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Charles Augustus • 4 years ago

It's simple, you don't show up, you don't have a say! Keep up the good work Mr. Hatch!

keann • 4 years ago

At least some repubs have a pair.

Reggi • 4 years ago

They've grown them since Trump arrived and showed them how it's done.

Imzela • 4 years ago

This is the difference leadership makes. Go President Trump!

gatormom45 • 4 years ago

Yes, its all about leadership.

Imzela • 4 years ago

Great isn't it!

Wink-and-a-Nod • 4 years ago

No leading from behind for this president. Happy Nobama Day!

Wink-and-a-Nod • 4 years ago

It's the Trump effect. Kellyanne needs to give classes to all of them for dealing with the press. We'll be unstoppable. More voices will be calling the MSM on their lies. The sheeple will be awakened!

Sandman619 • 4 years ago

More people need to be calling the Trump admin on their lies. The press is doing something right when both parties are disgruntled with the coverage they receive. Kellyanne doesn't make a point as much as she gives the same statement regardless of whether it applies to the question or she deflects trying to run out the interview time.

Look_A_Squirrel • 4 years ago

Sure - as soon as all the liberal lies are put front and center. Let's start with how the wealthiest people in Congress today are democrats who spent their lives as "public servants" while their constituencies saw massive declines in their income, safety, schools and jobs.

SpeechFree2 • 4 years ago

And they got their money AFTER they came to Washington! That's called corruption.

Mike • 4 years ago

Well if the MSM didn't prattle on asking the same questions infinitum, then she would be able to answer differently. You keep asking the same questions, you are going to get the same answers. You libs still never learn do you.

Weekend at Joes • 4 years ago

95% of the news media is comprised of lamelibmedia presstitutes who do nothing but promote a highly "progressive" liberal bias and who constantly attack anything conservative/stuff they don't agree with. There are many, many agitatin' liberal groups and paid snow flake protesters engaged in various forms of teeth gnashing and caterwauling, not to mention destruction of property and physical violence. The majority of elected democrats are highly partisan and on full faced attack mode 24/7. Then there are the unions, specifically the public teachers unions, who are engaged in rabble rousing and various nefarious tactics and attacks not to mention the indoctrination of their students.
Exactly which planet are you inhabiting?

Rational_Db8 • 4 years ago

Well, when the Dems are acting in unprecedented ways to delay and block a new president's appointees, and the Reps have control of the Senate, it's not all that hard. Let's hope this continues into actual legislative acts down the line, however.

Time will tell - but we are off to a promising start at least!

June Smith • 4 years ago

Kind of like complaining that Trump won the election after admitting they didn't vote.

These snowflakes are running on empty in the brain cells department

Rational_Db8 • 4 years ago

Kind of like complaining that Trump won the election, after proclaiming that questioning the winner would be unAmerican and kill democracy in the nation.

Kind of like complaining that Trump won the election after they ran a woman guilty of thousands of slam dunk felonies for mishandling national security documents, under active FBI investigation for both that and massive corruption/crony capitalism with the Clinton Foundation, who not even the Dems liked, all while subverting their own nomination process and voters to tank Sanders, and so on.

Kind of like complaining that Trump won, when Hillary was so entitled and out of touch that she failed to bother to campaign in a number of states because she just assumed they would vote for her in the election.

Kind of like complaining that Trump won, when Hillary's only message was "vote for me because 1) it's my turn and I'm entitled, 2) I'm a woman, and 3) I'll be Obama 2.0." Never mind that the Obamanation has been utterly dismal for this nation's moral, civility, and economy - not to mention foreign policy.

Guest • 4 years ago

It's so unbelievably over the top, I swear it's hard to believe they just. can't. get. it. already.

Jennifer • 4 years ago

I am a Democrat and a staunch critic of President Trump, but I agree with most everything you said here. It was Democratic party leadership, out of touch with their constituency (and reality) who lost us the presidency and we as a party must acknowledge that, or continue to screw ourselves.

313Kriss • 4 years ago

Snow flakes are more attractive than a bunch of middle aged politicians who think that Congress is a Hollywood production for the elites.

b9box • 4 years ago

Absolutely utterly awesome. Drain the swamp, with every tool we have!

Sandman619 • 4 years ago

Remember Trump's criticism of Clinton was her cozy relationship by making 1 speech at Goldman Sachs, while many of Trump's cabinet worked for Goldman Sachs. The swamp is just being restocked.

