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Leftside_Annie • 3 years ago

Conservatives are ugly people with ugly shriveled souls full of hatred. *shudder*

Loan_Ranger • 3 years ago

I'm sure she didn't say half of what she wanted to say. I don't think I've ever seen anything like the conservative reaction to the Obama presidency. Lester Maddox would be proud.

nehru2009 . • 3 years ago

I thought her speech was excellent. As a Black leader and elder, her responsibility is to not only inspire the next generation, but to prepare them for the real world and what they will be facing. Her message, for those to ignorant to perceive, was to not be distracted by the noise of your haters. For instance, these conservatives who have a problem with her speech.

mattdl • 3 years ago

Conservatives think you're racist if you point out racism. Projection at its finest.

Frank LaFerriere • 3 years ago

Whites didn't think lynching a black father and his two daughters...when he was bringing them to a white school, was racism either.

Frank LaFerriere • 3 years ago

Yeah whites used to think this wasn't racism either.

Dolothegreat • 3 years ago

idiocy at its finest

Bookthief • 3 years ago

When I stop to think about all this pain, death, hate, ignorance, it's because of the color of skin. Skin.

In 200 years or so, when we're all a similar color what will this finally be over?

verylargehat • 3 years ago


L O V E ! ! ! ! !

Keith • 3 years ago

I am sad to see so many ignorant people there are out there. Michelle Obama is the most educated, most together FLOTUS we have ever had. Period. And the nasty posters are unfortunately a pretty good representation of the ignorance our nation needs to move past. I feel sorry for those ignorant folk because the road ahead will be harder on them than on the enlightened.

soccerteesandplaydoh • 3 years ago

I'm gonna have to go with Eleanor Roosevelt on those particular superlatives, my friend. But I do think Michelle Obama has been a magnificent First Lady.

Boardwalker • 3 years ago

Conservatives like Bill O'Reilly have twisted the term "race-baiting" from its original meaning so much that most conservatives don't even know its true meaning. I found this on another site, and it's the best definition I could find:

""Race Baiting" refers to baiting a person of a different race with taunts and fighting words, to incite the person to fight and be beaten or humiliated. Race baiting can be non-violent in outcome, to goad the target to cause a presumably unprovoked scene, but the original purpose of race baiting has been to start a conflict in which the target is physically punished, even with death.

"Example: "My father went to the store where three white race baiters began calling him a dumb n____r and calling my mother a n____r slut. My dad got mad and argued with them, and they all beat him and took him out and lynched him."

"That is race-baiting. Race Baiting is not the same as "Race Card," which is used by a person of one race to deflect criticism by claiming the person of a different race doing the criticizing is a racist. Race baiting is an effort to anger a weaker person with racial epithets in order to hurt them, either physically or socially.

"Due to ignorance and denial, in the last 20 years or so the word has become synonymous with 'playing the race card" among many. So many, in fact, that some dictionaries carry conflicting definitions. That is unfortunate. It is similar to the way some people use 'murdered' and 'killed' interchangeably, when 'murder' describes only felonious homicide, but 'kill' encompasses all forms of the process of ending a life.

"You use 'race card' when you want a discussion to die. You 'race bait' when you want to murder someone of a particular race, in a manner of speaking. Murder, injure, humiliate.

"Of course, you can conflate the two, but classic race baiting involves using various forms of racial slurs to affect an emotional response from the victim that is used to their immediate disadvantage."


CityZen • 3 years ago

Gotta keep this one Bill if it is ok with you. Good post.

majii • 3 years ago

All of these butthurt assh*les need to STFU. None of them know what it's like to be born and to live while black in America, but they think they have the right to tell those of us who were/are what our lives are like. If these responses to MO's commencement speech isn't a special brand of white privilege these individuals feel, I don't know a better example. Nothing pisses me off more than having someone who isn't black try to tell me what is/isn't an example of racism. If these tools had to live one week while being a POC, they'd never want to live that way again.

mechadave • 3 years ago

Yeah man, those blacks are the real racists. Bringing up white bigotry hurts white people's feelings.

ChronicLunacy • 3 years ago


Wookie Monster • 3 years ago

Is there anything more butt hurt than a racist being reminded that racism still exists in this country?

