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Wheeljack • 7 years ago

The Church of Satan, and consequently Satanism has been recognized as a religion since it was founded in 1966, however I do agree that TST is all about political theater and attention getting, and less about the First Amendment.
They need Christianity and their controversial media stunts to survive. Their After School clubs smack of indoctrination

Lykbird • 7 years ago

Let them have their club. Given that a lot of parents are sure to forbid their children from attending based in the name alone, it will probably be canceled due to low attendance. There's no need to waste public money on a pointless legal battle.

localhistorywriter • 7 years ago

" ... trying to claim First Amendment, religious freedom and all that stuff..." Yes, "all that stuff." The same rights that Christians claim.

Yuccaman • 7 years ago

Many people view TV faith healers and Christian radio as Political theater

Tea Ess • 7 years ago

Reminder that The Satanic Temple is an atheistic organization that pushes for equality between religions, especially in making sure that Christianity doesn't get special treatment from the government.

BibleConscious • 7 years ago

This is definitely political theater, brought to you by the First Amendment. If the fact that these particular folks are actually atheists, a real satanist group with true sincerely-held beliefs could easily be substituted. There are Wiccans and Scientologists as well. The First Amendment has always been a Christian's worst enemy.