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BRYNNSCHMIDT20 • 7 years ago

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ilstar • 7 years ago

Foster, could you please share your thoughts on Pope Francis? He has been quite political lately.

Foster_Gamble • 7 years ago

My research indicates that the failed Roman empire morphed into the Roman Catholic church, and even the Rothschilds are beholden to the Vatican bank and its independent State. They are part of the new world order wanting a one world government under their control. Their strategy is social democracy, becoming socialism, becoming communism/fascism. So the Vatican has chosen a socialist pope who is behaving very cleverly and predictably in service of the agenda for global domination and using the myth of human made climate change to secure the world tax and police force to legalize and enforce that globalist structure.
What do you think?

ilstar • 7 years ago

I've posted my research on Pope Francis to AboveTopSecret (http://www.abovetopsecret.c..., and I've asked you because there was some confusion as to your standing on this issue. My conclusions, though, agree with yours. There is much evidence that Pope Francis leans toward socialism, but the later discussion on that thread also makes me think that he is no socialist at all but merely a religious poseur who wants proletarian atheists (and theists, for that matter) to support him.

Kenny Bentley • 7 years ago

That's interesting. At first I was reading and hearing how Pope Francis was a man of the people, and I thought that was a positive thing, although I'm not a Catholic. Then one day I heard on the Alex Jones Show that the Pope had cricitized Trump for wanting to build a wall and control immigration, saying we should build more bridges than walls, when Vatican City has a huge wall. That's so hypocritical. Alex also mentioned Pope Francis being the first Jesuit pope. I'm not familiar with the Jesuits, but as I understand it, they have something to do with the New World Order. Alex has been criticized for not talking about the Jesuits, but I have heard him talk about them on at least two or three occasions in the last few months I've been listening to him, and I think he has bigger things to talk about.

bobbi • 7 years ago

Really....You want to hit on Sanders with what Trump and the republicans are doing, Sanders is a Democratic Socialist which is what made through other presidents all the humanitarian results in this country, which republicans are trying to take away to put more and more corporate control on this country. Sanders you want to hit on and not Trump who will get us in a war before you can count ten once he would be elected. It is right there in the things he is saying. I was watching he video from a link sent to me, but I will now unsubscribe and tell others to avoid your site. I suspected a level of being out of balance on a gut level intuitive point inside myself in relationship to what you teach. Okay the guy, Sanders, believes in mandatory vaccines, but let me tell you, you promote a lot of things that might not be the most balanced energetically either. No one is perfect. We need every Sanders vote to dilute the corporate take over of the country. We are living in an oligarchy. Do you even know what that is? I wonder. What are you trying to create--a classist Utopia dependent on who can channel what energies. Give me a break

T Morgan • 8 years ago

Foster this has been with out a doubt the most objective, educational piece of historical and political writing I have ever seen. I stopped watching television, reading news papers or listening to ANY news years ago because I found myself getting so over whelmed. You have been a light in the dark.
I was referred to your website 3 days ago.You have given me such hope and inspiration that this country and the world might be able to be saved.

Last March I was given a cancer diagnosis and immediately after I receive an invitation to watch a docu series "The Truth about Cancer a Quest for the Cure". This piece of work has led me to a search for the truth about cancer, which then lead to seeking alternative treatments, which then lead then to the FDA, the pharmaceutical companies, vaccinations, and the untold story of all the people who have fallen victim to this corrupt system that people actually are defending. I was feeling so isolated with all this information and no place to go and having no idea what I could do. Then you had some of the same info on your film, and were interviewing one of the same people he did.
In the beginning of his documentary Ty Bolinger states his reasons for the documentary. Having lost many family members to cancer "treatments". The other night watching the video clip you and Kimberly did, where SHE talks about her painful losses due to cancer, and her turning her pain into something that could help others, it hit me.... I had come full circle. But you were offering a way to make a difference, how we can create change, a change that would not just impact Americans, but ALL people everywhere.
What you an Kimberly have done is restore my spirit, stirred my soul and given me inspiration.

I am a 63 year old self employed painting contractor. I am by no means wealthy but I have a dream to help other who may not have an opportunity to own their own home, and be able to build their own personal wealth, now you have inspired me to become a part of a movement, Thrive, that can do that around the globe. "Divine intelligence" has guided me this past year, and brought me full circle to be part of the "soul"-ution by bringing you both and the Thrive Movement into my experience.
Thank you!
Rick In Maine

Felipe Cruz Cerda • 8 years ago

I think the first step is to convince people to stop voting. People need to stop voting if they want things to start changing, if you vote youre allowing the system to continue. If nobody votes its game over for them, then we will be able to start doing things different and finding solutions

Pine Cone • 8 years ago
Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“Make the World Go Away 120615”

For some unknown reason, I want to accept the World as it is, and not as I would have it, because if I don’t forgive it all, then it, still means I won’t accept ‘myself’ as I AM, and not as I would fix-it-project onto all my mirrors. I get the idea, that I AM ‘not’ of this World, as I would have it become, instead, so what I AM, when I disappear from here, remains some similar Miracle Unknown mystery to me.

When I recently asked for Immortal Love to come help me forgive myself, it occurs to me, to let go of this World, and accept it, just as it is, instead of investing any more free energy into Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes slumber. Can it be, that everything we think here is, so insignificant, that the whole Immortal Love Multiverse is waiting for us to learn to live Loved again? Can, even Immortal Love help our lost soul collective, in spite of our unconscionable Karmic role-reversal selves, or is forgiving others my one, and only one Sovereign, other ‘free will’ choice?

I have another very clear idea, that my, very essence remains Sovereign Innocence, just like everyone else here, and as long as Sweet Beloved Innocence keeps showing up in us, there’s not enough blood, guts, and gore among us, to, ever please our Satanic dominant handlers. I notice everything I forgive disappears from my mind, so the realer miracle is to accept this World, as it is from Immortal Love’s perspective, so I can allow Immortal Love to forgive, all other ‘unknown reasons’, for we are the, very ones, ‘who know not what we do’.

oinklesam • 8 years ago

Your passive mentality is admirable. Your demise however will be so horrific, unimaginable and lengthy at the hands of the elite rulers. Perhaps you could look more closely at the history of the self-appointed elitists. They can get very creative with destruction, especially at the individual level. Even Jesus lost his temper with the money changers. You said it perfectly: "... there’s not enough blood, guts, and gore among us, to, ever please our Satanic dominant handlers".

Pine Cone • 8 years ago
Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“One Another 120415”

How we, all harm one another, just by appearing here as another one, instead of forgiving One another, as ourselves, to Love One Another from, all the Love within inclusive Communion, instead of judging each other, as ourselves, in disregard for One Another, just to continue Karmic divisive-gender lifetime, after role-reversal lifetime, on ad infinitum, in other long run-on life plan sentences, just like another half-life Love-inverse one, or another?

God! How we absolutely, seem to love our own sex-special Karma, just to keep coming back, only to come back again in Love-inverse proportion-gender prose, without One Another rhyming poesy? Since I AM You, then You ARE Me too, so don’t get any bright ideas, that we can Love One Another without forgiving each other’s Karmic role, in switchback mirror-miming synchronicity; if you please, and thanking you in advance? ;) ;)

Our choreographer presents us to each other, so we can experience how we harm each other, pretty much the Love-inverse same, each mirror-double lifetime plan. We suffer unlearning harm, until we forgive One Another, and this is God’s Plan for us, no matter what/who/how we, ourselves, think we ‘choose’ to harm One another. This is what makes gender tick, and this how sex makes us tock, while we, actually imagine all this is for nothing, until we forgive One Another, as our responsive kinder humble disappearing selves, in Communion.

