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Veritas Aequitas • 2 years ago

Many private companies walk a person out the door when they give their notice. What Boehner is capable of doing to America before October 1 is the reason for the escort before that final push out the door. Congress must think that the American people are imbeciles to think that the government will shut down if the Speaker leaves immediately. Save our country, kick Boehner out of our House NOW!

patty • 2 years ago

The people no longer has a say in anything, we are just here to foot the bill. Anything that is/has been done is only for show--they know what they're doing--it's all in there playbook--whatever the ending--will not be well for "we the people," unless there is Divine intervention

Mistrbill • 2 years ago

He should be removed immediately!

frawgeyz • 2 years ago

removed and jailed!!!!!!

db • 2 years ago

Actually, he should be arrested and prosecuted for his betrayal of American values and capitulating with the ENEMY who has taken over the WH!

boatng4 • 2 years ago

I agree, he will do more damage if he is allowed to continue.

DeplorableReggie • 2 years ago

Pull the trigger and vacate the chair NOW. Stop him before he can do any further damage.

sovereigntyofone • 2 years ago

Those of us that have paid attention for the last at least 6 years knows there is something always hiding behind the curtain, or as I like to put it: Watch my right hand carefully... while they do something really rotten and dastardly with their left. Boehner is just as underhanded and sneaky as Obama is. Birds of a feather flock together.
And.. I'm sure that the " power elite " in Washington D.C. are not finished with their bag of tricks.
Like the old boyscout motto use to say (before they became gay) " Be prepared ".
Just my 2 cents worth.

db • 2 years ago

He's probably a closet muslim, closet who knows what? It takes a lot to belong to the party of the 'good 'ol boys' you know?

John D • 2 years ago

Boehner is not change after he eaves congress. He will probably convert to Democrat, since that has been his position every since he took office. Just like McConnell, McCain and Graham.

db • 2 years ago

He doesn't have to 'convert'. He already IS one, according to his works!

Jay Sprueill • 2 years ago

Honesty and Integrity does not exist in Washington D.C., and I don't believe it has been present for a very long time, FOLLOW THE MONEY, and they haven't got a clue that it leads straight to HELL where they will have eternity to think about it.

Jerry Chandler • 2 years ago

Republicans, Democrats......no difference.
Just a right step and a left step away from our constitution.
Don't vote for animals.

Sharon Bauerle • 2 years ago

To take your last sentence literally, why not? My cat has more integrity than any member of Congress with the possible exception of Cruz and Sessions.

frawgeyz • 2 years ago

Your cat probably not only has more integrity but loyalty as well Sharon!
However, please include Steve King in your list of those with integrity! Steve King of Iowa has been well proven over the years to have much loyalty and integrity! His record goes a long way back and is consistent!

Just Straight Shooting • 2 years ago

No, that's not true. It sounds good to some people who are not thinking, but it's foolhardy. All democrats are traitors, or else they wouldn't remain democrats. That's fact. Some, maybe even a good many in the republican party are traitors, but the majority of Republicans are far from the treasonous democrats and the RINOS.

That's the difference, the democrats are ALL bad apples while only some of the Republicans are bad apples. It's foolish to say that there isn't any difference between the two parties and those who constitute them. The last few years though the Republican "leadership" has consisted of turncoats who have sold us out but the majority of the rank and file Republicans are not anywhere near like the treasonous democrats!

db • 2 years ago

Right, it's just the 'bad apples' that spoil the whole barrel! Too bad some of them don't have a backbone but we aren't there and don't know what the pressures and threats are to those who don't 'comply' with the will of the enemy!

John D • 2 years ago

I disagree that the majority are far from the Dem traitors. Maybe a few Repubs are patriots. Most are not.

Just Straight Shooting • 2 years ago

I'm afraid you are only noticing the ones who are in the news, facing controversy. The majority, though that majority *may* be a slim majority, are in reality far from being democrats! It may not seem like it because of the corrupt ones such as boehner and mcconnell, to name just two of them, the old saying is true, "the squeaky hinge gets the oil" and the corrupt traitors get the spotlight and therefore a lot of people want to equate the majority of republicans with their misdeeds.

