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Andy Hairgrove • 9 years ago

I like the more minimalist follow up reminders! The current look takes up way too much screen real estate!

rsweetland • 9 years ago

We totally agree. Looking forward to getting it live!

Steve Wetzel • 9 years ago

YES... Opt outs in the email. Saves me 3 steps when using cell phone!

Keep the innovation coming :-)

rsweetland • 9 years ago

Thanks, Steve!

Paul Hess • 9 years ago

Overall very nice. One thing I'll miss, if it's gone, is the little blue matrix on the right to defer my reminder for different amounts of time with a single click.

Brent Halliburton • 9 years ago

Agree, although I would love if it was ajax-ey and did not open another browser tab from my gmail when i defer a reminder.

rsweetland • 9 years ago

AJAX unfortunately isn't possible in the context of an email, but we have some ideas. Stay tuned : )

rsweetland • 9 years ago

Thanks, Paul. The postpone options will most definitely be included in the new version. They are hidden here since this version goes to your recipient.

Chris • 9 years ago

With the postpone option, is it possible to make it so that the links to postpone for a specific amount of time can work with one click without needing to be logged in? (If I understand correctly, it doesn't seem to work this way now.) This would make it much easier to postpone/reschedule a follow-up when on a smartphone or using a public computer to check email.

Bjorn Pardo • 9 years ago

It would be great if you could customize those postpone irons! It's that on the road map? Thanks

Bob Tabor • 9 years ago

No huge insights here, but FollowUpThen is crucial to my personal productivity process. Love what you have done and continue to do. Thank you and here's wishing you much success!

JKT • 9 years ago

Awesome. This is simply, yet revolutionary (at least to me!) idea.

Gayatri • 9 years ago

Great to know that 15 receipients can now be added in To field

Savy • 9 years ago

The enhancements look good, however, I think it's important to remind people (the ones who don't know) that unless all of your recipients already have each other's emails (like in a corporate situation) or they ALL don't mind their emails being shared with each other (like with family or good friends), then most people agree that their emails should be kept private from each other.

Currently to achieve this, when I do an email broadcast (for example to clients or prospects), I put all my recipients' emails in a Mail group and and uncheck the box that says "show addresses". The other way I do it when I have fewer names or it's a one-off broadcast is simply to send the email to myself and put all my recipients' emails in the bcc field.

I have not tried this with fut, but I'm wondering is it possible to use fut and still keep the recipients' emails private? Rather than testing five different ways, I thought I'd just ask.

rsweetland • 9 years ago

Right now the only way to schedule an email for multiple people is by placing their addresses in the 'to' field – which is visible to all. We have some ideas that would support this. I'm assuming this would be more for a marketing automation type of scenario rather than project management / internal company reminders?

ryan • 9 years ago

I'd like to see the 'Stamp' say 'TASK', 'REMINDER', and 'we've got you covered' in the stamp and in different colors so i can know quickly what i am looking at.

rsweetland • 9 years ago

That would be really cool – we would just have to find a way to add it while still keeping it minimal (our #1 feedback point).

Followup user • 9 years ago

Please allow people to get followups when they are in the BCC: That way a group can be sent an email and the individuals who receive it will not have the other recipients info.

rsweetland • 9 years ago

Noted. I don't think 'bcc' would be quite the right interaction (since it would change how we use that field now), but we have some other ideas how we might be able to accomplish this. Thanks for the feedback.

Seb M • 9 years ago

Hi, do you have an update about the minimalist followup ? When would it be active?
Thanks !

rsweetland • 9 years ago

We're working on it almost daily. The followup redesign project has touched many parts of the system – including all other email templates. The best answer I can give is "within a few weeks"...but hopefully sooner.