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Annoyed • 12 years ago

You'rere asked to "set your password" and nowher on your site can I see how to do that. Not in the FAQ, not any damn where.  

Ian Silber • 12 years ago

From the login page, you can use the set password link on the right to create a password if you haven't already.

Email help@followupthen.com if that doesn't work.

Wil Case • 12 years ago

I would really like to be able to change my primary email address. Is this something that can be worked out for Premium users? My new Evernote productivity flow needs Gmail to work, but my primary FollowUpThen is though my Outlook. Any help would be fantastic.

Ian Silber • 12 years ago

Believe it or not this is the next thing we're launching. We'll have it live very soon.

csimmons22 • 12 years ago

And... *BOOM*, there it is!  I just used that "changing-my-primary-email-address" thing, and it was VERY helpful.  Excellent service so far!  
--Signed, TCN (The Clueless Newbie)

Vshankins • 12 years ago

Can I use this with my Gmail acct?  Every time I click to set up it opens Outlook.  I don't use Outlook.

Ariel • 12 years ago

Wish we coul opt out of receiving our reminders without the big Reminder Image!!!

Eric Bryant • 12 years ago

I have an original idea... I'm going to comment on the actual post in this thread: FANTASTIC Evernote tip. Thank you for this and keep up the awesomeness!

csimmons22 • 12 years ago

LOL @ericbryant  Well said, sir!  Yes, it looks to be an awesome trick.  I plan on trying it very shortly, but I'm most certain it will come in handy.