313Kriss • 4 years ago

Clinton put the security of our nation at risk with her private unsecured email server. She also used the State Department as a Hedge Fund for the Clinton Foundation. "Guilty as Sin" researched and written by Klein reports that she was working for the Foundation 90% of the time she was SOS.
The swamp occurred on your watch and vote.

RalphEllison • 4 years ago

You do know the POTUS uses an unsecure phone and his senior staff uses unsecure emails, don't you?

RalphEllison • 4 years ago

Exactly - with bigger, more vicious gators.

RalphEllison • 4 years ago

Are you posting from a sanitarium? Mnuchin was one of the chief actors of the housing bubble who made billions while millions lost their homes.

Price wants to gut Social Security, Medicare, AND Medicaid, all which help literally millions stay out of poverty. And, he was shown to use his congressional position for profit.

Both men are text book examples of swamp alligators. The swamp is being FILLED. When will you realize we are in the middle of a Wall St./Big Business elite coup?

Last Ride • 4 years ago

Take your anti-psychotics and stop spouting DNC talking points, no one is buying that BS anymore but left wing fruits, nuts and flakes. You lost, stop whining.

Wink-and-a-Nod • 4 years ago

Good one. Jeff, I'll take Xanax for $1,000 please.

steve • 4 years ago

They lost their homes because of the overinflated values in housing market, owners that didn't financially qualify for their loans and thanks to Clinton who basically told the banks that they will write loans irrespective of their qualifications.

marcel • 4 years ago

And, for some reason, the banks were encouraged by the government to loan 100%+ value of the home.

As long as the market increased, all was well. But, it was obvious that the market would eventually dip. The collapse was predicted.

The less informed, unfortunates continued to rush in thinking that prices would continue to inflate. School of hard knocks.

Wink-and-a-Nod • 4 years ago

More like the gov't strong armed banks into lending money to people who would never be able to pay their mortgage nor pay back the loan in the first place. Chaning the rules to allow someine to buy a home

marcel • 4 years ago

I worked for a bank when some of this was going down--low level lending authority. It was a foreseeable train wreck.

Wink-and-a-Nod • 4 years ago

Exactly. Forced by the dems.

Sandman619 • 4 years ago

That would be convenient to rewrite history that way. The Bush regime pushed home ownership for the subprime market as well. Banks took full advantage of cheap money from the Fed Res & quickly sold off their mortgage portfolios to avoid the pending crash because of their poor lending standards.

Rational_Db8 • 4 years ago

Baloney. In fact Bush and the Repubs in Congress started warning about the housing market as early as 2001 - and continued every year after that. The Dems blocked them from reining things in, all while utterly ridiculing them and proclaiming there was no risk - right up until literally only a few weeks before the crash (especially Barney Franks and Maxine Waters). The ONLY thing Bush pushed re housing was a tiny program to help buyer who were otherwise QUALIFIED for a NORMAL loan (not sub-prime) with down payments. And that was an utterly minuscule program.

Meanwhile, thanks to Carter and especially Clinton, banks were forced to write sub-prime loans. Just look up the anti-red-lining class action lawsuits that occurred. Ironically, Obama was one of the lawyers on the first anti-red-lining lawsuits - making him effectively a godfather of the housing crash.

From a post I wrote about this before, to back up my statements above

Democrats were WARNED of Financial crisis and did NOTHING

Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown

The White House Warned Congress About Fannie Mae Freddie Mac 17 Times In 2008, Alone

New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies

A new study from the widely respected National Bureau of Economic Research released this week has confirmed beyond question that the left's race-baiting attacks on the housing market (the Community Reinvestment Act--enacted under Carter, made shockingly more aggressive under Clinton) is directly responsible for imploding the housing market and destroying the economy.

The study painstakingly sorted through failed home loans that caused the housing market collapse and identified an overwhelming connection between them and CRA mortgages.

NBER: Did the Community Reinvestment Act Lead to Risky Lending?

313Kriss • 4 years ago

The dream of everyone having a home began with Carter. Of all the Democrats, he is the only one to roll up his sleeves and get to work rehabbing homes for the poor - thus, Habitat for Humanity was established .

sam savage • 4 years ago

I would agree with you if anything you said was true. Get back to us when you have something other than slogans from the Little Red Book.

Imzela • 4 years ago

The difference is leadership and what the President wants them to do. President Trump has stated he wants to save & keep both SS and Medicare. Since we see he is a man of his word there is every reason to expect these programs are not at risk.