We are, so privileged to come here, to be harmed again, and to harm another again, while all the gun TIME-magazine bullet-projections we spend harming each other here, we all remain blessed forever, back Home, where moral is the compass of Joy, without any more Immortals, to pretend Money-Immoral Mortal-disharmony. Here, we Mortals can pretend to become money, itself, so others can spend us away in the harsh winds of Time, but no other Mortal denial-suffering, than gender illusion, can harm another more, just by becoming ‘totally spent’, as our ‘big O’ abused Oprah-Karmic lost-kid selves in the hot-steamy who-foggy mirror of who’s what/who/how boo-hoo, really.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“Solace 120515”

Please help me forgive myself for becoming so frightened, from enlightened, to Mercy Unified, for all of us to, barely survive our Monster Earth collective Blackmail conscious malfeasance? It was, so easy to settle, seeming separate from ONENESS, when our very Conscience lost so many, other Karmic souls, while Heaven keeps pounding us away, at our Earth Evil takeover, with so many, who were sacrificed, almost before we, even appeared outside Heaven’s womb here.

Thank you God for helping me to forgive others, as myself, and for allowing me to, even begin to feel our denied collective fear consciousness, and please help me now, even more, to trust, that what compassion helped me awaken from Karmic slumber, will continue to Unify Mercy-guide me through, so many intricate, and profound, overwhelming child-sacrifice intimate-ferocious Earth Monster delicacies?

Can I blame myself for being frightened, or blame Heaven’s decree for allowing me to come here, so many times, to frustrate the Hell, right out of dominating unconscionable Monster preposterosities? Would that I be kind, but to continue to forgive, even more, through the lightening storm compassionate thunder of higher vibration Unifying Mercy, to Atone, and Ascend uplifting each man life plan, for every lilting woman lifetime opportune unlimited possibility?

When, all forgiveness is said, and done, more kind wisdom of gratitude fills my heart of hearts for anyone, and everyone, who ever appears here, to play our vulnerable Inner Spirit Child ONENESS Party part. Thank you ‘ancient youth’, all for each kind of us, and thank you each kind, as all of us inclusive, to help us, all wake up, and die right, by switching allegiance from creation, to Creator’s Mercy-Unifying intention, “Pleasance”.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

Since God is Love, and Love is Immortal, then Karmic Sex Politics has nothing to do with a forgiven Mortal's Innocence

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“Ancient Youth 120315”


Can God contemplate me so

Is Love meant to forgive me

Am I sparks on anvil’s spire

God’s eye tear in simple’s pyre


Would that I be kind forgiven

Enlightening in Love’s Heaven

Can it be me that sings within

Time that beats in every song


Truth inspiring Sweet Beloved

Flowing Heaven’s Living Waters

In Love with Mercy in conspiracy

Untie our present so Delight me


Coherent Spirit, for~everywhere

Timeless taxi, replete’s only fare

Inviolate’s intentioned disappearing

Let invisible surprise such Pleasance

Starker1 • 8 years ago

Foster, I really would like to see a city like Santa Cruz, for example, go all in with the ideas of the Thrive Movement, Public Banking Institute , the Venus Project (great designs), Open Source Everything, Universal Basic Income, etc. and become a model city. Have you approached their City Council with at least the solutions of the Thrive Movement?

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

God Love Thrive's complicity with devotion to Love, Truth, and Simplicity


Hellena Post • 8 years ago

There is one option for 'governance' that you haven't mentioned here, which is Chaotic Self Organisation, as discussed by Chaos Theory. I've written a blog post about it, and though it's a long read, it's full of links and references to many topics that I've seen noted on your blogs in the past, and I think you'll find it interesting. http://spunoutpost.blogspot...

Stan "The fix it man" • 8 years ago

Foster--- Again, great exposure of political meanings and
some solutions you deem necessary are “nuts on”. What you have failed to note
is how the solutions proposed become physically possible. Money is not the
problem of economic collapse. Nutrition is the root cause of all economic problems
in this realm. You mentioned Russia murdered 20 plus million people. What you
failed to mention was they killed the majority of them by starvation from
failed factory farming (the US is completely vulnerable to this one). Russia did
not have gulags or bullets or gas chambers for most reported deaths. Admittedly
a few million were shot or killed, but the majority deaths came from
starvation. In China the same starvation killed the majority of the 65 million.
During our own depression years it is estimated 7 million died from starvation or
nutritional related deaths. You and Kimberly are also dying from starvation
(incomplete nutrition) and will never see your full potential in the Soul (Sumer) you now possess... (Mediterranean sub-starum root word of the Sumer or people or “flesh” that the Hebrews called their own soul) But you could very easily increase to at lest 300 years providing from your own sweat and eating from plants you touch which they align to your own Hz a complete diet void of stress.

You talk free energy... there is no such thing. It takes work to extract energy from food or to
control our environment and work is not free. I will state a challenge right now to any supposed scientist out there that can show me one instance where the next statement I make is false. I state
now as did Tesla, (All motion is perpetual, only its cycle path becomes more and more restricted or expanded by its state).
We have to work to get a piece of that motion to sustain the motion (energy or nutrition)
necessary to sustain our flesh.

The solution to pollution and poverty is corroboration to extract the wasted energy for better use. The solution to coercion is collective cooperation of neighbors that believe they will stand up and exert the extra effort to be free.

Both require respect of others and life. Without respect for
all life (including Terra) we are nothing more than savage. Engaging 7.5
billion people is not the challenge you might expect. Let’s talk as I believe
we have a very short time until they must admit currencies are not “real” currencies.
Not one morsel of food, not one cup of gas, not one electron can be delivered
to you or any one else in the west without electronic banking. When Electronic
banking fails it will be catastrophic. It should be back up within a month but
that will be the longest month in the history of the world for the advanced
nations totally dependent on factory farming and the energy grid.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

Stan’s (The fix it Mom)

I am sorry I breast fed you, too long, but I didn’t know what to do with you when you got so upset with rage. It’s wrong for me to sexually Blackmail you with a fix-it compunction, setting you up as my little-man hostage, and I hope you can forgive me for always trying to fix you with my hidden resentment, and contempt, as if you were always wrong, instead of me.

You have plenty of reason to be so enraged, because, what I did to you, and your dead father, is split up our family, so our ‘personal’ Middle East War reflection would never stop. I am sorry I used you, to help me shun your father out of our family, and it’s wrong for us to react together with such constant contempt, as if he was wrong all the time, for whatever happened in our Parent/Child Triangulation Mother Mercenary Godless Goddess Mother ISIS Worship joint-narcissism, together.

I didn’t realize our fused relationship would cause so much rage in you, that your awful feelings about me, would replicate partners, just like me, that would, also breast feed your kids, even after their need to eat ended, and our continuing need, to be needed, would violate your, and yours God-Given Sovereignty. Now, I bet you are somewhere everyone else around tries to fix everything instead of looking in all your fix-it mirrors, and I hope you can realize, that what I did to you, is what you did to your last 3 wives, but you, all are mirrors of fused relationships, just like what I did to you, and they did to you, and yours too.

