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David • 3 years ago

And which Sanders insider was working at the Democratic National Headquarters that over saw the democratic voting statistics ??? You see, people don't even know what Seth Rich's job description was....and how he was shot in the back with three small bullets in a tight shot group that can only be fired by a small automatic weapon, not used by criminals.

CJ66 • 3 years ago

Is this Seth who was then murdered? I believe it is. Where is the justice for him?

Frank Payne • 4 years ago

Obfuscation through compliant media reporting serves to sow suspicion and misinformation to a point where understanding is compromised. Mainstream media, through its consolidated controlled ownership Is no longer truly independent or reliable.

marlene • 4 years ago

Amb Murray never said the insider was a sanders supporter. Where's the proof? Seth was one and was murdered for it.

Knowledgeable One • 4 years ago

Actually it was the Clinton Crime Family cooperating with the Russians.

Roxanne • 4 years ago

It makes no sense for the CCF to be working with the Russians as Killary is a blood thirsty hawk who is constantly Russia and Putin bashing and has made
it clear, she -- at the bidding of the global war pusher$ and profiteer$ -- is eager for confrontation.

Abu the Chicken • 4 years ago

Only if you believe the charade. If you take even 5 minutes to do some research, you'll discover that Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin are all personal friends of each other.

“I said, ‘You know, Mr. Prime Minister, we actually have some things in common. We both want to protect wildlife, and I know how committed you are to protecting the tiger,’” Clinton reportedly told the audience. “I mean,
all of a sudden, he sat up straight and his eyes got big and he goes, ‘You care about the tiger? I said, ‘I care about the tiger, I care about the elephant, I care about the rhinoceros, I care about the whale.’”

Then, she said, Putin invited her to what she described as his “private inner sanctum.”

El Lobo Solo • 4 years ago

I must admit that it has been confusing trying to figure out the motives of Putin in last few yrs. Seems he would like to continue the reign of a facile stooge that is Obama. However, it seems that Hillary with her promotion of the "Arab Spring", the destabilization of Libya, support of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt (which the people had he good sense to throw out), the fiasco in Syria, support of the Ukraine & George Soros charities operating in eastern Europe, all made for a bowl of toxic stew that was head for his country which he believed would lead to instability for Russia. .

Warron van Riet • 4 years ago

‘Regardless of whether the Russians hacked into the DNC, the documents Wikileaks published did not come from that.’

Now how does he know that?

Guy • 4 years ago

Julian Assange .

Bonnie Rourke • 4 years ago

I was with you until you got to the "liberals don't think with logic". That is as bad as "Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables". If you have to call names, or degrade people, you have just lost the argument.

CJ66 • 3 years ago

Actually, not you haven't lost the argument. Also, Calling someone "deplorable" is worse than saying they don't think with logic.

I, for one, could think of a lot more things to say about them (besides they don't think with logic) that may not be very nice (by your standards), but they are also true, lol.

And by the way, you cant reason with liberals (most, not all) because they are NOT reasonable. They do not tell the truth. They refuse to see facts. They are blind to reality.

And those are all true things about them. They spew out blatant lies. How can you even have a civil discourse if they lie and refuse to acknowledge true facts?

actor44 • 3 years ago

The Progressive " Logic " produced present day Detroit from most affluent city in the world , to Venezuela , not to mention the 260 million unarmed people killed in 70 years of 20th. century . Blaming this on lack of ' Logic" is deplorable !

El Lobo Solo • 4 years ago

Liberalism Symbolism over Substance.

Tommy Boy • 4 years ago


CJ66 • 3 years ago

I won't say EVERY one ... but ALMOST all.

Thats what MAKES them liberals. Most just believe what someone else says, and do NOT research facts and think with an open mind. Most just do NOT. Sad, but true.

They are blind to truth and will fight tooth and nail for their point/agenda -but have no substance. You cannot reason with them or have an opposing view to theirs, as they just resort to outright lies ... then to name calling etc., and much worse.

Not all -but MOST all. Very few do not follow this pattern ...

Guest • 3 years ago

mmm, i'd say ALL.. the few that don't are not liberal, they just don't realize it.... i haven't met one that i could have an intelligent conversation with, and that includes many members of my own family...

CJ66 • 3 years ago

tou·ché ...

actor44 • 3 years ago

D4Dr is the defective gene .Progressive thought is the symptom ! This manifest's as mass murder,poverty,and Totalitarian rule .

Roxanne • 4 years ago

Mike, why do you keep calling the corporate, bank$ter, fascist, war pushing, Russian bashing media, "Left Wing" when, in fact, if they were traditional left wingers, they
would have been pushing for Jill Stein to take the presidency or at the very least, would
have crucified and exposed ultra hawk Clinton and her cabal (no "left wingers" on
most mega issues) for her dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders who is far more to the left
than pro-Monsanto, pro-fracking etc. Clinton ever was!!!

The media is run by elite puppeteer$ who use dis-info, propaganda and divide and conquer terms like "left" and "right" to control the sheeple. You're on the money regarding the media machine lying, distorting, censoring etc., but way off when you
constantly and incorrectly label the media "left wing."