Duane Prather • 3 years ago

Wow! Did she give two different versions of her speech? I listened to her remarks and did not think it was hateful or race-baiting. I thought it was inspirational and heart-felt.

chris968 • 3 years ago

I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that all those Tweets were posted by white people.

Michelle Obama is a true inspiration to us all and I wish instead of hating her for her race and strength people would strive to be more like her. I am proud to have her and her husband as our country's leaders.

Guest • 3 years ago
chris968 • 3 years ago

Well that's a lie, because Republicans and conservatives outright refuse to work with President Obama because he's black, and Michelle is also black, so if you put two and two together, she is hated for her race. And talking about her experiences of racism to people who have experienced the same isn't "whining" about race. I guess you're white too.

Guest • 3 years ago
chris968 • 3 years ago

Reverse racism does not exist. Not when you are a minority group who has been oppressed for hundreds of years in a country. It's called "justified".

Oginikwe • 3 years ago

Well, that's a big ol' pile of bullshit.
The right-wing authoritarians and tea baggers have attacked her in some of the most racist ways possible.

verylargehat • 3 years ago

Plus, Michelle Obama never whines. She is AMAZING.

Jimcima • 3 years ago

“We've both felt the sting of those daily slights throughout our entire lives. The folks who crossed the street in fear of their safety, the clerks who kept a close eye on us in all those department stores. The people at formal events who assumed we were the help. And those who have questioned our intelligence, our honesty, even our love of this country, and I know that these little indignities are obviously nothing compared to what folks across the country are dealing with every single day.”

Wow, what a bitch.

patcos • 3 years ago

Guess you can't relate? Youre giving yourself away as a privileged white bigot.

chris968 • 3 years ago

Learn to identify sarcasm before you post next time moron.

LawrenceOfA • 3 years ago

Conservatives are all for "freedom of speech"...except when they disagree with you!

Lea M. Jones • 3 years ago

People really don't get the purpose of her speech. Thats just sad.

Boardwalker • 3 years ago

Conservatives can't see past their hatred long enough to actually comprehend what's being said.

Guest • 3 years ago
RockyMissouri • 3 years ago

If that's what you're looking for...but I find it's filled with wonderful ...informed, and caring people.

No, it's a cross section of online society.

Frito Pendejo • 3 years ago

Ha! It's like reddit only MOAR TWITS

Guest • 3 years ago
RockyMissouri • 3 years ago

You insult yourself with every cruel comment, and only elevate the President and Mrs. Obama.

Wookie Monster • 3 years ago

So, acknowledging that racism exists is "inciting racial hatred and division?"
People like you are the reason she still has to give a speech like that in 2015.

Jimcima • 3 years ago

Every night they sleep in the White House as a result of their work ethic, diligence, personal drive and initiative.

Both she and her husband are smarter, more educated, richer, more successful and
demonstrably better, more compassionate and superior people in every single respect than you will ever be.

They are respected and famous globally beyond your wildest imagination and will be remembered and noted for the rest of human history, while your existence was virtually forgotten the very second after you hit the "post" button on your mewling envious whine.

They are the most famous and successful people on the planet, and you are nobody.

Guest • 3 years ago
Sydney • 3 years ago

What's to refute? You gave an opinion and that is all.

SupermodelWithLupus • 3 years ago

Exactly. How do you refute that? LOL I don't get it. anyway what's up Sydney? Hope you've been okay.

Sydney • 3 years ago

I am doing just fine. I had a great weekend with the kids.
I hope you are doing well. Good to to see ya!

SupermodelWithLupus • 3 years ago

Actually getting sicker but getting some rest so that's important too. I had a great and relaxing weekend! Good to see you here as well! Look forward to your posts!

Sydney • 3 years ago

: (
I am sorry to hear you are sicker. {{{Healing Thoughts Your Way}}}

Now_tense • 3 years ago

How is it that I hear an uplifting speech about perseverance, self worth and following your own path; while conservative America hears the opposite?

Tangent001 • 3 years ago

You never contracted Obama Derangement Syndrome. Seriously, the Michelle could give a speech on how great it is to breathe and the Fox-trotters would holler about 'cruel discrimination against the dead'.

Guest • 3 years ago
ChronicLunacy • 3 years ago

You must be new here.

disqus_Wz58Qq14ii • 3 years ago

LOL... to this day, I have never understood how or why people consider Michelle Obama racist.....