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Jordan Sage • 6 years ago

My 4 M.Balfouri arrived today (Tuesday), ordered Sunday so prompt delivery, Ts were packed snuggly in appropriate containers and beautiful Ts they are. All 4 are plump and getting along fine together in a communal setup. Housing them went smooth as silk. Popped the lids, removed the cotton top and let them exit into the enclosure on their own terms. We had one fiesty monkey who decided to threat posture from the removal of the cotton, funny little beast.

Deborah Egerton • 6 years ago

Thanks for my lovely T which arrived today ,really pleased with him / her . This is my Third T from Virginia, and I’m please with all parts of the delivery process, communication is first class , and all my Ts have arrived really healthy. Thank you . Debbie . First class friendly service .

Deborah Egerton • 6 years ago

Deborah Egerton

Katie Portrey • 6 years ago

Have made and received my very first online livestock purchase with Virginia, they arrived healthy and quickly and are beautiful specimens! More about my experience and pictures of the millipedes can be found here: butterflylordette.wordpress...
Thank you for a brilliant shipping experience, Virginia!

David • 6 years ago

Hi I bought my first Sazimai Brazilian Blue from Virginia, she has arrived perfectly packaged with a heat pad underneath, she was very comfortable in the cotton fiber and had to gently convince her to come out. Well impressed with the service. Thank You!!
Back soon for the next one.


Joe Jones • 6 years ago

Ordered assassin bugs, dominoes, dubias and some equipment and like the other times that ive ordered the health of the animals and quality of packaging has and have been superb. Which should surprise no one! Sorry ive never reviewed before, all the best.

Andy Godfrey • 6 years ago

My T arrived within 24 hours of placing my order.....well packaged and in super condition. V impressed with the service...thank you!

melissa simms • 6 years ago

Received my millipede today well packaged and arrived on time really pleased with her will definitely buy again thank you

Simon • 6 years ago

thank you for My tarantulas and scorpions they arrived in perfect health and packaged really well I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future

Daniel glennon • 7 years ago

Always a great service and the animals arrive in wonderful condition. Virginia often will pop in an extra little one or two, which is such a nice touch. I received Malaysian Green Jewel Stick Insects today - a new species for me - and they are absolutely beautiful

Abbie • 7 years ago

My order of millipedes arrived today and all alive and well! Was very pleased the extra few you sent as well, couldn't be happier! Arrived exactly on time and well packaged :)

Henry • 8 years ago

hi Virginia,
I am interested in purchasing two of your millipedes and I was wondering if they were compatible with each other
the two species of millipedes I'm thinking of purchasing is a Ghana blonde legged millipede and a bumblebee millipede
Many Thanks

Luke Davis • 8 years ago

giant train millipedes

Luke Davis • 8 years ago

Just received my Giant African Train Millipedes, both in great condition.
Thanks Virginia Cheeseman!

David Riley • 8 years ago

Hi. I recently had two orders from Virginia Cheeseman made up of Hissing Cockroaches, Fruit Beetles and Millipedes for my company Zoosbury Exotic Pet hotel and animal services. Both orders arrived on time and the animals were great. I will be ordering from her again soon and recommend her to anyone looking to buy invertebrates of any kind.

Virginia Cheeseman • 8 years ago

Thank you for support.

G>W. • 9 years ago

Hi all just got my scorpions delivered in good health and doing fine excellent service and will be buying again

Jay • 10 years ago

Excellent service, bugs are in great mood, one of the assassins already laying eggs in the soil, very happy, thank you, I will be buying again very soon cheers.

Keith D • 10 years ago

Thanks a million for the order, all three arrived in perfect health! And thank you very much for the help in finding the perfect xmas gift for my partner.

Nicole H • 10 years ago

My order arrived this morning, all 6 spiders and 3 scorpions arrived lively and healthy, as did the 2 extras! :) The packaging was flawless as usual. I couldn't be happier. Major thanks to Virginia, looking forward to ordering again!

Cindy-Anne • 10 years ago

Great service, cannot recommend this site enough! Ordered 4 millipedes and various stick insects. All arrived promptly and were packaged wonderful! Will be buying again in the future!

Adam • 10 years ago

Thanks for my recent order, all turned up healthy! One suggestion though, I much prefer damp kitchen paper to the cotton wool that was used, makes transferring slings a little trickier.

Will • 10 years ago

I received my Choco golden knee today was well packaged and delivered on time, was my first time buying here and i will definitely be doing it again. Thanks again!

