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Teedofftaxpayer • 4 years ago

I wonder how many times he's been fired for being straight?

Penelope_Paige • 4 years ago

And the hits keep on coming, literally. Seriously, where do they find these whackadoos?

Doreen A Mannion • 4 years ago

Dang it, I forgot to send the photos of my bruises to this guy. Dang it!

Dana W • 4 years ago

My brain hurts, I was beating for being queer before "I" knew what I was. And I mean beaten badly.

Gianni • 4 years ago

Gee, now I have to wonder about all those recurring arrests of haters who subsequently get tried for hate crimes. Mugging, brutalization, killing of gay people happens all the time for no other reason than hatred. You need to check some police arrest records/hate crime trials. No matter how you try to pretty it up or use the Bible to cover it over, physical crimes based on hatred of gay people happen all the time and rather regularly, too. Dividing and conquering - that's us. Now you and Christians like you wouldn't try anything like that, would you? No, of course not. You just want to bring us all together under the same tent as soon as we repent for being gay and live by God's commands, just like you and your kind. I tend to feel burdened when someone insists I have to be like them, feel like them, live like them. No thanks, shithead.

Bryan Haley • 4 years ago

I was beaten up in California many years ago leaving a bar. 11:45pm... Not drunk... minding my own business... just walking to my car half a block from the bar... a group of 8 people (5 of them minors and 2 of them girls) with chains, beer bottles, fists and feet as weapons... one of them yelled "faggot" at me before the attack started and that was the only interaction I had with them before ending up at the hospital to get 20 stitches in my scalp and face... is that proof enough of hate, dumba**?

If not, what about these:
Paul Broussard killed in Houston TX, July 1991?
Peter Karlsson killed in Västerås Sweden, March 1995?
David Morley killed in London England, October 2004?
Billy Jack Gaither killed in Sylacauga Alabama, February 1999?
Philip Walsted killed in Tucson Arizona, June 2002?
David Kato killed in Mukono Uganda, January 2011?
Eudy Simelane killed in KwaThema South Africa, April 2008?
FannyAnn Eddy killed in Freetown Sierra Leone, September 2004?
Fred Martinez killed in Cortez Colorado, June 2001?
Jeff Whittington killed in Wellington New Zealand, May 1999?

There are plenty more I could list but a person with the ability to think for him/herself will get the point from the above list, along with the list of actions Brandon Haist gave. To say that GLBT haven't been hated on is personal to me so I suppose then that if the same thing happened to him as what happened to me, it also wouldn't be out of hate, or would it constitute hate since it would have happened to him? There are such double standards that I can't tell anymore.

John Johnston • 4 years ago

Typical doubting Thomas, He can believe in beings of spirit and stories from 2800 years ago, yet needs to see someone beaten like a cur or verbally abused before his eyes. Have a little faith doubting Bradlee...

Guest • 4 years ago
midknightryder13 • 4 years ago

"Science confirms a literal 6-day creation"? I've NEVER heard THAT one.

However, you are correct about evidence being non-convincing. There is a saying, "If someone did not ARRIVE at his position by logic, you won't be able to CHANGE their position by logic."

Guest • 4 years ago
midknightryder13 • 4 years ago

I believe I'll pass, but thank you for thinking of me.

Brandon Haist • 4 years ago

1) getting kicked out of your house for being gay, happens in 90% of christian households.
2) being forced to change schools because of bullying by both students AND STAFF
3) having the entirety of the world have a say in who we marry (it was supposed to be a choice that we make for ourselves not fuckjob christians make for us)
4) being forced to go to gay conversion therapy which is essentially a torture camp where you're experimented on using physical shock therapy which associates a negative pain to being sexually attracted to the same sex
5) Bills being constantly brought up for debate in which they negatively impact lgbt peoples lives (such as the discrimination law that allows jobs to fire people based on religious views such as their view on homosexuality, as well as restaurants being able to deny services to people based on sexual orientation.
6) Bills that outright attack lgbt people such as the kill the gays bill or the bill that doesn't allow a trans person the right to use the bathroom associated with the gender they identify as.
7) everyday lives. - Every single day of our lives we're constantly being subjected to horrified looks from strangers as we share meals in restaurants with our loved ones, going grocery shopping, doing anything at all. The words faggot, homo, queer, etc, are used as insults so commonly towards us by people of religious background.