If you want to re-litigate the housing bubble and the ensuing collapse we only need to look to Bill Clinton who repealed Glass-Steagall, allowing Banks to mix funds, and passed NAFTA which laid down the blueprint for the WTO allowing China to destroy our job base by sending millions of jobs abroad. The Combination of the two caused home prices to soar at the same time the job base was shrinking rapidly.This is the toxic mix that brought about the extreme collapse of the housing market, unlike the softer landing which had occurred during past recessions.

Sandman619 • 4 years ago

NAFTA doesn't benefit China at all, which was a 3 nation agreement for Mexico, US & Canada. By backing out of TPP rather than fix it, China is now leading the effort which will benefit them & hurt US interests. Trump played into China's hand.

Clinton had the full support of Republicans for NAFTA & repealing Glass Steagall. The Bush regime pushed home ownership esp the subprime lending, though the banks should take full responsibility for tossing out their lending standards.

Douglas Rowland • 4 years ago

You seem to have a comprehension problem!

Imzela • 4 years ago

And people like you vote, honestly! What you need to do is improve your education before you post such nonsense. You can start here:


NAFTA was the blueprint for the WTO which Clinton promoted mightily and he "alone" is responsible for signing both the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the implementation of NAFTA.

Linda • 4 years ago

The dem faux Indian, Warren from Mass., made money off the homes being foreclosed on too.
Nonsense on the cutting of Soc Sec, medicare and Medicaid. All three are dripping red ink....something has to change, but Trump's not working to HURT Americans, he's fighting to help us ALL. And thanks to the DEMS beginning this month now their ILLEGALS can also begin collecting Soc Security... they give everything to their illegals and little to Americans who have worked hard all their lives. The obama admin put more in POVERTY, more on food stamps, more on welfare...intentionally killed a whole industry and offered those workers welfare too..... while funding muslim terrorists/terrorism.
Hillary was the QUEEN of donations from wall street. And she refused to tell us what she'd promised THEM in return for their financial support for her campaign.

SophieA • 4 years ago

Elections have consequences. Sit down, shut up, and take the medicine you've dished out like a man. Oh I forgot. You can't be a liberal and a man at the same time. You chose poorly.

Charlie Evering • 4 years ago

Hey Ralph why don't you look into who
was in Congressional power when the
seeds of the Housing Bubble were
planted? You just might find a whole
bunch of Capital (D'S) behind there
names. The lead one being William
Jerfferson Clinton.

313Kriss • 4 years ago

I think the Democrat heavy Senate Banking Commission had their hands all over the financial melt down. GW Bush asked them to check out Fanny and Freddy and they said 'everything is OK'. Prior to that, beginning with Carter who said 'everyone should have their own home'.....fast forward to Clinton who continued with that liberal act of "mercy", Banks were strong-armed to lend money to very risky clients who were apt to not be able to pay their mortgage and when their Adjustable Rate Mortgages went up, foreclosures arrived and the poor, uninformed and uneducated were out on the street. Years ago, most of us remember Banks being the best financial counsel a citizen could have. If we were a risk, we were told so and we did not get a loan.

Guest • 4 years ago

Don't bother with your intelligent, factual points. This is hopeless.

RalphEllison • 4 years ago

Lmao. These brown shirts love their Orange Fuhrer.

Erick • 4 years ago

Seems Ralphy doesn't deal with the actual truth. The dems were the cause of the housing bubble by way of cramming bad loans into the system. Dems were in charge and put in the policy. The spineless republicans were too stupid to simply point at the guilty dems. McLame was part of that spineless collection of trash. Bush II was also too stupid to call out the lying dems. Continue being the town idiot you are and watch as someone in an elected office does some actual work.

Linda • 4 years ago

All true EXCEPT about Pres. Bush.... he questioned the dems several times - pull it up to verify my statement - and he was called a racist etc because the dems decided they could shame him and make it appear he didn't support the poor people who dems thought should own a home whether they could even afford to make the first mortgage payment.
One article in regards to my above statement.. but Bush did show his concern at least a dozen times = https://georgewbush-whiteho...

Democrats Were Wrong on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac | Thomas ...


Oct 6, 2008 - ****Seventeen.***** That's how many times, according to this White House statement (hat tip Gateway Pundit), that the Bush administration has called ... more @ http://www.usnews [dot] com/opinion/blogs/barone/2008/10/06/democrats-were-wrong-on-fannie-mae-and-freddie-mac

RRDRRD • 4 years ago

Is B9Box posting from a sanitarium? Pretty sure he/she is not your neighbor.

Wink-and-a-Nod • 4 years ago

Provide facts, links with hard evidence not just agitiprop you lemmings like to spout.