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NoMoreFools • 5 years ago


Don't let these Pansy Lollywood inept Fools get into your head!! They are weak and insecure, that is why the are starving for Attention. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY

Draintheswamps • 5 years ago

Honestly, the funny part of these stupid people for me is the same as eating dog poo flavored icecream everyday.
Im sick of these idiots.
Also its not just the millenials, maxine waters the dumbest of the dumbest just announced that Trumps arms are around putin and russia is invading korea. My god when will the stupidity start to turn around? I say Trump should start putting troops on the ground for a while.
Lets sweep the streets!

Wiines 007 • 5 years ago

Yeah, marshall law is what we need in our sovereign people controlled constitutional republic. I really hope you were being sarcastic!

NoMoreFools • 5 years ago

Amen and very well said!

John Foytek • 5 years ago
AG12323 • 5 years ago

Shia got trolled and lost it. haha.

TubeSurferGeek • 5 years ago

The trolls were on both sides. People looking to get a rise out of the liberals and at the same time, liberals that refused to allow Trump supporters the same level of free speech. Most were there for a peaceful 15 minutes of fame but a small percentage were there to cause trouble... on BOTH sides.

Tarland • 5 years ago

I Truely the idea of, 'he will not divide us', had good peaceful intentions. But his trolls, are trained to provoke violence with words. Causing a ordinary peaceful person to react in a way the normally wouldn't. Therefore, the reaction becomes the issue. Best to irgnore, keep calm and carry on. Peace

For the Love of God • 5 years ago

If you don't want your kids to go insane, keep them out of Hollyweired world and that includes the music industry!
No amount of money is worth losing your sanity or your child!
Well, not unless you are one of those parents who don't care about your child and only want to ride their bank accounts and try to get your 15 minutes of fame, like with Lindsey Lohan mom and many many more!

Stratcat • 5 years ago

He didn't just divide them...he STOPPED them! LOL!!!!

mrs blunt • 5 years ago

Check yourself into the looney bin before it's too late.

danile • 5 years ago

Hollywood has gone crazy. I can't believe the amount of jokes being thrown at the commander in chief. Obama who has done nothing for this country and has put it in a 10 Trillion deficit is hailed by celebrities and SNL. Yet a man who just started working to reshape the country back to where people have opportunities and keeping it safe from today's threats which everyone seems to have forgotten that people are out to get us. Creating a system of knowing who comes in to this country is a very responsible thing to do by Trump. The fact that the federal judges do not see a threat that justifies the means for a temporary ban is beyond anyone's imagination. Are we waiting for a disaster to say I told you so? And please shut down these celebs who have no clue how the world is today. They live in a delusional state where everything is just peachy. And everyone loves eachother. And if you reach with a handshake to your enemy the will love you back. What a disgraceful way to treat the commander in chief who is attempting to protect this country. To all the dirty democrats and other political figures who feed the wrong information to the public. Stop what you are doing now and respect the foundation of this country.

Stratcat • 5 years ago

Obama did lot for this country! He created ISIS, he created the buzzword "Islamaphobia", he brought race relations back to the civil rights days, he went golfing on our dime, oh the list goes on and on!

GlobalThinkTank • 5 years ago

Racism!?! What a Scumbag Punk; he's lucky he only got pushed... he should have got his face punched in just for being annoying and instigating a fight.

FREEDOM • 5 years ago

I LOVE TRUMP........

YITADEE • 5 years ago

Shia isn't the type of celebrity looking for his security to handle his business for him. Again, like Shia or not, i respect him because he stands on what he believes and thats more than we can say for most phonies in entertainment business so, if you don't like Shia, that makes you a hypocrite because at least hes being himself and not worried about what we think. He's being like us, himself. Respect him for that.

Stratcat • 5 years ago

Don't tell us to "like Shia" or we're hypocrites! He's a spoiled little punk brat who is doing this to revive his dead career! Trump supporters stand on what they believe...so do you support them? Or are you a hypocrite?

