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Dayanand Deshpande • 6 years ago

Hi Ayush, wish you a very healthy and wonderful new year! Thanks for sharing the experience and ideas throughout the last year and wish the same will continue in the coming years.
I watched both the movies you mentioned above. What are the takeaways from OPM movie? Is it that entrepreneurs keep putting money in businesses which are obsolete? or that activist investors are good for the society? Kindly give your interpretations.

Ayush • 6 years ago

Hi Daya,

Wish you a very Happy New Year!

OPM gives a good perspective of both the sides. The speech at the AGM was fantastic and both the sides had motivating views. There is no wrong or right....but yes, in a capitalist world, capital should find its way to better productivity. Change is the only thing constant.


Atul • 6 years ago

I can see that you are not updating the change log from Aug 14 onwards.. any specific reason of not doing so.. your investment ideas are great .. please continue the great work

Mukesh Ghatiya • 6 years ago

I came here to ask the same question

Vinamra Chaware • 6 years ago

Dear Sir
Kindly provide Historic PE ratio for every stock

Pratyush • 6 years ago

Hi Vinamra,

Historical PE is already available for every stock in Screener.in.

Hope that helps,

roh • 6 years ago

Dear Ayush and Prtyush
Can you add below variables to screener::
1..Gross profit margin
2..% Rise in EPS (YoY)
3..% Increase in Cash from Operations
4..Receivables day,Crediters Day , Debters Day , Cash Conversion Cyle,Working Capital Day yoy ie.. for all years ie 2008 to 2014
5..Fixed asset Ratio,Asset turnover yoy

Pratyush • 6 years ago

Hi Roh,

Due to limited data, we are unable to calculate and provide the above ratios. We will try to add them in future.


taut • 5 years ago

please do update. its been long since u posted

Rohit • 6 years ago

Thanks Ayush, Pratyush and Donald :) I have been a mute spectator at ValuePickr. It has been an immense source of learning. Hoping to contribute actively in 2015. Wish you all a very happy new year!

Ayush • 6 years ago

Thanks. Best wishes for the new year to you and your family!

Satish Vijaykumar • 6 years ago

Thanks Dalal Street Team for the learning and insights, Wishing everyone a happy and profitable 2015. cheers.

applyipo.com • 5 years ago

I think you should keep posting regular updates to keep this site alive

krish • 5 years ago

hi, y you are not updating the blog, please update your ideas are great and usefull fro new people in stock market

rahul • 5 years ago

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Roberto el S • 5 years ago

hi Ayush, Pratyush,

I wish you and your family a very happy Diwali!

Roberto el S

Ayush • 5 years ago

Hi Roberto,

Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali! Hope you are having a good one.


Aravind Boddupalli • 5 years ago

Request your goodself to kindly share your coveted new ideas for this DIWALI season pl.

Roberto el S • 5 years ago

hi Ayush,

Hope you are doing fine. Do you still track KCP Sugar?


Ayush • 5 years ago

Hi Roberto,

No not tracking.

roh • 6 years ago

there is problem with Zensar data Screener reporting wrong 3 yeras sales growth

Kunal • 6 years ago

Not sure where i can ask this question but i am unable to add some companies to my watchlist. I had problems with Talwalkars and Aarti Drugs. They just won't show up on the watchlist even after adding them.

And again, congratulations on creating such a wonderful site. It's no 1 source for any Indian value investor.

Roberto el S • 6 years ago

Hi Ayush,

Do you still track Manali Petro? The results seem to be good over last few quarters.


Ayush • 6 years ago


Yes, we are invested and like the consistent improvement the company has been delivering. However, it was quite concerning to see sudden expense item of rent in the March qtr results with no explanation from the company.

roh • 6 years ago

dear aayush/prtyush

Kindly give formula screener used for working capital???
Can you add DEFENSIVE EARNINGS in screener predefined ratios???

Kumaresh • 6 years ago

Hello mr Ayush since you have invested in associated alcholols & breweries ltd as an investor I think you can write your comments on fy 15 results I noticed yoy basis loan and advance reduced to 16 cr from 33 cr debt reduced to 38 cr with this DER <0.6 ROE > 18% ROIC > 24% CMP to Bv just about 1 GF,PS and ALT Z score all at resonable level operating cash flow fy 15 from my calculation seems postive at > 16 cr trade recievable and inventory lowest in sector 5 yr CAGR growth on revenue > 34% and profit> 40%. I can one query did you notice a sudden increase in the employee cost this qtr is that a cause of concern and dividend still no news also can you throw some light on promoter pedigree. I was in INDORE and even went upto Barwaha and saw there disterlerry (with the help of my friend working in MP pollution board) it is good and renovated on the way in simhrol these guys had a beer distillery Mount Everest breweries ltd I noticed that they have shown this in there AR as an investment that disterlerry was very modern and worth must be above 50 cr will this have any impact on AABL since this is shown as there investment. Kindly please throw some light as an investor I think that is allowed as per SEBI regulation regards

Ayush • 6 years ago

Hi Kumaresh,

Yes, we agree with your thoughts and do like the way the company has grown in recent years. A few concerning things are: 1. there is hardly much information out about the company and its business so its touch to take a call 2. It was strange to see a major spike in employee cost in the latest quarter and no explanation from the management on the same. 3. They haven't paid dividend etc. But still its interesting and one should follow and try to understand things better.

Its good to see that you made efforts to go and visit the factory etc.

Yogendra Sontakke • 6 years ago

Hi Ayush & Pratyush,

I have query regarding Book Value on Screener. for example TCS book value on Screener is 352.51 but when I calculate it comes to ~251[49194.76Cr/1958727979]
Can you help me understand whats missing from my calculation?