You got so angry as a child, that the more I did, to fix you, the more enraged you woke up every day, as if you, sort of responded-in-kind to, be wrong more, from my my constant fix-it need to always make you wrong. I couldn’t Quantum mom sex kid cop rob rot see at the time, that you became my self-hate control mirror Quanta, and, even though it’s too late for me now, I hope this amends works to begin a new path for you, to stop blaming yourself for everything wrong, that I did to you to use you, own you, and turn you into my ‘little man’ mini-me.

I understand now, that it’s wrong for me to violate your Sovereign boundaries, and I hope you can stop doing what was done to you, so you can let others come closer, because there is a new wave of kind enlightening energy, that can help us, all stop projecting fix-it Momb stuff onto our World-War need to kill, all our fix-it Mom projections, out on, all the ISIS triangulation Proxy War battle fields. Please try to see me as your mirror reflection, to make nutrition the core problem, when you try to fix the whole World, just like I breast-did to fix-you.

This message will self destruct in 60 seconds, because all I had left to send this to you was one of our ISIS suicide vest instruction pamphlets, so there will not be anyone left, very soon, to use as a live patsy, so you can never 'J Edgar's Mom-damn' prove what I/they momb-bitter did to 'Pine Cone's Mom-splash' drone fix-it you….. bye bye!

Neal Rush • 8 years ago

I bet Stan "the fix it man" will fix this post before it self destructs!

kirkalx27 . • 8 years ago

Well said Foster. You covered so many good points and as usual provided a sane look at a complicated subject. Thanks for the reference links on solutions and strategies.

Also, I'm glad to see that once again you've prompted many intelligent and diverse responses, which is one of the many things I enjoy about this site. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and everyone at Thrive.

Guest • 8 years ago
Stan "The fix it man" • 8 years ago

Great Rhetorical response

Foster_Gamble • 8 years ago

Thanks, Lotus, for these clarifications. Very helpful.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“Thrive Politics Genuflection 112815”

I am a hurting unit, suffering everywhere I look in my mirror with others just like me, so I guess I am, as lost as any other Soul, that appears wherever I go, as fast as I continually appear in our suffering Unity? I hear a voice inside stillness, to remind me, that I can’t change the World, but I can only change myself, so instead of looking in a ‘looking glass’ mirror, others show up, better as my lifelong bitter suffering human mirrors.

I am grateful to Thrive to not censure us, and I am grateful for our intention to look, carefully at all the ways our collective consciousness ego-support systems keep us from ‘thriving’ happily. I am, also very grateful to learn, that we co-create our suffering mirrors in others, that show up for us to forgive, instead of judging others, as our suffering selves. Since, those with Duality perceptions see suffering, as happiness, and my mirrors don’t seem that happy with me, then I need to forgive Thrive, and our hidden intention, to make this World a better place, instead of changing myself/ourselves.

I must have become a fart in a phone booth on Thrive, because I am working against the happy pretentious game, where I have, never been happier to know my uncensured suffering, instead of trying to, continually change all our suffering Worldly mirrors. I am forgiving Thrive now, just like I forgive everything continually, and what is revealing itself to me, is how much I, also pretend to be happy, but more in Soul desperation to fit in somewhere, before I get seven more years bad luck Karma, even here again.

My toxic shame from so much childhood family “W”ar “A”buse, and “R”ape, remains my gift of desperation, so I don’t have a choice to pretend suffering is happiness, except to know how much God Loves me, to show me, how everyone else suffers continual Soul “W”ar “A”buse, and “R”ape, just like me. I don’t want to change our “W”ar “A”buse, and “R”ape mirror World, because breaking a mirror to get rid of my own suffering image would, just make seven times seven, more year lifetimes for, all of us to lick the happy-honey from the razor’s edge of more violent-pretentious Duality suffering.

If Thrive’s intention is to try and change the World, one detail at a time, instead of each of us changing ourselves, then I am in the right place, to try and become more perfect, but that leaves out Humility, Compassion for others, and surrendering to ONENESS Spirit Conscience, through forgiveness? I have never been as happy, and high-Spirited, by continually forgiving my mirrors, so we can enjoy mutual acceptance, but if we keep talking about what’s wrong in our Worldly mirrors, instead of seeing ourselves, then maybe, that’s what keeps us talking about what’s going on in the World, instead of listening with Delight, and self-disclosing with any authentic vulnerability.

I see how my attitude about what we should be doing to thrive happily, may be a different intention than other’s idea of thriving, so here I am again, like in my family of origin, trying to change Thrive, instead of forgiving Thrive as my best Karmic suffering mirror. This latest Politics post, merely prompted me to renounce politics, altogether, so what’s up with that? Is my childhood toxic shame from family “W”ar “A”buse, and “R”ape, so bad, that I, still don’t feel comfortable seeing suffering as fake happiness, or am I the Starseed precursor to Total Humility surrender to Ascension, without any more Duality Consciousness pretending?

I have become the black sheep in my family, but have learned that’s a ‘good’ sign, not to fit in there any more, right? Maybe becoming the black sheep on Thrive, trying to make the Worldly mirror a better place, doesn’t fit in with my rebellious ideas of listening with Delight, to others’ vulnerable self-disclosure, to enhance our desire to turn within, instead? I am expressing myself honestly today, instead of my normal posey-prose expletives, as if that’s going to get me anywhere, to enjoy Bonding in Delight? After expressing myself, honestly in my childhood family, 40 Near Death Experiences enhanced my desire to, NOT be vulnerable any more, so maybe that’s what makes Thrivers, also hide from, more genocidal social norm censure, from us all suffering so much collective consciousness “W”ar “A”buse, and “R”ape?

Next we, all will be talking about World War Three, so there won’t seem a chance in Hell of anyone, even daring to listen with Delight, and self-disclose with any vulnerability, because fish in the bottom of the Elite’s kill barrel, never have Time to stop frantic-mirror swimming long enough, to self-reflect in such a roiling deadly boil. I love to discern like this time, about my Thrive experience, but forgiving Thrive takes me back to my childhood, where everyone was so busy, just trying to physically survive, like me, no one dared to Atone, for fear of what we, ourselves were self-mirroring.

A friend recently responded about a Mother we observe together, who can’t possibly admit her kids are messed up, without her seeing her kids are a reflection of her own messed up mirror reflection, so is this the sort of Duality positioning, that makes us all pretend suffering is happiness? I can see my trying to change Thrive, instead of embracing my own perfectionistic need to hide from toxic shame, but becoming, more perfect, than, even Thrive, seems more like following all the unwritten rules to survive suffering, instead of thriving ‘happily’ in my suffering family of origin.

I get scared when others speak, so clearly about knowing so much about politics, even though no politics has, ever done anything successful toward Spiritual Atonement, and what is politics, except another projection of our Inner Struggle between our Sovereign Conscience Unifying Mercy, and selling our Soul to collective Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes consciousness. Since gender bigotry comes from cell division, and half-life Politics remains our best Split-Soul mirror, then can any Politics become anything, but that same toxic shame that always has an angry-competitive mean-spirited face?

I want to choose Peace of Love, over pretending I am right, so as I forgive our beloved Thrive, enlightening compassion for each one of us, is beginning to Unify Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy, even back when I was the same suffering parents, as when I appeared here to mirror, back when they suffered as children with someone, just like all of us here in ONENESS reverie. Maybe I do, really fit, here on Thrive, and more than anyone fixing our mirror knows, because anything, that happens to any one of us, happens, at least a little “W”ar “A”buse, and “R”ape bit, to each, as all, and all, as each of us in ONENESS Spirit Conscience.