Chris McElreath • 5 years ago

Can we all agree that the idiot in that video chanting was not Shia so stop saying it is because he isn't. Shia is a different idiot with a red ski cap and beard saying he will not divide us.

m23543 • 5 years ago

he clearly smacked that cigar out of the kids hand first.

Annoy_Liberal • 5 years ago

Democrats have not been this mad since Republicans took away their slaves.

Samuel White • 5 years ago


K9ndn • 5 years ago

He must be smoking to much weed and becoming on off those liberal stoner protesters.

Shantastic • 5 years ago

He needs to make another movie soon. Money's gonna run out soon and he's gonna feel naked

Stratcat • 5 years ago

Hollyweird doesn't want him!

A U G U S T 16 • 5 years ago

Free America

Force 10 ☯️ • 5 years ago

Shia's a boss playa y'alls ... get off his D now

Stratcat • 5 years ago

Jeff Hanneman would never have supported Shia, and I knew Jeff.

Force 10 ☯️ • 5 years ago

I said that haphazardly in jest good sir ... I sincerely apologize if I misconstrued Jeff's political views .

InTheStone • 5 years ago

ok, now in English... :)

Jack Thompson • 5 years ago

liberalism is a mental disorder. Shia is their poster boy.

K9ndn • 5 years ago

Ha!!! Dr. Savage says that lololol

Susan D. Armstrong • 5 years ago

Yeah, whatever happened to those liberal Hollywood nut jobs who said they were going to move out of the country if Trump was elected? I'm still waiting. I even offered to help any of them pack.

MILK DUDS • 5 years ago

what happened to trump prosecuting hillary?

Turbulent Juice • 5 years ago

...best not to turn that murderer into a martyr

incog99 • 5 years ago

Maybe Shia should put a paper bag over his head again and write, "I am not famous anymore" on it.

m23543 • 5 years ago

he's so artsy, isn't he?

MRGGPRI • 5 years ago

Living in an elevator didn't work out for him so maybe he should try Forest Lawn where he will likely end up anyhow....

Chris Sinclair • 5 years ago

Try that stuff in Texas...Just try it. Or any other free state with CCW laws. It will be Shia LaDeceased. You can't just violently attack people because they have a different view that yours.

Debi • 5 years ago

I thought half of these "actors" were going to leave the country if Trump was elected? I'm still waiting for that to happen so I can wave buh-bye.....

David Hedricks • 5 years ago

Well that didn't last long now did it?

j dub • 5 years ago

The action of the "left" consisting of protest and disruptions is really an attempt to show they don't believe in the 1st Amendment. Fact. Trying to shut Milo or Devos from speaking is a obvious example of this. Word to the "leftists" who think this policy it working: it's not.

pilotrod • 5 years ago

Had I not came across this article, I would not have the slightest inkling who this guy was.

Frustrated Teacher • 5 years ago

These people love to shout out against the exact things they are doing. Divide us while shouting 'He will not Divide us". Tremendous hate and vitriol while carrying signs that say 'No H8'. 'Anti-fascists' using Fascist tactics to drown out or violently suppress opposing views. It goes on and on....

Zambonie • 5 years ago

I won't see anything he's in since his plagiarism and the way he acted out afterwards.
Shia LeBoof is seriously deranged.

Tommy Jeff • 5 years ago

Can't we just shut down Shia?

i.hate.sjws • 5 years ago


Shan Boak • 5 years ago

Conquer our enemies, drive them before us, and listen to the lamentations of their effeminate men.

THE FIERCE PUGATEE • 5 years ago


THE FIERCE PUGATEE • 5 years ago

Will never give this fascist little puke another dime, regardless of what movie he makes.

theduke89 • 5 years ago

The great thing about Trump is that he brings out that festering subliminal bigotry in the left and they lose their minds. Wonderfully entertaining.