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sunnyblues • 6 years ago

George Soros should be the one they are chanting against and wishing would die but...ah, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

bpr1122 • 6 years ago

“What do we want? Dead Trump!” the rioters screamed at one point.

Sounds like hate speech to me

democratnomore • 6 years ago

Hillary and Sanders brown shirts in actions members of the National Socialist German Workers' Party would be so proud

countyguard • 7 years ago

LOL... the elite are freaking out... their day has arrived... and even if they take Trump out in whatever satanic means they will try, they lose, because they will have the wrath of the American people who have not turned traitors and will deal with the scum like that brain dead idiot chained to his/her/its vehicle. This Republic NEEDS to be cleansed!!!

Charles Laird • 7 years ago

So now the Media is flying the "White Supremist Flag."

Charles Brown III • 7 years ago

Only helping the Trump campaign

Charles Brown III • 7 years ago

Only helping the TRUMP campaign.. thanks morons!

Richard Trinh • 7 years ago

I dare these protesters to start in Florida. I would push them out of the way with my stinger bumper and give them a nice train horn. Plus, with Florida drivers they'll be ran over like speed bumps.

paratus panda • 7 years ago

AZ Police should have smoked them out! Tear gas up the ying yang. That would have been a glorious sight.

Elaine • 7 years ago

These young black men, and women, don't realize they are slaves of George Soros, as he pays them to do his dirty work. Soros is a blatant racist and you have allowed him to make you into his puppets. The other thing they don't realize is that Donald Trump is willing to help those who choose to help themselves. He will make things available for our young people to have a chance in life to become something, just as he started out. He may have had an inheiritence that gave him a faster opportunity when he was young, but he is living proof of how to be successful. Wake up Black America! Rise above the pity party that racists like George Soros have provided. Show him you are better than that.

johnmyhoney2012 • 7 years ago


Alsetalokin • 7 years ago

Something is being SET UP....


mary • 7 years ago

What are they afraid of? Someone saying what most everyone has been thinking? Why does this upset them is it because they are the racist ones or the illegal ones?

crossrammed302 • 7 years ago

They don't like truth. It scares them to find out or even think everything the think they know is false.

Guest • 7 years ago
Rick • 7 years ago

When protesters block public roads and streets they should just bulldoze them out of the way! They will think twice about using their vehicles the next time!

Gary Von Neida • 7 years ago

Another case of "the pot calling the kettle black".A Man that is standing for "borders, language and culture" accused of hate by those blocking public roads and calling for Donald Trump's death. What a bunch of "brain dead idiots",or, paid terrorists.

ricktenny • 7 years ago

I wondered how far down I would have to read to find someone who sees it for what it is.

Kyle4318 • 7 years ago

These people may have Just Misunderstood when they were told to go play in the road.

Trolldaddy • 7 years ago

they state Trump is hate....
just exactly what is “What do we want? Dead Trump!” if thats not hate then hate doesnt exist, they are the haters they prove it time and time again .....

ricktenny • 7 years ago

Kind of speaks to what's going on in the grey mush between their ears.

rickc • 7 years ago

More terrorists working for the Democrats and Soros. Need more Sheriff's like Joe .

Rick • 7 years ago

Soros and his Nazi troops she be deported or imprisoned!

chuck g • 7 years ago

I hope that they hauled ***off to jail when they hauled off their cars !!!!!
They're protesting a man that's wants to fix all the wrong and damage that the impostor has done !!!! what idiot's !!!!

de Hauteville • 7 years ago

It's George Soros, the anti semite, pro nazi, pro communist agitator that is funding all of this hateful vitriol from "useful" idiots he put on his payroll. Soros needs to be arraigned before a magistrate and tried for conspiracy to overthrow this nation.

Florence Millard • 6 years ago

There wasn't another country that would take George Soros in after W.W.2. Why, oh why, did America? He has done nothing but cause friction (as seen above). Paying people to riot?? He got rich stealing artifacts and paintings. He is nothing but a criminal himself. Let us hope he dies soon, but as I have said before, only the good die young. George Soros is pure evil!

Robert • 7 years ago

So now it's okay for people to out right call for a presidential candidate to be killed with no repercussions unless it's el jebbie, rubio, kasick, graham. *** , the list goes on.
How evil this country has become. Good is bad. Bad is good. God is evil. Satan is good. We now know why this country is imploding. Evil has nested here.

b glad • 7 years ago

Have you ever seen the liberals ever running as scared as they are now?. Have you seen so much hate? Fear fosters hate. These liberals are jumping the shark with Trump hate.

Winston52 • 7 years ago

They yell Trump is hate! then We want Trump dead! and they can't see what's plain to anyone with intelligence - or morals. arrest them all for conspiring to commit murder. impeding the 1st amendment.

Tiza • 7 years ago

Plus look at this this way, they only care about themselves. Hopefully there wasn't someone they were blocking who was trying to get to a hospital for any serious reason, for example, like a woman in labor or anything.