Guest • 2 years ago
db • 2 years ago

Hate to break it to you, but the elections are RIGGED and it doesn't matter who runs, they will get what they want in the final end no matter who they appear to represent. It's all a farce to make us think everything is OKAY> when it's not. A little more lulling us back to sleep so we won't disturb them and their agenda!

Jeff Good • 2 years ago

BULL! The drunk is spine/ball LESS and WANTED to work with the dimbulbcRATS! He went along with Nasty pelosi and oblamer on nearly EVERYTHING! SICKENING!

Bart White • 2 years ago

What has he achieved? Anything 0bama wanted.

John D • 2 years ago

You are delusional

B-52 • 2 years ago

For sure, Boehner won't risk loosing the golden parachute he's been promised for his years of loyal service to the Central Bankers. And, neither will Mitch McConnell.

nightwisp • 2 years ago

Who said Boehner was republican. he has always been a closet democrat.

The Zen Master • 2 years ago

Modern Judas. I hope he hangs himself in disgust but I doubt he has the character.

db • 2 years ago

No spine to do that! He is a spineless wimp and a cry baby!

Kyle4318 • 2 years ago

BOEHNER was crying while the pope spoke; Because all he could think about, was: For 30 Pieces of silver, I Funded Planed parenthood.

redwolf6911 • 2 years ago

I put absolutely nothing past Boehner. He is a real sleeze.

Jeff Good • 2 years ago

He'll OOZE out of office!

Admiral • 2 years ago

Yea but his OOZE has infected us all

Jeff Good • 2 years ago

Just like the OOZE that is oblamer but oblamer's infection could be FATAL for many of us!!

rich • 2 years ago

I really appreciate Senator Cruz speaking out about that RINO Boehner but it's hardly news to anyone who has a working brain. That is a great first step to try to get this country back to where it belongs and that is out of the immoral hands of the socialists. Boehner has proven time and again that he is a suck up to Obozo and thankfully he is gone soon.

B Skinner • 2 years ago

Boehner has just PROVEN he is, what we have been saying all along!!! SCUM!!! I hope he chokes on his new life!!!

frawgeyz • 2 years ago

Life is but a puff of smoke my fellow American. Shelah! (pause calmly and think of this)

B Skinner • 2 years ago

This next election just CAN'T get here fast enough!!! TRUMP 2016

mary • 2 years ago

Funny......just when the FBI are cracking down on Hillary's emails. What cha wanna bet old Boehner's name is all over those emails!!!!! And magically......he decides to resign? What a coincidence ?

db • 2 years ago

Oh, from your lips to God's ears!


RINO McConnell has to be next to go... he's just as vile and just as EVIL as Boehner.

db • 2 years ago

He is the true meaning of a charlatan.

rich • 2 years ago

I could not agree with you more, James. McConnell is another chump that we have to get rid of and soon.

snowyriver • 2 years ago

Both Boehner and McConnell have blood on their hands... Both knew that Benghazi was a gun running operation, much bigger than fast and furious.

Boehner is pure evil... that's why he and Obama and Pelosi get along so well.

believe • 2 years ago

Why wait for Boehner to pull any last min. tricks. he has done enough damage. TAKE HIM DOWN ALONG WITH OBAMA "NOW".Boehner should be *** FOR BEING A TRAITOR.Stop with the GAMES. HE HAS PROVEN HIS LACK OF LOYALTY TO THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. NO MORE TIME GET HIM OUT NOW ,NOT HIS CHOOSING .OURS TIME LINE. AND THAT IS IN 24 HOURS.any thing he has put his name on should be tore up and burned like Obama's will be.

Guest • 2 years ago
B Skinner • 2 years ago

You are right. You got NUTN2SAY!!!

Not sure if you've been out of the country for about a year... but that is EXACTLY what Cruz is saying. And what most citizen Republicans have been saying. Boehner IS a dirtball slime-weasel that has done NOTHING but work FOR Obama and Pelosi. He's a psychopath liar and a sleezebag.

Jack76 • 2 years ago

We deserve so much better than arrogant hacks like Boehner and Pelosi.