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Spychiatrist • 8 years ago

Rome rising again.

I've been noticing this even in the so-called alternative media too. Seems that many are afraid to call out the Jesuits, The Pope and Catholics too.

Pope is the false prophet and Rome is dead set on eliminating Biblical Christianity in this land. That is why the Catholic dominated Republicans WILL NOT do anything to curtail invasion from the Catholic dominated Latin American countries.

Watch who kisses the Pope's skirt when he enters the country. Watch carefully to see who really runs the show. I have a feeling that Jews get much of blame when it's the other man behind the curtain (Vatican wall) that should get it.

Frank • 8 years ago

I have traveled in Oaxaca, and can verify that this type of persecution of Protestants is common. What happens is that every little village has its annual festival every year. Since each village is named after a saint "San Miguel," etc., the people in the village organize the festival in honor of the patron saint. There is a parade, featuring the statue of the patron saint, usually on a donkey-drawn cart or the back of a pickup truck, accompanied by mass at the Catholic church, then a week or two of drunken partying. They send for expensive musical groups from the capital city of Oaxaca, or even other cities. All this costs a lot of money, and the people there are already dirt poor. So, when someone accepts Christ into his or her life, he or she tells the other villagers they no longer want to participate in the festival. The other villagers get upset and force them to pay for it, by robbing the corn stored in their sheds, or robbing them in other ways. As a result, a lot of new Christians have left the small villages as refugees and moved to larger cities like Oaxaca or Huahuapan de Leon. When the refugees try to start up a Bible study in these small towns they are met with resistance, sometimes even gunfire. This is a tragic situation of the Catholic church condoning extortion, drunkenness, persecution and violence.

richardruhling • 8 years ago

In the last parable of Matthew 24, the evil servant things the Lord delays His coming and begins to smite his fellow servants. THEN shall the kingdom of heaven be like 10 virgins and that parable has timing that could be May 22, explained at http://bit.ly/1VQJT6w