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Alfred Arvidsson • 2 years ago

Dear Shannon,

I'm so happy that you're feeling better in all the days ahead. :-)

One thing that could help in explaining on how the physical body and the "emotional body" (for lack of better "abstract" words") is interacting with each other, is to ask people to hit themselves with a hammer on their thumb.

Then they will know that their physical body relates to how they are feeling.

Then ask them to try to remember the last time they were really nervous or in Love.

They felt it in their stomach, right?

Then they (too) will know that their emotions affects their physical body.

End of discussion. :-)

After that, don't ever let them disregard those facts. ;-)


In Love and all the best!


Enrico Tigani • 2 years ago

google translated:
since i leaf boarding (1998) noticed that something was wrong at the start.
I could not make social ties and the work I was doing, helped not whit it.
Find a hobby succeeded but soon i forgot why I did it.
and didnt found what I was looking for. (didnt knew I was looking for)
by my own doing, I lost my girlfriend ('08) (see her more as a friend at the time)
a few months later mn job too (due to change in character)
From then on it went downhill with me,
i tried Jobs but that hole I couldnt filled. (not knowing wa hole it was)
having lost self transhumance rating, lonely, hopeless, helpless,. . (Neurotoxic)
tried searching but every time I lost ('09)
later it was too much ('09)
my back and my legs got stuck forests not move forward. (what ever i tried )
I constantly tried to push it and I forced it
with damages due later I got a the disease (label) (July '09)
since I am aware of it, it is going better.
doctors say 'is the result of follow-up and we were quick'
so while they do no more than 20min./ Year , asking how it goes,
an MRI, and constantly insist that what they prescribe
will not make it better.
When I tell them that things are improving, they say it will be the product.
But it's more better than just relapses,
it goes sometimes better than in 2009.
So where do I have to be a little be taken seriously?
to call it holistically.

ooh yeah they always will make me believe that MS was longer their than my psy issues. but I always had this issues, it just at a point got to much.