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hopleyyeaton • 1 year ago

DDT still works, especially limited localized application instead of the widespread agricultural saturation like was done in the 1950s. I have a recipe but lack the procedural expertise to process it and unfortunately my chemist colleagues (I'm a math professor) have so far refused to assist. I would absolutely use it around my vacation cottage to keep the grandkids comfortable. Having a small supply would also be comforting to my wife who expends considerable effort to avoid bedbugs when we travel.

William Sager • 1 year ago

Bear in mind in this case the bed nets the mosquitoes are avoiding were treated with DDT.

hopleyyeaton • 1 year ago

Without looking it up I'd be willing to bet it was DEET and not DDT. Or maybe permethrin or some other pyrethroid.

let-em-know • 1 year ago

you are damn right. mosquito tends to avoid pyrethroid treated surfaces including bed nets due to excito-repellent mechanism. though DDT still works as confirmed in one of my bioassay at a town Nassarawa near kainji dam in nigeria where i recorded high mortality using DDT WHO biassay kit, the health risks is what toned down the use and also high resistance acquired during post world war II.

Harry R Garrett • 1 year ago

When I was an early elementary age bicycle rider we used to ride thru the DDT fog from mosquito control trucks in the neighborhood. 50+ years later still here. A few bednets won't hurt anyone.