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Michael from Randolph • 6 years ago

This is Texas and this is not over. The board members are not going to have a very merry Christmas this year as 'we' the people will see to it that they don't.

Guest • 6 years ago

Sue the district into oblivion, or until there is a new school board.

Peter Vincini • 6 years ago

Good grief! Schools are for learning. While the Chinese and Indians (those from India, that is) are surpassing us in academic performance and winning our jobs, we on both sides of the issue, are fighting on which holidays to celebrate in schools and how to celebrate. The US is acting like some backwards, tribal country.
While in school, stick to your studies. Do your observing and celebrating at home, while on Christmas break.

W.A. Jones • 6 years ago

Winter break, sir, winter break.