After Note:

I may not, even take a shower, today, do dishes, or brush my hair, but I intend, to not break any unwritten rules, too bad, as long as my Parents still threaten me from inside my tired ole mind, everywhere I find others trying to perfect our mirrors, instead of just hanging out with other mirror slobs, just like us.

I am such a rebel, right? Oooohhh a slob today, in my own mind!!! Maybe I can self-disclose how many times per day, others welcome me with Delight, that sure doesn’t seem like, before I stopped trying to be like everyone else, as if that would ever become possible, from ‘my’ Worldly Karmic suffering mirror experiences.

I wish I could relax on Thrive, like I can with others in face to face experiences, but I always get the idea, that Bonding Delight is against, so many Elite laws, that some normal mind-control minion would become, as jealous as, all the self-hate projecting NSA/CIA/ISIS Political Mercenary normalcy bias sufferers, that grew up in different houses together, more like my own gender-bigoted “W”ar “A”buse, and “R”ape Parent/Child Triangulation Family.

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago

A: We take the actions our informed enemies (not their uninformed tools) don't wish us to take.

The prior is the simplest useful answer to this question. I've noticed that even most libertarians, voluntaryists, ancaps, and minarchists become dishonest when answering this question, because they do not know the answer to it.

Jo Ann Vacirino • 8 years ago

Foster - If you are looking for a way to teach true voluntaryist governance ... www.zeroaggressionproject.org is a fabulous resource.

Jo Ann Vacirino • 8 years ago

Please support www.FairDebates.com so that Americans can at least become aware that we are NOT just a 2 party system and other voices should be on the Presidential Debate Stage - and they would be, if the show wasn't run by the two parties.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“In a Kind World 112715”

There is no cell division, to multiply our endless unforgiven fear of separation mirrors

There is no more need for suffering linear Time, no more need for biology, bibliography, astrology, history, future, gender roles, Mothers vs Fathers, nor any more children to project our own lost Karmic Inner One Child Spirit confusing dialectic anxiety Duality, cell-division multiplicity split-Soul suffering-lifetime Karma out onto…

In a Kind World there is no more need for DNA drama ID, to couple cell division helpless children, back into this suffering linear Time/Guilt projection-paradigm

There is no more need for censuring communication, and no more need to line up two strand DNA in-fighting between physical illusion, and ONENESS Spirit Conscience

There is no mirror to forgive, and no more projections to Atone, so Ascension becomes a thing of the ‘past’, wherein Love replaces all loveless cell division anxiety dysfunctional tension and projection need, for more heart-surrendering lessons

No more need to lie, in collective consciousness fan-base politics, and no more need for Blackmail money control, to make others afraid of our own projected Soul poverty


In our World

There is no kindness, only cell division suffering multiplicity, to continually forgive our unforgiven fear-of-separation mirror Saviors

There is, only us, without the kindness it takes to enjoy Bonding Delight in Communion, telepathy, creative intelligence, and Harmony

There is, only us without any idea of Love, unless sex is involved, to foster more unkind polarity, as if there can ever, really be any difference between cells, that divide into ONENESS Oversoul mirrors of each other

There is, only us, and Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetime illusions, just as separate as our first Big Bang cell division intention, to fix, what can, never become inclusive-broken in a Kind World

“It”, all begins inside one tiny fractal cell of creation, when alignment begins another World War replication projection, by wanting to divide, and divide, to multiply, and multiply more fear of separation, the only thing that, ever survives in our unkind World

Our whole Unkind World is so small within a Kind World, that the inverse of infinity fits, almost without regard, to our own unkind disregard, so our whole idea of a physical projection, from our tiny one cell division Big Bang, is as helpless as any child, we would, still want to suffer misery here with us, within our split-Soul Karmic need for, more Warriors, to put up the good mirror fear-fight for us.

Everything-less invisible ‘thingless' in a Kind World is not, just part of the Whole, but the whole Whole, as each, as all, and all, as each, without any more need for cell division, biology, bibliography, astrology, history, future, gender roles, Mothers vs Fathers, nor any more children to project our own lost Karmic Inner One Child Spirit confusing dialectic anxiety, cell division-multiplicity split-Soul suffering-lifetimes Karma out onto…


Without me in our World ;)

There would be no ‘you’ mirror, to forgive in a Kind World :) (:

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

Lovely, Love both ways, is like a refreshing pleasance, that surprises us in a forgiveness garden fountain mist of Delight...

Moonie Pupil • 8 years ago

Hi Foster,
Do you think the exchange of money is a zero sum game?

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago

You have mistakenly misdefined democracy in the manner of H L Mencken. I respect Mencken et al, but this is almost a mental disorder among libertarians.

Sure, if you misdefine proper democracy (a systematic way of limiting government power) as "suffrage alone" or "majoritarian elections only," then democracy is a complete failure. However, democracy is not "suffrage alone."

Democracy is
1) suffrage | easy and equal access to the ballot

2) zero state funding of elections
3) proper jury trials, as described by Clay Conrad in "Jury Nullification: The Evolution of a Doctrine"
4) widespread ownership of defensive arms
5) widespread ownership of shooting ranges and training facilities that result in skilled ownership of arms
6) absolute freedom of speech (which implies no government subsidy of improper education, since there is no freedom of message if I must pay to indoctrinate the young against my message)
7) Zero government control over schooling (including monetary incentivization)

Democracy is the use of "independent node" aggregates in various capacities, to decide policy without bias toward power. As such, the sortition of juries is the most effective limit on such power, and it is also the primary feature of a democracy.

We now lack proper jury trials, so we therefore lack both democracy and liberty.

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago
“With the Libertarian Party, I believe we would get more common
sense and true freedom and prosperity . . . (but) they are
also still caught in the myth of authoritarianism and believe they
should be in charge.” -Foster Gamble

This is not inherently true of any and all political parties, and it's not even true of "the LP," per se. Of course, the LP is not the LP, it's administered by Bill Redpath, who either wittingly or unwittingly causes the LP to fail. If it's wittingly, he likely works for the FBI or COINTELPRO, etc. This makes sense, as cybernetic systems that can "take over" competing systems and subvert them to service of a dominant system better serve the dominant system, because the competitor niche then appears to be occupied.

The key is to "wake up" the subverted system, or destroy it.

"Political Party Sociopathy" or "default to authoritarianism" is simply a strong statistical likelihood, given a natural distribution of sociopaths, and a government-indoctrinated populace that is encouraged to avoid History, Economics, Law, and Philosophy(Americans need H.E.L.P.). Much as it's conceivable that a better-designed republic could perform optimally, further along the spectrum of capitalism that allowed the US republic to perform far better than Soviet Russia, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Nazi Germany, and other "more coercive than the USA" tyrannies, a better-designed "libertarian party" could allow for the establishment of individual liberty in the USA.

What I'm saying would be the obvious truth if the LP had built strategic safeguards into its structural being (it would have been the obvious truth, because the LP would have significant victories to point to that had resulted in local improvements). It did not build such safeguards into its structure, so it has simply been infiltrated (likely FBI program like COINTELPRO, or GOP) and neutralized as a threat to "the lords of things as they are" (the incumbent state). This doesn't discredit minarchism as an idea, any more than it discredits voluntaryism as an idea. This is the domain of strategy, which is "how system-wide (very large scale) ideas are incrementally implemented in accordance with physical reality, as it currently exists." Strategy is different from philosophy, which asks more abstract questions at a higher level of generalization, such as: "What (benevolent, system-wide) goals are consistent with human nature?" "Are such goals attainable?" and "Are such goals attainable given any length of time that one life can consider?"