Nick Johns • 10 years ago

We received our Pumpkin Patch and Peruvian Orange Rump before your Holiday. Everything brilliant as always. Thank you so much for the discount on the Orange Rump too. Cannot recommend you highly enough. Unboxing video on Youtube under SpidersfromTroom. Would love to give a review but being an ICT incompetent can't work out how to do it! Thank you again we love our new additions... Nick, Ben, Matthew and Heather Johns

Nicole H • 10 years ago

Received my Pterinochilus sp., Haplopelma lividum and Lasiodora parahybana very healthy and very active! This was a foreign shipment to Ireland and I was honestly surprised the sling survived. Completely flawless packaging. They were in tucked nice and snug in kitchen paper in vials, the vials were wrapped in newspaper and the box was stuffed with more newspaper as expected. The box had a sticker indicating there were live specimens inside and to please handle with care. It was shipped on Tuesday, as I was told it would be, and received it at 7.30am Friday morning. I couldn't have been happier with my order and would definitely not hesitate to buy from Virginia again! A+

Lorraine • 10 years ago

Hi just to say thankyou for my 2 lil jumping spiders..they arrived safe & well ...great service as usual..Lorraine..x

Jonathan • 10 years ago

Hi i have ordered many items through the last month and cant stop because the service and quality of the inverts are so great. thanks for being such a great store. the fruit beetles, Burmese beauty millipedes, and pill millipedes are all fantastic.

peter derrick • 10 years ago

hi virginia just recived to day my lasiodra hlugi & lasiodra striatipes its my first time buying off you and i was well pleased on how quick you sent them out they were very well packed as well thank you very much i will be buying off you in the future well recomended..

Chance • 10 years ago

Hi Virginia!

I wanted to let you know that my big order of bugs came in today and every single one of them looked amazing. It was a nice surprise when they arrived because there were a few species I had never seen in real life before, some were bigger en and some were smaller, I had to adjust some of the tanks i had set up but they are all doing just fine. Thanx for your incredible service!

jason • 11 years ago

cheers for the great service my beetle and assassin bugs came today all healthy and well packed, really happy with them, i will be buying from you again soon, cheers jason

Tommy • 11 years ago

Got a pair of jumping spiders and a few species of roach aswell as a bean weevil culture and equipment. All very well packaged and arrived alive and well today after 5 days in the post. Extremely happy with the order and Virginia was very helpful with any questions i had despite being extremely busy herself. Love those jumpers something to be said for a spider that looks so cute and watches you lol

JohnsNR • 11 years ago

Received our Chile Flame and Curlyhair safely. Always great service and lovely spiders. Positive mention on our Youtube channel. Thank you :)

Craig tasker • 11 years ago

Received my b.smithi today. He/she is beautiful! I am so happy with my purchase from Virginia cheeseman :)

Sam • 11 years ago

Hello :)

I ordered my Mexican red leg from you and I'm pleased to say he/she has arrived safely! and is very tiny and cute! Thank you for the purchase, I will definitely recommend your site to others who are interested in exotic pets. :)  

Nick Johns • 11 years ago

Received my beautiful little Fireleg, thank you. My wife has called him Bilbo because he took an exected journey :) Mind you he won't be going there and back again. Brilliant littl chap and great service thank you once again...

iain birmingham • 11 years ago

mu roaches and assassin bugs came today all fine and dandi, thanks or the grate service

lorraine • 11 years ago

Hiya recieved my parcel this morn ..thankyou so much for my little hoppers & extra & my cute lil s.pink..Great service as usual ..Lorraine..

Stacey Leeds • 11 years ago

Hi, both the Salmon Pink and the Chile Black arrived safe and healthy. Thanks very much as usual.

Dries Demey • 11 years ago

I received the roaches today (my neighbours collected them on Thursday, but forget to give it to me). Everything in greta shape, thanks a lot. Will deal again ;-)

Ashley Ternan • 11 years ago

Thank you so much for such a reliant, perfect service! I will always come back for more. :-) 

Chris • 11 years ago

Tarantula arrived in great shape, he/she's just eaten their first cricket since arriving too.

Will definitely be ordering from you again.
Chris :)

Handzi • 11 years ago

spider came today healthy and well packed as always many thanks Jason

Stacey Leeds • 11 years ago

Hi, both the A. Seemanni and the A. Geniculata arrived safely and appear to be very healthy.
Here's a pic of the A. Seemanni I bought from you last year, she's doing very well.
Thanks again. 

Lorraine varley • 12 years ago

Hiya..my little avic arrived safe & sound this morning oh & the roaches..Ive repotted him & he had a little walk about..Thankyou..Lorraine..

Darren • 12 years ago

Hello Virginia, just a little note to say that my Ephebopus sling and Assassin bugs turned up this morning safe and sound. I haven't kept Assassin's before, but i've got a feeling they're going to become a favourite!

PRPaul • 12 years ago

I recently ordered a variety of Millipedes and Cockroaches, and was incredibly impressed with the speed of service and how well packaged my creatures were.  Will definitely use again

Alexandria • 12 years ago

Im looking for colourful Beetles
all i can seem to find on other sites are sun beetles
i'm wanting some Smaragdesthes africana oertzeni and also some stepahnorrhina julia, sorry for the long names but i dont no there short ones. could you point me the right way please .

stu • 12 years ago

Hi virginia,My orange baboon was out today so thought i would take a few pics and share them with you. Hope you and everyone else enjoys looking at them.

Fatboynoslim6969 • 12 years ago

I received my white striped birdeater today,
He\she is amazing thank you so much I will be buying from you again.
Perfect postage :D

Danny • 12 years ago

Received my L. parahybana well packaged and in excellenet condition as usual. Also on the same day as getting my L.P the G.pulchra that I bought from you a couple of months ago moulted as well so extra happy!

Thankyou again for a brilliant service.