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Clay Dreslough • 4 years ago

Don't know where you got this but it's fake news. People SAY they are being threatened but not a single threatening letter has been offered as proof.

sandrahenley11 • 4 years ago

Michael Moore on TV called for sedition, rioting, disruption and he should be arrested for attempting to in site riots

marlene • 4 years ago

We're almost there - SEQUESTER them and their families!!!

dufus • 4 years ago

It is time that penalties outweigh any attempts at threatening anyone with death threats.
Lock them up for 25 years and throw the key away. Threats have consequences.

markww • 4 years ago


Basket Of Deplorables • 4 years ago

Proven Nazi Collaborator George Soros and ThevCkunton Crime Family are orchestrating these nefarious and felonious efforts; lock them up.

Typo Correction • 4 years ago


Weekly Investment • 4 years ago

The people threatening the electoral college voters are simultaneously threatening every single American who voted for Trump. Think about it!

AEthalstan • 4 years ago

If the extreme left and the globalists were a foreign country we should be going after them!

SEETHINK • 4 years ago

The NYT, WAPO Boston globe press couldn't sway the people
The Mainstream media fake polls couldn't sway the people
The president and his wife couldn't sway the people
Hollywood couldn't sway the people
The Soros paid protestors and riots couldn't sway the people
The recount failed and fake new attack both failed.

The people did what they wanted imagine that !
Next the will say the Aliens interfered with the elections because the aliens like

Trumps idea of world peace which ensures them clean water, soil in their underground caverns then the people will gather around the aliens in support of diversity and life

J.G.Mendes • 4 years ago

All of this comes from an absurdly silly electoral system you have in the U.S. Why the hell would anyone need that electors vote again, to express the choice of the majority of people from each state ? If that majority chose a candidate, why not consider the state votes as definitely belonging to that candidate ? Why would it be needed that other people vote again to confirm what has already been voted ?? Incomprehensible !!!

disqus_k3oycamN0W • 4 years ago

The electoral system assures that America had not become Soviet Union or Communist China already. It gives voice to millions of people who live in small states and in rural areas. Otherwise it would be corrupt politicians in New York and California cities who will brainwash inner city dwellers, legal and illegal immigrants, college snowflakes, and other kind of people who think that bread is growing on trees, to vote for the most criminal candidate, as we had seen with Clinton. Plus they rig the vote in their big cities (Michigan recount found evidence of the massive vote fraud in Detroit in Clinton's favor, but the story was swept under the rug). After immigrants from collapsed Soviet Union came to Brighton Beach neighborhood in New York, got citizenship, and started voting Republican, their voting district was cut in two, redrawn to be part of Bronx'. Russian TV showed how people came to vote, and were informed that their voting station is now miles away somewhere in Bronx, go there, look for it. It was done by Clinton mafia to elect their corrupt Demo candidates smoothly.
Electoral college gives voice to people with brains, to real America.

truthandjustice • 4 years ago

Why aren't those making the threats being arrested? We know it is coming from a group of criminal Clinton operatives and paid trolls. So why is law enforcement not doing something about it? We know that the creature Attorney General Lynch will not prevent these people from being threatened or killed, but it can still be done at a local level where the electoral college people reside. Local and state police should investigate and bring these people to justice.

I am still reeling over the disappearance of Julian Assange. He was begging for help before he disappeared and got no assistance. Are we now going to stand by and watch our electors also killed OR coerced into electing one of the most dangerous criminals of our times?

sharon oliveria • 4 years ago

Mike, very good Article, As always you spelled it out, and these will be the same people we will be dealing with out there in the business world, trustworthy ? I don't think so, and they, if some how God help us not, that they will keep threating , tricking, lie, and some of there leader's known to kill any one that gets in their way, These will the same people following Hilary & Obama to call for our heads ,so to speak, or will it not just be an expression? Mike many of the Watcher's are uncovering the dark side of the Elite Left, were told that they are using Black Magic to Change things in this Country & World, don't think for a minute Guys this is Fantasy, it is very ! real to the core, they have pulled out all the Trick's in their little Bag to regain The Power, Pray as never before in Jesus Name for we are , as God said, "In a Spiritual Warfare not of Flesh & Blood, but evil wickedness In HIGH PLACES", "Put on the Whole armor of God that you might fight the evil of this World", God saw what would be ahead for Us. Blessing's In Jesus Pray !

HoldFast • 4 years ago

Facebook makes its announcement about "fake news" just in time to refute all the "real news" about all this coming out in the alternative media. How coincidental, and strategic.

jimvancise • 4 years ago

I think that The CIA is just a little bit better equipt to determine who did the hacking than you are my friend :)

Amarind Benning • 4 years ago

The only thing the CIA is better at than anyone else is LYING. It's ALL they do! A league of sociopaths.