Piks Revo • 4 years ago

My guess as to ‘who done it’ was the CIA. Remember a little history in that the CIA set up and brought down governments and leaders for decades in the last century, if those leaders didn’t follow the ‘advice’ of the U.S. government. Then in the 1990’s
the CIA director at that time decided that he wanted to be president. After
all, didn’t he and his agency set up leaders in other countries and make them
president? So the director of the CIA (George Bush SR) got himself elected as
president, and there followed another President name Bill Clinton, who had been
exceptionally 'good friends' with the CIA in providing assistance with the
CIA's heroin/drug smuggling into the USA. Do you remember the MENA incident?
This helped to provide the means for funding to the CIA's 'off the books'
finances through illegal drug sales. The CIA did not forget its friends.
AMAZINGLY, after Bush SR, Bill Clinton managed to get elected as president. And
after the Clinton years, AMAZINGLY, the former CIA director's SON, Georgie JR got elected. Why is it so difficult for people to make the connection between the CIA and who gets to be president in this country? Remember, the CIA had experience for decades in setting up people in political office all around the world in various
countries, and also in taking such leaders down (assassination or the ever
famous 'mysterious heart attack') if those people did not comply with the
CIA/America's wishes. How much more difficult would it be for the CIA to put a
person in power as president of the USA? Look through the history of
the last 40 years and you might learn how easy it has been. If you want to look
for the sources of any alleged 'election hacks', then you do not need to go any
further than the CIA itself as the perpetrators, in my humble opinion.

actor44 • 3 years ago

Kennedy said he dismantle CIA , and throw them to the wind . Could this have produced what followed in Dallas for the world to see?

CanineArthritis • 4 years ago

I read this today on AOL( definitely a democratic company) and laughed my ass off. Such BS the media puts out.

Carolyn Roberts • 4 years ago

so, you believe that Brietbart news is accurate? i'm not sure i want to take your vitamins. !!

actor44 • 3 years ago

Read,study U.S. Constitution using Dictionary contemporary with it . Then judge .

levenski • 4 years ago

I appreciate the revelation about Craig Murray being a source, but are you saying that the CIA is lying when they conclude that the Russians were hacking the DNC? The Russians have done similar things in the elections in other countries and the BREXIT vote, so isn't it a stretch to call the CIA's conclusion a "delusional conspiracy theory"?

Steve • 4 years ago

The CIA only ever lies. It's their stock in trade. It's what they do, and they do it well. Why would anyone believe anything the CIA said about anything? Have you read much U.S. history?

levenski • 4 years ago

The question is whether the Russians were involved. We may suspect the CIA is lying, but the evidence has not yet been examined and most is still secret. I'll wait until the Senate Intelligence Committee gets the evidence out. What exactly did CrowdStrike see that pointed to Russians?

waitwait • 4 years ago

just keep on waiting........

Sam • 4 years ago

Oh, and another web of lies the DemonRats have spun...nothing new really - yawn.

David S • 4 years ago

Judge Andrew Napolitano is saying that he has sources inside the intelligence community that are saying that the general disgust over Hillary's careless disregard for national security in her use of a private server (that had no real security) prompted one or more of them to LEAK (not hack - no HACKING EVER WENT ON) to Wikileaks in order to derail her campaign and to get back at her for putting US assets at risk. Sounds like a very reasonable conclusion. It is quite possible that multiple people leaked information for multiple reasons (Bernie folks, DNC folks, Intelligence folks). Hillary has been stabbing people in the back and walking all over them for her entire career. Plenty would want to see her finally fail.

Thad Lipscomb • 4 years ago

I can't wait for December 19th, so we can all watch Donald Trump WIN AGAIN!!!

scootersubpar • 4 years ago

Like Trump said many months ago...

“We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’ You’ve heard this one. You’ll say ‘Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don’t want to win anymore. It’s too much. It’s not fair to everybody else. And I’m going to say ‘I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning.”

The more the liberals complain, the more they prove Trump correct. LMAO

Undocumented_Guest • 4 years ago


Undocumented_Guest • 4 years ago

Very plausible this is the truth

Michael englebert • 4 years ago

He may be telling the truth, but if this was a claim the the Russians were helping Hilary then you'd be know doubt pointing out he's very close to wikeaks who wouldn't want you to know they got the information from Russia

trid2bnrml • 4 years ago

This petition is simple. https://wh.gov/it4Nw

Electors are not some special class of people with special rights or privileges; they are AMERICAN CITIZENS just like the rest of us. They were chosen to represent us on December 19, 2016 by reading our votes into the record.

Whereas; Forty electors have demanded a special intelligence briefing regarding alleged evidence that the Russians (or anyone else) may have influenced our 2016 elections.


WE ALL have a right to hear the allegations at the same time.

WE ALL have a right to examine any evidence that may or may not affect our elections.


If it is not possible to present evidence and.or information to the entire citizenry, THEN NO CITIZEN has any right to special, closed-door briefings.

truthandjustice • 4 years ago

Also, they should hear counter arguments, not just orchestrated BS from the white house and Hillary. Let them hear from others who know the charges against Russia and Trump are completely bogus.

Debbie Hogan Tate • 4 years ago

I put your link to the petition on G+. I suggest everyone do the same! I signed because I believe that we should all be able to hear that briefing since it is OUR votes that they are playing with!

Mistaron • 4 years ago

From latest reports, it would appear that the intelligence agencies are NOT prepared to put forward any representation to attend the requested briefing. This 'briefing' isn't going to happen.

They got nothin'!

ISA41:10 • 4 years ago

Demoncrats are nothing but liars and criminals!

HillaryTheBenghaziBitch • 4 years ago

But What Does It Matter?! I literally am rich and unprosecuted.

Knowledgeable One • 4 years ago

Patience, the prosecution and Super Max sentence is in the mail Killary.