Niraj Kumar • 6 years ago

Ayush Screener is truely great initiative on your team part. I have a suggestion to improve it. Currently you display data for 10 years through screener. Is it possible for you to display data for more number of years. Already even though in ur DB you have data for year 2004 and 2003 atleast for screener can view data from 2005 only. It require some feature implementation like pagination or some other solution. Anyway thanks for wonderful data analytic solution for indian stock market.

Pratyush • 6 years ago

Thanks Niraj for the feedback. We will try to do that in future.

rajeevmundra • 6 years ago

dont know where to request for a feature. so doing it here.
can we get a sector list.
see all companies within a sector with data as per customized columns.
should be a small programming change for you.!

Pratyush • 6 years ago

Hi Rajeev,

You can see all the companies in a particular sector by entering the industry name in the top search box and selecting the last option of all the results.

Hope that helps,

rajeevmundra • 6 years ago

Hi pratyush
I would be great if some sector name list if provided some where where we can click on them and open.

also is a sector wise comparison possible like we have now for companies?
compare for various financial parameters like sales growth, profit growth, pe debt etc.. for sectors.. not just companies.?

Pratyush • 6 years ago

Yeah, we do wish to develop a system of easily browsing and and comparing sectors. It will take some time to develop it though.

rajeevmundra • 6 years ago


the results from listing of stocks sector wise is non-sortable.
while stocks from custom screener or watch list is sortable.
how can we make stocks from sector as sortable on any parameer

Dinesh Jain • 6 years ago

hows Lincoln Pharma ? is it worth to invest in?

sidhartha sinha • 6 years ago

Ayush, Pratyush - I have some shares of Manjushree Technopack. I was out of india and could not track the same. bought it couple of years back. I see a notice from the company with a buy back price of Rs 455. It also states that Exit period start is Mar 24 2015 and exit period end is Mar 23 2016. The stock is not trading also. can you please let me know what is your view on the buy back, shall retail investors surrender their stock? also if you can throw some light - will the trading not happen for 1year in this stock ?

Ayush • 6 years ago

Hi Sidhartha,

We haven't been tracking Manjushree closely. The co had come with an intention to de-list its shares and had offered the above price. We are not updated about the developments after that.

The co has investor section on their website - http://www.manjushreeindia.... may contact the company secretary and get an update.

Nasirul Amin • 6 years ago

Hello Ayush & Pratyush,

I wish you continued posting. I just wanted your opinion on Selan Exploration, which I am watching and seems like an excellent opportunity in distress type pick.

Also,do you track Menon Bearing/Pistons?

Thanks in Advance!

anon-1 • 6 years ago

Hi Ayush/Pratyush,
This question regd screener.in, IF screener shows a stock as G-factor=10, Is it a blind BUY ? Is it really a value pick or it may some kind of trap? Plz could you elaborate a bit about G-factor ?

Pratyush • 6 years ago

Hi Anon,

No, nothing on the Screener (or any website) implies a "BLIND BUY."

G-Factor is sort of a checklist score where a point is given to the company for each satisfactory compliance. It is comparable to Piotroski Score: http://www.investopedia.com...

Hope that helps,

smart student • 6 years ago

Sir is
Kilitch Drug a classic case of undervaluation as performancewise its profits
and turnover has already doubled compared to LY within 9 months of CY, it has
cash bal of Rs30/-share and reserves of more than 100cr. company did well
between 2008 to 2011 and then sold its few plants to multinational and paid
300% spl div to shareholders in 2012 now since last few quarters growth is also
good also no debt, no pledge, promoter stake 65% with good management
credentials so then why stock should be
at 33 when markets in bull run? Besides the company planning some major
expansion recently and also owns land
and assets worth hundreds of crores, have i missed some aspect pls guide Sir.

Kumaresh • 6 years ago

Hai Ayush earlier also I asked about this have you seen the dec numbers of associated alcholol and brewery ltd very interesting you suggested that we see for consistency in performance now how do you feel with dec qtr numbers

Ayush • 6 years ago

Hi Kumaresh,

I can't share my view/opinion on a stock as per the SEBI requirement. However, will like to share that we are invested in the same and its good to see the co posting good results.


Kunal Agarwal • 6 years ago

Hi Arun,

Please if you could suggest whether a fresh buy can be made in the following stocks? I want to make a core portfolio buying them.

1) Asian Granito

2) Mold-Tek Packaging

3) Mindteck

4) Sunil-hi tech Engineers.

If you could also tell me about their future CAGR and growth prospects..

Mallikarjun • 6 years ago

Hi Pratyush/Ayush

Unable to access screener. Getting the following message

(A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported protocol.


Can you look. Is it down because of heavy traffic


Pratyush • 6 years ago

Hi Mallikarjun,

It seems to be an issue with https version of the website on Windows XP version of Chrome. Accessing the website with http://www.screener.in should work fine.

Do let me know if you still experience any problem.


mallikarjun • 6 years ago

The link which you gave is working Pratyush :-) Thank you..


raj13302 . • 6 years ago

Hi Ayush,

Hope your doing well.

I have one question, When your analyze a company, how much you give weightage to profile margin. For ex., KSE ltd, its has all excellent nos except OPM (from Sceener) which is around 4-5%. I like increase in sales,profit , Roce>20, div>0 etc.

Disclaimer:Having initial investment in KSE ltd

Ayush • 6 years ago

Hi Raj,

Though its not good to have OPM% of about 4-5% as a small variation in business variables can lead to substantial swing in profitability. But at the same time there are businesses which have done very well even on low margins as they have high turnovers. So the more important thing to look for is the uderlying business model and ROCE over a longer period.