their point of view before taking any kind of action. He never exacerbated a situation that required that he take control by force or profanity. It seems his kind are getting hard to find these days.

mike_f • 7 years ago

agreed Wes Texan, ShortLoud the Cop needs a new line of business. he is not suited for the
stresses of the cop trade. compare his erratic response with that of
the first cop who kept his cool as he took care of business. let's hope
ShortLoud gets the help he needs to find fulfilling work in a business he's
more suited to

smart mouth or not i expect ShortLoud to be more
composed and know that a lippy teenage girl is no threat to someone
supposedly trained for the job.

water off a duck's back, copper...water off a duck's back. if a mouthy teenager can send you spinning that way i SURE don't want to be around when the real 'stuff' hits the fan and you start unloading. i got $100 says we've not seen the last of this guy

Ken Chimp • 7 years ago

But they're not hiring such gentlemen and gentlewomen as police officers anymore. They want average IQ (or lower), aggressive sadists now.
Welcome to the new normal.

WesTexan • 7 years ago

Obama wants a domestic police force to do his bidding. He won't get that with intelligent, moral, ethical men and women. The only way to create a police state is to hire men and women with no moral compass who are willing to attack, arrest and/or murder innocent citizens. These kinds are finding their way into police departments all over the country.

Realist12 • 7 years ago

Racism at is finest. Sadly this cop spends his days afraid of his citizens, especially the dark-skinned ones. Hopefully they kick him off the force, and perhaps those officers are retrained to realize that what you think about, you bring about - including racial violence.

1432fpchero • 7 years ago

I have no sympathy for a citizen who chooses (unwisely) to not obey the instructions of a law enforcement officer. HOWEVER if this officer had behaved the way he did in my neighborhood i would have shot him myself with a very clear conscience. Sadly good law enforcement officers will be lumped in with this yahoo.

Edward • 7 years ago

Adding fuel to the fire. We know cops are the enemy and now these teenagers do as well.

Barry Smith • 7 years ago

Anyone who made or makes a statement as to the
officers rights to do what they did clearly has a problem with blacks. I'm going
to say this one time and one time only. Mark the day this occurred
what happen and the manner in which it happen and watch the Karma of a 10 times
worst situation in that officers and or officers lives to do with
their kids family or loved ones, experience a worst tragedy in their lives.
This I can promise you. I live in Chicago, IL where
cops would never do or try anything of this nature. Why? Because they would
literally loose their lives instantly. There is a way to control a crowd, They
are the ones who are suppose to be in control and not panic. This is why people
get hurt loose their lives and suffer the consequence of their actions. I would
admonish Texas to get their act together recognize what they're dealing with is
prejudice and some deep issues taught to them by their parents which is sadly
embedded in their souls.
Fortunately they will suffer the wrath of God mercy
will escape them in the time of need. They like others will Reap what they
sow! Acts 10: 34 says: " God is no respecter of person. Meaning
what you sow you will surely Reap. I pity the fool who thinks otherwise. This is
the reason Texas will see tremendous suffering and be the 1st state to be
marshalized and controlled by outside forces and made an example of
Every Dog has it's Day and some have Two. Texas you have Been
WARNED! Texas your demise has already begun, and will escalade
as time progresses. By September 23 rd you will no longer be heard or have a
voice. Your state will be completely taken over and many will suffer
unnecessarily...Again! Texas You Have Been WARNED!
Chi Raq

mike_f • 7 years ago

i saw no one behave in a manner requiring that sort of treatment. that
cop COMPLETELY lost his composure and revealed his inability to deal. he needs to find other work where his personal failings are not
potentially deadly.

shame on the cops for being thugs to our kids.

if that disgraceful cop was my son he would have gotten a good ol daddy
ass-whoopin and been forced to apologize to that young lady.

to draw a gun in that situation? nugga pleeze...if that pussy felt
endangered he needs a new spine installed

Dave • 7 years ago

From the video it looks like people didn't do what they were told and that's what got them into trouble. If the cop says leave, then you leave. If he says to get on the ground then you do it. In 98% of the cases, problem solved. Interesting that the black kids were the only ones in the video running their mouths and causing trouble, yet they were also the ones that thought they didn't do anything wrong. No respect for authority.

ekim • 7 years ago

Same thing that's causing problems in our schools !

SRVES339 • 7 years ago

And if it had been 30 or so white kids wondering why the police were beating on them because black so called adults (probably drunk) started to throw racist bombs (like go back to the housing project... but they all live in the gated community) at a group of "local" black kids celebrating a birthday, our friend Dave would have been just as kind to the raving maniac he is now defending (pulling a loaded gun on kids in bathing suits)... right Dave.

The outing was being supervised by adults in a public pool... all of the kids went to the local school... there is no excuse for this behavior.

