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Ajeet Khurana • 8 years ago

I think that followupthen can be a fabulous tool. But when you add more functionality, it also adds more complexity in terms of usage. I love the added functionality and want you to keep going down this path. But my 2 cents on this would be to come up with a couple of quick presentations on common use cases where the new functionality can be used (and of course, about how to use it). Thanks. And good luck :)

rsweetland • 8 years ago

This is a great suggestion, Ajeet. I am familiar with research demonstrating how people can connect with stories far better than just "loose facts". Keep an eye out for something like this very soon.

Adam • 8 years ago


FUT is the best that happened to me since iPhone 3g ;)

I totally get what the guy in the first comment said, I guess for me FUT perfectly taps into existing needs.

From a marketing point of view, I wonder if it would be a smarter move to focus on people who have these problems and therefore understand FUT intuitively - or would it be better to try and also educate other people about how to manage their time and energy better.

Anyway, keep up the good work! :)

rsweetland • 8 years ago

Thanks, Adam! That's great to hear. Agreed that it would be better to focus on the audience that has the problem (while hopefully communicating it in a way that is easily understood!).

John London • 8 years ago

Hello, I am a user for some 2 years. Of some benefit would be the option to receive a reminder by sms only rather than having the duplication notification by email also.

rsweetland • 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, John. We'll definitely take this into account.