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ObioraSEven • 1 year ago

And that was the reason igbos didn't vote for him because we knew he has nothing positive to offer Nigeria and Nigerians. He will only make things worse for the poor. Apart from that, his is a wicked man.

defash1 • 1 year ago

Some of us in SW did not vote for him too, go and look at the election result.

Today, I walk tall to say I did not vote for failed Buhari. Having gone through 1980s I know the kind of hardship that Buhari can bring & he is not disappointing.

UOU • 1 year ago

You are very correct, I will not agree that all yorubas voted for buhari because the margin was not that much but the supreme effect is on the, lies, propaganda, division and hate introduced and spread, openly led by the SW and its media, which created mood and influenced the votings in the Middle belt and North. Ordinarily, Buhari will have votes in the North as usual but will not beat Jonathan or anyone, without the propaganda. Thank God, the truth is coming out and Igbos apart from being vindicated, will not even take glory because they saw it coming. This is not a period for patronage nor vainglory, with the current hardship, hopelessness, all glory belongs to God and we hope, God comes to the rescue of the country somehow. For me, just returning to posts on, online, especially on this time of buhari's vacations and its attendant controversies, I have analysed the situation, with a conclusion that, it's for buhari's own good to RESIGN, quietly. He has failed everything and everyone and all things and all people has fauiled him. sometimes it is not that thing you want to you really need, he can better manage his life as a private person, at least Nigerians gave him this chance but the capacity is far beyond him. Buhari should just see reason, like Jammeh in gambia who left upon realistic pressure and avoided further troubles for himself and family members. Yes, Igbos saw it, insisted and did not support a buhari Presidency even with Mbaka as influential as he is in SE, endorsing buhari (Mbaka's followers did not hate him, they only ignored him and refused to vote buhari), now, the North are gradually but steadily joining along with the Middle belt, left only is the SW but its aonly a matter of time, very soon they will also realize its a drowning ship because even with the VP, its meaningless if he can actually not contribute anything to rationalize his position there. Another mistake was also, not to have allowed Tinubu to be the VP, for me, that would have checkmated a lot of things by buhari but could still have turned deadly, who knows it may still have made a mess of the situation or something similar

Walter Debosky • 4 months ago

Lucky you, for some of us that supported him, we thought we should give the Nigeria project a chance, but he has turned out to be the most clannish president till date, but surely he is going back to Daura, insha allah

Ajayi balogun • 1 year ago

Lies we all in sw veto for fulani dumb Ass.....disappoint all over..

defash1 • 1 year ago

This is the problem, when some of us were talking, people like you refused to listen.

If you are an adult during Buhari first coming you will have known better that Buhari will not be able to deliver. Secondly, Buhari ideology is not applicable in 21st century. Thirdly, Buhari is not knowledgeable about economy, something he accepted but he failed to educate himself. To kill it, Nepotism which we never see in him just surfaced during his second coming thereby setting him against his APC team & causing in-fighting. Lastly, we are now seeing him as religion bigot & this is worse off as he might set the country on fire if not stopped.

Bako • 1 year ago

Manage a country? - he was emaciated and dying because he couldn't manage his life!!! Can Buhari manage a kiosk? Fact is that he has no school cert!!!!

embrace peace • 1 year ago

Buhari has acheived more in less than two years than what goodluck acheived in more than 5 years. Thats why we voted the moron out. You ibos voted goodluck out of tribalism not based on performance, and you have refused to commend buhari because things didn't go your own way in the last election, forgetting that was what hausas endured while goodluck was on, they never said they were going, they didn't become traitors and secessionists, they never were disrespectful to Goodluck, the way you people insult Buhari on social media and his facebook page. but few of you have realized hate doesn't give any result and are now embracing apc n buhari. My advice is that if you can't beat them you join them.

haunted • 1 year ago

Dimwit! Eternal parasitic slaves and Empty boast.

You have just exhibited your hallmark - lies, propaganda and no substance.



Mikkolo • 1 year ago

sorry that kerosine is 300/ltr

Bako • 1 year ago

OOOOh my God the country is dying and they are supporting El-Rufufu to finish Christians in Kaduna - is this the real agenda of the regime?

Charlez D Don • 1 year ago

may the life of your family be ruined just as buahri is ruling Nigerian... say amen idiot

Mr Abel Ighodaro • 1 month ago

We in the diaspora feel sad that a lot of Nigerians are this gullible, this is why the looting will continue, that is why the legislative arm of the government will continue to get the highest pay in the world for nothing, what has Buhari done for you in the last 3 years? has your life got better? do you have constant power? do you have petrol each time you drive to a filling station(oil producing country), are the prices of food stable? are the roads motorable? is there security of lives and properties?