In any case, it's now something of a moot point, since the LP has been subverted by its enemies. Like the best subversions, this simply appears to be bumbling error to those who are not close to the truth. When you work as a stock-boy (ballot access petitioner) for the Libertarian Party, you see the intentional errors "up close." It's possible to subvert an organization from the top-down, because "what the organization spends money on" determines what the organization accomplishes. What the organization accomplishes determines whether it will attract adherents, which will then shape its very nature. At this point, the LP is normalized for "long term failure" because it has attracted "philosophers" who don't mind losing, and also have a natural disinclination for the unpleasant task of winning political victories (a domain in which lying sociopaths have an inherent statistical advantage).

Though sociopaths have the inherent statistical "set of advantages," in political contests, they can be beaten, as Dick Randolph proved. Alaska is far better off because he beat the sociopaths and then used the (democratic, republican) initiative process to outlaw a state income tax. Imagine how much worse off Alaskans would be with an income tax! Additionally, this lack of an income tax further slowed the destruction of Alaska, and encouraged many libertarian tendencies already strong in the State (Alaska is the only state with unrestricted CCW, no income tax, and legal marijuana; it is ripe for interposition of the FDA allowing a true free market in medicine, but it would need to be done in a tactically savvy way).

Most people are superficial, and are not familiar with the LP and GOP's few successes, nor what they have accomplished (even with grossly sub-optimal "inconsistently voluntaryist" strategies). (AK between 1978-1982; Sheriff Richard Mack in one County in AZ). They also don't map their philosophies closely to reality, so they do not see the errors in the books they have followed.

Overall, I'm glad this site exists. That said, it gets certain important facts very wrong, buying into "orthodox voluntaryist" viewpoints, the most major of which are that:
1) "voluntaryism cannot be minarchist" See: http://static1.squarespace.... and http://fija.org/docs/BR_YYY... as well as Harry Browne's works that describe a voluntaryist or "night watchman" society. (he has written as both an anarchist and a pragmatist/"Thoreau minarchist" about decentralization of power)
2) "democracy is incompatible with republicanism and voluntaryism" (when taught incorrectly as "suffrage alone = democracy" then the prior statement is true). http://democracydefined.org/
3) the only system of government consistent with voluntaryism is anarchism (Harry Browne's minarchist work is a good starting point: the US constitution is compatible with a better-defined minarchist government, as Spooner also noted. The constitution failed to prevent government tyranny, over time, though it was clearly a flawed attempt at doing so. But what if we had not "lost the battle"? A government could use coercion solely against only serial killers, and then, capital punishment could be banned. In this case, there would be very few people demanding that the government cease jailing ---coercing against--- serial murderers, with the low voluntarily-given taxes and democratically-allocated funds it has collected. It is all the non-crime that the government punishes that angers voluntaryist libertarians, not the few legitimate things it does.)
4) The natural strong incentives on any democratic system are all malevolent, even given any level of educational and political resistance. (This is wrong for the reasons explained at the prior democracy defined website, as well as James Surowiecki's book "The Wisdom of Crowds")
5) All political engagement is counter-productive and "anti-liberty." (Many people have proven this false, from Thomas Paine and Lysander Spooner and Frederick Douglass, to Marc Stevens, to Ron Paul. Even philosophically inconsistent victories for freedom were better than predominantly tyrannical victories. This is true because cybernetics favors "the most optimal/advanced/ benevolent/productive idea that is able to be understood and communicated/transmitted.")

Voluntaryism is not synonymous with "anarcho-capitalism." Anarcho-capitalism is simply a subset of voluntaryism. Voluntaryism can exist with a state, but not with a coercive state. A minarchist democracy, can, in fact, be incrementally-more-voluntaryist until it becomes completely voluntaryist.

In fact, democracy, properly-defined as a series of voluntaryist evolutions in the common law (now reversed by the truncated and incorrect view of "democracy" that is taught by the government, in government schools), is compatible with and synergistic to voluntaryism.

The prior thoughts are not clearly explained here, but they form a consistent set of truths that map closely to reality. I urge you to contact me if you want further explanation, with multiple examples from reality. I ask you to take nothing on faith.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“Thanks-taking 112615”


Collective consciousness fanbase Blackmail trauma-base mind-control

Centralization, committing genocide on Aborigines, and then

celebrating xenophobia, eating GMO turkey mirrors

of our-ISIS Mercenary-selves, and calling

survivor-guilt-projection murder,




Apache Tear 110906

When I disappear from angry people with harmful intent, and forgive the last vestige of mirror guilt, and bitterness, my tears crystallize wherever I walk on the Earth. The great sacrificial fire, that makes black rocks can, also cleanse my autonomic bad reactions, that send out co-creating invitations, that I need a thrashing from tongue, or fist. The acrid smell of genocidal bitterness, and grief offers, not the balance of Inner Peace. As I peer through the darkness of my fear, I spot faint light translucent in the crystal, and I give my bitter memory redemption permission, to enlighten compassion from inside the dark thunderstorm brewing.

What a steady friend, that Apache Crystallin Tear, to hold my hand, and heart through ancestral emotions, and may my forgiven habits become, so evident with acceptance, that I disappear in Peace, from all those, so Love-blind, and Mercy-deaf, that will, still harm me. Sweet replace bitter sweet reflection, and let my heart stay open like a desert flower, to protect my empathic seeing, helping those around avoid their demons, by not seeing themselves in me? Help clear my single eye vision, to know their narcissistic conflagration sends sulphur smoke from a gentle heart that’s hurting, and let me see, that they’re as sweet beloved, as sweet innocence, within me.

Once when I saw the Blue Pearl, my Blue Tiger guide of Delight, ONENESS Spirit Conscience claimed to, only see us as a blue hue, getting brighter, and now I understand Great Spirit Loves us, as we Love Coherence, and therein is my Soul safety, and, all our Karmic mirror Oversoul protection.

Love from a crystalline tear,

Pine Cone a kindness fractal


“Widout Conchence 102806"

Boo Hoo, da soun wen child scard an cry

Boo, da soun wen child fryin

Da child alreddy cookin wid hate

An everone roun livin dat wa togedda


Wen sum one in my face wid dat hate

Dey cookin an fryin up dark date

Da Boo widout da Hoo is da sine

We in dark rock soup togedda


Tears inside get thick an thicka

Boo get blackr an blo wid anger

Red hot lava b cold an black lata

We go silent all black an crusty


Lava rock ded sharp an holey

Red hot tear soup boil dry an silent

Den we do tings bad to hert uddas

Da I'm sorry it neva get spoken


Wen we preten we not hot inside

We be da soul robba togedda

Da holes in da black roks wher usta be

Dat Hoo, wid da Boo, dat child conchense

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

Celebrating Genocide – The Real Story of Thanksgiving


Wesley Renfroe • 8 years ago

in berkes peerage all presidents are releted but one. coinsidence?? i think not. but why??? it is strange indeed like the illuminati royal bloodlines has reptilian blood. most of our founing fathers were freemasons as later on most of the supreme court judges. the freemasons are a satanic group nowdays, i do not know about then.all elections are rigged. that is why they did away with ballot counting. because for every vote on the machine can be changed for another and right in front of our faces.the human race has turned pathetic.heck in one county obama got 98% of the vote, IMMPOSSIBLE but it is not our fualt really.THE PYRAMIDS SIT ON LEY LINES CONTROLLED BY AN AI BLACK GOO hench source energy from billions of humans shooting to a collection point on the moon. the main computer is a quantum computer called the red queen and at its core is an AI SELF AWARE BLACK GOO. the rothschild kazarian mafia which owns the use our themselves puppets as is all in washington. most are not even human, a clone, hybrid, nano-particle mind controlled or worse. if you get a for real psychic you will find this out. humanity needs to get there thumbs out of the bumbs. we our ruled mostly by the reptitians which are the draconians, anunakki. but there are 86 other races here with different agenda's. we our prisoners on this planet as EVERYTHING IS TOXIC-POISONOUS, the air, water, food, shampoo, detergent EVERYTHING to soft kill us and dumb us down.and keep us from source.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“Forgiving Politics 101 112515”