Knowledgeable One • 4 years ago

FBI knows the CIS story was falsified by Lolita Express Clinton's.

Lorelei Vision • 4 years ago

HAHA! Really? The CIA is NOT to be trusted, EVER. They were responsible for the assassination of JFK, they topple governments around the world at will, they assassinate other world leaders and dictators when it suits them and their masters (Soros), they undermine freedom movements, they quash uprisings that go against their masters (Soros and others), and on and on and on. The CIA is one of the dirtiest agencies in the world, if not the dirtiest, they have blood on their hands and they really don't care about that blood. Truth isn't a part of the Lexicon of CIA agents, the Truth is what they tell you it is! Don't you understand? Please wake up and start seeing Reality instead of the Psyop they've sold to you. The CIA is better equipped - Dude, that would be hilarious if it wasn't so darn scary...

J.G.Mendes • 4 years ago

Are you sure YOU think ?

sharon oliveria • 4 years ago

Jimvancise, CIA Wolf tending to the Hen house , equip with the pack !

Dennisito • 4 years ago

If the leftie crybabies want to be warmongers, they'll REALLY be asking for their sanctuary cities after they tangle with us. We'll dispose of them fruitballs in no time at all.

daniel lee morgan • 4 years ago

I'm with you and a whole bunch of others who voted for Trump I'm sure ! Yeah the libs have this crazy idea that some how if they steal the election, we are going to sit idly by, nope not by a long shot!! Honestly who would oppose us? I don't think there would be that many police who would willingly , try to stop us from destroying them, hell most of them probably voted for Trump! National guard probably not ! A bunch of libs with signs, that"s not going to win against a bunch of well armed pissed off conservatives! As many pissed of Generals that Trump is hiring, I believe the military would be on Trumps side! But I wouldn't capture them , they would be traitors to the constitution and subject to execution if caught! Screw them for putting us through that hell! It's gone far enough!

jimvancise • 4 years ago

You are pretty decisively outnumbered, Dan.

daniel lee morgan • 4 years ago

in what way?

jimvancise • 4 years ago

By approximately 3 million.

daniel lee morgan • 4 years ago

3million , 5million ten million votes it don't matter, you know and I know it's electoral votes that count!!! Three million illegal aliens voting in california doesn't give the state any more electoral votes! And I guess some body on hillarys "J. V." team should have known that? I remember something about battle ground states, I guess team Trump made more of them battle ground states! But,,,, she and her "J. V." team made the wrong assumptions, lots of them , it wasn't in the bag was it?

jimvancise • 4 years ago

The Polls had it fairly correct-Clinton by 3-4 points. They measured Popular Vote, not Electoral College votes. As for those Phantom "Illegal Alien Votes" it's interesting that no credible sources can ever seem to find them. Must be some "George Soros Conspiracy".

daniel lee morgan • 4 years ago

Like I said it doesn't matter how many people vote in a certain state, she could have had 50 million from california it doesn't get her any more electoral votes! The only votes that" count" are electoral votes! She and "pizza boypodesta" "billy boy" and the rest of the bunch know that, they have been through an election before! They just had a "couldn't lose to Trump atttitude" but they did and he is president,maybe not yours but he is president none the less! Oh,,, and why would they the" libs" want to find them and lose all those votes! Maybe our new president might find them though!

Amarind Benning • 4 years ago

We can worry about the cares of this world and remain in a state of fear and distress...


We can use the most powerful gift we've been given: PRAYER.

Prayer got Trump elected and it CAN keep him protected. Always remember the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much, weighing heavily on God's heart!

truthandjustice • 4 years ago

And don't forget to pray for the electoral college and their families. They have no protection.

Amarind Benning • 4 years ago

Amen! I was listening to one of my favorite Bible teachers the other day and he said he has a friend who sets an alarm on his watch to go off once every hour so he can pray without getting too overwhelmed by the busyness of everyday life. That's an EXCELLENT IDEA I'm incorporating into my daily life. Would you like to join me by practicing the same? :)

truthandjustice • 4 years ago


sharon oliveria • 4 years ago

Amarind, Your so right! just look what happened when that Map turned Red almost all of it all Red ! Trump Red, & the many that prayed night & day for Donald Trump to have Victory, that was Victory for the People in Jesus Name, before our votes didn't count as they said, But our Prayers with God did get counted ! & stopped the Stealing of the Vote from Trump to the point He would Not! lose, they haven't given up the Tricks still trying, we must keep Praying in Jesus Name to stop their regaining the Power seat from Trump & Pray for Trump & His Family for God's Protection for they who hate Him are wicked !