Dave • 7 years ago

No SRVES339, I'm not defending the "raving maniac" and I don't think he should have pulled his gun. Having said that, if you watch the video closely, the cop keeps telling several kids to leave or to get on the ground and they weren't obeying him. We don't know why the cops were even called to the community, but they must have felt threatened or that there was some type of danger to be running around like that. Usually cops don't just run around and arrest people for no reason. I say USUALLY, because there are exceptions. I'm not saying what the cop did was totally right or justified, I'm saying this is the same classic situation where people don't know all the facts, yet they are ready to climb all over the cop for doing his job. In every single one of the cases whether it's about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, this one, etc. people weren't obeying what the police told them to do and they got in trouble. Then they act surprised when they get in trouble. There was no respect for authority whatsoever in all of these cases. Some cops do bad things as in every profession. By villifying cops in general, we weaken our society as a whole, and actually make the world more dangerous when we think we're trying to do a good thing. It's classic division of a nation which will be our downfall.

Ted Burnett • 7 years ago

Leave and go where? That's not their neighborhood. Their home probably sits in some government project in central Dallas. No respect for authority? I'm sure you're one of the many Texans who love our black president.

Dave • 7 years ago

No Ted, I'm not from Texas. I used to live near Dallas for a year, but haven't lived there for over 15 years. As for our president, I can't stand the POS in the White House. Why do you think their homes are probably in the projects? Even if they were in the projects, it doesn't excuse them not doing what the cop told them to do.

John, please go to this website for more facts about this case:

Ted Burnett • 7 years ago

I don't think you care and understand the relationship between the law and blacks. The videos are showing a double standard.

Dave • 7 years ago

Yes Ted I do understand the relationship between the law and blacks. The black girl was told to get on the ground several times by the cop and she didn't do it, so she got thrown to the ground for not doing what the cop told her to do. Then she starts crying and saying she wants her mama and that she didn't do anything wrong. If she had simply gotten on the ground from the beginning, none of that would have happened. Here's the thing, neither you nor I know all the facts of the case and we weren't there, so until we interview the cop and other witnesses who were there we won't be able to make a difinitive judgement about if the cops actions were justifiable or not. Yes there is still discrimination among blacks and whites, but to throw the cop under the bus without knowing all the facts is absurd just like in the cases of Trayvon Marin and Michael Brown.

Dave • 7 years ago

Yes Ted I do care and understand the relationship between the law and blacks. The cop told the black girl to get on the ground several times and she didn't. Thus, she got thrown to the ground, then she starts crying and saying she wants her mama and wonders why she got in trouble. If she had gotten on the ground the first time, she wouldn't have gotten into trouble. White or black, double standard or not, that's the fact. Maybe the cop was discriminating against blacks, or maybe he had a good reason, we don't know unless we interview the cop and interview more witnesses who were there. That's the whole point! Neither you nor I know all the facts of the case, yet you are willing to throw the cop under the bus for doing his job (even though he did get a little out of control) and defend the blacks who were defying authority.

SRVES339 • 7 years ago

They all lived in the neighborhood and the "party" was being supervised by adults... nice try Ted... when's the next white sheet meeting.

Get a life asshole!

Ted Burnett • 7 years ago

its a white suburb you dip shit. they were invited to that neighborhood. read the story

mike_f • 7 years ago

you cannot POSSIBLY be as stupid as that last remark makes you sound. if you want to have a do-over we'll let you edit for bigotry.

SRVES339 • 7 years ago

Please define "a white suburb" in plain bigot speak...Oh wait, you already did didn't you...

The party was authorized, supervised by adults, and they live in the gated community Teddy.

The "disturbance" was caused by two women who didn't like all the black kids in "her" community pool and thought they "should all go back to their Section 8 housing complex."

Two of the teens were slapped for taking offence (I know, THEY'RE all the same aren't they whitey).


Ted Burnett • 7 years ago

If you're offending a cop drawing a gun on kids in their swim trunks, you're a fool. The video told enough of the story, how the police operate when their around blacks. An all white police force in a white suburb.

Moira Drosdovech • 7 years ago

So if a cop demands you to turn over all of your money, you would do that too??! There are things called rights and, if you are not harming anyone else by what you are doing, then you have the right to do it...period!

Dave • 7 years ago

No Moira, if a cop demands I turn over all my money I wouldn't do that. You're mixing arguments. I'm saying in this situation the cop told people to leave and they didn't, and he told others to get on the ground and they didn't, then they were shocked when they got into trouble and acted surprised. Again, no one knows the whole story by simply watching the video, yet they jump all over the cops for doing their job. I think the cop could have acted a little better, but again, we don't know all the circumstances surrounding the video.

TicoSonny • 7 years ago

Lot of emotions on all sides of this argument. Maybe a better article today would have been talking about how the Feds are prosecuting people for deleting their browser history? Something we can all unite behind and agree is unjust.

ecbound • 7 years ago

But, to leave a 14-year-old girl face-down in the grass for that long? This was not a robbery or murder, it was KIDS getting rowdy at a pool party. And, it can't escape you that only black kids were being taken down like criminals for shooting their mouths off, like teenagers do. And, I mostly just heard them trying to tell their side of the story or say they didn't do anything.