Motivation from forgiving all the bastards, as souls, comes from letting go demonizing, and giving whatever is on my mind, a good blast on the ole horn, trumpeting anger mountain echoes, all through our sleepy collective consciousness fan-base Blackmail-Usury Politics. Asking for help from Coherent Spirit of all others, that, ever were, are, and, ever will be ONENESS Spirit Conscience Ambassadors, begins a working relationship for giving ONENESS Love, instead of taking energy away from, supposed exclusive others.

Giving others Love is how forgiving others works, to help us begin to receive Love from inside, denied, so we unlearn fear of Love, and learn to live Loved again, more as a Karmic Inner Child Spirit, forgiven from within, by forgiving our mirror bastards, as the same imagined souls, that have never forgiven us, already-either. Time can’t help but enter this Forgiving Politics 101 picture, and more motivation comes from forgiving past experiences, so our new mind of Delight co-creates miracle Spirit humor, laughing with us, not back at us, as we both disappear in Forgiving Politics 102.


Advanced Forgiveness

Motivation to keep keep on keeping on Forgiving Politics 101, 102, and all the other advanced steps toward happiness, comes from continually forgiving all-Time demonizing pasts, nows, and Political futures, so we discover forgiving everyone` everything` for-everywhere` becomes forgiven in our new mind of delight, even before we imagine, any Political future can, ever harm us from letting go of all past demonizing Karma. Karma begins to enter the picture when Time begins to let go of us, so enlightening compassion for others, allows us to see a new welcoming attitude for all the goodness emerging from within allus, out onto our own benevolent replication mirrors.

Enlightening compassion for ourselves doesn’t seem to, ever last, without continual forgiveness motivation, but as soon as we can see others, as soul mirror Saviors, instead, we begin to understand more about Forgiving Politics 101 beginnings, ending demon competitive bastards. Just knowing, that before we, ever get where we are going, benevolence from Advanced Forgiveness of our past demons, replaces any more need to co-create more malevolent Political Futures. Advanced Forgiveness wakes us up inside, to our own Sovereign Love energy Source, from within, so giving becomes, as much fun as receiving, and gender-role Karmic Politics begins to disappear into Unifying Karmic Mercy.


Forgiving Others as Ourselves

Playing with ‘matches’ near this next Political step of forgiveness dynamite, may begin to reveal more need to revue Forgiving Politics 101, 102, and all the other illusory Political numbers with illusory lifetime role-reversal names, but suffice it to say, life in ONENESS Spirit gives us so much more Love energy, than pitifully clinging too strongly to concrete unreality, still licking the honey from the Political razor’s edge of lying-tongue competitive Political-Polar cold-hearted Duality. Others appear as Political-Demon co-creations from inside our projector minds, so when Time loses its tight grip on our sublimating Political body spite, transfiguration replaces anymore need to fear our own disappearing pop corn kitten Political-Demonizing spittin-smitten knittin-mitten images.

We all know what’s on our divisive polar minds, but without Forgiving Politics 101, we can’t, ever seem to say it, and no wonder, with all the human sacrifice out here, that follows Centralization-censure Karmic-Politics, all role-round, and role-reversal-round. To forgive Parents is to forgive the past, and to forgive children is to forgive the future, so when we put ourselves into this chain of Political fools, we can unlink ourselves from either, as neither, and live in the present, without any more Time for both-Political competitive boob-parties. ONENESS Muse begins to appear as bubble humor from inside, where others filled our minds with shadow dreams to become Atoned, but without this tenuous step toward Political freedom, motivation to laugh at ourselves in intimacy fun, comes from not, ever Karmically taking our co-creating selves too role-reversal Party seriously.

MarcAllanFeldman • 8 years ago

Foster_Gamble writes that no Libertarian Presidential candidate addresses "the needs of those most hurt and dependent as we engage in this transition." I have published a plan that achieves exactly the transitional support needed, based on individual empowerment and free choice. This is the Balance and Credit plan.
1. Balance the federal budget, and keep it balanced.
2. Change all charitable donations from taxable income deductions to 100% dollar for dollar tax credits.
As more taxpayers take advantage of the tax credit, sending less money to the IRS and more to support private, voluntary social safety nets, the balanced budget imperative leads to congruent cuts in the budget. These cuts need not be based on politics, but on the objective data on where taxpayers are funding privately. For details see:

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago

You and what army will accomplish this? Your plan of "a political no-name running for US president" is intrinsically flawed. Given zero strategic or incremental means of accomplishing what you intend, you have zero chance of doing anything but further establishing an already entrenched enemy, by attracting a miniscule percentage of the vote.

However, you might be able to "split the LP vote" and harm a more legitimate "standard-bearer."

Your philosophical prescriptions do not matter in the slightest, because they have zero chance of being implemented in the top-down manner you describe.

You have not yet proven that you can win a State Legislative seat, and you're running for president. Yet, if you won a SL seat as a libertarian, you'd be the highest-elected libertarian, and elected to an office people care about (which has been won 8 times in the LP's past). If you did this in AK, DE, NE, or ND, you'd be very newsworthy, nationwide, because you'd comprise 1/40 of a legislative governing body that could conceivably be taken over by Libertarians.

...But you don't care about actually implementing individual liberty. You care about delusional, ineffectual grandstanding.

It's not really your fault, per se. The LP has encouraged delusional losertarianism at every turn, instead of helping those who were non-delusional win office.

MarcAllanFeldman • 8 years ago

Jake, thank you for your thoughtful response. I am a physician, not a politician. My training and experience is in medicine and public health. I apply this paradigm to government to offer true hope and change. I offer a plan to treat the dysfunction in our current government system, the Balance and Credit plan. If the American people see it as a solution, it is very likely that I will be the next President. Name recognition, charisma, political experience, and big money fundraising would be irrelevant.

I do not see the election campaign as a contest of skills, personality, or resources between candidates. I see the election as an important decision for the American people to make. If one of my patients has cancer, and must choose between a surgeon who will do an operation,or a medical oncologist who will prescribe chemotherapy, nobody would ever ask "who won?"

If you find my inauguration as President in 2017 unthinkable, I suggest you read "The Age of the Unthinkable" by Joshua Cooper Ramo. "Drawing upon history, economics, complexity theory, psychology, immunology, and the science of networks, he describes a new landscape of inherent unpredictability--and remarkable, wonderful possibility."

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago
Jake, thank you for your thoughtful response.


I am a physician, not a

Yes, it's apparent that you have none of the typical evils of a politician, nor the typical strategic skill and attention they possess.

