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Rayyan • 5 years ago

I am doing practice to write Chinese.

sweetas52 • 5 years ago

I am left handed and have tried once before to follow stroke pattern/s but gave up because its for right handers.what can i do?

Kevin Cox • 5 years ago

I am also left handed and have no unusual problems writing characters. I routinely practice on white boards at my workplace. My Chinese colleagues tell me that my hand writing is beautiful and express amazement that I can use my left hand. Living in a right handed world means we must develop innate strategies to adapt.

Hollie Sowden • 5 years ago

That's great to hear, Kevin!

Dmitry K • 5 years ago

In my extremely humble opinion this thread about lefties is just nothing but bull :) no offense! I am a proudly leftie person, too. But seriously, I haven't had any of these ideas about struggling with writing hieroglyphs to this very moment. In the very same fashion I learnt to play a guitar & drums as a right-handed person. The world is a cruel place we - lefties - live in and is for right-handers mostly... Also there's an interesting point about left-handed omni talented & gifted people; in this field we prevail :) let's face it!! I propose to wipe all the snot and keep it going)) P.S. It's said that a human being is able to adapt to whatever conditions he/she might be in, right? It only takes quite some time and a lot of efforts (guts if you wish). 万岁!

Hollie Sowden • 5 years ago

Hi Richard, as a fellow left-handed student of Chinese, I haven't really experienced any problems trying to write characters. I understand from the Chinese perspectives that writing characters with the left hand is problematic and incorrect, but as far as i know there isn't really a character writing method for left-handed people.
Can I ask what problems you had following the stroke patterns?

sweetas52 • 5 years ago

I have only started to write and I observed how each stroke was performed then realised it was for right- handers. Its not really a problem, I need to adjust using my left hand is all. We lefties are very adept hahahahaha

Hollie Sowden • 5 years ago

Very true! I'm actually really curious to know how other left-handers are dealing with writing characters...I'm off to do some research 👩‍💻

hany • 6 years ago

i begin to learn Chinese writing i want to know that is not some ruler to remember the form of writing from the pronunciation or from other thing because it is very difficult for me to remember all words i study because for me no different between characters

Hollie Sowden • 6 years ago

Hi Hany,

I recommend learning some radicals to help you remember the characters. Radicals are the parts of the Chinese character that provide the character with meaning and pronunciation. If you visit our online dictionary: http://dictionary.writtench..., or use the Written Chinese Dictionary app https://www.writtenchinese...., you can see the radicals for each character. To learn abit more about what radicals are, you can take a look at this artice: https://www.writtenchinese....

Sonya Lim • 6 years ago

I've already purchased Pleco for IDR 439.000, it's about NT$1000. I don't know if it's worth it or not, since I think your app is pretty good too. Pleco has features such as OCR, Reader, HSK Flash Card, Stroke Orders, and Search engine by Voice.

Hollie Sowden • 6 years ago

Hi, Sonya. Pleco has some cool features, but so do we! Many of our tools are free, including the stroke animations, and OCR (5 times a day) and our newest feature that allows you to set a study goal and track your learning :)

Zia Ud Din Bacha • 6 years ago

i would like to request for adding options while playing the animation of character, start stop, and slow and making fast play the character,

Hollie Sowden • 6 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion! Perhaps this might be something we can add in the future.

Chinabob 康瑞博 • 6 years ago

I tried to enter this above but it wouldn't load, twice. So, here it is: As we all know many Chinese characters originated as pictures/drawings. I have found that it often makes it easier to remember a character when you can see it's origins. Would it be possible to show a bit of a character's origins? Reference the book series Fun With Chinese Characters http://www.infinipress.com/... or at wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...


SoloPocono • 5 years ago

I know this was a year ago, but for others information: as a beginning Mandarin student at an "older" age, I knew the entomology of Chinese characters would fascinate me and I went on a hunt for iOS Apps on the history & development of the characters-found 2 jewels, including one that's won a bunch of rewards:
Both are available on both iPhone & iPad-but they're MUCH better on the bigger screens!! ENJOY!!

Hollie Sowden • 6 years ago

Hi Bob,

I really enjoy looking at those original drawings and finding out the characters etymology too! Some of our articles reference them, but I'm not sure if we intend to include anything like them in our app or web dictionary. I can pass on the idea to our Written Chinese Elves though!

Chinabob 康瑞博 • 6 years ago

That's great. Even if they don't do it. Thanks!

gophomaxx • 7 years ago

Calligraphy instructions for each character would be helpful

Nora Joy Wilson • 7 years ago

Hi! Both our online dictionary and the Written Chinese Dictionary mobile app for iOS and Android has stroke animations for each character to show you how to write it. Tap the "Learn More" button next to any character you search for online and you'll see a page like this: https://dictionary.writtenc...

Henrik Drescher • 4 years ago

hey how do i create flash cards that act as cards not just a list of my vocabulary?

Rayyan • 5 years ago

someone will tell me that how I can learn Chinese Language easily?

Hollie Sowden • 5 years ago

Hey Rayyan.

You might like to check out our 30 Day Chinese Learning Guide: https://www.writtenchinese....
It will give you tips and advice on writing, speaking, reading and listening. You might also like our free dictionary app that has audio, stroke animation and etc: https://www.writtenchinese....

Happy Studying!

Learners • 5 years ago

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