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Paulo Caldeira da Silva • 7 months ago

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Michael Lamy • 8 months ago

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Nnabuife Ogah • 8 months ago

Hello, this faucet is great. But these ads that keep popping all over the page are freaking annoying.

I use my cell phone. You say page does CPU minning, hope it won't kill my phone soon?

Adriano Coins • 8 months ago

Ads don't bite and cpu usage is normal, dont worry.

Tarius Inius • 8 months ago

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Kamel dzd • 8 months ago

It's not working why??

Adriano Coins • 8 months ago

is working perfectly.

Haze Daze • 8 months ago

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Paulo Caldeira da Silva • 8 months ago

Estou fazendo listas de Faucets para as FaucetHub, FaucetSystem, FaucetFly, etc..., e estou a colocar também todas as suas Faucets das diversas Cryptomoedas, mas as suas Faucets para a FaucetFly, de momento estão sem fundos!
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Desde já o meu muito obrigado!

Adriano Coins • 8 months ago

É a primeira vez que vejo pedido de FaucetFly, por isso estava desativada, mas pensarei em ativar de novo, assim como LTC no FaucetSystem e POT no FaucetHUB. Talvez mês que vem comece as mudanças, colocando as faucets restantes.
Obrigado pelo comentário.

Tarius Inius • 8 months ago

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ciamita mihai • 8 months ago

My friend, the site is great, but you've exaggerated a lot with advertising, which makes you a very messy site full of commercials, that is, unseen. you may still be out of ads that block the whole image, that is, those floating in particular.I wish you luck

Adriano Coins • 8 months ago

I will make changes in the future.
Thanks for your comment.

Ciombe • 8 months ago

coinhave captcha not wor in chrome wai ?

Adriano Coins • 8 months ago

The captcha coinhive is working (chrome too) ... Look your antivirus/firewall software settings.

Tarius Inius • 8 months ago

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Tarius Inius • 8 months ago

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MD Masud Rana • 8 months ago

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4 corners • 10 months ago

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jawad ahmed • 10 months ago

please add auto surf system

Haze Daze • 10 months ago

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Guest • 10 months ago
Adriano Coins • 10 months ago

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Moussa Ibrahim • 10 months ago

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Haze Daze • 10 months ago


pankaj khaTri • 11 months ago

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Celset • 11 months ago

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Celset • 11 months ago

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Invest Med • 11 months ago

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Juan Chotalarga • 11 months ago

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Dewy • 11 months ago
Dipesh Chandni Jain • 11 months ago

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Yolanda Yancel • 11 months ago

como se usa esta faucet? tiene tantos canuncios que no se entiende, no es intuitiva

Adriano Coins • 11 months ago

Please follow the instructions below

sas212 • 11 months ago


sas212 • 11 months ago

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YOUR MOOD • 1 year ago

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mohamed • 1 year ago

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ongdong bog • 1 year ago

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А К • 1 year ago

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Edson • 1 year ago

colega não dá pra por o ethereum no facehub? esse epay não funciona

Adriano Coins • 1 year ago


Adriano Coins • 1 year ago

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Frank González • 1 year ago

Desde hace unos días la página me esta consumiendo muchos recurso de la CPU, ¿alguna solución?

Adriano Coins • 1 year ago

This was a test. For security reasons this page does cpu mining. Thanks for your feedback.

Raja Hassan • 1 year ago

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