Winston52 • 7 years ago

That's exactly what I was telling wife! :)

ratnn • 7 years ago

Why no Secret service visits to the pieces of sh#*

Rick • 7 years ago

The Muslim president must have threatened them with demotions!wewill get the truth when they retire and write their books about that POS!

friedchickenwatermelon • 7 years ago

And so it begins...
I predict the Summer of 2016 is when all hell breaks loose in this country..

ratnn • 7 years ago

after Trump wins of course!

Donnie Buchanan • 7 years ago

They are not just protesting Trump, they are protesting our freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They are "cutting their own throat" by these illegal actions and need to be jailed one and all.

Major Solutioil.com • 7 years ago

Nah, just make them ineligible for food stamps or welfare checks if they're caught. This would all end yesterday!

Rick • 7 years ago

They should have to prove their not on drugs or are not here illegally before they get a dime!

Florence Millard • 6 years ago

I have been saying that for a long time now.

Kamelhaj • 7 years ago

Take a good look at these protestors - they are our future teachers, judges, and politicians!

Major Solutioil.com • 7 years ago

Or future members of chain gangs...hopefully

americanpatriot • 7 years ago

and oh so sad....IGNORANCE AT ITS BEST

Guest • 7 years ago

To Preserve the FREEDOM of our Nation I Believe that it is Time for American Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to Knock a few heads at any of these Attempts to Shut Down the American Political Process. It is these Veterans that have Fought and Saw their Fellow Veterans Die for Freedom and No One ............ No One Including these Senseless Chaotic College Students and others Worthless Freaks that join these Stalinistic Communistic so called Protesters should be allowed to act this way without a Proper Forceful Response.

If we had a US President that was worth a Damn that such a President would use his Power of Reasoning to Stop those who want to Interfere with the US Political System of Primary Elections and Speeches that Inform the Citizenry of their Voting Options. But Our US President is Not worth a Damn and so Chaos is on the loose by Far Left Communist Thugs.

When Thuggery like is going on at this time it is time to Fight Fire with Fire. If we had a US President that was worth a damn none of this Lawlessness would be happening to Interfere with the US Election Process.

This Worthless Chaos Protest's is what the American People have gotten for their US Education Dollars with a Couple of Generations of Far Left College Professors that COMMUNIST George Soros has found a way to into the Minds of our US Misguided Brainwashed Youth with too much time on their hands.

If these Restless People are Determined to Disrupt the US Political Election Process it is Time for the US Veterans to put an END to this Chaos.

There comes a time when Senseless Thugs need to be on the Receiving End of their Thug Tactics to End this kind of Stalinistic Thuggery.

This Thuggery Cannot go Unchallenged or else Our Nation will Cease to be a Nation in the Not Too Distant Future.

john jacobs • 7 years ago

Sheriff Joe should lock them all up in tents in the desert wearing pink g-strings.
Feeding them day-old GMO foods acquired free from the surrounding super mkts. while drinking fluoridated city waters and breathing in chemtrails.

ratnn • 7 years ago

this would be nothing new for most of them

Guest • 7 years ago

Tent Cities would Work Well in these Worthless Creeps who do NOT have a Life. They have Way Too Much Time on their hands so a little Hard Labor in Pink would Work Wonders to those who want to Protest without a Justified Cause. By Philosophy they Must be Communist and just Rebels without a Justifiable Cause. They just want to Protest for the sake of Protest. They are Anarchist's who want to DENY any Conservatives the Ability to Promote the Conservative Cause.

The Spirit Behind all of this the Same Spirit that Promoted the Bloody French Revolution and about 100 years later the Russian Communist Revolution in 1917.

If a Person does A lot of Research they will find the Illuminati is at the Top of the Globalist Communist Pyramid and that the Illuminati is all about Satanism and Luciferianism that wants to Install Global Government.

KDC • 7 years ago

If Trump can do only one thing, amnesty and immigration should be addressed. There are things that would straighten right out with just doing that. I can't believe the hateful, despicable level Sorros will go to, to do this and that people would actually follow this protocol. The only good thing is that the corruption is rearing it's ugly head and being exposed. Wake up people, this isn't the America it once was.

44nhj45HF • 7 years ago

These "protesters" are about as un-American as one can get. That, or Thomas Jefferson didn't know what he was talking about when he said, in his first Inaugural
Address, "If there be any among us who wish to dissolve the Union or to change its Republican form, let them stand undisturbed, as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.”

Those who do things such as blocking traffic in order to prevent virtually ANYONE from speaking at a political rally, are no more than mindless anarchists, befeft of logic and reasoned critical thinking skills.

Melissa • 7 years ago

Immature, childish pranks.

wizzid0 • 7 years ago

Our colleges and universities have produced a whole generation of ignoramuses who can't sign their own names. They can't even read cursive. Imagine our future where the leaders' only ability to write is in block letters. Now compare that to the writers and signers of the Constitution. They don't even realize how ignorant they are!