My training and experience is in medicine and public

This makes you someone who is respectable, but that is the only thing it does for your campaign. Winning elections depends on the skillful employment of political technology, AND NOTHING ELSE.

I apply this paradigm to government to offer true hope and

But that's just it: you have to win office to have anything in a zero-sum election. You will come nowhere near winning the office of the presidency, because you are not employing time-tested political technology. Now, it's true, "THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY CANDIDATE" (whoever it is) could get a negligible number of votes, and could possibly even win the election, if the wheels came off the economy, immediately prior. But then, you are simply riding the LP's access to the ballot, and "your" victory has little to do with you, except your positioning.

This however, has less than a 5% likelihood of happening. (The 5% odds are being generous.) ...And that's true even if you are equal or greater in rhetorical skill and media placement than Rand Paul is, which I doubt.

I offer a plan to treat the dysfunction in our current
government system, the Balance and Credit plan.

Your plan is almost wholly irrelevant to whether or not you will win any office. This is the primary malfunction of libertarian thinking. In fact, it's also the primary deficit of constitutional republican thinking, and legitimate democratic thinking. It's a deficit of comprehension of strategic thought. For the best possible explanation of why this type of thinking is completely wrong, please read this: http://www.redstate.com/dia...

You have no popular youtube channel. You have no mass appeal. You have a plan that may well be good, but whatever it is, it will be too complex for most people to comprehend, unless its explanation is "dumbed down" to issues they can comprehend. The truth of the matter is that "rhetoric" (your plan, your public speaking ability, your ideas) are only slightly related to whether or not you will win any election. Moreover, you are fighting a machine that can outspend you 1,000 to 1.

Even if you could win against such odds (you can't) it would be money very poorly spent, which could far more effectively advance the cause of liberty if it were spent electing THE LP'S NOW-EXISTING MOST VIABLE state legislative candidates, and finding "followers" in neighboring state legislative districts.

If the American people
see it as a solution,

They don't. They're not even aware of it. Simple polling can tell you that much.

it is very likely that I will be the next

This is complete delusion.

Name recognition, charisma, political experience, and big
money fundraising would be irrelevant.

...in a fantasy world. However, they are not irrelevant, because this is material reality, comprised of atoms, molecules, and cybernetic communication networks.

I do not see the
election campaign as a contest of skills, personality, or resources
between candidates.

And this is a view that will lead to you inhabiting no office of power after the next general election. You would do very, very well to read the Morton Blackwell essay I have linked above, and alter your existing views accordingly. Blackwell is correct, and where your views part from his, they are simply incorrect. The election itself will impose failure upon you, if you persist in your delusion.

The alternative is to say "What can be won, in each election? If we really try?" and answer honestly, given the current reality.

I see the election as an important decision for the
American people to make.

As do they, though they lack education in all the relevant subject areas, as seen by the popularity of the establishment politicians. This is a large problem: the LP is making the precise same mistakes made by Goldwater republicans, over 40 years ago.

If one of my patients has cancer, and must
choose between a surgeon who will do an operation,or a medical
oncologist who will prescribe chemotherapy, nobody would ever ask "who

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here, but the health of the republic is actually an excellent analogy to make, as it maps closely to the body of a cancer patient. The establishment of voir dire has allowed the law to grow like a cancer, beyond its legitimate areas, to areas which threaten the body of the republic. Your policy prescriptions, like much death-dealing chemotherapy only crudely, ineffectually, and incompletely address that cancer. As such, they are a political non-starter for the average American elector, who will say: Yeah, this gut might fix the economy with mumbo-jumbo I don't understand, but then again, Trump might also fix the economy with mumbo-jumbo I don't understand.

As for policy prescriptions, you'd have a better chance of increasing your vote by simply asking the voluntaryist questions that Foster Gamble lists on this site as "Thanksgiving holiday questions"

If you find my inauguration as President in 2017
unthinkable, I suggest you read "The Age of the Unthinkable" by Joshua
Cooper Ramo.

I may do that, however, I have a lot of real-world experience, so if I find any typical delusions to which I have been exposed a billion times, I will close the book immediately and not read another word. I have not found anyone who thinks at the same level as myself, politically. However, I don't want to elect sociopaths, so I have nothing to do with politics. First comes the money, then the power, then the influence (this is true of whatever influence you wish to exert, either for tyranny or liberty).

"Drawing upon history, economics, complexity theory,
psychology, immunology, and the science of networks, he describes a new
landscape of inherent unpredictability--and remarkable, wonderful

It sounds like you're simply using lack of certainty to encourage your delusional wishful thinking. "Complexity theory" of the kind described by Mark Newman and the Santa Fe Institute (explained by James Surowiecki's "The Wisdom of Crowds" and "Out of Control" by Kevin Kelly) explains how to interact with statistical networks to achieve cybernetic (self-preserving) goals.

This is not in the narrow sense of the term, but rather, to explain how networks are influenced toward a desired outcome or "state of existence." It does one no good to win an election, and lack a cohesive movement sufficient to expand freedom itself, after that victory.

Your simple emphasis on the presidential election (which is easy to participate in and lose) tells me that you believe in "something for nothing." As opposed to what alternative? Participating in State Legislative elections whose polling progress can be tracked, adjusted, and won, using strong feedback loops.

The reason you're not focused on State Legislative races, nationwide is because that would demand hard work from you. It would demand participation of a specific skill level and amount, long before the election date. It would also yield measurable results in a non-zero-sum game. This would then create a rising onus for you to do more and more, grow larger and larger, and defend yourself from infiltration.

That's a far taller order than saying nice-sounding things, and getting respect from people who don't mind losing.

You think you're the only one who has the prior problems? They're commonplace. That's why they're so easy to identify: you've self-selected as a member of a group of similar thinkers: Libertarian-leaning politicians who don't mind losing. When such thinkers say similar specific "warning bell" statements, it makes their identification rather easy.

I didn't see many "solutions" in Ramo's book summary, but rather things that are better explained by this simple essay by Ben Goertzel:

Specific structures matter, and yield specific outcomes. The "Economics-only" approach isn't sufficient. One must take an inclusive Hayekian perspective to yield benevolent outcomes. This is somewhat like what Ramo counsels, but it appears less focused than my own thinking.

Very specifically, one must decentralize power by restoring long-established (and then long-eroded) proper jury trials. Without this focus, a presidential figurehead is simply another losing libertarian who spoke to the electorate at a level higher than they can comprehend.

Pine Cone • 8 years ago

“Focus Bofus Blackmail Hocus Pocus Politics 112415”

The use of threats, or manipulation of someone’s feelings, to get them to do something out of fear is Blackmail, so what social norm isn’t soul murder, and what is Political Blackmail, except more competition genocide, to teach our children murder, and WAR(War, Abuse, Rape) is good business? I have a sneaking suspicion about normal Political Blackmail, that some unconscionable interloper Space Debris shape shifters, have come to destroy our illusory, otherwise normal incorrigible Duality body-Blackmail polarity-Predator Earth Planet.

We have become, so Blackmail-used to normal threats, and manipulation of our feelings, so ‘they’ can get us to puppet-do, almost everything out of fear, that, even social-norm Mother-Blackmail comes from sexual Blackmail weaponizing little girls, and little boys. There are so many normal incorrigible, that we Atlantean experiments, already dumbed-down Bermuda Triangle puppet-do soul-synch, that Parent/Child Triangulation ISIS Mother Mercenaries have sunk all our Mother sold-soul Earth Ley line shipping lanes.