In conclusion this man needs to be euthanized since he's clearly brain dead. Do the poor sap a favor and end his miserable existence.

streips • 4 years ago

This dude looks like he would make a great drag queen. Go for it, Bradlee (isn't the male version of that name spelled Bradley?)! Come on out of the closet. You'll feel better afterward. And then you'll be able to verify for your own self that yes, Virginia, there are haters out there. Plenty of them.

Nicole • 4 years ago

In order to understand this, it needs to he understood these people do not believe they hate us. They believe their insults and threats and laws are "loving" because they bieve we are wrong.
Its why it is so hard to talk to them, they have so much cognitive dissonance they cannot even truthfully interpret their own actions.

Teva Bruce • 4 years ago

What form does their 'love' take?...you must conform..you must be made perfect..you must obey..you must not be fabulous,happy,in loving relationships,have fun or watch TV.

P S Y C H O - X 2 -

These people simply must leave us alone..love your own leave us be.

Veteran • 4 years ago

I'm sure he doesn't see any problem with the KKK burning crosses, lynching black Americans, leaving Mathew Shepard to die on a fence, etc, etc ad nausium

JamesCincy • 4 years ago

This guy is one of the most hateful fuc*ing as@holes that has ever walked in the planet. I'm sure hates himself the most.

Niko Uimi • 4 years ago

I could give him a list of all the times I've been hated on for being gay. And that list is longer than the Great Wall of China.

John Johnston • 4 years ago

Will I think you are fabulous Niko!

Niko Uimi • 4 years ago

Aww thank you!

midknightryder13 • 4 years ago

"HE has yet to see it"? He, obviously, hasn't looked very hard -- read: at all. But, more to the point, he hasn't seen any evidence because he's not a police department or ANY investigating body -- official or otherwise.

And a victim has to prove his or her case IN COURT. You, sir, are NOT a court.

And I would LOVE to know what he would consider "evidence".

ChrisDC • 4 years ago

Yep. And how many gay people are going to open up about something that painful to somebody that stupid? He's not exactly oozing out a "confidant" vibe.

Ernie Hughes • 4 years ago


Jeff Hines • 4 years ago

I really wish someone of his ilk would say that to my face!

RainbowPhoenix • 4 years ago

Being beaten to death while someone screams slurs at you over and over apparently doesn't count as hate.

ChrisDC • 4 years ago

"I’ve yet to find a situation where a homosexual could actually verify the fact that they were the victim of someone actually hating on them."

In a sense, I guess he's right. Dead people are notoriously untalkative,

midknightryder13 • 4 years ago

Well, there IS a rule in Federal court that allows you to introduce evidence in a homicide case that wouldn't be admissible otherwise precisely BECAUSE the victim is dead -- but I feel reasonably sure he wouldn't understand the concept.

Daniel Davison • 4 years ago

The irony is that he exemplifies the hatred that he claims he has never encountered.

midknightryder13 • 4 years ago

I don't think it's "ironic", because I DO NOT BELIEVE him. I do believe he HAS encountered this, but for whatever reason, it doesn't fit his meme.

It would only be ironic if he were UNAWARE that he exemplifies hatred. Not only is he aware of it, he is exploiting it.

Morey Soffo • 4 years ago

He doesn't know the old laws that imprisoned us, confined us to mental institutions without due process, discharged us dishonorably from the military summarily, denied us housing and employment protections (still working on those), yadda yadda yadda. Those who ignore history are doomed to be booked on low-level, right-wing vlogs.

carrotcakeman • 4 years ago