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William Baroo • 8 years ago

My son raced home from school and turned it on during first heat, and for seven hours we could never pull away from the computer. That was freaking crazy. Epic show by the surf warriors and everyone involved. I'm still amped up today--

MaryScaulk8045 • 7 years ago

Helpful piece - BTW if others are requiring a USDA OF-301 , my colleagues found a blank version here http://goo.gl/5Hle5K

REEFCAT310 • 8 years ago

The best conditions for the EDDIE in years. Truly great efforts by all entrants. CONGRATS TO Jon Jon. Would have given my left nut to have been able to be there !

Nelly 11 • 8 years ago

I am from Virginia and visited Hawaii for the first time 3 years ago. We stayed in a house minutes from Waimea Bay. I must say its one of the most beautiful places I have been. On that trip, my family and I learned about The Eddie and what Eddie Aikau and the Aikau family mean to Hawaii and what the spirit of Eddie Aikau means to the Hawaiian people. My kids have enjoyed watching all the documentaries on Eddie and his place in Hawaiian history. I have always had a love for surfing despite growing up in Illinois, 1,000 of miles away from any beach. I fell in love with windsurfing and idolized Robbie Naish as a kid. I always dreamed of surfing in Hawaii so being at Waimea Bay, the birthplace of big wave surfing, was an absolute dream. Since my visit I have followed details about the Eddie and also visited Jaws and Mavericks, but as the commentators said yesterday its hard to beat The Eddie at Waimea Bay. I got a text alert that said it was on and ran to my computer and watched all of Round 2 live. What an incredible day! To see Clyde out there surfing was inspirational and to have the local kid John John Florence take home the trophy was quite a fitting end. I hope to visit again some day but The Eddie has made a lasting impression on my life. Congrats to all the surfers who participated yesterday, the incredible water patrol, and to the Aikau family. Mahalo!

Marcus Lattimer • 8 years ago

I've had the amazing opportunity to visit this majestic place and will never forget my time there. Yesterday was another wonderful reminder and am so very thankful for the email for this once in a lifetime event. The live video had my hair standing on end all day and i am still just amazed even a day later. Such an amazing feat these people go through ......really live and death....i can't image the power that this brings....I remember when i was there i tried to put my feet in the water and lifeguards said to get out and that day it was only about 15ft. Thank you to all who had a part putting this together as you really made my day and many others around me that i shared this with. I hope one day to visit this beautiful place again and till then may long live those amazing memories from yesterday and my past that i have been given .....long live Eddie !!!!!

M. Pat Wright • 8 years ago

I watched from the beginning from the the Rocky Mountains. I think the production was very good although I wish they had cleaned the lenses more often. The surfers were spectacular and I loved the continual connection to the Aikau family. I also loved the tributes to Brock Little. This is most Hawaiian of all the Hawaii surf contests. I hope the public gets to see this on TV . It'll be a long while till we see another surf contest this compelling. MAHALO QUICKSILVER