Paul Irumundomon • 1 year ago

Name a few, be sincere to yourself

IIS • 1 year ago

I challenge you to support your unfounded claim else shut up. Buhari has no idea what to do and his useless policies from his equally useless and incompetent ministers is ruining Nigeria. If you cant beat them join them is your slogan. That in itselfs says all that needs to be known about you. Weak, cowardly ingrate!!!

Emeka • 1 year ago

Can you please list the achievement of Buhari in two years.

Paul Irumundomon • 1 year ago

Buhari said this in 2012:  kare jini, biri jini (Hausa for ‘the dog and the baboon will be soaked in blood’).

Magnus • 1 year ago

Was that truly the reason?

Olumba Olumba • 1 year ago

Not because you knew, no one could know that.

Tiboxi • 1 year ago

Ajayi Balogun thanks you. You could know who would do well. If you review the persons past objectively. A leopard never changes it's spot. It's hard to change habits in old age. That was the only reason if you must know. What you need to ask is what guides your decision. I think one major reason alot of people made mistake on Buhari is that they did not know him. They have no record of him and their anger did not allow them check. Alot of people here were not adults when he led as a military president. Secondly they did not think alot has changed. People are more exposed now and the world has moved on. Buhari never moved with the apparent technological advancement and thriving democracy. How can a man with WAEC education lead effectively. Alot happens in numbers. A truly educated fellow is a liberated fellow. Your thinking is global. Buhari does not just fit.
It's so sad Yorubas acted out of hate and we are all paying for it.
Any BSc. holder who voted Buhari simply let's me know he has no regard for his certificate. Now if you do not have regard for your certificate, don't expect Buhari to regard it. Now implications are that positions bright minds and learned people should occupy will be given to people like Dalung without apology. The effect goes on.
For me this is not tribal that is why I still have respect for northerners like Sanusi and the Yaradua family.

Nelson Cole • 1 year ago

While I will agree that PMB has greatly disappointed us, I have a great challenge with you tribal champions, Yorubas do not do hate! Or may be OPC is no longer a yoruba Organization? Or Afenifere? Or Yoruba PDP members? Because all this organizations campaigned and voted for GEJ. Meanwhile, when Yoruba were putting their neck on the slab during the conundrum of Yaradua, and a Yoruba man Bakare championed the cause we did not hate him did we? When Fasheun said openly that he advice GEJ to postponed the election we did not hate him did we? Or Fayose is no longer a Yoruba man? Please separate tribal bigotry from issues, Those Yoruba that voted for PMB voted for him because they thought he will do well. We do not do tribe, watch out in 2019, if things continue like this, Yoruba will not do tribe, we will vote according to our conscience.
By the way, Democracy guarantee that I vote for whoever catches my fancy, not support someone because you are supporting him, look I decide to vote whosoever I will, not because of hatred, but because it is my right to exercise my Vote as I will, that is the basis of Democracy. Stop all this Yoruba hate GEJ lies!

Adebayo • 1 year ago

My brother , not all Yorubas play tribal sentiments while voting in the last election but a lot did and are still doing till today, the same goes with every region in Nigeria. They think about your region before addressing you whenever you say things they don't want to hear due to their pre-judged minds

Olumba Olumba • 1 year ago

I agree with you to an extent, GEJ was a good man before he became president, but he wasn't a good leader. Well, we've seen bad people turn good and vice versa. No one could ascertain the future.

Tiboxi • 1 year ago

If GEJ failed it was a fallout of a vow from the north to frustrate his government and make Nigeria ungovernable. No one remembers that today but history won't forget it. GEJ is a good man and could not replicate that totally in governance because of his detractors whose aim was to smear his name. But he is a millions times better and every single day now vindicates him.

Paul Irumundomon • 1 year ago

We see it daily on northern streets, they cut their nose to spite their face.

Paul Irumundomon • 1 year ago

Not anger, I called it bad belle

Bako • 1 year ago

Which WAEC and when did Bawari ever had a WAEC cert? Prove it!!! Rather all of the man.s nature and movement, actions and in-actions show he has not WAEC!!!

adaku • 1 year ago

Look I don't want to believe that Yoruba people voted for Buhari out of hatred. We are all missing the truth. The votes in SW were close which is good in a democracy. The point is that Buhari came at the rt time when Nigerians were looking for any alternative other than Jonathan. Guys Joanthan was bad let call spade a spade, please this is not hatred. he was bad as leader but was a good man personally. People like Tinubu should be blamed squarely because they should have known better

Emeka • 1 year ago

Yoruba voted for PMB because they believed that Jonathan short changed or abandoned them (the Yorubas) and nothing more.

