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Sirdirkfan • 5 years ago

Those leaks are only relevant if they destroy Soros and Heil Hillary and Co with the information in them that gets to the voters.

TroySavary • 5 years ago

That which is done in the dark is brought to light.

Spychiatrist • 5 years ago

I think the good Lord is exposing these wicked creatures for who they are.

Expect more of this soon.

shibdude@yahoo.com • 5 years ago

Go hackers !!!!!! As a favor to Americans hack into the IRS and delete every file and record they have.

All Soros needs in that photo is a pitchfork. He already has the face of some satanic psycho.

CJ • 5 years ago

Yes, I'm happy about the hacking myself. It's about time a chink in his armor was found. He is a supremely evil individual.

Mark T • 5 years ago

Is anyone else laughing themselves to sleep after reading all these type of news articles? I'm so happy that these hackers are releasing all the corrupt bankers/politicians dirty laundry. One amazing way that God is using technology against the establishment.

Selous Scouts • 5 years ago

Just like when the Muslims were set to overrun Europe, they were defeated at the battle of Tours. History is full of surprises. Our bigger problem is the highly wealthy and influential fifth column that is controlling most of the Western governments and using liberal "Democracy" to destroy the West.