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Mali Ni • 5 years ago

I have to say, I have tried it all...vitamins, fasts, jobs, exercise, even a raw vegan diet, spiritual development, etc...BUT, as much as some people hate it, the actual clinical medicine has helped me so much. It takes time and dedication either way, but I think all of these things I've listed, and this, have made my life better. It solely depends on the individual, but seriously whatever works...I have bi-polar and it literally changes my face and is scary and very painful without my medicine. I have tried...and obviously before the meds. I can't believe I made it this far. I am grateful for all of these options.

Alexa Page Nickol • 5 years ago

I'll be glad to share what has worked for me if you are still looking. Email me at arnickol2@gmail.com or look me up on fb!

Daniel • 4 years ago

I have struggled with feeling sad/depressed/mood swings/anxiety for the past 3 years. I've never received any medical treatment for it; I've just tried to be strong and fight it off. My crossfit coach has some of the same issues, and he told me how he started JERF ("just eat real food" aka veggies, fruit, meat, no processed carbs, no sugar). His transformation was amazing. I decided to try it, and the results have been amazing! I'm a very skeptical person (attorney), so I thought it might just be the placebo effect. Well, it's been 3 weeks since I've started heating healthy, and I am certain the issue with me was my nutrition, mainly sugar. I'm so glad I found this information. I think there are probably lots of different causes to depression so perhaps not everyone will experience the same results as me, but I'll say my whole mental game has changed completely since my nutrition changed.

anna • 4 years ago

I had depression and anxiety disorders resistant to treatment for more than 13 years. I started diet 1and half month ago ,gluten free, and heal the gut with specific probiotics and supplements and I cant believe the difference. I dont need my pills anymore and im almost completely free of symptoms so far. I still cant believe it after so many years suffering and nobody told me before to help my gut.

Crystal74 • 4 years ago

Anna - which ones have you used?

anna • 4 years ago

Hello. it helped me most the product restore gut of restore4life. I still have mild depression but I think its due to my hormonological issues. But iam off meds, I don't take antidepressants the last two months, and im better than I was with them. I also take Gaba, this or/and 5HTP can help neurotransmitters. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome so I still have long way for recovery. But definitely restore gut improved my mood a lot. If you decide to start do it slow and gradually increase the dose. Read the revies there are on internet and Facebook. I ve been informed lately for many things about how I can help my self with my issues. If you d like I could share with you

Cathleen Venson • 4 years ago

I would love if you would share. trying to learn about healthy gut. thank you

Alexa Page Nickol • 5 years ago

I had not known that my anxiety and depression was related to gut health until my friend told me to google it. I am so glad I did and changed my life around! I am a completely different person from a year ago when I decided to take my health back. With my doctors approval I stopped my medications and continued with the all plant based supplements. I have healed my gut, balanced my body and loving every minute of it!

Barbara Gaskill • 5 years ago

What can we do about being sprayed with chemicals from airplanes - aka chem trails that part of mental health issue along with aluminum poison and other chemicals?

GHC Support • 5 years ago

Great question! The following are some suggestions to consider with regard to your personal health in the event of environmental exposure to chemicals and toxic metals.

Lung cleansing

Chemical and toxic metal detox

Air purification

Water purification

Ideally this will help you if you have been exposed, and also as a preventative in keeping you healthy in general.

Constance A. Deming • 3 years ago

OMG, finding this article makes me feel so good. I have had severe episodes of depression my whole life that last from a week to a month. I kept telling my doctors that I always had a stomach ache before these episodes. Not one doctor or psychologist has connected the brain and the gut. But this article validates my assumption that I do not need more antidepressants - I just need PROBIOTICS. Thank you thank you thank.

Michelle Zirkle • 3 years ago


Colleen • 3 years ago

I am 51 and have suffered from bipolar my entire life. Five yrs ago I began aggressively looking for a way to manage. I began regular talk therapy and found a psychiatrist who started me on lithium and an antidepressant. But in order to also address insomnia, anxiety and ADD, and all the side effects that come from all the meds, I was eventually taking around 10 prescriptions. Despite all the meds I still suffered from symptoms of everything I was medicating myself to heal. I began to realize I wasn’t really healing. I was just masking the symptoms and the problems were still there. Six mo ago during a routine blood test I showed the beginnings of kidney damage from all the meds. So I started researching natural cures and with my doctors begrudged guidance slowly began stopping the meds. Psychatrists believe in pharmaceuticals first and foremost. What I found To work miracles is an organic non-gmo Ketogenic Diet combined with an hour of walking most days and weekly one hour talk therapy with a great therapist. I also take a quality probiotic to support gut health. And some quality plant based non-synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements. I’ve been doing this for 6 mo. I’m off ALL those expensive and side effect ridden medications. And ALL of my bipolar, anxiety and ADD symptoms are gone! I found Dr Eric Berg, Dr Ken D Berry, Dr Paul Saladino and Dr John Bergman on YouTube to be tremendous resources for understanding the relationship between diet, gut health and the need for an organic non-gmo sources of food. I hope my story encourages some of you to try the path I’m on. It works!