I have a sneaking suspicion, that as interloper victims, our females have been ‘interloped’ first, to breed with Space Debris, and then, mistakenly blame the male half-life, of all our Blackmailed role-reversal gender-patsy Unified Karma. Wouldn’t an interloper want to breed our women with Blackmail money first, and then use Mothers Guilt, to weaponize our children, like the interlopers, already tax us to weaponize free energy? Is there anything left of our social norm set-standard, except Goliath disparity strained-smiling the feigned-willing mutual mind-f****** mirror collective consciousness “Focus Bofus Blackmail Hocus Pocus Politics” on allus?

Forgiving interlopers, as ourselves clarifies Blackmail Usury, as our social norm, and so does Unifying gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy, so if breaking up mind control is hard to do “It’s our Karma and I’ll cry if I want to” really sings waking up is hard to Blackmail-puppet do-sex; so now “I am that” Mother Blackmail reacting, in the offing too. Wanted by the unwanted is a Blackmail set up in the first place, so whatever interloper system comes after setting up our hurt-angry OWomen, is, just more grist for the Blackmailing milk.

Forgiving Blackmailers, as ourselves clarifies, how we use jailed criminal patsies, that react normally to abnormal Blackmail norms, that would rather fight, than interloper-switch, so who has more Blackmail guilt, the Blackmailed criminal Patsies, without a Conscience, or the Blackmailer, so called Darwin predator winners, still left here, without a Conscience, that are all Political Mother Focus Bofus Blackmail Hocus Pocus deformed-inbred interloper social-norm embedded politically-corrected sex-wedded black-narcissistic cold-hearted preposterosities.

Mothers, teachers, corporations, religions, bankers, politics, and all governments are emotional Blackmail War-Abuse-Rape bullies, that mirror us all, to show us, what we have interloper-become, so with forgiving gratitude, we can release all prisoners in our minds, that held the line for us, when, allus others eloped with the interloper unkept hairy-headed Goliath Mother Blackmail posse, without a Conscience. Forgiving ‘interloped’ Mother Blackmailers, as ourselves, reveals how Unifying Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy works to be able to see through the body-image taxi-cab role-playing veil of free-wheeling Karmic fear.

Forgiving Focus Bofus Blackmail Hocus Pocus Politics”, as ourselves, enlightens compassion enough for both Karmic gender illusion mirrors, so we can Commune in Peace of Love within the fountain of Delight, instead of pointing our boney undead fingers into Bofus stinky-eye social-norm mirror-gossip Blackmailed/Blackmailer sold-soul interloper Pocus Politics. We sold our collective soul to the unwanted, more as we, wanted, surrendered to Blackmail Political social norms, so there is no escape from Atonement, for we, all are each, as much as we, each are all, blessed with forgiving ONENESS Spirit Conscience, and Blackmail-Politics interloper-released.

Who are the real criminals then, and who are we but ‘inter****ed’ illusions making fun of insanity in the mirror of body Blackmail Political competition, that teaches our children War, and genocide is good heavy-gold, and busy-shining. Allus Inter****ers set ourselves up to blame each other for what ‘they’, already did to our body-worship soul-folly doll-playing lolly-poor little girls, yet money-poor women were, already set up to become Political Mothers, even before Usury men became interloper-Patsy sexual-Blackmail soul-circumcised hoboheebeegeebee Politically needy itchy-poor.

Starker1 • 8 years ago

I think the core problem is that the world is run by psychopaths. IMHO any form of government would work reasonably well if it weren't for the fact that psychopaths end up taking control of the government and corrupting it. Unfortunately our government is a prime example. The Founding Fathers would be ashamed to see what happened to their creation.

To the psychopath, politics is not about serving others but about others serving them.

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago

The best governments have therefore found ways of limiting the power of sociopath and non-sociopath office-holders alike. The best governments assume that sociopaths will win every office; they factor sociopathic dominance into their structural design.

This is why the jury (the 4th branch of government) has been so consistently attacked and eroded by office-seeking sociopaths.

The answer is simple: restore proper jury trials, the way they were initially procured.

Jury trials diminish government power by inserting non-sociopaths(empaths) into the judgment process as an unquestionable authority, using randomness. This is why jury trials result in free markets, with every other "limit on government power" being relatively insignificant.

Joe Buchman • 8 years ago

Foster, I believe all advanced life in the Cosmos have thought this through much as you have. Can we imagine that THEY tax each other, or prohibit one another from any peaceful activity (meaning they have no vices as crimes and/or no crimes without victims?) I ran for the US Congress as a Libertarian in 2008 and announced my campaign at the National Press Club in DC as part of Steve Bassett's X-conference media event. At that conference I had said: "I am 100 percent certain there are no Democrats and no Republicans anywhere in this Universe except for on this one planet. I am equally certain that anyone who can travel the cosmos has access to incredibly advanced technology. And if they are here, then they have not used it to blow each other up. So they have the Non (Initiation) of Aggression Principle (natural law) as their core paradigm -- which means . . . the universe is teaming with Libertarians." This was not a new idea with me. It is in essence what Carl Sagan said in his defense of SETI -- his concern about the Great Wall of technologically advanced civilizations blowing themselves up and how SETI could provide evidence that at least some have survived and give us hope. Without moving toward a humanity that cherishes the NAP and Self Ownership principles, I'm not sure humanity will last long enough to join them. THANKS for your work in moving us in that direction.

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago

George Carlin spoke with great comic effect on this idea: https://youtu.be/tVlkxrNlp1...

Foster_Gamble • 8 years ago

Thanks for chiming in Joe. I hope you are right about more mature species having mastered the NAP. IT makes sense to me that if they got through the self-destructive and nuclear weapon stage, but what do you make of the Reptilitans, tall treys, mantids and the like in this regard?

Jake Witmer • 8 years ago

I don't normally concern myself much with ideas like this. Such human-scale organisms seem unlikely to me, or they have not made themselves known to me and I hence have few means of interacting with them. In either case, it's less-interesting than Kurzweil's, Drexler's, and de Garis's formulations of current or near-term nanoscale manipulating "leading force technology."

What I mean by this is: greys, reptile-like, mantids, etc. probably don't exist (or I have no evidence they do). If they do exist, it is politically and strategically unintelligent to talk about them. (Unless you're part of a vanguard that has clear evidence of their existence that can be produced without simply making you and your other ideas by association, appear to be crazy.)

Everything must be viewed through the lens of Cybernetics, the highest science that governs "governance theory" / "politics." In fact, kubernetes is "the science of government" including self-government. Read N. Wiener's books on Cybernetics for more about this.

Whether there is abundant libertarian life or not, stages of life that progress beyond the known primate level must certainly be libertarian to some extent. If they are not, the control of matter at the nanoscale simply enables mass destruction. Generally, the better the technology, the greater the liberty required to protect, defend, and enable it.

The inability to project force is not the same as voluntaryism. Proper "independent node" democratic decision-making (not "suffrage-only" superficial appearance of democracy) is actually compatible with voluntaryist self-governance.

However, this is likely just a phase of near-human-level intelligence, prior to the existence of 2,000+ IQ "Homo economicus."

Likely, if there are extra-terrestrials, they are very tiny and they are not "made of meat." Kurzweil's view of the Singularity is likely correct. I'm disheartened by the fact that more libertarians are not familiar with it.