Ajayi balogun • 1 year ago

My brother,igbos

Ajayi balogun • 1 year ago

Igbos knew the man very well

Uche • 1 year ago

Ajayi my brother thanks for being brutally honest

Uche Ogbujah • 1 year ago

And this man claims to be a professor? Some professor indeed. Every dummy in Nigeria who saw Buhari mess Nigeria up in 1984 can testify of his cluelessness, incompetence, lack of integrity, corruption, ineptitude, nepotism, ethnic bigotry, and Islamic agenda. Buhari has been and is an unrepentant dictator and hypocrite. Our so called professor who was one of his rabid supporters needs an education! You should publicly apologize to Nigerians for manipulating them with their lies of "dressing Buhari in borrowed robes " in your search for a hero. Look at your hero! You and your likes have helped destroy a nation, and you should stop pretending to be a public analyst. You lack the credentials.

UOU • 1 year ago

I have stated exactly the same, buhari can save his ass, in only one way. Simple, come back from UK, apologise to the people for all your deceit, lies, hypocrisy etc then RESIGN. He can still negotiate to take along he VP, let power descend to the Judiciary for RE-AWAKENING then we have a new People's constitution and elections, only on federal level. With this buhari can pray to be called a statesman but minus this, things are going to get worse, just like every other dying african country, the masses will do nothing because they cannot do anything, the divisions planted already is too tick to bring any meaningful cohesion. Buhari himself have lost value even within his ardent supporters as described and confessed by this chap so he wont fear loosing any more thing however Jonathan still has his supporters behind him. Of course this is an unlikely advice, to RESIGN, very unafrican, with 0% chances but that is what will save buhari and the country. Especially the North are tired as they also share from the sufferings and hopelessness, they have joined already the criticism. For now only the SW stand with buhari and its just because of the VP thing but that won't last considering the realities on ground. I will not like to insult this so called Professor but he should tell us, who between him, a well educated person (who blindly supported a barely primary school leaver candidate against a graduate of science) and Jonathan, who he still throws abuses on, is more brilliant. The Truth is that, all the assault on Jonathan was that he is not brute, those who taught they lost out in his regime built lies and propaganda and pushed to hate and divide everyone, wicked hate against him and the people who stood with him in the later days. Finally our so called failed elite, generally are insincere, misleading and worthless. Yes, if a professor and many other professors, business executives, intellectuals could support buhari over Jonathan without a reasonable reason (Other than hate and tribalism), without even extracting commitments from a born despot dictator like buhari on any policy or program, these set of people are not better than idiots. Sure, they had a field day bullying Jonathan, this professor even mentioned all the bad names against Jonathan was stated by him, strictly because Jonathan is of the minority but the boomerang is on the way, more confession are coming, on the way but the sufferings will be there for a long time because the damages buhari has done will not be repaired in another 20yrs. Last time 1983-1985 buhari forced himself to power via coup(felony) he left a mess that took till 2000, to clear, that's 15yrs. For this shameless professor, buhari cannot lead any country but for me, buhari can barely lead any aspiring prosperous family

Emeka • 1 year ago

Ogbeni, I am sorry to inform you that Buhari is not coming back.

Mekudi Ba Yaro Ba • 1 year ago

Thank you Farooq. This is one of the biggest scandal and misadventure (yet again!) to hit this nation. Buhari's incompetence and and cluelessness!
Is this nation really cursed? A lot of people had high hopes for this man and he has turned to be another turd. When will this nation get it right with right leadership? This is so sad!!!!

Addotti • 1 year ago

You're the one that's cursed sir, people like you is why we are where we are today as a nation. You contribute nothing to the development of the country yet you blame those trying to do something. Every sensible person realized this country was destined for a recession no matter who won the election except by a stroke of luck crude oil prices doubled. A country that has been abused and grossly mismanaged can't be fixed overnight, we want to continue doing the same things we've done over the years and expect the country to change. Buhari might not be the president to make Nigeria great but he's definitely the president we need to slow things down, otherwise we would have had a worse ending.

Olumba Olumba • 1 year ago

Get well soon.

