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Frog in h2o • 4 years ago

Obama lost 800,000 American manufacturing jobs to foreign markets in his 8 years. Trump hasn't even started his term in office and he saves a 1000 plus jobs.

Guest • 4 years ago
Andy • 4 years ago

Funny, all of those things above look like words and sentences to me. Ohhh, you mean they're not ultra-liberal pukes like NPR.

jerrys • 4 years ago

What has obaaama spent the 6 Trillion on? Fabulous highways, Gorgeous towers, Wonderful airports. Yes, But they are in the UAE, Saudi , Quatar and other arab countries. His so called health plan was subterfuge collection of a JIZYA tax that is paid to islam. Of the trillions given to islam a small percent comes back to corrupt government officials at all levels.

pete parker • 4 years ago

Got an answer. Fed prints up a 30 Trillion dollar bill and offers it to whoever the money is owed to as payment . They turn it down of course(i hope)- whose got change for that?

DanB_Tiffin • 4 years ago

Yup, print those dollars so that the value of the country's currency is destroyed. Works every time in history.

oi812 • 4 years ago

retirees real well like that since they can not earn any more

oi812 • 4 years ago

Just sell off some of our assets-Federal land with mineral rights BUT only after we get budget reforms that will never allow the debt growing faster than GDP. If your income goes up you can handle more debt but you can not have your debt increasing faster than your income. That is our problem

pete parker • 4 years ago

was sarcastic. Biggest problem i observe is people spend too much time on forums when they should be studying. Productivity, innovation, efficiency - that's the only assets that count and also replenishes. The
American Way !

oi812 • 4 years ago

What most people forget is when Obama came into office the TARP money that showed as a debt by Bush was a purchase of bank/auto stock. So Bush showed a deficit of cash but no one considered the asset of the same value in stock. Then within 2 years that stock went up in value and Obama sold it so he gained cash but still over spent and did not pay off the loan to buy that stock. His increase of debt is greater since he lost the stock as well as the cash

Juan Williams • 4 years ago

Haven't we had enough, hope and change.......

Gregg Franks • 4 years ago

that would be Paul "Meg" Ryan's legacy........he gave obama everything he wanted, just like super loser ball baby Boehnor did. Ryan passed the 2016 $20 trillion budget on a majority of DEMOCRAT votes..........he set it up so his pathetic GOP liars could vote "No" while doling out the pork for their districts. There is no greater scum than lying GOP scum

Andy • 4 years ago

Sure there is.......lying Dem scum.

JTM • 4 years ago

They're ALL equal scum!

lineguy • 4 years ago

This could be Obama's real legacy.

Puddintanes • 4 years ago

That and gay marriage.

Robb Cameron • 4 years ago

Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself....we all know that he does not love this country. He has destroyed the very fiber of this country.

Ultraworld • 4 years ago

It rose almost 120% under Obama

Gregg Franks • 4 years ago

John Boeynor and Paul Ryan passed the budgets.....house owns the purse. GOP leadership are filthy liars.......

Ultraworld • 4 years ago

Obama promised to get us out of the Iraq war, instead he lead us into 4 more wars costing trillions. in'08 the subprime crash cost us trillions, while Obama put not one of these bastards in jail. He could do a lot, he had no problem using Presidential actions to get what he wants.

DanB_Tiffin • 4 years ago

Honest people know that the liberals are the filthy liars.
Ray Stevens - Obama Budget Plan
Just print more money

oi812 • 4 years ago

Did you forget the government shutdown fear when the GOP took back the House. The MSM was all over blaming the GOP that they would shutdown the government. When you do not have an honest press you can not always get the truth out and bad things happen. The GOP did slow down the growth of the debt but we both agree that is not good enough. 70% of the budget goes to mandatory spending, SS,Medicare,Medicaid,government worker pensions and the interest on the debt. The 30% that is left half goes to military and the other half goes for everything else. Lets be honest what you think the press will do when you try to reform those entitlement programs. The GOP will get killed by the Dems and the MSM. Until more people know this they will keep blaming the GOP

Haaywood Jablomie • 4 years ago

"Americans" have been dumbed down to the point where they "think" the president spends the bogus money. It's all according to plan.

TheBigLie • 4 years ago

Somehow in this twilight zone of reckless spending it will be Bush's and Trump's fault... Right?

Haaywood Jablomie • 4 years ago

I know, it's the msulims fault. Much of it is. But no "president" ever put himself in office. The fault lies with your brain-dead population. The same slobs in their Asian cars waddling the aisles at Walmart to pay US retail for shoddy Chinese junk. THAT is a result of malnutrition from "fast" food, television dumbing you down, toy telephones, and government "education." The cure will be the collapse. Nothing else.

BigKnuckles • 4 years ago

Well, aren't you just a ray of sunshine.

Haaywood Jablomie • 4 years ago

Glad I could help! What I described is the GOOD news.

Guest • 4 years ago
Julian Fries • 4 years ago


SGT SNUFFY • 4 years ago


coolercoleman • 4 years ago

https://uploads.disquscdn.c... Obama's biggest accomplishment.

DiscusstedConservative • 4 years ago


12 tribes israel • 4 years ago

Wasn't Obama gonna take us to socialist utopia?

SGT SNUFFY • 4 years ago


letsspendmore • 4 years ago

Who says that Barry hasn't accomplished anything? It takes real talent to double the national debt without any substantive improvement in the country.

George Thompson • 4 years ago

And it was much harder for him than it was for THEEVILBUSH. Methinks given two more terms he has the skills needed to more than double it again.

SGT SNUFFY • 4 years ago


BadWhisky • 4 years ago

It was 7 trillion when Obama took office, You have to love the globalist....

Mike0oSS • 4 years ago

So long as The King's administration can leave the wreckage of a budget, and economy, and a gun barrel aimed at the Russians 24/7.....this administration is glad to help out the incoming administration

Guest • 4 years ago
SGT SNUFFY • 4 years ago


livid american • 4 years ago

The fleecing of America

DanB_Tiffin • 4 years ago

wr grace deficit trials.mp4 ] http://www.youtube.com/watc...
The media refused to air this.

DanB_Tiffin • 4 years ago


The Purple Avenger • 4 years ago

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Alpha Deplorable • 4 years ago

I'm not %100 sure but isn't that a 12 Trillion add-on by Obama since GWB? Thats about 1.2 Trillion a year. Great job by the Kenyan.

Haaywood Jablomie • 4 years ago

Why is it the slime you elect can plss money down the drain on anything and you have nothing to say about it, then, they can take as much of your money away from you as they want, and you have nothing to say about it?

Ashley • 4 years ago

http://www.usdebtclock.org/ $872.689.00 per US citizen. Do you have the money? if so then pay up. Glad I'm just a woman and not a US citizen, person, or some other fiction.

12 tribes israel • 4 years ago

I'll send a check

Haaywood Jablomie • 4 years ago

It's not a big deal. Everyone reading this now will be dead when the complete collapse happens. It's your kids and grandkid's problem!