Susan • 3 years ago

I had severe brain fog, depression, anxiety and was beginning to get panic attacks. I have eaten a healthy diet (whole foods, plant based) for 40 years. When I developed a black coating on my tongue along with diarrhea, both my psychologist and my general practitioner told me they saw no cause for alarm - that I was healthy. I finally found my diagnosis on Google: Candida. I immediately started taking double doses of probiotics morning and night. My depression, anxiety and brain fog were GONE by the 4th day! I began eating the Candida diet (no more plants-based, too many carbs) and adding to the probiotics: Restore and Lauricidin at midday. It's been 6 months now and I've been feeling great, black tongue and diarrhea went away early on. But if I cheat on my diet, skip one of my probiotic/supplements, or have a stressful event, the depression and anxiety return. I can't figure out how to heal for good?

Wolf of Life • 4 years ago

Interesting, but medicine would produce much more relevant and useful results for us if, instead of wasting time and lives by subjecting rats to artificial distress, trials were done on people like us who are already having problems and want an opportunity to be helped based on relevant, human, model. A family friend of mine with advanced cancer was scheduled to take part in a trial for developig a new medicine. As he was going to die otherwise anyway, this might have been the last chance to save his life. They then withdrew him from the study so he never got a chance to trial it and died. If somebody is ill anyway, and has consented to take part in a study, knowing the risks, this is a much better way of advancing science than making other beings ill whose bodies and minds do not work the same way. There is no point in medicine being vegan or natural if they have been involved in animal testing.

Sad person • 4 years ago

Hello i am

Leslie Norvell • 5 years ago

I knew that my anxiety and depression were connected. The two would come and go for no reason that I could think of. I suspected that eating sugar might affect my moods, but wasn't 100 percent sure. Now, with this information, and looking back at my diet, it all makes complete sense. Sometimes I eat a very healthy diet and other times not.

Leanne • 5 years ago

I found out I had Candida and was experiencing depression, fatigue, anxiety and mood swings. Now that I have changed my diet my mood is changing too, and my energy levels. I also found out that when I was shifting my diet I had to detox as well, I felt pretty miserable during that time and alot of anger came up. It seemed like as I was detoxing physically emotional processing followed. I feel so much better now, I dont have to take afternoon naps, I am craving proteins instead of carbs like french fries and pizza. I am just a few months into my diet change and taking anti-fungal herbs but it is changing my entire life. I will never disregard my diet and how it relates to my emotional health again. Just cutting sugar out of my diet was such a relief to my body, I dont even miss it because i feel sooooooo much better now.

Karla Gossen Duffy • 5 years ago

I have struggled for years as well ~ mostly in the last 10 years after being on antibiotics for abdominal abscesses. I followed a plan discussed on Dr. Oz. It incorporated most things mentioned here, also vinegar (or fermented things: pickles, sauerkraut, kimchee ...) L- Glutamine and Oregano pills daily. I really felt a difference after a couple months! I've slipped into some bad eating habits lately ~ and after losing 40 lbs and keeping it off a year, dang me! So I'm going to try it again...

Mali Ni • 5 years ago

Whatever works for you ;)

Amy A Lynch • 5 years ago

If you're still looking for something to help, I can!! I've seen great success with my daily easy regimen

Lynne • 5 years ago

Re: depression, anxiety and the gut.
Absolutely. I've had chronic problems with all of these for over 40 years. After working with a humongous number of practitioners of all types, I still suffer in all areas even with a healthy lifestyle and diet. I've taken more supplements than I can remember. My PA just recommended Florassist Mood by Life Extension. I have not noticed any improvement yet.

Amy A Lynch • 5 years ago

If you're still looking for something to help, I can!

Cathleen Venson • 4 years ago

Looks like a while ago when you commented but if you still have the success, please share with me. thanks so much

oidodsonido sonido • 4 years ago

Can you share your regimen with me i'd like to get some help?

Amy A Lynch • 4 years ago

I just saw this. If you are still looking for help, I would love to get in touch!

TinaKumley • 5 years ago

Yes I noticed that daily and acute stresses were easy sailing with the use of probiotics and I also use a bio cleanser I use Plexus, happy to recommend you to a lady that sales them Melinda Pibal

Ashley Hart • 5 years ago

These are awesome products!!! Love them!!!

tackup • 5 years ago

Anyone out there have any recommendations things they've done tryed ect ??? Been years and lots of doctors for me recently 4 different prescriptions all ment for treatment of cholesterol but tryed for my intestinal problems all with huge fail and side effects :( hundreds spent on probiotic ect :(

anna • 4 years ago

I have to suggest you specific supplements that might help you aon lot. I use them and treated my chronic resistant to treatment depression and anxiety.

TinaKumley • 5 years ago

Try Plexus

Mali Ni • 5 years ago

I'm not a doctor, but have similar issues...is it more of a spice or too much fiber thing...or is it stress related? just curious.

Amy A Lynch • 5 years ago

I have a fantastic daily regimen that has worked wonders for me!

Monty Loree • 5 years ago

please share your regimen

Challen Dobbs • 5 years ago

What's your regimen?

Julie Hart • 5 years ago

Take lecithin for your cholesterol about a desert spoon a day , it is tasteless also lots of fresh veggies and fruit , fish chicken , I don't like red meat so I don't eat it . My cholesterol was 10 . And all medication gave me 24 hour nausea .so I started on lecithin it is now 5.1 . Also I walk for about 30 mins a day . Good luck

Hannah Noel • 5 years ago

Tackup, if you want to email me, I'd be happy to share what finally worked for me after struggling for over 20 years.

Emily Wittenberg Godfrey • 5 years ago

I'd love to hear too...hannah! :)

Hannah Noel • 5 years ago

Emily, if you email me, I'll gladly share. :-)