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balloonknot9 • 7 years ago

I am sorry to hear that Fr. Amorth has died. What a stalwart fighting against evil, never wavering, doing God's work. We need so many, many more like him. I think it would be safe to say, he is finally home, living in the full Glory of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. I hope many rise up to follow his foot steps doing the needed work of repelling evil in this world and the damage done to people in the name of Jesus Christ. It's more poignant since evil seems to be growing by the day.

Little Rose • 7 years ago

Father Amorth, please pray and intercede for us. His prayers are so much more powerful now, carrying much more weight before God. 🙏🏻

Auggie • 7 years ago

The Gospel has been preached to the whole world (a sign of the End Times) and a sort of pope is advocating abominating Holy Communion (another sign of the End) and it appears that God is removing His Hand of Blessing (bad things happening to good Catholics) so yes, if you don't have a nagging apocalyptic feeling in your gut, you're probably out of touch with Reality.

Ana Milan • 7 years ago

Sad news about Fr. Amorth, R.I.P. & the amazing coincidence of Fr. Ripperger's removal from the Diocese of Tulsa. I had hoped they would both have been around for the exorcising of the Vatican & precincts when eventually it is vacated.

Little Rose • 7 years ago

I love the Catholic Chuch, but she has allowed me to suffer for decades with physical and mental illnesses caused by demonic oppression. I have been healed by Christ within weeks of reciting Father Ripperger's Auxilium Christianirum prayers. The bishops have the authority to drive out demons and instead, they are driving out a religious order of exorcists. Is this true?

BrainSnob • 7 years ago

"Never erected" despite the previous Bishops' best efforts to erect it - even celebrating a Pontifical High Mass to announce it. That letter to the parishes is so disingenuous. Who ends up with the real estate?

LH • 7 years ago

Steve, as I think more about this, I think more, now than before, we are not in the wrong to be alarmed by this. We are not, so long as we stay charitable, and seek to avoid detraction.

Fr. R and his priests are "being held hostage," and their fate depends on the laity's ability to walk on eggshells, en masse, around the modernists. This kind of Stockholm Syndrome reminds me of when Pope Francis was elected (canonically?), and the suspicious laity, familiar with his past, had their heads chewed off by those not wanting to rock the boat. It also reminds me of Catholics in general, who after Vatican II, nervously laughed and just went along to get along.

I think a lot of us, at this point, know what happens next.

G. • 7 years ago

That's interesting..., because I was up in my attic looking for something today & found my old folders for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I kept thinking that it was significant for some special reason, especially since that seems to be how God works so often in my life... Out of the blue, I'll find something & it'll be the perfect prayer for some present or upcoming situation. I think I'll take a look in that folder. God bless you all.

Heartlander • 7 years ago

Great article, but the quote at the end is unnerving. I can't imagine the Mother of God saying "I alone am still able to save you..." No, GOD alone is able to save us, and Mary would never contradict Him. This is just one more example of why I am very suspicious of private revelations.

Other than that, great article.

Obsydian • 7 years ago

Then unfortunately you've totally misunderstood not only the message, but also the way Our Lord works. The Divine Trinity chose to enter the World thru Our Blessed Mother. As our Lord Jesus is our Salvation, then therefore Our Lady is the Mother of Salvation !!

Everything Our Lord does, He First does thru His Queen Mother, the New Eve, the Ark of the New Covenant, Our Lady !!

Our Salvation & Redemption comes thru Her !!

Everything She does, she does at the request & Divine Will of her Son, Jesus !!
She claims Nothing of herself or for herself,..... everything she has, was bequeathed to her by Her Son, Jesus !!

Therefore, before He comes again, He will First come thru His Holy Mother, just as she did at Fatima, & numerous other places, both before & after !!

By praying the Rosary, & placing our confidence in Her, the Queen Mother, we are by definition placing our Trust in Jesus, the King !!

Quite simple really !!

No need to be suspicious of anything,.....
except perhaps your own misunderstandings !!

BrainSnob • 7 years ago

Would like to see Fr. Ripperger place his society under an SSPX personal prelature.

Tigga Wild • 7 years ago

So Bishop Slattery made an error in the paperwork when the SMD were set up? Yeah right.

