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Reality check • 7 years ago

I am sorry to see this deal made. You can't do a deal with the devil and not get burned. Israel will regret this. You know after fighting Islam non-stop since 1948, you would think that Israel would have learned that in the Islamic world view, any kind of appeasement or compromise is considered weakness and the koran teaches muslims to press their advantage at any sign of weakness. Turkey is no longer a secular and rational actor, they have gone full "bomb thrower" and Israel's troubles with Turkey have not ended, they have just begun.

Jasonovich • 7 years ago

It's not as strange as you think,Turkey was the first country to recognize Israel as a state, Turks and The Khazarian Jews share the same blood line, I make reference to The Thirteenth Tribe 1976 a book by Arthur Koestler, which illustrates the Turkic origin of the Kingdom of Khazaria.

Reality check • 7 years ago

This is an interesting point and, in a separate context, may or may not have some prophetic significance, however I am not convinced that Turkish blood ties to certain Jews are going to supersede their Islamic ideology from the Turk point of view. From Israel's perspective I would think there is more motivating them in this deal that an ancient blood link to a Jewish minority group. Considering that nearly everyone in the Middle East region, both Arab and Jew and distantly related and these blood ties have never translated into lasting peace or friendship, I think it is a stretch to assign "bloodlines" as the motivation for this political move.

Gloria • 7 years ago

Erdogan said that “Jerusalem is the apple of every Muslim's eye”. I imagine he doesn't have much love for Israel.

Reality check • 7 years ago

Very true. In fact he has openly stated he was re-establishing the Ottoman empire. His plan for this Islamic state includes not only Israel but North Africa and Southern Europe as well.