Larrybobo • 1 year ago

You obviously do not know what you are talking about. Buhari the president we need to slow things down? Your lack of knowledge about the man and what governance entails is the exact reason why this clueless man who is promoting command economy in the 21st century got into power in the first place. Plus, the FX corruption happening now makes the one under Jonathan a child's play, And you completely glossed over what farouk said about his being corrupt and shielding his corrupt staffers. All you can do is jump to the comparison of Buhari and Jonathan, that typify's how shallow your thoughts are. Isn't it a disaster that a man we hoped could rescue us is now becoming a worse monumental disaster? That we had a big problem with Jonathan now meant we should die with bigger problems under Buhari? Broaden your thoughts and horizon please.

FirecloudOFGOD • 1 year ago

Let him be firm and EQUITABLE in tackling corruption!

Addotti • 1 year ago

Be realistic and objective, how do you think Buhari can fight corruption by himself. Corruption is a menace that has eaten deep in our system so much that it's now our culture. Fighting corruption must be a systematic thing which must permeate the entire system. The executive, judiciary and the legislature are the foundation upon which the building blocks of corruption is laid. The president on his own may be serious about the corruption war but he's neither the prosecutor nor the investigator. A system where you steal a large enough money to bribe both the EFCC and the Judges cannot be changed overnight. What are the people looking at when people steal these huge funds, a governor can't steal a dime without the connivance of so many public servants. We the people need to wake up and ask questions of our leaders at every level, things can only change when we ourselves change. Buhari as a man has branded himself over the years as a man of unquestionable character, it's time for us to prove him right or wrong.

Tiboxi • 1 year ago

Please donote make excuses for Buhari. If you take over as a manager in firm from a former manager that did not do well, your job is to fix things not complain. If he knew he was incompetent why want power at all cost to the extent of promising to spill blood. You know sometimes I just feel it's a good thing Buhari got this power after all. That way all doubt is cleared. Nigerians will never have to vote for anyone who has questionable certification. Like the Toronto saga.
Face it. He has failed woefully and if you knew he could not do it alone why fight for presidency as if it's a do or die affair?
I don't need stories like this from people like you. Reasonable people who were very responsible for ensuring he won have admitted it was a mistake so, who are you?

Addotti • 1 year ago

I hear you, he failed woefully, you passed woefully, don't go and look for something productive to do. As long as oil is what we depend on to develop, Nigeria is going nowhere, the wise are already in the farms and factories while whilers are complaining.

defash1 • 1 year ago

Buhari mis-stepped immediately he deviated from his initial promise that he would draw the line & ensure no new corruption & will not dwell on the past. The fight against corruption was partly responsible for the devaluation of Naira that we are facing today as lots of people try to take away stolen money quickly by changing them to Dollars.

Unearthing past corrupt activities also created diversion as the country could not articulate its strategy to address the fallen price of crude & even the agitation of NDA.

One lesson here is that any President who brought hardship irrespective of his good intention will be shown the way out.

I support the call that Buhari should resign but have we evaluate Osibanjo to know if he is up to the task? We cannot be doing trial & error with leadership.

Lifetime • 1 year ago

I doff my hat for that wonderful submission. Your response above to the guy saying all SW flocked to PMB,s camp in the last 2015 election was also very great. You know the problem was the emotion that came with the need to remove GEJ then.The emotion beclouded the reasoning of many supporters of PMB that some can even do anything like harm you if you dare criticise PMB. Personally,PMB was the hard choice with the direction and situation in the country then, but I knew you cannot leave PMB with the destiny of the country. He has to be constantly monitored and criticized objectively. That was not the case until everything started falling apart.He went about dividing his own house with the 97%and 5% nomenclature. In elementary political calculus differentiation is meant for pre-election. Once the election is over, integration should start from the domain that are hostile to you before or during election because in politics there is no permanent friends but interest.

Tiboxi • 1 year ago

God blesd you for your last line. See fusion of mathematics and politics. You can only get this as an educated fellow. Differentiation and integration.
Bro you killed it.
We will vote for educated sound minds with impeccable antecedence and achievements going forward. This is why the White man is better. After a war they open arms to their opponents and everyone works together for development.

Josat • 1 year ago

I just Like these words "After a war they open arms to their opponents and everyone works together for development" however the election this time created enemies and not opponents and it is very sickening that we citizens are very very gullible and easily manipulated like goats such that you show a goat some pills of yam it will follow you right into your house without bleating. I wish Nigerians will understand what it means to be a nation individually first before talking about federation and may be republicanism.

Lifetime • 1 year ago

Thanks bro.

Addotti • 1 year ago

I wish you well in your quest for the quick fix leader you seek.

defash1 • 1 year ago

It is not about quick fix, do Buhari looks like somebody who can fix things? I guess you wait so long at bus stop if you think Buhari will fix Nigeria