Steve Skojec • 7 years ago

I have contacted the Society, and received this:

"In 2011, Fr. Ripperger arrived in the Diocese of Tulsa with the permission of Bishop Slattery to found a traditional semi-contemplative society of priests that does exclusively exorcism work. Within three years, the society had gained two other priests and had purchased a property suitable to the society. Shortly after that, Bishop Slattery decided to found the society and so he began the process of its founding. Shortly after the decree of erection was signed, it was discovered that the erection was invalid for canonical reasons. Bishop Slattery then decided to take the steps to correct the canonical difficulties and sign a new document. In April of this year, the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, after review of the documents granted Bishop Slattery permission to found the society. The bishop then set the date for the founding for May 13th, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. His resignation was accepted on May 11th which meant that he was no longer the Ordinary and did not have the authority to sign the decree of erection. Bishop Konderla, the new bishop of Tulsa, decided not to erect the society. Please pray for the priests and all involved."

Harold • 7 years ago

Why could Bishop Slattery not have resigned after May 13? May 14 would only have been 3 more days.

Joel • 7 years ago

Bishops need to hear from us that we need exorcists more than ever. While the intentions to not contact Bishop Konderla are understandable, we need to contact him and ask him to reconsider his decision not to erect the the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother. Silence helps Satan.

Steve Skojec • 7 years ago

Please don't. You risk making the situation even more difficult for the Society. If you like what they're doing, trust Fr. Ripperger when he asks people not to make waves.

Aloysius Gonzaga • 7 years ago

Read between the lines of that statement - and you know what happened - the "representatives" on that diocesan committee didn't like the Society or didn't want them in the diocese anymore.

Steve Skojec • 7 years ago

We simply don't know the reasons. They have not been disclosed. This certainly might be true, or there could be some other factor. What matters is that we pray that these courageous men find a sponsoring bishop.

Guest • 7 years ago
Little Rose • 7 years ago

What are the severe trials you speak of? For me, since beginning the prayers have been healed of depression (lasting 25 years) and back pains (lasting 35 years). What does "crucible" mean?

Patricia Gallagher • 7 years ago

Little Rose, a "crucible" is a pot in which metals are melted over a very hot fire in the refining process. When the metal becomes liquid, it's easier to separate the pure, precious metal from the impurities or "dross."

Scripture uses the refining process as a metaphor for God as the Refiner of souls, His purifying Word, and for the process of spiritual cleansing. We may accept our suffering as necessary, even as a gift, and join our sacrifice to Jesus's Passion.

Check out Job 28:1-2, Isaiah 1:25 and 48:10, Jeremiah 6:27- 30, Ezekial 22:18, Psalms 66:10 and 119:119 and 119:140, Zechariah 13:9, Daniel 11:35 and 12:10, Malachi 3:2-3, 1 Peter 1:6-7 and 4:12.

In this life, people undergo all kinds of personal trials -- suffering, deprivation, separation -- of various kinds: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial ... you name it.

Most often, we just don't know what others are going through. Some feel comfortable sharing; others, you'd never know it. And people have all different kinds of trials at different stages of life.

In the end, we can be grateful for our purification -- "trial by fire" so to speak -- as it readies us to be in the Presence of God and "see Him as He is, Face to face."

Guest • 7 years ago
Steve Skojec • 7 years ago

My instincts are the reason I'm ahead of the curve on most of what I cover. I'm being honest about the sense that I have without believing that I'm in any way infallible.

I knew Francis was bad news the second I laid eyes on him. Six months later, when I finally gave voice to that concern, people mocked me because I talked about the "feeling" he gave me. Here we are three years later, and I'm not being laughed at that much anymore.

This is who I am. Believe me, I don't share them all. And I'd be happy to be wrong about this one. It'd be the best news all year. But it's relevant, and so I'm putting it on the table.

Little Rose • 7 years ago

Keep up the good work truth bombing the crowd, Steve.

Guest • 7 years ago
Steve Skojec • 7 years ago

Meh. I knew nothing about the man. The "spooky" stuff, as a friend of mine calls it, is just often a part of the reality of the Christian life. Ours is a world filled with angels, both the heavenly choirs and the fallen, and they take an active interest in our lives. Empricism isn't really a workable thing under such circumstances.

Ultimately, God is calling the shots, and sometimes, I think, He pulls back the veil a little bit so that those who are attentive or in tune have a sense of what's coming.

I am, again, not claiming prophecy. Just a feeling that things are moving in a certain direction. Like when your bones ache before a storm. It's not very specific, it's just indicative. Don't take it to be more than it is.

balloonknot9 • 7 years ago

I thank you for any end time inclinations you share. I too believe things are ramping up and frankly, the only real discussions on this subject are from other christian faiths. It's nice to get a catholic perspective since the RCC teaches us nothing on the subject.

Guest • 7 years ago
Steve Skojec • 7 years ago

Have you done the enthronement?

Guest • 7 years ago
Steve Skojec • 7 years ago
Little Rose • 7 years ago